Undeniably Yours

Free Download Undeniably Yours - by Pamela Ann - Undeniably Yours, Undeniably Yours You re passionate nature matches mine Your promise reflects my own If something was to happen it s comforting to know that your dead heart will be intertwined with my lifeless own I vowed with feroci

  • Title: Undeniably Yours
  • Author: Pamela Ann
  • ISBN: 2940046377767
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Nook

Free Download Undeniably Yours - by Pamela Ann, Undeniably Yours, Pamela Ann, Undeniably Yours You re passionate nature matches mine Your promise reflects my own If something was to happen it s comforting to know that your dead heart will be intertwined with my lifeless own I vowed with ferocity My heart for yours Emma BlasphemousFalling Losing Risking Everything ALL for one woman Bass Cole was devastated when the woman he truly wanted chose her ex boy You re passionate n Free Download Undeniably Yours - by Pamela Ann - Undeniably Yours, Undeniably Yours You re passionate nature matches mine Your promise reflects my own If something was to happen it s comforting to know that your dead heart will be intertwined with my lifeless own I vowed with feroci

  • Free Download Undeniably Yours - by Pamela Ann
    229Pamela Ann
Undeniably Yours

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  1. Now if you reading this review, you probably following the Torn seriesBass Cole OMG If I didn t love this man enough, I definitely do now EmmaHe is ONE of a kind and it was freaking AMAZING to get inside his head to know about his thoughts and feelings about Emma.I cannot wait for the next installment in this series

  2. Oh Bass Cole, I didn t think I could love you anybut I do Let me say I effing love this serieslove it When a book is released in the series, it takes priorityI stop reading whatever else I m reading and immediately start on Pamela Ann s book I have been team Bass from the start and Undeniably Yours just solidifies thatI love him and I love the way he loves Emma And his dirty mouth during sex is justwownty scorching hot I hope Bass and Emma get their HEA and it would make a good twist if Nikki an [...]

  3. I am the biggest BASSWHORE so how I even forgot to rate a book in the series I have no clue I read it forever ago All of them are 5 dirty stars

  4. I didn t think I could love a character , but my oh my Bass Cole.Undeniably yours is Bass s story of how he met and fell in love with Emma and how he let her go because he only wanted the best for her and wanted to see her happy Even thought he knew he had found the one.his first true love, he was willing to let her go reminds me of the say, you let it go and if it s for you it ll come back to you I wished that Bass would have fought for her like Carter did, I understand that he was sensitive ab [...]

  5. Damn you Pamela Ann you reeled me in again with your ending, I want Bass and Emma,like now, right now and Bass s pov just made me love him I have so many mixed thoughts about Emma s book, especially with Nikki, I need answers god damn it lol Too many damn s in this, just show how much I love this series lol

  6. After reading this getting a refresher from Bass point of view I can not wait for Fixated on You to come out So in LOVE with the TORN series and WOW the ending of this short book so much to come from these characters

  7. A thousand times YES I am absolutely and totally in love with Bass Cole I think this maybe my favorite book in the series I m looking forward to Fixated on You

  8. I just really love this book but you definitely have to read in ordered I just love the series I cant wait to read of it

  9. Firstly Pamela Ann your some seriously amazing author I love your work something fierceHave you read any of the Torn series Yes well then go get you some Bass Cole in Undeniably yours ,,,, No You really need to read the rest before you think about having a go at this one This novella is Bass Cole s POV from the very beginning right up to where Blasphemous finished yes I know scorned is out too but that is Lindsey s story ,,, and I must say that oh I so cannot waited to get my hands on Fixated on [...]

  10. 4.5 starsBass Colertured celebrity, crazy about the one woman he can t have Emma s heart belongs to someone else, and even though he can tell she wants him, Bass refuses to be with her until her can have all of her.This is the story of the Emma, Bass, Carter love triangle of the torn series told from Bass s POV it goes all the way back to the beginning, their first meeting and leaves off at the end of the last of Emma s books This is a great lead in to the final Emma book, Fixated on You which i [...]

  11. k so I first and foremost must say I absolutely positively love this series Ok now that this is off my chest let the review begin This is Bass s POV and it takes us back to the beginning when he met Emma and fell head over heels for her It was an eye opener to see how he really felt for Emma and why he did the things he did to her and for her I really loved the ending that takes place a year after blasphemous and leaves you wanting from their love story Ok now for my downfalls This story was to [...]

  12. Listen to my heart it still and only will ever beat for you We ve come a long way, but I just want you to know that I m the same man you fell in love with, the same man who held you as we dances in the moonlight With each passing day, my love for you only ever increases Times are changing Our trials aren t going away soon, but you must know one thing, you can always count on me to be your man Bass knows the perfect words to say to render any woman speechless It s no doubt since the beginning tha [...]

  13. Yum Bass Cole You make my heart skip some beats.Undeniably yours is a book that is from the pov of Bass It starts at the beginning when he first sees Emma, it tells how she captures him and even he is a little uncertain why because she isn t his normal cup of tea He likes brunette s and that she is not He likes exotic beauties and that she isn t not either but he drawn like a moth to a flame It gives you a lot of insight on Bass How Emma consumed him How he was falling for her and he had never b [...]

  14. Well I wasn t expecting that at the end I m glad that it happened but I m also wondering what will come their way I think Bass been very patient with Emma of her going back and forth between him and Carter Although things have happened like with Nicki but that baby is someone else s or she jumped him while he was wasted Then there s our Carter what he did can t be taken back I mean that has to be the worse thing to do to your so called love one I understand that he s trying to make it up to her [...]

  15. 2.5 Not sure I needed to read this starsI will say I have always been team Bass So I was excited to read his point of view Didn t really feel like I got anything new out of it, except for the last chapter It also made me realize how much Emma annoyed me at times I have enjoyed this series even though there are several things that got on my nerves I really wanted to see how everything turned out but now after this one, I have forgotten how annoying Emma could be so now I am nervous about reading [...]

  16. 2.5 star You don t have to read this book to continue with the series.I m a little disappointed in this book I love reading male POV s, but I like when there is to the story instead of just taking what was written in the other book and writing word for word everything I already read I m also a little miffed about the last chapter The ending to book 3 was a huge cliffhanger of oh no what s going to happen so why did book 3.5 end with a happily ever after that we haven t even got to yet It also b [...]

  17. OMG A book from Bass POV WOW He is so passionate and made me fall for the yummy Bass Cole And the way he feels for Emma, is just WOW Together they are a force to be reckoned with They have to go through so much to be together i hope they have their HEAPamela Ann, I ve said it before and i ll say it again, You Are A Genius The way you capture the story and pull your reader in is an amazing talent Love all you booksI Loved it, Especially the ending I cant wait for Fixated on You

  18. This book is about Carter and Emma Carter is still so taken with Emma he does not know how to move on and away from her He becomes her friend and confidant and they even have a relationship but without full sexual contact You see a growth in Carter in this book Maybe he is maturing because he realized that he utterly screwed up when he messed up with his relationship with Emma But the question remains will Emma be back to be fully his.I am waiting to read the next installment I read this as an e [...]

  19. Bass Cole This book is just as good as all the rest and I m glad to have it to remind me of the earlier meeting of Bass and Emma from his point of view I enjoyed getting to see just exactly how she affected him and how and when he fell in love with her I love to read both the male and female POV in books so this didn t disappoint I can not wait for the next book in the series.Emma and Bass have to be one of my favorite book couple everedless to say no team Carter hereBass Cole all the way

  20. Bass, Bass, he s our man, if he can t do it, no one can Ok that brings back my old cheerleader days, lol This series has really been a fun ride I always love to revisit a favorite story from a different perspective, and getting to revisit this from Bass s POV was pretty special Even though I was very familiar with the events of the story, it took on a new, fresh viewpoint with Bass s voice This just gets me extra excited about the next chapter in this saga, and I was so happy for see what we hav [...]

  21. DEFINETELY TEAM BASS Carter who Once again, Pamela Ann gave readers another great read and Bass has to be one of my favorite characters After reading this book, I don t understand how Emma could have ever returned to Carter to do anything other than say good bye Bass is the kind of guy most women dream of I know reading this was like re reading the first 3 books, but it was still enjoyable non the less Now, I really can t wait for fixated on you

  22. Wow Could I be any Team Bass Heck yes Team Bass all the way This is the POV of Bass and he is absolutely amazing You get to hear all about Bass and his thoughts throughout the Torn series This is a man who would give his everything for the one and only Emma It was absolutely amazing to hear his thoughts and desires as he truly loves Emma Definitely read this quick book through BC s eyes Loved it Make sure to check it out TEAM BASS

  23. I so don t typically do the 100 page novellas But for Bass Cole I spent 3why because it s Bass I wish I could say I got my money s worth but I feel a little slighted Don t get me wrong I was just expecting from a book totally from his POV The last page was the clincher I suppose it s all an investment in the series Would I do it agains

  24. I am 150% team Bass This is great novella from his point of view It hi lights all the sweet parts that I loved from their previous books The ending is the BEST I cannot wait for fixated by you Pamela Ann is one of my favorite authors and if she wrote out a phone book I would probably read it Xoxo

  25. Bass Cole makes my heart race and I loved this book Pamela Ann has done another amazing job writing this book within the Torn series I can t get enough, I loved this book being Bass POV because it allowed readers to really fall in love with him This book cemented for me the need for Bass and Emma to be together Great job Pamela Ann I can t wait for your next book

  26. I can t give my boy Bass a bad rating I still love him and Emma together and hope all this B.S with Nikkei is not for real this book was a bit of a let down for me just slot of stuff we already know we knew how much he loves Emma th ending was the great ray of sunshine for me can t wait for fixated on you.

  27. 4.5 STARS I absolutely love Bass Cole My heart hurt for him when Emma refused to give up on Carter and take a chance on Bass So, I was beyond pleased when things seemed to work out for them while they were in Greece and I love having Bass POV I can t wait for Fixated on You, I need my next Monster Bass fix

  28. Really disappointed It basically was the book, blasphemous but in bass point of view I spent money when I could have just re read the other book Not happy about spending money on it, and then had to wait forever for it to come out I love the author and all her other books, but not happy about this one, wish I would have known before purchasing.

  29. 4.5 stars yet again for Bass ColeI mean, Pamela Ann I love that we finally were able to see where Bass is coming from and got a lot of his back story He is definitely one of my all time favorite book hotties

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