Free Download Sons - by Pearl S. Buck - Sons, Sons Second in the trilogy that began with The Good Earth Buck s classic and starkly real tale of sons rising against their honored fathers tells of the bitter struggle to the death between the old and th

  • Title: Sons
  • Author: Pearl S. Buck
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  • Page: 368
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Free Download Sons - by Pearl S. Buck, Sons, Pearl S. Buck, Sons Second in the trilogy that began with The Good Earth Buck s classic and starkly real tale of sons rising against their honored fathers tells of the bitter struggle to the death between the old and the new in China Revolutions sweep the vast nation leaving destruction and death in their wake yet also promising emancipation to China s oppressed millions who are groping fSecond in the trilogy Free Download Sons - by Pearl S. Buck - Sons, Sons Second in the trilogy that began with The Good Earth Buck s classic and starkly real tale of sons rising against their honored fathers tells of the bitter struggle to the death between the old and th

  • Free Download Sons - by Pearl S. Buck
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    Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was a bestselling and Nobel Prize winning author Her classic novel The Good Earth 1931 was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and William Dean Howells Medal Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her life in China, where many of her books are set In 1934, civil unrest in China forced Buck back to the United States Throughout her life she worked in support of civil and women s rights, and established Welcome House, the first international, interracial adoption agency In addition to her highly acclaimed novels, Buck wrote two memoirs and biographies of both of her parents For her body of work, Buck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938, the first American woman to have done so She died in Vermont.


  1. After reading The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck I decided to read the second book in the trilogy, Sons It s a romantic and adventurous novel that gives a better glimpse into Chinese culture and traditions After Wang Lung s death his sons reunite and plan their future with his estate The youngest son, Wang the Tiger, returns from his long journey with an army from the south As they all secretly plan in their minds what they will do with their money and land Wang the Tiger has no plan for lands or mo [...]

  2. I don t know what else to say here besides things happened to people and I wanted to take a nap Also for those who download this via Kindle, never fear, book 2 is not as long as you think I got to 60 percent and book 2 was done The remaining 40 percent was a preview a really long one of the final third book in this series I really wish I had DNFed this book I am going to start reclaiming my time and just kicking a book immediately after I am not feeling it I honestly have not wanted to read a th [...]

  3. It s funny how a book grows in your mind long after you ve read it Pearl Buck s The Good Earth was that kind of experience for me At the time I first read it, I had no idea it was part of a trilogy, much less a Pulitzer Prize winning trilogy And when I found out, I hurried off to find the next installment, Sons , Book 2 in the House of Earth series Did I really only give The Good Earth 3 stars I upped to to four.This book, like the initial installment, is working on many different levels We cont [...]

  4. wow This writing is luminous I felt the same heartstrings, the complexity of family dynamics and character development Then I worried How the hell is Pearl going to pull this together for an ending Surely it will be a let down Pearl had talent galore And quite the attention to detail to not disappoint all of us whom have loved THE GOOD EARTH She did not write her way into a corner or take the easy road out Another, WOW, powerful endingd in her styleright through to the last word Loved it.Now ont [...]

  5. This is a sequel to Pearl Buck s most famous book, The Good Earth, following the lives of Wang Lung s three sons for about 30 to 40 years, after the father s death None of the sons wants to work the land that their father prized so highly, and all are eager to sell some or all of that land, in spite of their promises The eldest son loves a life of complete idleness and luxury and raises his own sons in that same lifestyle The second son is a hard working but fairly greedy merchant, who want mone [...]

  6. The second volume in The Good Earth trilogy continues the story of Wang Lung and his three sons Following the story to the next generation, it is less compelling than the story of the patriarch, the lives of the sons are not so interesting, as that of the father This book didn t have the same eye opening effect on me that the first one did However, it s still a great book with good writing, and offers beautiful view of ancient Chinese culture I look forward to reading the last book in the trilog [...]

  7. I am so torn by this book, it started out wonderful and very interesting until Wang the Tiger took over and all his war lord exploits A big yawn for me, let me tell you I started out listening to the audio version and I switched over to the Kindle version, it helped but my interest level waned I enjoyed several parts of the book, little tiny snippets of human interaction that kept me going It was the last section perhaps 10% that totally pulled my attention back into its proper place It confound [...]

  8. This is the sequel to The Good Earth It s not as good as the first book but I still found this a good and interesting read Pearl Buck s writing is pretty easy to read but parents need to be aware of content material for younger readers just like the first book Overall it s a complex story and shows how life changes from generation to generations but consequences from decisions made in the past don t stop and fade away Consequences continue to affect the surviving families of the dead father even [...]

  9. Buku kedua Trilogi ini, seperti judulnya, mengisahkan tentang anak anak Wang Lung Wang Lung yang akhirnya tutup usia, meninggalkan anak anak dan gundiknya, serta kembalinya si nomor tiga, Wang Si Macan, bersama pasukannya.Pada akhirnya buku ini lebih banyak fokus pada sepak terjang si nomor tiga yang sangat berambisi untuk memimpin pasukan Menggunakan modal yang sangat besar dari harta warisannya, dia membentuk sebuah pasukan perang dan menaklukkan daerah daerah sekitarnya.Buku ini banyak mengul [...]

  10. Buku kedua Trilogi karya Pearl S Buck Buku pertama trilogi ini The Good Earth membuat aku jatuh cinta dan memburu buru buku eyang Pearl Cukup susah buat mencari kelanjutannya maupun mencari karya beliau, apalagi waktu itu masih tinggal di Papua Sesuai judulnya, buku kedua ini lebih banyak bercerita tentang anak anak Wang Lung setelah tutup usia, meninggalkan anak anak dan gundiknya, serta kembalinya si nomor tiga, Wang Si Macan, bersama pasukannya Wang menjadi fokus utama, sepak terjang si nomor [...]

  11. This felt like a natural continuation of The Good Earth The writing was very similar and it was about characters that were at least mentioned in the first book I found it a little disjointed how in the beginning of the book it was all about Wang the Landlord and Wang the Merchant but suddenly became all about Wang the Tiger It s really his book and most of the book is about him pining for a son, or being disappointed in a son, or jealous of his son thus the title I guess It is also about how Wan [...]

  12. 688 pgs The continuing story of Wang Lung s sons and their families The second in a trilogy that starts with The Good Earth It continues the story of Wang Lung s sons Wang the Landlord, Wang the Merchant, and Wang the Tiger, a warlord It is well written but I enjoyed The Good Earth better I thought I had read this book years ago but realized a little way into the book that I had never read it I enjoyed it very much One thing that was very annoying about this book were the constant typographical [...]

  13. This second in Pearl Buck s The Good Earth trilogy was not nearly as captivating as the first The story centered around Wang the Tiger, an angry, fierce warlord His complicated character did keep me interested and rapidly reading, but I hoped he would have ended up with a little redeeming of a character than he did.I enjoy Buck s illustrations of her characters but sometimes they seem too much that way characters instead of people the fat, lazy landlord, the tight fisted merchant, the fierce wa [...]

  14. The second of The Good Earth trilogy, I loved this book than it s Pulitzer winning predecessor Where The Good Earth follows the farmer Wang Lung as he aquires and land and becomes a wealthy man, Sons follows the story of his three sons, Wang the Landlord the eldest, Wang the Merchant the second son, and my favorite Wang the Tiger, a soldier who aspires to become a war lord over the lands of the north These three Wang s have children of their own and struggles and triumphs and must deal with t [...]

  15. While I enjoyed reading about Wang the Soldier s exploits, this book was missing some of the wonderful character evolution and complexity from the first book The only developed character is Wang the Third The other two brothers are reduced to cardboard one dimensional characters However, the book still retains the wonderfully simple and straightforward tone used in the first book.

  16. This book makes me wonder how my children will turn out when I m gone The father spends his whole life creating an inheritance for his children and counsels them to take care of it But because they did not work for any of the wealth, they end up squandering it all in the end I ve seen this happen over and over It is true that which we gain at little expense is not highly valued.

  17. I think I actually like this book a little than the The Good Earth This is the second one in the trilogy and covers the lives of the 3 sons of Wang Lung However, it mainly focuses on the youngest son who winds up being called Wang the Tiger There was alot of food for thought passages that I really liked I look forward to the 3rd and final one.

  18. Second book in The Good Earth Triolgy Picked up right where the last scene of the Good Earth left off with his sons promising to their father to take care of the land Great story of the sons lives and the different direction each takes in live Could not put this book down.

  19. Buku lama ini saya temukan di lemari buku Mama saya Kebetulan saya suka sama buku pertamanya yang berjudul Bumi yang Subur The Good Earth , jadi saya pun memutuskan untuk membaca lanjutannya Di buku pertama, Wang Lung si petani sudah menjadi orang kaya dan dihormati Di buku kedua ini, cerita dimulai dengan kematian Wang Lung dan pembagian warisan Tanah tanah miliknya dibagi tiga kepada anak laki lakinya Wang si Tuan Tanah, Wang si Saudagar, dan si bungsu Wang si Macan Dua selir Wang Lung juga me [...]

  20. Sepertinya aku perlu memakai konsep ini, untuk membuat review di saat aku merasa ingin membuatnya, mungkin tak perlu menundanya hingga kuselesaikan Toh, tak ada yang melarang review bertahap kan DIni terbukti dari buku satu ini, saat tinggal kurang dari 20 halaman lagi buku ini kuselesaikan, aku sangat ingin menulis reviewnya, eh, setelah selesai malah niat itu tak kunjung bersambut Ada saja rasa malas yang menundanya Feel nya sudah mulai hilang.Buku ini sebenarnya berjudul Sons, yang mengisahka [...]

  21. I m not sure how Pearl Buck does it, but my mind does not wander during the stories in this second of the Good Earth trilogy, despite the formal English and impersonal telling of the tale Unlike modern fiction writers who sometimes create the same character over and over again, she succeeds in describing very different men If there is any common thread to the people she creates, it s that the flaws of all people, as different as they may be, lead to some blind spot about others I was going add t [...]

  22. I absolutely BLEW through this book I could NOT put it down It s been decades since I read The Good Earth, but I saw a good deal on the 3rd book, A House Divided, for my Kindle Frankly, that was when I first found out there is actually a TRILOGY So I got Sons from the library to read first.There are very few books that cause me to say to my husband, You ll never believe this This is what they are doing now Poor hubby basically heard my ongoing summaries all through the book It was like when I us [...]

  23. Not quite as good as the first one, but still a pretty great book The first book followed Wang the Farmer as he grew rich from hard work but was disappointed that none of his sons wanted to be farmers The second book follows the three sons, who grow rich from investments war but are disappointed that their sons don t want to be exactly like them Seems to be a running theme Some of the characters are hard to tell apart because all three sons are named Wang and most of the other characters don t h [...]

  24. This is book two in the House of Earth series and takes reader back int time to China and family struggles during the revolution This is a classic series and must have read.

  25. At the time I read The Good Earth I didn t realize that it was the first of a trilogy, or I would have read this book sooner These books are a story of generations they show how each generation reacts to the one before it and charts its own path It is also the story of China s history from the late 1800s to the 1900s At the end of The Good Earth the aged and soon to die Wang Lung overhears his grown sons murmuring about selling the land he has spent a lifetime acquiring These young sons are enjo [...]

  26. My book group read the first in this trilogy last year and so decided it was time to read the second Despite the fact I m unlikely to make the meeting this month, I ve still read the book and am so glad I did.Buck has a very distinctive way of writing It is like having a story told to you orally than reading it The style and the flow are very much in the oral tradition line.Picking up where The Good Earth left off, Sons follows the fortunes of Wang Lung s three sons Wang the Landlord, Wang the [...]

  27. This Pearl Buck trilogy provides a glimpse into understanding the thoughts of the Chinese people as they move toward revolution Placed in early twentieth century, Buck writes about rural China and the farming families that dominated the region This second book tells of the lives of Wang Lung s sons a landlord, a merchant and a soldier These men sell the farm land of their humble father each acting in his own rite One is pretentious, the next is assertive and the last one becomes egotistical The [...]

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