Vidurio pasaulis

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Vidurio pasaulis : by Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė - Vidurio pasaulis, Vidurio pasaulis is pasaulis neturi pavadinimo Jis gl di panir s nyp ian i smaragdin j r siliejan i Pasaulin Kosmin Okean Tai dievo Chlorofilo pasaulis kuriame gyvena keisti ali mon s neprisimenantys nei kas jie t

  • Title: Vidurio pasaulis
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė
  • ISBN: 9986360153
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Vidurio pasaulis : by Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė, Vidurio pasaulis, Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė, Vidurio pasaulis is pasaulis neturi pavadinimo Jis gl di panir s nyp ian i smaragdin j r siliejan i Pasaulin Kosmin Okean Tai dievo Chlorofilo pasaulis kuriame gyvena keisti ali mon s neprisimenantys nei kas jie tokie nei i kur jie Ir tai kart iabuviai susitinka tarp vaig diniu laivu atskridusius tikruosius mones aptikusius ioje planetoje nemirtingumo eliksyr is pasaulis neturi pavadinimo Ji [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Vidurio pasaulis : by Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė - Vidurio pasaulis, Vidurio pasaulis is pasaulis neturi pavadinimo Jis gl di panir s nyp ian i smaragdin j r siliejan i Pasaulin Kosmin Okean Tai dievo Chlorofilo pasaulis kuriame gyvena keisti ali mon s neprisimenantys nei kas jie t

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Vidurio pasaulis : by Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė
    413 Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė
Vidurio pasaulis

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  1. Alan Dean Foster Irma Žemaitytė

    Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City in 1946, but raised mainly in California He received a B.A in Political Science from UCLA in 1968, and a M.F.A in 1969 Foster lives in Arizona with his wife, but he enjoys traveling because it gives him opportunities to meet new people and explore new places and cultures This interest is carried over to his writing, but with a twist the new places encountered in his books are likely to be on another planet, and the people may belong to an alien race.Foster began his career as an author when a letter he sent to Arkham Collection was purchased by the editor and published in the magazine in 1968 His first novel, The Tar Aiym Krang, introduced the Humanx Commonwealth, a galactic alliance between humans and an insectlike race called Thranx Several other novels, including the Icerigger trilogy, are also set in the world of the Commonwealth The Tar Aiym Krang also marked the first appearance of Flinx, a young man with paranormal abilities, who reappears in other books, including Orphan Star, For Love of Mother Not, and Flinx in Flux.Foster has also written The Damned series and the Spellsinger series, which includes The Hour of the Gate, The Moment of the Magician, The Paths of the Perambulator, and Son of Spellsinger, among others Other books include novelizations of science fiction movies and television shows such as Star Trek, The Black Hole, Starman, Star Wars, and the Alien movies Splinter of the Mind s Eye, a bestselling novel based on the Star Wars movies, received the Galaxy Award in 1979 The book Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990 His novel Our Lady of the Machine won him the UPC Award Spain in 1993 He also won the Ignotus Award Spain in 1994 and the Stannik Award Russia in 2000.


  1. 3.5 to 4.0 stars Another quality science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster This story Book 1 of the Humanx Commonwealth series takes place on an unnamed world where descendants of a earlier colony ship have evolved into a very symbiotic relationship with the world around them and there existence is disrupted by another ship s arrival to exploit the planet for commercial gain I thought the story was very well written, fast paced and I thought the world building was superb A quality SF story and o [...]

  2. Midworld is both an exciting adventure story and an allegory for the ongoing struggle between the natural world and the demands of industry.It s fast paced and chock full of action it s remarkably violent in places, actually, but not gratuitously so It would probably have made a fantastic movie if James Cameron s Avatar hadn t been so similar Some have suggested that Avatar is little than a rip off of Midworld but, generous soul that I am, I m going to put it down to convergent evolution rather [...]

  3. Awesome book I first read Alien before I saw the movie because I wanted to desensitize myself for what I heard was in it Then I came across Midworld Now I love novels that surprise me with a revelation that sneaks up on the reader even though the clues were there The Mote In God s Eye did that, as I related when I reviewed that book.This one delivered a SURPRISE all caps here I won t spoil it for anyone who has not read it.More recently, I saw the movie Avatar and realized that Mr Foster was rob [...]

  4. As a professional biologist, I absolutely love this book and always have ADF usually spins out okay though entertaining yarns But this one is something special, with a real appreciation of how an alien ecosystem would work Perhaps the best biological SF I ve ever read This is a theme that runs through all of his work, but especially apparent here.Oh, and totally obvious that James Cameron ripped this off from ADF for Avatar I read this in 1980, and that it is the source material for Avatar leape [...]

  5. I picked up this book because I watch Todd the Librarian on YouTube and this is her favourite book I figured if it s good enough for Todd then it s good enough for me and so I picked it up, and it was delightful.What s interesting about it is that it s almost like a mixture of fantasy and science fiction, following the story of Born as he defends his village against the creatures of the forest They live amongst the trees and live in harmony with the planet, but then a couple of strange men show [...]

  6. Through out the course of this book I was thinking of giving it 2 stars Till the last 20 pages are so That so rarely happens in bookreading, that the end somehow pulls it all together That s what we all hope for when reading a book that drags, we stick with it, and so often we are never rewarded for our readers diligence.Greedy resource seeking humans land on another planet, and get to work in leaching all the natural resources from it The planet they land on, is comparable to a Rainforest, ther [...]

  7. Midworld by Alan Dean Foster is one of my all time favorite books Set on, possibly, the most wonderfully described planet in the sci fi genre An alien world covered in a lush forest jungle half a kilometer deep As you descend from the highest level of the canopy, each of the seven levels has its own unique ecological niche of flora and fauna Three levels deep, a seemingly primitive native people reside Strangely humanlike, they are endowed with certain physical features suited for their environm [...]

  8. This was an pleasant unexpected find Surely this is the germ of the idea James Cameron developed Avatar from More than germ, maybe I d tell you about it, but if you ve seen Avatar there s no need As always, Foster is a methodical writer Is using the phrase workmanlike prose damning with faint praise But the way I see it is, if you aren t one of those gifted with gorgeous, lyrical prose but still have good story ideas percolating in your head, then the best thing you can do is get your ego out of [...]

  9. Foster creates an excellent full immersion experience with this world Love his tongue in cheek style a fun read.

  10. I understand this is the book on which the movie Avatar is based The ending is different, it s QUITE simplified in the movie, but this is worth reading, certainly Born lives on a very green jungle like planet that has many levels, and his group of people live on only one lavel, in a tree, comfortably exploring a limited area above, below and around them Born himself is a little adventuresome than most, which causes the rest of the tribe to brand him slightly crazy or mad A space ship sends a fl [...]

  11. I haven t enjoyed the last couple of sci fi books that I have read, but this one was really different The world that was created was fascinating, as well as deadly, and I enjoyed the science behind the symbiotic relationships of the tribes people, the plants and the other creatures The conflict towards the end of the book was just a side plot as far as I was concerned I m not sure I will read the others in the series, as I am sure that interaction with other planets and peoples will be the main [...]

  12. This is classic SF in many ways, which is not necessarily good The world building is the strongest part of this novel, on par with Niven s or McCaffrey s worlds The characters are static parodies The plot is basic, devolving into revenge fantasy at the climax The last line of the book is positively inane I identified Foster as an author who had written something I liked, and finally remembered Codgerspace and Greenthieves as examples Written 20 years after Midworld, I believe I d recommend Foste [...]

  13. I read this way back when I was a teenager I recalled really enjoying it So I decided to revisit it after all these years I still enjoyed the story very much One thing that I noticed this time around was how much Avatar borrowed from this book.

  14. This book started out as Tarzan in space which was not what I was interested in reading Then the science fiction element entered the narrative along with a tree hugger theme that made for a fairly interesting read.

  15. This is a book of fantastic imagination,with a strong environmental message that is woven throughout The characters are ones that will live with you long after the book is finished.

  16. An excellent read which turned into a movie but you could see the writer and movie persons were not on the same page I do not think this ever hit the big screen.

  17. I m not gonna lie I bought this book purely because of the green, three eyed cow bear on the cover My expectations weren t particularly high, and perhaps that explains why I was able to enjoy it so much The strength of the book, for me, was in the world Foster has built As other reviewers have commented, there are numerous parallels to the movie Avatar the home tree, the rainforest setting, and the symbiotic relationship between the inhabitants and the rainforest among many others The division o [...]

  18. Este livro como um cobertor verde fagocitando o leitor.Um planeta floresta cercado de vegeta o t o densa que dividido em cinco camadas, os humanos vivendo na terceira, fugindo das criaturas aladas do c u e protegidos dos p ntanos taciturnos da ltima camada.Estes humanos s o seres que evolu ram na primeira expedi o ao planeta, vivendo em uma harmonia t o extrema com a natureza que acabam formando uma forma de simbiose com o verde.Outro ponto interessante s o os furcots , e a forma que o autor dem [...]

  19. I really enjoyed this book The story follows a native named Born Born and his people live on a world that is overrun with vegetation and crazy predators and animals Always feeling like an outsider, Born struggles to find acceptance, respect, and even admiration among his people After seeing a blue demon crashing from the sky, Born explores the object and saves two humans from a flying carnivore The plot line continues as Born brings the humans back to his Home Tree and then journeys to take them [...]

  20. A very good book It follows the story of Born, a native of a planet overrun with vegetation, in which the plants can be just as dangerous if not dangerous as the animals that live there Born and his people know how to keep balance in the world, and give and take only as needed However, one day Born and the other natives see a blue demon crash not far from their home Born is the only native brave enough to find out what it is It turns out to be some kind of exploration shuttle Born saves the 2 g [...]

  21. This book, originally published in 1975, appears to have been scanned from hardcopy, then converted to text As a result, there are scanning errors that were not corrected in the editing process Because of the errors, some of the usage of words becomes confusing, but not objectionably so The book was re released as an e book in 2012.The story is about a lost colony of humans on a strange world dominated by plants Hundreds of years later, a new human expedition arrives seeking a drug that is extra [...]

  22. I really enjoyed this book It is the story of a group of beings on a far distant planet that are the result of a lost colony They have evolved to fit the planet and all seems well until it is visited by humans with greedy ambitions The story does a great job of telling how the problems with interacting with alien species is all about needing to understand the other person s viewwpoint I have always enjoyed the authors Humanx stories and this one has an unusual ending that makes it stand out from [...]

  23. I enjoyed the story, that is fast paced and entertaining I enjoyed the fantasy world that the author created, the original symbiotic relationship of the various species, and the everything but subtle social commentary of the role of humans in the destruction of our planet This is definitely not a character driven story, because its characters are as dull and flat as they can get Despite this, it is quite an enjoyable book.

  24. I m no great fan of Alan Dean Foster, but I rather liked this novel because of its themes ecological concern and rapacious capitalism invading a stable native culture and because in this science fiction story, unlike innumerable cases in our own history, nature and the good folks win.If you liked the Avatar movie or Ursula LeGuin s The Word for World is Forest novella, you may well like Midworld.

  25. I enjoyed the story, another well rendered world by Mr Foster He revists this world in his Pip and Flinx series, I haven t read that story yet but I have read several in the series I look forward to reading Mid Flinx now to see how Midworld has chanded since he first wrote about it, in the commonwealth universe and his writing style as there is quite some time between writing times of the two books.

  26. I really enjoyed this book and feel it is grossly underrated as a science fiction novel It chronicles the story of a group of dwellers on a far distant planet that are the result of a lost or forgotten colony This planet is again visited by humans and they encounter these people again The tale is well told and relates the problems with interacting with alien species It does not bode well for the invaders

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