Daddy's Gone A Hunting

↠ Daddy's Gone A Hunting ✓ Mary Higgins Clark - Daddy's Gone A Hunting, Daddy s Gone A Hunting In her latest novel Mary Higgins Clark the beloved bestselling Queen of Suspense exposes a dark secret from a family s past that threatens the lives of two sisters Kate and Hannah Connelly when t

  • Title: Daddy's Gone A Hunting
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9871451668940
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Daddy's Gone A Hunting ✓ Mary Higgins Clark, Daddy's Gone A Hunting, Mary Higgins Clark, Daddy s Gone A Hunting In her latest novel Mary Higgins Clark the beloved bestselling Queen of Suspense exposes a dark secret from a family s past that threatens the lives of two sisters Kate and Hannah Connelly when the family owned furniture firm in Long Island City founded by their grandfather and famous for its fine reproductions of antiques explodes into flames in the middle of theIn h ↠ Daddy's Gone A Hunting ✓ Mary Higgins Clark - Daddy's Gone A Hunting, Daddy s Gone A Hunting In her latest novel Mary Higgins Clark the beloved bestselling Queen of Suspense exposes a dark secret from a family s past that threatens the lives of two sisters Kate and Hannah Connelly when t

  • ↠ Daddy's Gone A Hunting ✓ Mary Higgins Clark
    290Mary Higgins Clark
Daddy's Gone A Hunting

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    Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.


  1. Dryer than sand, full of naive and stupid characters, Clark is getting worse with every new novel This had a good premise of classic Higgins but it was so poorly executed with flat dialogues that it felt like I was reading a brochure.Also am I only one who find Clark s recent novels being way too political conservative disturbing First of all she bitches on and on about the economy, understandable, but then she goes on introducing Christian themes with all church stuff for few chapters that has [...]

  2. This pains me because MHC has always been a favorite of mine, but good grief This book is awful There is no character development whatsoever We get Kate is tall and blonde, Hannah looks like dad and is short, dad is an asshole, etc We get it because its told to us in every chapter The dialogue is stilted, immature and unrealistic There are too many periods and not enough comma s She inserts inane facts in the oddest of places It s just weird.Sadly, I think it s past time for Ms Clark to retire H [...]

  3. Now we are back to another not her best It was very unbelievable from the first page There is no way a successful educated Kate would cause an explosion in her families furniture business no matter how upset she was over the money it was losing Totally unbelievable and since that was the main plot of the story, it made it unenjoyable There were way too many sub plots Too many other murders and suspects and storylines to keep track of And while I get the title, the red shoe yes the dead mother on [...]

  4. This book was an entertaining and fast read As a long time MHC reader, the twists and turns keep the reader s interest It is clever how several murders intersect people s lives and for some allow painful closure I do not want to give out spoilers, but recommend it as a entertaining read.

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  6. In Daddy s Gone A Hunting by Marry Higgins Clark, Kate Connelly nearly dies in the explosion of her father s furniture antique reproduction company, when she goes there in the middle of the night to meet up with Gus Schmidt, her friend and a laid off craftsmen who gets killed as a result of the explosion As Kate falls into a coma, it is up to her sister Hannah, a fashion designer, to try to piece everything together while their father Doug Connelly, a drunk womanizer who hasn t been managing the [...]

  7. Mary Higgins Clark has become known as the Queen of Suspense in the years since her first novel, Where Are the Children 1975 and for good reason Her suspense mystery books are reminiscent of Agatha Christie with plot twists and turns, multiple red herrings, and a dramatic conclusion that the reader comes to understand only in the last pages of the book Her novels for the last decade or so have focused on the uncanny sleuthing skills of Alvirah Meehan and her husband Willy and did not have the sa [...]

  8. AudioBook Review Stars Overall 3 Narration 4 Story 3I am a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark, and have read probably every title released up until 2010, and then sporadically as time permitted While I had not read this title, I had high hopes for the book, and was really excited to be approved to review the title Sadly, I didn t find the story as intriguing or suspenseful, nor was the ending at all surprising The overwhelming sense I have from this audiobook is that the ending was created first, an [...]

  9. I was not very keen on this latest book by MHC Her latest books tend to be disappointing usually I have always liked Clark s older books better However, the title pulled me and reading the synopsis I found it interesting and just thought about trying it for 50 pages or so This book did not disappoint me at all It has tight plot, twists and turns and story is full of suspense The story is about two sisters, Kate and Hannah Kate is left in comma after a deadly fire in their family owned warehouse [...]

  10. V rios suspeitos e as pe as pareciam que n o se encaixavam, e fui surpreendido pelo final, mas n o achei nada de suspense indescrit vel e terror como a capa descreve N o me manteve totalmente agarrado e al m disto n o senti nenhuma liga o com as personagens Apesar de n o ser um dos melhores da MHC, deu para desanuviar depois de leituras pesadas.

  11. Wow Wow Wow What a story I would have never guessed how this story would unfold I developed so many theories about what was going on and who did what but my suspicions were waaayyyyy off What a twist Thumbs up for keeping the suspense going until the end

  12. Mary Higgins Clark is an excellent storyteller While there are predictable elements to each of her novels, there is always a great story that draws the reader in and provides much enjoyable reading time To me, it s akin to the Mystery Theatre on the radio that I used to listen to when traveling You settle yourself in to what you know is going to be a mystery lover s delight Although Clark is not the deepest, most profound writer that I read, she is consistent in a well written mystery that I kno [...]

  13. Some parts of this book were just so mind numbingly STUPID I expected great things from Clark and she sadly didn t deliver Far too many sub plots, and as much as I love reading about food, I ve never felt so bored reading about ham and Swiss on rye and bloody salads Clark took a bunch of strings and attempted to tie them together into a beautiful knot but instead ended up with a tangled ugly mess The chapter I hated the most was the two priests discussing the minutiae of the boating accident, it [...]

  14. I read MHC every three to four years to remind myself why I only read her every three to four years This one is OK, better than some, nowhere near as good as her earlier novels I had the feeling I had read this one before Not sure why, just felt very familiar Interestingly, the solution seemed too easy.

  15. I have been reading Mary Higgins Clark s books since she wrote Where Are The Children in 1975 She always knows her stiff and no matter how hard I try, I can t figure out the bad guy girl.I love her books and always will.

  16. Half stars aren t possible at , but if they were, I d bump up my rating by an extra half But going up to four, unfortunately, just wouldn t be an honest appraisal Within minutes after starting, I almost stopped the whole thing seemed extremely simplistic, with a few things that just didn t add up.One of the first characters who s introduced, Kate, lost her mother in a boating accident when she was just three years old Not long after that, a younger sister, Hannah, appears in the cast Huh How did [...]

  17. In this new novel by the 1 New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark, the reigning Queen of Suspense, a dark secret from a family s past threatens the lives of two sisters, Kate and Hannah Connelly When the family owned furniture firm, including the mansion where priceless antiques are kept, explodes into flames in the middle of the night, Kate must escape to save her life But the suspicious circumstances point to her involvement Was the explosion set deliberately Why was Kate, a gorg [...]

  18. Kate and Hannah Connelly were only very young when they lost their mother and uncle in a dreadful boating accident At three years old, Kate was just old enough to remember her mother she remembered her beautiful red high heeled shoes, and how Mummy danced with her and Daddy, the three of them happy, just the night before the accident But Hannah was only a baby, and remembered nothing of her life back then.Their father was the owner of a large antique furniture company in Long Island City, which [...]

  19. Kate and Hannah are in the middle of a mystery when their family s antique furniture store museum warehouse explodes, leaving Kate in a medically induced coma and a former worker and friend dead Meanwhile, there are several other unsolved murders around New York City that seem to be possibly tied in somehow Some of Mary Higgins Clark s books have me going back and forth and here and there, trying to figure out who did it For me, this was one of those books Maybe others can figure it out, but I w [...]

  20. The premise was twisted and original and as always seemed well researched I love the dynamic themes that MHC uses in her novels, she reminds me of my grandmother in her curiosity of a wide variety of things Some of her recent novels have become kind of a stock formula and the baddie is easily predictable, this one I called only barely before the ending A downside was that the characters were not too developed The main two, Hannah and Kate, seemed generic And the character names are repetitive if [...]

  21. Although the plot was somewhat engaging, I was very tempted not to even finish this book There were MANY sylistic errors, including two different spellings of one character s nickname, errors in chronology, discrepancies in things that characters did and said, needless repetition, repetitive and uninteresting sentence structure, and other stylistic errors too numerous to mention It is bad enough that the author wrote it this way, and even worse that these errors made it past the editor You would [...]

  22. I ve been reading Mary Higgins Clark books since I was a teenager, and I m a huge fan However, I m not sure what to think about her latest book It s hard to summarize the plot because there are several different story lines threads back stories that are woven together for a great plot I liked all of the characters Most are typical MHCrong women who figure things out with the help of a few great guys Yet, something was a little off with the story I don t know if it a few spots where the writing s [...]

  23. If you are a MHC lover this book is one you won t be able to put down Mary is at her best with truly believable characters and situations that leave us questioning whether people are telling the truth or lying You will cry when you hear about the missing people who are found dead and shocked by who did it A must read and I suggest you give yourself some free time cause once you start you wont be able to put it down.You will be guessing till almost the last page what are the secrets they are tryi [...]

  24. This book kept me guessing all the way through, it was a great plot and I didn t want to put it down, any lovers of Mark Higgins Clark books will love this and if you haven t read anything by her before then you won t be disappointed if this is your first book.

  25. This was not bad Not as bad as her last one, at least I m getting sick of all of her characters in every book eating the same meals, though You like pasta with clam sauce, Mary We get it.

  26. It s been a long time since I ve read a book I just couldn t put down I never did figure it out and was surprised at who did it A very good read.

  27. With all its twists turns involving several intertwined mysteries, this is one of Mary Higgins Clark s best books I couldn t put it down Definitely a good read.

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