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Inked Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] - Inked Armor, Inked Armor In this follow up to Clipped Wings the emotional love story continues between Hayden and Tenley two young people who desperately want to love and be loved but are afraid to completely let go of their

  • Title: Inked Armor
  • Author: Helena Hunting
  • ISBN: 9781476764306
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback

Inked Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting], Inked Armor, Helena Hunting, Inked Armor In this follow up to Clipped Wings the emotional love story continues between Hayden and Tenley two young people who desperately want to love and be loved but are afraid to completely let go of their pasts In the wake of losing Tenley Page tattooist Hayden Stryker s tumultuous past is haunting him Plagued by nightmares about the murder of his parents Hayden reaches ouIn this follow Inked Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] - Inked Armor, Inked Armor In this follow up to Clipped Wings the emotional love story continues between Hayden and Tenley two young people who desperately want to love and be loved but are afraid to completely let go of their

  • Inked Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting]
    258Helena Hunting
Inked Armor

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  1. Helena Hunting

    Helena Hunting is the author of The USA Today and NYT bestselling PUCKED Series She lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats She writes everything from romantic sports comedy to new adult angst.


  1. 4 stars We were so similar in our pain If only we could cancel each other s out.After listening to Clipped Wings I had to jump straight into Inked Armor and see how Hayden and Tenley s story concluded I loved these two broken characters and all I wanted for them was for them to be able to heal and move on together I was nervous starting this one, but now that I m finished, my heart is happy In the beginning, the story focuses on Tenley s struggles with her family being gone As the book goes on, [...]

  2. Starting this next I m totally hooked on this Love it Everyone has scars, Tenley If we re lucky, they re only on the outside Note this is contemporary, NOT paranormal My review of book 1 aestasbookblog clipped wings review

  3. My Tenley and Hayden Hayden is plagued by his nightmares and insecurities, Tenley is troubled by her bad past decisions Will these two fragile people ever be able to catch a break and find their bliss Inked Armor is continuation of captivating story about intense and addictive love between two broken people struggling with guilt It pained me to see how little Tenly and Hayden believed in themselves, how their fears were keeping them in check, postponing their chance for happiness But even though [...]

  4. 4 Unapologetically Beautiful Stars F ck appropriate Following up right where Clipped Wings left us hanging, the story between Hayden and Tenley continues proving that unique is beautiful and tragedies don t always end your life Longing to love and be loved, emotionally crippled, unconventional and sexy both our heroes grow so much as characters, fighting to let go of their pasts and trusting each other with their hearts We were marked by one another It went far beyond the skin It went right down [...]

  5. I feel a little bad for even going for this ARC, seeing as how my feelings for book one were somewhat lackluster So I ll try to keep this short and sweet There s so much circling around the actual subject matter and the real plot line that this quickly became one of the biggest drama fests ever I lost count of how many times Tenley and Hayden break down, have a fit, lose themselves in tears, throw up, etc All of the glaring problems in their respective lives that prevent them from having a healt [...]

  6. Inked Armor generously provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This review contains spoilers, don t read if you haven t read book one Clipped Wings5 Beautifully Inked StarsInked Armor beautifully continues the dark, sensual, and deeply emotional love story between Tenley and Hayden The prose begins where Clipped Wings left us emotionally hanging, wanting immediately from these two fatefully destined characters The story leads us on a journey o [...]

  7. ARC received on behalf of Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books from NetGalley.When Tenley met Hayden and gave in to her desire for him, she always knew her past was going to come between them I just don t think she ever thought she would be the one forcing it to happen She left, forced to go back to Arden Hills, Tenley is forced to face her past in a way that she never imagined But in doing so, she left Hayden There was no explanation given, no promise to return Just her walking away from a man that [...]

  8. This is the follow up to Clipped Wings the heart wrenching, emotionally intense and slightly edgy story of two people who have been broken by events in their past, but who find life changing, all consuming love together She d found a way between the cracks in my armor and blew it apart This book picks up about a week after the end of the first book, and the subsequent novella Between the Cracks I can t really say anything specific about the storyline without being spoilery, but this is a beautif [...]

  9. 4 heartfelt broken starsIn this life, for as long as we had, we would be each other s armor Tenley is finally ready to move on with her life setting things up so that no one will ever hold any kind of power over her again and importantly being able to finally forgive herself I wanted him back but I needed to be worthy of him first.Hopefully her selfishness hasn t destroyed the one good thing that has happened in her life Tenley doesn t pretend to be completely fixed but seeing at what her actio [...]

  10. For me, she would always be the light in my darkness When I started this, I knew that I would like it than I liked the first book I was so happy when I was proved right, but this could have been a 5 star book Here s why it wasn t It really bugged me how nosy some of the characters could be Someone was always in someone else s business But I also think that bothered me because that s an actual thing I can t stand in real life.I felt like there were a million different sides to Tenley and she was [...]

  11. If the first book was a seductive healing of two shattered souls, then Inked Armor is the scorching melding of them, like the flow of molten lava, moving inexorably and changing and fussing them together with finality.When we left Hayden and Tenley, they had a deep but guarded connection They had found in the other something beautiful and unexpected, but their guilt and fears from the past kept them from opening up completely When Tenley s past literally comes knocking on her door, she decides i [...]

  12. 1st off again Yes, I really enjoyed this series Did I buy it though No Luckily enough I received an ARC through NetGalley I m sorry but is asking for 9.52 FOR A FUCKING EBOOK That is just disgusting That s paperback pricing Helena don t get me wrong your writing was beautiful but I think your publisher is pushing it Quickest way to turn off readers is jacking up the price We will all just wait till it goes on sale Deep breath in deep breath out Ok Rant over ANYWAY Whereas the first book is about [...]

  13. 4.5 Really enjoyed this second book So funny and entertaining Tenley was an enjoyable leading lady but there s no doubt Hayden stole the show Freaking loved him Can t wait to read future books by Helena

  14. Usually I m terrible at continuing series, but I had to know what was going to happen Plus I needed Tenley and Hayden I m obsessed with them What happened to them in the past was not only heart breaking, but I liked seeing their lives turn out for the best It was a rough journey for them, but as things could have gone, they did a heck of alot better than I would have if I had been in either of their shoes I knew one of the clues to the ending towards the beginning of the book I got nervous towa [...]

  15. The conclusion to Hayden and Tenley s story, this had a nice side of suspense and mystery balancing the angst and intense smut very nicely It was romantic and hot and even though this had lots of angst, it was still a feel good read thanks to their friends and family ribbing each other and looking out for each other I could really appreciate the origin of the strong friendships and funny sexual antics that I adored in Pucked coming through in this I ve really enjoyed this series Highly recommend [...]

  16. This was a challenge read for me even though I read and loved the first book in the series a LONG time ago 4 years ago I was not happy with the way it ended and just could not make myself read the follow up This year I picked a few like this for my Low Angst Love challenge So I am proud I read it Considering how much my tastes have changed in the past 4 years, I am surprised how much I still liked it My 4 stars is generous, and maybe a little nostalgic.There were things I did not love I wish the [...]

  17. Initial Thoughts I liked the second part of this series than the first While I found the cupcake chomping Hayden a little ridiculous in the first book, his character grew on me for this book I enjoyed watching Tenley gain strength and stand up to the problems in her life as well The Review The conclusion to Clipped Wings was a much better book Tenley returned to her hometown to deal with Connor s estate and Trey I was so very happy for Tenley, who despite being threatened by Trey s underhandedn [...]

  18. You know what the best part about this book is I mean besides the hot tattoo artists, the out of the box characters, the interesting storyline and the humour There was like the minimal amount of freaking angst Now don t get me wrong, angst can be good in a story, it can even be entertaining But it can also be really annoying when all you want is the couple to get together and love each other This book started with Tenley coming back from her home town after 3 weeks of no contact with Hayden Righ [...]

  19. For me this book was an improvement from the first book It still had a lot of drama, but also answers and resolutions Everything was settled and it ended quite beautiful and Tanley wasn t as annoying Sometimes she actually was brave and help Hayden a lot through his bad moments.

  20. I liked this one, it had a few surprises in it Some of them I kind of knew I like Tenley and Hayden a lot they deserve all the good stuff and hapiness that you can imagine For some people this can also be some ind of eye opener It deals with grieve, loss, panic.

  21. I m torn on this book because while I enjoyed it, I feel as though it could have been so much than what it ended up being Hayden and Tenley are back with their usual fire and desperate need for each other, and once again I was drawn right back in to their story Readers worried about a long, drawn out separation need not worry In reading time, they re not separated for long, though that doesn t mean that things are easy Which leads me to something that I love about these books.So often in romanc [...]

  22. ARC received via NetGalleyInitially Read April 2014 review written Re Read May 2016After reading Clipped Wings I was eager to continue Tenley and Hayden s story This book did not disappoint It was an emotional journey from start to finish for the characters not so much me.I liked that, whereas in Clipped Wings the story was about how Hayden helped Tenley heal from the accident, this book focused on how Tenley helped Hayden deal with the issues of his past.Throughout the majority of this book, H [...]

  23. Guys, it s official I m totally in love with this series I loved Clipped Wings and I was excited to read Inked Armor But, I was also nervous because in second books, I sometimes tend to feel like if the book feels forced or dragged on This was not the case at all with this book, I ended up loving it than Clipped Wings I was Hoping to listen to this on audio, but I couldn t wait for the release next week and went ahead and read it Since I read and heard the audiobooks for the previous books, I p [...]

  24. 4.5 StarsTwo broken souls finding each other and slowly healing are some of my favorite kinds of books to read and Helena Hunting did it perfectly in Clipped Wings and in its conclusion, Inked Armor Inked Armor starts off a few weeks after Clipped Wings ended with Tenley leaving both Hayden and Chicago to head back home to Arden Hills Thankfully fans of the series don t have to wait very long into Inked Armor for Hayden and Tenley to reconnect, however it is not all roses and sunshine when they [...]

  25. Please don t leave me Not again Please It hurts too much to be without you I don t know how Inked Armor is everything that I disliked in the previous book, Clipped Wings My connection to the characters was still limited, however it grew slightly by the end of Inked Armor but not enough to make me truly care about their outcomes.What I truly hated about these books is the characters coping mechanisms Using aggressive sex to avoid talking about feelings and overcoming emotional issues is all the c [...]

  26. Fantastic conclusion to Tenley and Hayden s story I wanted to hug them both but especially Hayden Beautifully written book that will give you all the feels from heartbreaking vulnerability to scorching hot chemistry and then will throw humour, compassion and deep abiding love into the mix Because this author writes superbly I found that I finished this book with a longing for a STRYKER hoodie, a curiosity regarding piercings tattoo s and a kitchen stocked with cupcakes Oh, and a new addition to [...]

  27. 4 solid stars The ending of the previous first book rubbed me wrong And I m not going to lie that the beginning of this book kind of pissed me off BUT, after that particular conflict, I loved this story I loved that these two broken characters found each other and helped the other heal This story sucked me right in and I devoured it in a day It was the conclusion of their story line but it was wrapped up nicely I would definitely read from this author.

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