Guilty Pleasures

Free Read Guilty Pleasures - by Manuela Cardiga - Guilty Pleasures, Guilty Pleasures Gorgeous narcissistic self absorbed Lance Packhard is a sex therapist specializing in Awakenings helping anorgasmic women find sexual fulfillment Lance s spare time is dedicated to the cult of his

  • Title: Guilty Pleasures
  • Author: Manuela Cardiga
  • ISBN: 9781612131924
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Guilty Pleasures - by Manuela Cardiga, Guilty Pleasures, Manuela Cardiga, Guilty Pleasures Gorgeous narcissistic self absorbed Lance Packhard is a sex therapist specializing in Awakenings helping anorgasmic women find sexual fulfillment Lance s spare time is dedicated to the cult of his body and writing a how not to book entitled Sexual Secrets of a Sexual Surrogate His personal life consists of Sunday tea with his grandmother and a monthly night out with hiGorgeous Free Read Guilty Pleasures - by Manuela Cardiga - Guilty Pleasures, Guilty Pleasures Gorgeous narcissistic self absorbed Lance Packhard is a sex therapist specializing in Awakenings helping anorgasmic women find sexual fulfillment Lance s spare time is dedicated to the cult of his

  • Free Read Guilty Pleasures - by Manuela Cardiga
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Guilty Pleasures

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    Manuela Cardiga was born in Mozambique and raised in South Africa where she studied fashion design She moved to Europe where she worked as a fashion designer, then moved to the crazy world of advertising as a graphic designer and copywriter Manuela is a designer by profession, a cook by vocation, and a writer by compulsion She currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal where she writes contemporary and historical fiction, designs book covers, illustrates children s books, and mothers a gorgeous daughter while juggling a day job She also dabbles enthusiastically in exotic, experimental cuisine, much to the discomfort of family and friends.Facebook profile facebook mariamanuela


  1. I ve never read anything quite like this, it was a cross between a sex manual, a sensual cookery book, a history book and a romance Each chapter starts off with a snippet from Sensual Secrets of a Sexual Surrogate , Lance s book that he is writing, he s a sex therapist, some of them are absolutely hilarious.Lance takes on the persona of Will reluctantly, his job is to get Milly pregnant, he hadn t bargained for falling in love with her He gives up his day job to become a kitchen assistant to a b [...]

  2. The most important thing to realise, of course, is that we know nothing aboutwomen at all That s right, nothing Say it with me I know nothing You are now at the perfect place to start I received this book from the author for an honest review Passionate, Insightful, Sensual, Tasteful, Aromatic and that s just the food Guilty Pleasures is than you would expect when seeing the name of this book for the first time Guilty Pleasures implies the freedom to dream, to want, to live and to be honest from [...]

  3. Happy Release Day This was such a FUN book This is not your basic PWP Porn WithOUT Plot Yes, it IS erotica, but it s all wrapped up in a cute, funny, steamy, sweet, YUMMY story Lance, aka as Willie to Millie and the crew at Guilty Pleasures, has been hired by Millie s mother to make her a grandma Lance is hot, he s built, he KNOWS women and what makes them tick He figures it s a bit skeevy, but the money is good and it shouldn t take him long Well, he knows most women, and Millie is something el [...]

  4. This was a very unique and interesting read This book combined elements of humor, romance, cuisine, and sex advise, all into one story Lance is a sex therapist, hot and in control He helps women to find their sensual side, but is shocked when he s approached by a mother of a client with a dubious request Broke from living an extravagant lifestyle, Lance accepts his fate and changes his identity to sweet and shy Wilfred to get close to his client His new life is an emotional roller coaster as he [...]

  5. This is a DNF for me I tried to finish the book, I truly did but there were a few things that I just couldn t get past.1 Lance changes his name to Wilfred to get close to Millicent Out of all the names in the world, he chooses Wilfred How is that name suppose to be sexy, hot and seductive I keep thinking of the movie Wilfred and expected to see rats running around the restuarant or pop out of the book to kill me to read of my review please go to divasdiscussing Until Next TimeHappy Reading

  6. I defy anyone to read this book and not wish it was scratch and sniff The food in it is to die for, and the relationship between Lance Will and Millie is equally fantastic, full of lust and UST Guilty Pleasures has a great deal of humour alongside the romance and food porn Some of the chapter openers snippets from Lance s book which I REALLY want Manuela to write next had me laughing out loud for days And can we pause a minute to appreciate the cover sigh I highly recommend this wonderful debut [...]

  7. I picked this book up while browsing through the erotica section but I m not really sure if erotica is the right category It s actually mostly about food with the slow building romance coming in second place Most of the steam occurs after the 50% mark In order to really like this book you need to be someone who appreciates and loves food and having it described to you in such detail it makes your mouth water This book made me very hungry Guilty Pleasures is a dining club and those who are member [...]

  8. ARC via NetGalleyLance Packhard is a sex therapist who helps women, couples, lovers over come obstacles in the bedroom When he runs into some money troubles due to how he lives and paying his Gran s bills a women comes to him for help She wants Lance to seduce her daughter and get her pregnant Only a few red flags there he doesn t have sex with his clients EVERd two he thinks its a horrid ideawho does that to their daughter She insists and offers him 3 million Desperate for money he hesitantly a [...]

  9. Received from Netgalley.3.5 starsI dont know if this book made me hungrier or hornier It was a mix of recipe book and sex manuala strange combination We have sex therapist Lance Packhard that is hired by Millicent Deafly s mother to seduce her and give her the grandchildren she so desperately wants Lances rules are clear.r sleep with the clients But when debt is a major problem for him can he say no Enter Wilfred Pecklise.Millicents new hire at her exclusive restaurant Follows is a story of man [...]

  10. Okis book really made me hungry Not just for food, but the really good goodlol This was a good read I enjoyed Lance and his struggles The fact that he was romantic and caring and would whisper sweet nothings in her ear Romance is nice I would have liked to hear what Serge would have said to Lance after the truth come out This book is full of puns and had me laughing Millie of course is the woman who has issues Considering everything, not bad issues when you really think about it This was a good [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this book If you are expecting a book full of sex this in not the book for you Manuela Cardiga has done such a great job with writing a story that takes Millie and Lance from feeling flawed to being well loved If you like unexpected twists that you don t see coming this is the book The love scenes are very well written This book also gives a new meaning to food play The description of the food and parties are so detailed you feel just like you have walked into the room and joine [...]

  12. Warning Do NOT read this book if you are even remotely hungry.This book was sexy I do not mean sexy as in erotica, although there was plenty of sexytime I mean sexy as in erotic The tagline should read Food is Sexy.I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  13. ARC Copy by NetGalley Una sinopsis muy llamativa Solo espero que este libro sea publicado y que puedan disfrutarlo como lo hice yo Es una historia muy c mica y rom ntica y sus protagonistas son realmente cre bles.

  14. 4.5 Deliciously Sexy Funny Stars How do I even start with this one I LOVED it What an interesting spin for a story The banter between the characters was awesome The sexual chemistry was hot hot hot To put it in a nutshell, this book reads like a fine piece of pastry.LOL It is part exquisite cookbook, mixed in with a touch of self help and well written information for the man, about how to care for his woman and to finish it off, a hefty dose of sexy, proud, resilient, know it all therapist Lance [...]

  15. Original review here offbeatvagabond 2013 12 release day review guilty pleasuresmlI had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book, but boy am I glad to have been on for the ride I loved this book Cardiga has a talent for mixing romance and humord food, such delicious food I love all the detail Cardiga added in this book I didn t even know a lot of the food listed, but it sure as hell sounded delicious I loved all of the elaborate events The story was quite an interesting one that [...]

  16. Read book reviews at The Perfictionist.This book is wonderfully exquisite, both in the romance aspect and in the mouth watering dishes featured within its delightful pages It was not a very good idea to read this book from midnight until the wee hours of dawn because it made me crave for dishes I haven t even tasted but sounded soooo good based on the descriptions in the book alone Yes, I might sound crazy, but trust me, if you read this book, you will experience such a thing, too.Plot wise, it [...]

  17. Guilty Pleasures Manuela CardigaC supplied via Netgalley Gosh, where to start with this book Its not just a romance but also an exercise in psychology, and how peoples nature can change with the right motivation and then there s the food wow, and of course the fabulous characters.So we have Lance, narcissistic, self obsessed man whose only concern is his gran, and his friend George His parents mostly ignored him while he was a child, and its led to his weird obsessive nature now he uses people, [...]

  18. The cover alone gets its own star, you know In fact, the cover is what piqued my interest in the book.The plot is unique The genre is supposedly erotica, but I wouldn t shelve it as such It was of a steamy, humorous, contemporary romance.Lance Packhard is a relationship therapist self help author At the beginning of each chapter, we re gifted with an excerpt from his work in progress that supposedly is a man s guide to pleasing a woman I found his insight into all things female quite hilarious [...]

  19. Where do I even start to mention what attracted me to this bookd kept me enthralled Yes, the blurb, and that hot cover, of course But other than that This felt like a novel within a novel within a novel I could ve read this one simply for the opening paragraphs of very chapter, with Lance s sexual advice Often hilarious, often than not totally to the point, it would ve been a fab read just to grab these snippets alone.Then there were Millie s diary entries a story within itself These often prov [...]

  20. Warning Do not read this book when hungry I had to stop reading several times to feed my growling stomach after reading the descriptions of the delicacies held within the pages of Guilty Pleasures Now, with your tummy full, proceed to the tale of love in a fanciful food nirvana.Lance is a celibate sex therapist in financial crisis Millie is a curvy food lover who runs an exclusive club that caters to the ultimate food desires of her clients From seemingly simple hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizzas [...]

  21. I was really excited to get this one I mean, have you seen the cover Visions of hot sex and food flashed in my mind as I read the summary two of my favourite things I immediately dived right in, all but drooling on my reader as I started the first page and prepared for the blurry vision I expected to have from staying up all night to get as much of this treasure as I could before exhaustion took over I m still asking myself where I went wrong sigh First let me just say do not read this book if y [...]

  22. Gorgeous, narcissistic Lance Packhard a sex therapist specializing in helping anorgasmic women is writing a revolutionary book entitled Sexual Secrets of a Sexual Surrogate When a ruthless mother offers him an enormous sum to impregnate her daughter, Millicent Deafly, a debt ridden Lance hesitantly agrees.Millicent, however, isn t into sex She s carefree, joyfully voluptuous, and dedicated to her palate Lance will only get her attention if he dabs soy sauce on his pulse points To get close to he [...]

  23. Received an ARC for an honest review What an amazing story, I didn t know what to expect but believe me when I say it wasn t what I thought it would be at all It truly surprised me.I love how Lance went from no sex, no commitment, no nothing to well Millie, I love her character she is just a regular girl that loves food, btw I hope to get some of those recipes they where just mouthwatering The rest of the characters are also well built, the story flows perfectly and I just couldn t stop reading, [...]

  24. Im not a big eater, can I start by saying that I dont eat like Milly but I sure don t eat like Lance I thought this book was supposed to be erotic but I guess it felt like it was all about food Even the descriptions made me think food, and I was leaning toward the sex This book was mostly theatrical and while I was reading it, it made me think of Moulin Rouge Guilty pleasures was her restaurant which not only served calorie laden food but also she had wierd set ups Her mother even made me zone [...]

  25. Fun, sex, recipes and human interest Where does this book belong Manuela how could you make it so difficult to classify a genre One genre it most definitely does not fit is children This is pure adult entertainment.If you want a rollicking, well written recipe book with naughty bits thrown in well this is the book for you If you are after a naughty novel with some culinary delights thrown in once again this is it If you are looking for a well written story you must buy it Oh and I nearly forgot [...]

  26. I have to say this book was unique part sex manual, part cookbook, part erotic romance It was written with humor and a light hand I commend Manuela Cardiga on creating a strong read I also was impressed by the author s ability to add in a mystery and balance all the elements The characters were engaging, the premise fun, the story well plotted and the settings beautifully detailed A fast paced fun read I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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