Love and War

Unlimited Love and War - by Ashley Antoinette - Love and War, Love and War None

  • Title: Love and War
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette
  • ISBN: 9781601625809
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Love and War - by Ashley Antoinette, Love and War, Ashley Antoinette, Love and War None Unlimited Love and War - by Ashley Antoinette - Love and War, Love and War None

  • Unlimited Love and War - by Ashley Antoinette
    445Ashley Antoinette
Love and War

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    ASHLEY ANTOINETTE COLEMAN is one of the most successful female writers of her time The feminine half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, she has co written over 40 novels, including the bestselling Cartel series Several of her titles have hit The New York Times bestsellers list, but she is most widely regarded for her continuing racy saga, The Prada Plan Born in Flint, MI, she was bred with an innate street sense that she uses as motivation in her crime filled writings.Picking up a deal with publishing powerhouse St Martin s Press while simultaneously inking deals at Warner Brothers Studios and NBC Universal, Ashley shows no signs of slowing down She is currently hard at work on a new book series and two television pilots.To keep up with everything Ashley Antoinette follow heritter novelistaInstagram ashleyantoinette


  1. This book had all the drama, mystery surprise cast added which I won t spoil that I was not expecting for the tie in I m now so confused as to who I want to really hold Yaya s heart My new boo Chase has definitely made the list of unseen eye candy 10 Ashley and the ending you left us with could stop or will leave you in thought for a part 5.

  2. Yes Ashley Omg I swear it was worth the wait Yaya was finally able to rid herself of Leah It was a long time coming but she finally did it Indie was straight tripping I can t believe how easily he was willing to jeopardize his relationship with Yaya for Parker Oh my, Ethnic I m glad he was finally able to avenge what Mizan did to Raven even though it took a few years As for Parker, that chick was wrong on so many levels How do you claim to be in love with someone and want to rebuild the life you [...]

  3. Crazy Read I m sorry but I don t like YaYa she always plays the victim acting like she hasn t put Indie through hell and back She hurt him and he hurt her But I have a feeling she s going to fool around with Ethic again I really do like Indie and Ethic And I wonder if Indie will ever find out if King is his song or nephew And I was starting to like Parker until I found out her dusty self wasn t that innocent cheating on indie with his brother If u think about it both YaYa and Parker did indie wr [...]

  4. I enjoyed every page but it still left me wanting Indie and YaYa have the Happily Ever After but will it last Trina another story waiting to be told.

  5. Love and War is an amazing book to read I enjoyed reading this book because I like the concept and vibe in this book Once again, Ashley Antoinette did a good job I enjoyed reading to each of characters in this book This book is dealing with a lot of drama and emotional There were a lot of love and war between Ya Ya Indie or Indie and Parker or Ya Ya Ethic I m happy that Indie and Ya Ya are working out for their relationship because they are belonged together I wish there will be part 5 of The Pr [...]

  6. Tug of War 3.5 stars Ashley might ve dropped the ball on the last installment, but she picked it and made a shot with this one She fumbled along the way, but she made the shot I enjoyed this book a lot, but I do have some concerns.Yaya made me proud I totally disliked her in the last novel, but she cleaned herself up nicely Indie pissed me off than anyone I admired him so much in the last 3 novels, but I lost all respect for him in this one.ParkerParkerParker The tug of war that my heart and mi [...]

  7. Caught me by surprise, who knew Disaya has it in her to push Leah I mean come on all this time, and all that drama it should have been easy why did Leah have to say something I m not too sure I would have forgiven Indie How could he say after all she did he forgave her, really how bout she came back to your ass after you beat her while she was pregnant and left her for dead, not to mention hooked up with the real enemy She should of stayed with Ethic I wanna know what s going to happen to Trine [...]

  8. The Finale and what a finale it was I really enjoyed this novel I was really hoping and then not hoping Ya Ya and Indie would get it together but on the side I wanted her to have a happily ever after with the new guy This couple really did go through a lot to end up together and in the end their love won out It was truly a love and war type of novel The book was very well written and I recommend the entire series Thanks for a great read Ashley

  9. Awesome readTwist around every cornerDon t know what your gonna get from one page to another Sad that the Prada plan ended.

  10. Book 4 in this tale of revenge and jealousy picks up right where it left off It s been a long time coming but the fued between Yaya and Leah has taken its course.r all involved Left at the alter, Indie doesn t know if love is in the cards for him and Yaya Her fixation for revenge has taken a life of its own and only blood can move her passed her inner turmoil But when unforeseeable heartache that grips the couple is added into the mix, it s anyone s guess who will be left standingor alive They s [...]

  11. Will Dasaiya and Indie ever have a happy ever after Book 4 had me feelin some kind of wait smh I was like whoooooo the hell is Parker.Indie always remained loyal to YaYa but boy did Parker have her claws in him With Leah gone I just knew the couple would finally be at peace Ethic might of fell from the sky as Disaya s knight literally fell right in his lap i wish i could be a fly on the wall to see her face when Indie introduced Ethic to her In the end Indie and Disaya tied the knot but is it wi [...]

  12. This was good once I got into it, a very quick read.I was pissed at Indie I want Ezra to find love I hope there s a book for him Parker, Parker an Parker she made her bed, Elaine should have said something the day she surface I felt like everybody turned there back on YaYa but in the end she s still standing So much was left open We will see

  13. I agree with some of the other reviews The ending seemed rushed There was great story development throughout the book The question of whether it is possible to love two people at once was presented well Overall, it was as good as I expected it to be.

  14. man this book is everything i loved it so much finished it in 2 days best 1 out of the series in my opinion

  15. This one had me mad angry sad it took me through all the emotions Can t wait for Prada plan 5 in 2017 great book must read like all of her books

  16. StunnedThis author never ceases to amaze me with the details of her story I m an emotional wreck but I would recommend this series to everyone

  17. SPOILERS Random thoughts as I listened to book 4Pro Cary Hite s narration Ethic s character crossover from Moth to a flame The end of the Leah YaYa storyline The promise of Chase and Mia the treachery of TrinaCons YaYa Indie Not a lot of storyline movementPoints of irritability Yaya went from wanting Leah dead for 3 entire books, only for her to decide that she couldn t kill her in yet another cliffhanger But book 4 opens with Yaya being determined is her wanting to kill her Really Indie 4 books [...]

  18. Life just constantly throws a wrench in Indie and Yaya s life Just when they think they have it together and it s perfect something happens I can see how Yaya has matured and grown over the course of the last few books If a bitch came and ruined my wedding talking about some kid we would have major problems The only problem I have with Indie in this book is his indecisiveness which is a decision I knew Parker wasn t right from the get go but of course Indie let his emotions get the best of him A [...]

  19. FinallyFinallyFinally The Prada Plan Saga you got it right this time Ashley Antoinette Now, this was a good book Everything about The Prada plan 4 was a realistic story I can truthfully say I enjoyed this book out of the first 3 books The characters were great and each person was executed in the storyline perfectly Ethnic was defined perfect in the story as a gracious changed handsome responsible man as he was place in the story I loved it India had a lot to learn to be a man Sometimes Men can [...]

  20. Indie Perkins got it bad for Disaya aka YaYa and their baby girl HEA all day long smile Hopefully, Ethnic, Indie s brother will turn up in Book 5.

  21. AMAZING I didn t think this series could get any better but, it sure did This book is definitely my favorite out of the series.

  22. Good Book glad to get to the end of the book I guess it still seemed strange with adding the new characters and then they have drama that comes along with them Good read wouldn t be mad if this is the end of this series though.

  23. Bad choice lolGreat story I need Ezra lol indie and yaya are really a mess I didn t expect this ending nice story

  24. I was seriously going to stop when a certain female character was introduced I said here we go again The deceptive writing tactics I mean according to all the previous installments her existence can t even be possible But I will tell you what made it ok Not that I agree with the tactic but I forgave it because one of my favorite characters ever showed up on the scene I thought that this idea was brilliant The end was bitter sweet for me I mean yeah But Let me just say that Indie lost a lot of my [...]

  25. I was certainly hoping that Ashley Antoinette was going to give a memorable book for the ending of YaYa and Indie s crazy and sordid love affair and did she ever deliver This book was everything an ending should be Still, in true Ashley fashion, she left us with so many burning questions and not just with Indie and YaYa but with Chase, Miesha, Trina and the infamous Ethic.Though this was a street tale through and through, she stayed true to her title of Love and War and showed the prettiest and [...]

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