A Different Alchemy

A Different Alchemy Best Read || [Chris Dietzel] - A Different Alchemy, A Different Alchemy As the human population continues to decline most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know Entire cities are abandoned But following a senseless act of violence one man trav

  • Title: A Different Alchemy
  • Author: Chris Dietzel
  • ISBN: 9781493792160
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback

A Different Alchemy Best Read || [Chris Dietzel], A Different Alchemy, Chris Dietzel, A Different Alchemy As the human population continues to decline most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know Entire cities are abandoned But following a senseless act of violence one man travels north toward forgotten lands Is it possible for a loving husband and father surrounded by reminders of mankind s impending extinction to reclaim what he lost A DIFFEAs the h A Different Alchemy Best Read || [Chris Dietzel] - A Different Alchemy, A Different Alchemy As the human population continues to decline most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know Entire cities are abandoned But following a senseless act of violence one man trav

  • A Different Alchemy Best Read || [Chris Dietzel]
    381 Chris Dietzel
A Different Alchemy

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    Chris graduated from Western Maryland College McDaniel College He currently lives in Florida His dream is to write the same kind of stories that have inspired him over the years.Sign up for his mailing list to receive updates on future projects and some neat freebies chrisdietzel mailing_list In his free time, Chris volunteers for a Trap Neuter Release TNR program for feral cats If you would like information on how best to care for abandoned and feral cats in your neighborhood, please check out the Alley Cat Allies website at alleycat Dietzel is a huge fan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ and mixed martial arts MMA He trained in BJJ for ten years, earning the rank of brown belt, and went 2 0 in amateur MMA fights before an injury ended his participation in contact sports.It is incredibly difficult for new authors to gain an audience If you read one of his books and enjoyed it, please recommend it to anyone else you think may like them.


  1. After reading this amazing dystopian drama, A Different Alchemy by Chris Dietzel, I m a big fan of dystopian books, and so I m vouching for Read this review on thewordbite.wordpress 2014First of all, a huge thanks to the author, Chris Dietzel for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Since I ve not read the first book, I googled about the first one and found out that in the first book, it revolves around the idea that since women cannot produce healthy babies any, the [...]

  2. I should start by saying I read this book through in one sitting, which I did not expect I expected the end of the world, but the story itself felt much smaller, and because of that, infinitely human The story encompasses the great whimper at the end of civilization, as people s actions become governed by the increasingly inevitable realization that tomorrow isn t coming Its focus, though, is on one man as he struggles to come to terms with his own personal losses, and his attempt to find a way [...]

  3. Perhaps one of the most depressing books I ve ever read I kept waiting for something good to happen in this book and it just never happens Stay away from this book if you have a special needs kid.Essentially it s about a father who abandons his wife after she takes their Block child to a stadium with thousands of other Block children and the place is burned to the ground along with the kids Block children are the result of De evolution and it means the end of humanity since Block kids can t move [...]

  4. A Different Alchemy is Chris Dietzel s follow up to his debut novel, The Man Who Watched the World End, taking place in the same setting the Great De evolution about 50 years prior The first book focused on an old man coping with the utter finality of the human race s gradual extinction A Different Alchemy follows Jeffrey, a grieving father who embarks on an unlikely journey through the wasteland of the Great De evolution, as he struggles to come to grips with both the loss of his son and the de [...]

  5. If you didn t have anyone to take care of, it was easy to forget the world was full of people less fortunate than you.Three and a half stars.You know, I always felt that our species would end with a whimper rather than a bang It seemed to be flavour of the decade to end humankind with exotic disasters such as an evil minded asteroid giving our cute planet the death kiss Or maybe a supervolcano popping like a megapimple, spewing its pustulence my own word across the face of the world Heck, for al [...]

  6. I got an e mail about this book being on sale and decided to check it out The reviews were overall positive, and end of world scenarios are usually interesting reads That was not the case in this book.Without giving away the major plot points, the main character of the book suffers a personal tragedy very early in the story The rest of the book rotates between flashbacks of his old life, and the details of his current life moving foward The flashbacks always go something like this He and his wif [...]

  7. I really loved this book Dystopian isn t what I usually go for, but there was something that attracted me to The Man Who Watched the World End , so I bought a copy and really wasn t disappointed and when Chris asked me if I d read his second novel early, I was only too happy There was no disappointment here either I love the general setting of both the books and was very pleased to see it return in A Different Alchemy and I loved the physical and mental journey that the main character, Jeffery, [...]

  8. This is the story of a pained father, suffering from a tragedy while trying to make peace with his wife and with the community he once loved I can understand Jeffry s agony and could easily see myself in his state of mind if what happens to him happened to me His two journeys, the one on land and the one of personal growth, were both powerful I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought provoking story, regardless of what types of books they normally read.One of the things [...]

  9. A Different Alchemy is an amazing installment in the De Evolution series of books It is filled with love, betrayal, anger, discovery, forgiveness, and acceptance I mentioned in my review of The Last Teacher that this book has uncanny parallels to The Awakening by Kate Chopin, right down to a bird with a broken wing, and to The Stranger by Albert Camus, which basically questions the reason for life.Alchemy is the supposed magical process of turning lead into gold Its less well known meanings incl [...]

  10. NOT Earth AbidesNOT Earth AbidesOk premise but formulaic and just average apocalyptic fiction Wanted it to be like Earth Abides but nowhere near it.

  11. A Different AlchemyDevolution, de evolution or backward evolution when species can change into primitive forms over time Evolution means progress to advanced organisms Each organism becomes complex in structure and function over time Evolution is thought or supposed to make species advanced not primitive But, some modern species have lost some of their complex functions that were indicative of their ancestors or forebears and have or might be degenerated forms The term devolution according [...]

  12. I m about 20% into this novel Do not read if already depressed would be my advice This is a beautiful, poignant rendition of mankind winding down Horrific, compelling and heartbreaking At last, someone is tackling those tiny questions not the gore, the cannibalism, the growth in new wacky religious cults which permeate other apocalyptic stories, but when do you just stop going into work When do you stop maintaining your house Yourself When do you justop The MC of this book isn t ready for giving [...]

  13. Kindle unlimited, though some of his are and some are not depressing, but then again rather assume these type stories usually are The one not included is The Last Teacher The Great De evolution not sure where this one belongs in the order of books mentioned at end in list of these books, but my mind gets tired after reading so many back to back As the human population continues to decline, most people travel south to maintain a semblance of the life they know Entire cities are abandoned But foll [...]

  14. In the end, I enjoyed the book There were a few things that got glossed over and or which seemed too convenient such as the food processors and the actual state of the Blocks I presume, from the description, that there is no brain function in the Blocks beyond that necessary for the automatic processes of breathing, etc, but I don t recall any discussion of the clinical evaluation of whether or not these people have any measurable awareness regardless of their capacity to express it Nonetheless, [...]

  15. InterestingThoughtful but ultimately falls short of the first book The Man who watched the world end Great writing style.

  16. Another chapter on the way to the end of humanity I was put in the fortunate position to read this book prior to its official release and to write a candid review in exchange Mankind has a problem At a certain point only children were born, so called Blocks, who spend their entire lives in a kind of persistent vegetative state They can breathe and operate metabolism, but that s about it In particular, these pitiful beings cannot procreate The logical consequence of this phenomenon The human race [...]

  17. A fascinating premise the kind that makes the reader confront something about what he or she believes about what constitutes a life and what we believe about which lives are worth living and which are not.The story takes place when, for unknown reasons, the entire population begins to have children who are unable to speak or move or procreate Confined to wheelchairs, silent and catatonic, they are nicknamed Blocks because these people can do nothing for themselves Eventually, society de evolves [...]

  18. 3.5 stars.Sub genre Post Apocalyptic PA Conflict man vs POV 3rd person Multiple POV noSolid editing polish Fun characters noWitty repartee noGreat how it works technology descriptions noThought provoking Great ending A Different Alchemy follows a mourning father, Jeffrey, as he makes his way through a post apocolyptic landscape Like The Children of Men, mankind is rendered infertile What would happen to your household, city block and neighborhood if civilization came slowly to an end The POV is [...]

  19. A Different Alchemy is author Chris Dietzel s dabbling into the end of the world dystopian drama The book revisits an incident briefly mentioned in his previous work The Man Who Watched the World End.After Jeffrey learns that his son, who is completely paralysed, has died in a stadium fire along with Philadelphia s other paraplegics, he steals a tank and heads north to come to terms with his death.If you have not read the original book, the series revolves around the idea that mankind is going e [...]

  20. Chris Dietzel follows his wonderful The Man Who Watched The World End with A Different Alchemy I really enjoyed The Man , but had some issues with the narrators existencial endeavours The issues were well outweighed by the story and the really interesting take on The End Of The World Because in Chris Dietzels De Evolution, the world doesn t end with a huge bang Or with zombies eating everything It just slowly ends as people grow old and there s nobody to take over, as all newborns are born infer [...]

  21. I dont think I spoiled anything but read my review with a little caution so as to not ruin anything.Let me start by saying this author has some real talent I was hooked instantly and found the beginning addictive and thought provoking I was daydreaming the story as I was reading it Terrific I wish I could give it 4 1 2 stars But it s not a five.but could have been for me.I dont want to spoil it But the awesome story and intersections were so good that I wanted depth The table was set by Dietzel [...]

  22. Wow A Different Alchemy was a powerful book I was a bit nervous to get started, because the first in this series The Man Who Watched The World End punched me in the gut I had to binge on silly fun for a month after Balance I need balance So, I finally worked up the courage to read A Different Alchemy And I m so glad I did I enjoyed this so much than the last, and his experiences really resonate with me The story flows very well, and just like the first book, I could feel the emotions as though [...]

  23. Wow, this book is amazing When I first read the description of this book on , it really got my attention I guess the part of me so anti conforming got intrigued by the idea of a man going on a solo trip north while everyone else were heading South.I finally bought it and jumped into it Curious about what will happen to this man I didn t know what to expect from the author because it was the first time I ve heard of him But seriously, I really loved the way Chris Dietzel wrote this story I liked [...]

  24. I loved this As someone that loved Dietzel s first book, The Man Who Watched The World End, I have to say this one is superior in almost every way I would have recommended The Man Who Watched The World End to anyone who liked dystopian fiction but I would recommend A Different Alchemy to everyone.While I thought the first book was just about perfect, I could see why some people might not like it There was almost no action It was a very internal character study It was very sad If you don t like t [...]

  25. I really enjoyed the first book in this universe The man who saw the world end so A different alchemy felt very familiar We once again get to see human existence slowly coming to an end, this time though the eyes of Jeffrey Jeffrey, like most other parents of his generation, has a son who is a block Children born are completely dependent and unable to interact with the world and society is been reorganized in order to allow the aging population of carers to resettle to warmer climates.Jeffrey is [...]

  26. As I mentioned in the first book I read from Chris Dietzel, The Man Who Watched the World End, I love this future world that Chris has created The concept of how things end and how people behave seems so real and so possible I was completely and totally blown away by the first book so it was a high bar to set for book 2 I also really enjoyed this one but for some reason not quite as much Part of it was the ending, in where he just settles North and that s it the end I know every story has to end [...]

  27. Outstanding Like me you probably loved the author s first book, The Man Who Watched The World End That being said, this second offering is truly exceptional and in my opinion a book you won t want to miss It is a compelling and thought provoking story of loss, compassion and forgiveness When the main character loses what he loves most he must find a way to survive his grief He sets off on a journey to find peace in an environment of total chaos His journey is one you won t forget and even one mo [...]

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