Parish Priest

[PDF] Download ñ Parish Priest : by Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster - Parish Priest, Parish Priest Acclaimed historian and biographer Douglas Brinkley the New York Times bestselling author of Tour of Duty and The Boys of Pointe du Hoc returns with an in depth biography of Father Michael J McGivne

  • Title: Parish Priest
  • Author: Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster
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  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ñ Parish Priest : by Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster, Parish Priest, Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster, Parish Priest Acclaimed historian and biographer Douglas Brinkley the New York Times bestselling author of Tour of Duty and The Boys of Pointe du Hoc returns with an in depth biography of Father Michael J McGivney the Roman Catholic priest who stood up to anti Papal prejudice in America and founded The Knights of Columbus Father McGivney s vision remains as relevant as ever in thAcclaimed histo [PDF] Download ñ Parish Priest : by Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster - Parish Priest, Parish Priest Acclaimed historian and biographer Douglas Brinkley the New York Times bestselling author of Tour of Duty and The Boys of Pointe du Hoc returns with an in depth biography of Father Michael J McGivne

  • [PDF] Download ñ Parish Priest : by Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster
    202 Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster
Parish Priest

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  1. Douglas Brinkley Julie M. Fenster

    Douglas Brinkley is a professor of history at Rice University and a contributing editor at Vanity Fair The Chicago Tribune has dubbed him America s new past master His most recent books are The Quiet World, The Wilderness Warrior, and The Great Deluge Six of his books have been selected as New York Times Notable Books of the Year He lives in Texas with his wife and three children.


  1. In the latter part of the 1800s, an anti Catholic and anti immigrant attitude prevailed in America In the midst of this setting in Connecticut was a young, caring Catholic priest His concern for widows and orphans led him to form a fraternal organization of Catholic men to aid widows and orphans This is the story of Father McGivney s short life and the beginning of the Knights of Columbus, the world s largest Catholic organization today Father McGivney is undergoing the path to be declared a sai [...]

  2. This book does a great job of laying out the life of a parish priest in America It also gives a lot of great information about the founding of the Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic fraternal order focused on charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism that supports church and family.Highly recommended.

  3. Brinkley draws on the historian s art including the techniques of group biography to create a convincing portrait of one of the Catholic Church s answers to Karl Marx Brinkley discusses the suffering and alienation of urban workers during the galloping urbanization of post Civil War Connecticut and the mutual help associations sort of cooperative insurance associations that appeared as a response Brinkley points to fraternal orders including secret societies that become popular among urban men i [...]

  4. It s remarkable that today we seem to think the only way someone can be discriminated against is by the color of their skin As a Franco American raised Catholic, I ve long been interested in its other forms Part of the history behind this diverging avenue can be found among the many and well publicized Irish immigrants who came to America in the 1800s, who were also by and large Catholics This book explores perhaps the most famous continuing legacy of those times other than the presidency of JFK [...]

  5. I don t care for non fiction books often but as a Knights of Columbus I felt compelled to read a book about our founder Like the story of the saints this book tells of the man the literally worked himself to death He exemplified strong Catholic values, which lives on in the order he founded Overall I find myself rereading this book yearly to remember the lessons Fr McGivney thought throughout his life and for which his order of the Knights of Columbus still stand for today.

  6. The life of Father McGivney greatly increased my respect for parish priests He also displayed excellent diplomatic skills while founding the Knights of Columbus, which I never realized was a Catholic alternative to other fraternal organizations I definitely learned a lot for only a few hundred pages

  7. Most of my books reviews will have this disclaimer Most of the books in my library are audiobooks I prefer audiobooks especially on long trips I feel that if the book is that bad at least my time was not a complete waste With that said I liked this book The turn of the Century was trying for many Priest The Parish Priest life Expectancy was less than 50 years old During that time the cities had inadequate welfare for the poor During that time many secret societies began to spring up which pulled [...]

  8. Interesting enough, from the standpoint of learning a bit about the man who was responsible for founding the Knights of Columbus, but only moderately informative of the latter part of the title American Catholocism.I would not call this a stellar piece of writing, though perhaps the authors did the best they could with what information they had available I was expecting a bit from Douglas Brinkley, author of The Boys of Pointe du Hoc.As with any biography, there is some value in the included bi [...]

  9. Parish Priest is a fascinating look into the life of Venerable Father Michael J McGivney, best known as the founder of the Knights of Columbus, as well as the broader story of the Catholic Church in the United States.As a relatively new Knight, I found the portrait of Father McGivney, and the story of how he came to found and guide the Order, to be of great interest The book is very well researched, with the authors providing copius endnotes They also do an outstanding job of weaving his story i [...]

  10. I liked this book so much than I expected to Fr McGivney is just the sort of priest we all want in our parishes Hopefully, my immigrant ancestors were administered to by such a wonderful priest His admirable efforts and focus on the needs of his flock were inspiring I loved the insight into the late 19th century and, particularly, my new understanding of the origins of the Knights of Columbus and other such societies Before the govt stepped up to social services, the local parish was the only r [...]

  11. I m an Irish Catholic living in New Haven, CT and I work with immigrants I must be the target audience for this book, a biography of Fr Michael Joseph McGivney, son of Irish immigrants and founder of the Knights of Columbus.The book wants to share the story of McGivney s life, and especially his career as you guessed it a parish priest, and the authors acquit themselves in a workmanlike way Occasional attempts at humor fell rather flat, but I believe they achieved their purpose I learned a lot a [...]

  12. I recommend that you read this if you are Catholic or are interested in social work His social ideas have saved the lives of many Catholics in this country, as well as in others Learning about this fraternal society and how it began will certainly amaze you To think that the Knights of Columbus started out as a small organization serving the needs of one small Connecticut Parrish to one day became this multinational organization that has provided assistance to millions is remarkable We all can l [...]

  13. I learned a great deal about the life of a parish priest in the late nineteenth century, as well as being Irish during that same time period I wish that there had been time spent on exploring what exactly Father McGivney did to deserve consideration for sainthood I understand about forming the Knights of Columbus and that is huge, but it seems that there should be , such as the requisite miracles in his name.

  14. Great story about a catholic Priest, founder of the Knights of Columbus Book great for anyone who wants to know about not only the Knights but what it was like to be a Catholic and a priest in the 19th Century Good read for high school students and older on up Knights will love it to learn of the beginnings of the Order Knight Chaplains will find in him the model that the Knights see for their chaplains The stories conveyed have great relevance for today.

  15. I found the book interesting from an historical perspective, but boring to read I did learn quite a bit about the growth of Catholicism in Connecticut, but not necessarily about American Catholicism or the Knights of Columbus It might have helped if the author had given some background information about the current organization He made too many assumptions about the reader s background knowledge Last, but not least, I just expected a scholarly book from a college professor.

  16. This book is an interesting read on American Catholic history in the late 1800 s as well as an inspiring story of a priest, and the challenges priests encountered during that era It also tells the story of a priest who explored the need for life insurance which was one of the reasons the Knights of Columbus was founded.

  17. Wonderful BioTaking a seemingly ordinary RC priest from the late 1800 s the authors not only show us his success in starting the Knights of Columbus,but also the periodic challenges within which that organization began, as well as a look at the challenges to those serving in the priesthood.

  18. I am so thoroughly disappointed in this book If you are looking for a biography of Father Michael McGivney look elsewhere I finally gave up after reading half the book The authors took so many tangents and unneeded side stories Perhaps they were trying to give a proper set up But when a book is 200 pages and Father McGivney is just 2 years out of the seminary I quit Really disappointed.

  19. A brief but informative biography, well done considering that the authors had no memoirs or personal letters to work with McGivney s life is set within the 19th century rise of Irish Catholicism in the mostly Protestant and heavily industrialized state of Connecticut a very fascinating read I recommend this book to any American Catholic interested in learning about his roots.

  20. Great book on the life of Knight of Columbus founder, Fr Michael McGivney He was a great priest, and the book provides a good look at American Catholic life in Connetticut in the late 19th century Enjoyable read.

  21. I did not like this book I picked this book up because I was very interested to learn about Fr McGivney s life and his founding of the Knights of Columbus, but this book was very, very, boring I started skimming in the 3rd chapter, and finally gave up at chapter 6.

  22. I m a KofC and I thought this would be a biography It seems about the circumstances that brought around his creation of the Knights Which is fine with me, but don t label or give the impression that it s only about him.

  23. I really liked this book and it was quite interesting in learning about the priest who founded the Knights of Columbus.

  24. Read like a doctoral thesis lots of facts but not in depth Interesting subject though I think the story could have been developed .

  25. Interesting read though I found the writing awkward The history of the Knights was fascinating and the context well set.

  26. The book about Father Michael J McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus The book is not about the Knights of Columbus It is about a man who dedicated his life for others.

  27. A great look into the life of Venerable Michael McGivney It gives an account of his entire life, but focuses on events that inspired and led to his founding of the Knights of Columbus.

  28. This was a very well written researched book It s dedicated to Rev James Carter from NOLA Fr Carter was a special friend of mine during my college years at Loyola University.

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