Wicked Sense

↠ Wicked Sense î Fabio Bueno - Wicked Sense, Wicked Sense Librarian note alternative cover edition of Winner Sandy Literary Contest st place YA categoryWitches inhabit our world organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy t

  • Title: Wicked Sense
  • Author: Fabio Bueno
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Wicked Sense î Fabio Bueno, Wicked Sense, Fabio Bueno, Wicked Sense Librarian note alternative cover edition of Winner Sandy Literary Contest st place YA categoryWitches inhabit our world organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy the Veil Skye s London coven sends her to Seattle s Greenwood High to find the Singularity an unusually gifted witch who may break the Veil and trigger a dangerous new erLibrarian note al ↠ Wicked Sense î Fabio Bueno - Wicked Sense, Wicked Sense Librarian note alternative cover edition of Winner Sandy Literary Contest st place YA categoryWitches inhabit our world organized in covens and hiding behind a shroud of secrecy t

  • ↠ Wicked Sense î Fabio Bueno
    142Fabio Bueno
Wicked Sense

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  2. Be sure to visit my blog for an extended look at this book, I have a nice expert there, and other info Michelle s Paranormal Vault of BooksI will say one thing this book hooked me on the first fewpages It just draws you in, and is so well written, I was very impressed I also love how it takes place in Seattle, so close to where I live, that it just felt real I love books that are written well about witches, and this is one of those.I loved Skye, she is a very strong and fun character, she is fr [...]

  3. 3.75 stars As if high school isn t treacherous enough on its own, it is even difficult if you are trying to date a witch Drake met a girl, not just any girl Skye just happens to be a witch Now Drake is hurtled into danger around every corner Someone is trying to get to him and Skye and they need to figure it out fast before one or both of them end up dead If that isn t enough pressure they also need to find the Singularity an extremely powerful girl boy that has magic than anyone and threatens [...]

  4. I really hope Fabio Bueno is a fast writer because I want to read from him I honestly could not put this book down and found myself up reading into the wee hours of the morning I really like it when an author tells you at the beginning of a chapter who is speaking and narrating it Fabio does just that in the title of each chapter so there is no guessing He gave each character depth and personality, so you really got to know them and cheer them on In Jane s case you want to push her bike over Dr [...]

  5. The book starts out good from the beginning All the characters are believable and someone that you could have gone to school with Skye starts out a bit weak but slowly empowers herself with Drake and Priscilla s help She is sent to a high school in Seattle to find a very powerful witch, the Singularity, that has been born in her generation She has the rare power of true sight, which should help her find the individual, where others have failed so far She is able to overcome her attachment to Con [...]

  6. Witty, smart, and addictive A brilliant debut novel original voice, well developed plot, and believable characters, with flaws that made them likable and real The romance is sweet and innocent, although satisfying I rooted for Drake and Sky all the way throughout the novel But my favorite character was the antagonist Jane, with her mean, strong personality and a goal oriented or rather obsessed actions I can t wait for the sequel.

  7. I LOVED this book LOVED the romance Loved the story The main character is on a mission looking for THE MOST powerful witch EVER This witch just got her powers and could cause all sorts of problems in not only the world, but can you image what would happen if the dark witches ever got control of her great power Add to that a hot crush, an arrogant ex boyfriend warlock, and high school, and you ve got a great book I loved the ending and am hoping there will be a sequel.

  8. Wicked Sense is a phenomenal book Fabio has done a great job of mixing teenage awkwardness and humor into the characters of Drake and Skye The blurb line of dating has never been this hard is spot on for these two And yet, Drake and Skye have bigger problems than their relationship status Wicked Sense is a great paranormal read filled with mystery, magic, and memorable moments I loved the revealing of the magic world through Skye s eyes And she was a great main character I felt even though she h [...]

  9. Witty, smart, and addictive A brilliant debut novel original voice, well developed plot, and believable characters, with flaws that made them likable and real The romance is sweet and innocent, although satisfying I rooted for Drake and Sky all the way throughout the novel But my favorite character was the antagonist Jane, with her mean, strong personality and a goal oriented or rather obsessed actions.I can t wait for the sequel.

  10. I like the unusual, I like out of the box thinking With Wicked Sense, Fabio Bueno delivers Gotta love his name, right The characters were well fleshed out and strong I enjoy characters who are firmly rooted and make decisions that keep the flow of the story moving at a steady pace He has created a world that was plausible and very interesting I loved the way he set the novel in Seattle, a city I could identify with The bottom line I was caught up in the author s writing style and story telling I [...]

  11. I was given this book by the author in return for an honest reviewI thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved following Skye in her search for the Singularity and with the help of her new boyfriend Drake , she manages to do it This was a really fantastic read and is a definite must for anyone who loves witches.I can t wait to see what the author writes next

  12. I was blown away with this book It is YA but wowowwowow nothing like a YA book I have ever read I didn t want it to end , then when it did i wanted the next , I am now having to wait for the next in this series Please let there be a next I Highly Recommend this Paranormal Book I want to reread and reread and reread this book

  13. 3.5 5.0Mr Bueno has a good grasp of high school dynamics, as Drake and his buddies joke around and interact like a genuine group of teens.Read full review in the 2012 Holiday issue of InD tale Magazine.

  14. Fabio s writing is smooth easy to read and engaging His characters are vivid easy to like and easy to hate And the mysterious Singularity, the thing the whole story hinges on, kept me guessing right up until the end Definitely a fun read

  15. Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.As is probably pretty obvious, I do not review too many indies here on A Reader of Fictions With all of the drama with authors recently and the fact that I can t pick the up from the library, I just gravitate towards traditionally published books I decided to read this one, however, after I included the cover in one of my Cover Snark posts In traditional Cover Snark fashion, I proceeded to make fun of Fabio s name, all in good fun of course, but still W [...]

  16. Thanks to NetGalley for a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.There are some things about Wicked Sense that I thought were really good, and some things that I thought were just sort of meh A lot of people really loved this one, but it just didn t do it for me I m not saying it was bad, but I couldn t connect with the characters enough to really get into the story.I thought the Veil was a plausible way to explain why the witches didn t run around announcing that they had ma [...]

  17. Wicked Sense is the story of Drake and Skye who meet when Skye arrives as a transfer student at Greenwood High School Skye is a witch, and she has the powers charms of Allure and True Sight, she was the best fit to come to Greenwood to search for the Singularity, a witch who has powers greater than any witch known but there are other forces that also search for the Singularity and they will do what is necessary to possess this great power In the midst of difficult circumstances such as attempts [...]

  18. There is no other way to start this review than saying what an incredibly awesome book this is I loved every minute I spent reading Wicked Sense And it s a given that I will be reading anything else that Fabio Bueno writes Skye who hails from London is a witch with a unique gift and has been sent to Seattle s Greenwood High to find the Singularity who is a witch whose powers will be like nothing seen before She will be the most powerful witch to date While at school Skye meets Drake and whilst h [...]

  19. Firstly thanks to the author for Gifting me this book for an honest review You can also find my reviews at Always A Book Geek my blog Brief Opening Bueno s, Wicked Sense was gifted to me by the author for an honest review I would like to thank him for this opportunity Now down to how I feel about this book Well in simple terms, It was Incredible Mostly.What I liked The realistic magic The whole science about magic I loved how Bueno made witches, believable It wasn t just about supernatural it wa [...]

  20. This was an awesome book from start to finish Wicked Sense was another one where I wasn t quite sure what to expect I love books of this genre but sometimes they tend to blend together Fabio has an intriguing and fun take on the constructs of magic and life as a witch He was able to produce an excitingly original story with a great cast of characters You are thrown right into the plot and the explanation comes later This is something I really enjoyed about his writing style I also liked the fact [...]

  21. 4.5 stars.I didn t really know what to expect when I started this novel, but I was intrigued by the synopsis I have read witch related books but they haven t really screamed I M AMAZING at me However, I really enjoyed Wicked Sense I loved the characters and was hooked to the plot.This book is told through two different POVs, which I think worked really nicely We could see different ways of interpreting things from both ways a female, Skye, and a male, Drake I think the author did this quite well [...]

  22. What I liked The story was laid out in a way that made sense and paced fast, but it wasn t rushed something I usually find in books that feel fast paced The characters felt relatable because of how they acted, like normal high school kids for the most part They had drama and problems which didn t seem over dramatic or unbelievable You know, except for the the whole part where they do magic too I think Boulder was one who surprised me quite a bit, especially when he stuck up for Drake The story w [...]

  23. This book was hard for me to read It was very interesting however I just did not like having to jump back and forth with the POV s To me when I am reading I prefer to read from one POV not from two separate POV s However, please be aware that this is my opinion, to form you own opinion please support the author and acquire your own copy.Growing up I was fascinated with witches I would read anything about them that I could get my hands on Every year I would read about The Bell Witch in Adams, Ten [...]

  24. I received this book free as a read4review.The book is based around 2 main characters Skye, a Sister Witch and Drake, a regular guy Skye has been sent to Greenwood high school to search for the Singularity a very powerful Witch and meets Drake The closer they get to each other the involved he gets in her search, and the closer they get to the singularity, the their relationship blossoms.I absolutely loved it The story is fast paced, full of magic, romance and represents the age group of the ma [...]

  25. I received this book for free through First Reads in exchange for an honest review.What a wild ride I love paranormal books and witch ones especially are extra interesting because every author portrays them so differently I really liked the main character, she was funny and sweet and intelligent In one of the rare scenes when she told someone off it was very amusing.Her relationship with Drake works well with the novel, it feels like a very natural and typical teenage relationship I thought that [...]

  26. Mmmm I don t know how I feel about this book It started out not so good I didn t like much the characters, I couldn t get emotions out of them most of the time, and the story bored me a little sometimes, for the lack of dialog and connection with the characters At least for about the first half of the book Skye and Drake got on my nerves sometimes, and they were even a little cold, emotionless I wasn t impressed with their kind of relationship They didn t touch me emotionally when together, unti [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this book, which was surprising to me I am usually not a fan of anything that falls within the paranormal genre This book was definitely a paranormal book that I can enjoy It is a cute story about two kids, Skye and Drake Skye is a witch, sent to Seattle to track down the Singularity , a super witch Drake falls for her, and together they try to save Skye s coven from untold harm I really appreciated the fact that the book wasn t 100% supernatural stuff, and what was there was wr [...]

  28. I haven t posted a review in some time, but I wanted to give YA readers a heads up on this great debut book from author Fabio Bueno It s the first in a series which I ll be looking forward to.This young adult paranormal features a teenage witch, Skye, who is given the mission to find a new particularly powerful witch before things go amiss She runs up against Drake, a non witch teenage boy who nonetheless can help her figure things out.I genuinely liked this book and was impressed with both the [...]

  29. The beautiful cover and the blurb hooked me from the start Wicked Sense s cast is as vivid as the characters in a good TV show I was delighted with Skye s and Drake s friendships and relationships with their families Since I m a female, it was especially fascinating to get a peek of the male dynamics.The villain of the story, Jane, intimidates everyone with her biker attitude We see only a tiny glimpse of her human side but she works great as a menace.No punches are pulled for the characters The [...]

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