Strike Back

[PDF] Download ✓ Strike Back : by Chris Ryan - Strike Back, Strike Back The action packed no holds barred novel from bestselling author Chris Ryan Two soldiers Britain s most celebrated military hero and a broken veteran living in the gutters of London Their paths last

  • Title: Strike Back
  • Author: Chris Ryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ✓ Strike Back : by Chris Ryan, Strike Back, Chris Ryan, Strike Back The action packed no holds barred novel from bestselling author Chris Ryan Two soldiers Britain s most celebrated military hero and a broken veteran living in the gutters of London Their paths last crossed nearly twenty years ago Now amidst a hostage crisis in the Middle East their lives are about to collide again And the Strike Back is about to begin John PorterThe action packed [PDF] Download ✓ Strike Back : by Chris Ryan - Strike Back, Strike Back The action packed no holds barred novel from bestselling author Chris Ryan Two soldiers Britain s most celebrated military hero and a broken veteran living in the gutters of London Their paths last

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Strike Back : by Chris Ryan
    282 Chris Ryan
Strike Back

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    Chris Ryan was born in 1961 in a village near Newcastle In 1984 he joined the SAS During his ten years in the Regiment, he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also Sniper team commander of the anti terrorist team.During the Gulf War, Chris was the only member of an eight man team to escape from Iraq, of which three colleagues were killed and four captured It was the longest escape and evasion in the history of the SAS.For this he was awarded the Military Medal During Ryan s last two years in the Regiment he selected and trained potential SAS recruits, he left the SAS in 1994 His work in security takes him around the world.He has also appeared in a number of TV programmes, including HUNTING CHRIS RYAN, PUSHED TO THE LIMIT Toughest Families and TERROR ALERT Sky TV, 2004.


  1. This is a great soldier spy story expertly written by a knowledgeable writer about the contextual issues of his tale.You may find it hard to believe, or even stomach, the amount and level of the brutal torture which members of Iran supported Hezbollah disgustingly meet out The barbaric torture which these human animals inflict on all those they kidnap while their prey awaits their ransom is almost unbelievable in the 21st Century and will turn the stomachs of some The payment of large sums of ra [...]

  2. My first Chris Ryan read in a few years the last I read of his was the distinctly lacklustre THE INCREMENT The good news is that STRIKE BACK is far better than that book, if not one of the all time classics like THE WATCHMAN.Actually, it was fun to see how Ryan s style has changed over the years This novel is action driven than before, with less background plotting and a greater emphasis on following the central character through Middle Eastern troubles The action scenes are entertaining, writt [...]

  3. If you haven t watched the drama series based around this book then please do not start now Read the book first Those who have watched Strike Back on TV but not read the book tell me that the TV series is amazing but having read the book a good year ago I would have to strongly disagree.The series in no way matches the drama and suspense that Chris Ryan presents so well between the pages, and leaves a good many details out that I was so impressed by when racing along the plot I passed this book [...]

  4. 3 men dead, one life destroyed, the strike back begins porter was on his first mission with the sas to rescue a hostage in afghanistan h e although successful, 3 of his team died and the blame was laid with him now he is on the streets, divorced and living on vodka then a sky tv reporter is abducted and he knows he has a chance of rescuing her so begins a perilous mission, made even so when his past catches up with him and he realises he has enemies on his own sidegriping but a few holes why was [...]

  5. As Winston Churchill said, If you are going through hell, keep going I posted about the first 200 pages of this, and finished the book quite soon after, but was absorbed in my move to Wordpress To recap we open with a covert rescue operation which has disastrous consequences Two men survive John Porter, who is scarred literally and mentally by the fiasco, takes to the bottle and the London streets and Peregrine Collinson apparently people do have names like that , who rises through the ranks and [...]

  6. SummaryFor a soldier, Chris Ryan writes well I found this book after looking at the series, Strike Back This is the story of John Porter, ex SAS who, after a hostage rescue goes wrong, finds himself turning to alcohol and ends up living on the streets After 17 years he is given a second chance when he realizes he could help the regiment on a mission to rescue a kidnapped journalist that he alone could do, and he takes that chance even if it could mean his death in order to redeem himself in the [...]

  7. I read that book after stumbling onto the tv series And then buying the dvds I must say that the first season is the best one and actually follows the book quite nicely, even though the book will go deeper into the story and characters shaping.I read that book a few months back, and basically the story is about a war, soldiering and commandos Not my usual reading area but I very much enjoyed it It s not the best book I ever read but totally up to a James Bond book which I have read lots when I w [...]

  8. If you had met me only few months ago and told me I might read this book in my future life I would have laughed at you A military story A best seller based on action and a very simple plot addressed , evidently, to a male audience InsteadRecord time for my usual reading style I completed it in only two night reading sessions I simply could not put it down just one chapter, ok one , and then another I turned the lights off at 2.a.m twice and it was over.My complete review atflyhigh by learnonlin [...]

  9. I love the cable TV series Strike Back and wanted to read this thriller for a couple of years now I kept waiting for it to come out in e format Never did, so I broke down and picked up a very used hardback from My first hardback read in over 4 years I zipped right thru it.Lots of spy type action Quite different from the TV series, but I liked the difference Written back in 2007, the plot deals almost directly with what is happening in the middle east now.I will look around for other Chris Ryan t [...]

  10. Never judge a book by its cover Or the blurb Or by the author Pins it all on one major twist that was so predictable I guessed it from the blurb, without having read a single page Promises a lot of breath taking action, but doesn t deliver The amateurish writing and cardboard characterisation doesn t help either two dimensional doesn t begin to describe it.Could have been so much better I could think of a dozen plot twists that could have made it a better read.Chris Ryan blew a good plot big tim [...]

  11. I first saw this as a TV production Not bad at all but the book is far dramatic and a great read I m not going to give anything away Just to say that if you like black ops stories, Chris Ryan is a master author and Strike Back is hard to put down as there are no points at which the action stops long enough for you to think you will stop there and pick up again tomorrow A great read Ryan never fails to deliver.

  12. This is my first Chris Ryan novel and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised The book sounds gruesome and not really an easy read It was, however, gripping and a book that I just couldn t put down.Telling a story like this could have been risky, however Ryan possess the skill to make the story flow, instead of seeming monotone as it has the ability to become I wasn t sure if this was a book that I would really enjoy, however I will definitely purchase another of his novels.

  13. Strike Back by Chris Ryan.Although I guessed foul play from the opening chapters I raced through the pages to confirm my suspicion A great read Chris Ryan is a great author and you are always guaranteed a good read I ve got quite a few of his books and audio books and highly recommend them all.

  14. Typical boy s own adventure Lots of violence, women with ample breasts and men with large, ahem, weapons If you re a militant feminist you re not going to like this but for the rest of us who enjoy an uncomplicated easy read once in a while then this is the book for you Ryan needs a better editor and that s the only thing that stopped me from giving this 5 stars.

  15. Another rollicking and action packed thriller by Chris Ryan The fast paced plot, exciting action scenes and the satisfying ending did not disappoint Strike Back was definitely a good choice to read during the last days of summer.

  16. Fast paced and action packed, Strike Back by Chris Ryan is the book on which the cable series is based Grisly details and good plot, I m looking forward to reading by this ex SAS soldier So glad the book is not based off the series, but is one of many written by the author.

  17. Decided to read this book after watching the BBC series The movie and the book were very similar, except for some minor details although its quite interesting to see how the ending differs between the movie and the book.

  18. Brilliant book Chris Ryan is an excellent author and he can write some amazing books on war and espionage I have read almost all of his books I hope he will continue to write This book is another must read

  19. Great read, could not put it down Now looking for of Chris Ryan s books Normally a sci fi fan but this read has had me throughly enthralled

  20. ExcellentBrilliant, excellent and recommend to all, another great book by the master Chris Ryan.A real page turner and amazing book.

  21. This was such an exciting story It was better than anything I have watched on TV The action was solid without being overly technical.

  22. I don t really need to recommend this book it was used as the basis for a TV series of the same name, series 4 of which has just finished Riveting stuff for action readers.

  23. Great book, couldn t put it down, which for me is unusual Porter is a great character who you really feel you know as the book goes on Definitely recommended

  24. Loved this Watched the series on TV too and the book is every bit as adrenaline fueled and sexy You absolutely HAVE to keep turning the page.

  25. My book for this month was Strike Back by Chris Ryan It s a book about two veterans, one being a military hero and the other living on the streets for most of his life During this time, a group of terrorist overseas have kidnapped a reporter, and the military has put a lot of resources into finding her The leader of this terrorist group is man who Porter let live during an operation when he was still in the military So Porter believes that he can convince the leader to let the reporter go since [...]

  26. This is my first time with Chris Ryan and I might have chosen poorly for my first adventure.The story is good, however, the writing style felt rushed as if this was done to a short deadline I would like to read some of his earlier works, to try and get a bit of a feel to him.

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