Warleggan Best Download || [Winston Graham] - Warleggan, Warleggan Cornwall Ross Poldark plunges into a speculative mining venture which threatens his financial security and his stormy marriage to Demelza When the old attraction between Ross and Elizabeth b

  • Title: Warleggan
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: 9780006140856
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback

Warleggan Best Download || [Winston Graham], Warleggan, Winston Graham, Warleggan Cornwall Ross Poldark plunges into a speculative mining venture which threatens his financial security and his stormy marriage to Demelza When the old attraction between Ross and Elizabeth begins to rekindle itself Demelza retaliates by becoming dangerously involved with a Scottish cavalry officer Warleggan Best Download || [Winston Graham] - Warleggan, Warleggan Cornwall Ross Poldark plunges into a speculative mining venture which threatens his financial security and his stormy marriage to Demelza When the old attraction between Ross and Elizabeth b

  • Warleggan Best Download || [Winston Graham]
    148 Winston Graham

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  1. Winston Graham

    Winston Graham was the author of forty novels His books have been widely translated and the Poldark series has been developed into two television series, shown in 22 countries Six of Winston Graham s books have been filmed for the big screen, the most notable being Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock Winston Graham was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature FRSL and in 1983 was invested an Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE In his death, he left behind a son and daughter.


  1. I don t know if I ve ever felt as emotional throughout the entirety of a book as I was with this one Gulp I must be really caught up in this now these are like my own people Some of them I want to sit down to tea with and have a nice heart to heart Others I want to shake until a spot of sense returns Some of these characters seem like little children that have been led astray I may be angry with them but deep down I still care It s hard to say too much without giving anything away I don t want t [...]

  2. 5 STARSOMFG I am so hopelessly lost in this series I cannot believe this was written by a man I so would have loved to have know Winston Graham A rare exceptional man, I expect Sensational writing.

  3. I ve given the 4th book in the Poldark series a 5 star rating.The Poldark s continue to struggle along as Ross sinks every last penny he owns into a last ditch effort to revive the played out mine Wheal Grace, with his cousin Francis as his partner The treacherous George Warleggan attempts to destroy Ross s life at every opportunity but thanks to a kind deed from an anonymous Good Samaritan he manages to thwart Warleggan s schemes view spoiler Sadly, Francis loses his life in the mine and he lea [...]

  4. In this fourth installment of the series, an unexpected tragedy sets of a series of events that could prove disastrous for Ross and his family When his long time sweetheart Elizabeth announces that she will remarry to Ross s long time nemesis George Warleggan, Ross makes a decision in a random moment of anger that threatens to destroy his and Demelza s relationship forever Can Demelza forgive Ross, or will she try and hurt him in the same way This book was thrilling installment full of betrayal [...]

  5. Wish I could give 6 stars for this book The whole Poldark series is a literary set of gems but this is a standout piece of writing I cried reading parts of this book, something very rare for me Warleggan has to be one of the most heart wrenching books I have read, it is a beautifully written study of a marriage in crisis this book shows how cruel people can unwittingly be to those who love them Winston Graham shows the betrayal,the anger, the disgust heightened emotions of self doubt, revenge, p [...]

  6. I am torn about this installment in the series The writing continues to be excellent, and the majority of the plot was entertaining HOWEVER, I m not sure I can enjoy the continuing storyline ever again after one of the main characters acted so unforgivably, horribly wrong at one point in the story.

  7. Another excellent addition to the Poldark series Each book covers about two years of day to day life Graham s writing is top notch as he portrays life in 1790 s Cornwall This book had a couple of devastating to me events occur that I really don t want to even hint at, that would be spoiling There were high points as well Worth every one of those 5 stars.

  8. Este libro necesita echarle de comer aparte Menudos cabreos me he pillado con l Pero justamente eso es lo que m s he disfrutado Warleggan es un libro de esos que no te deja indiferente, que te hace querer tirar personajes por los acantilados eh Gema xDDD , te hace echar humo por las orejas y que la bilis se te salga por la boca No exagero He de decir que para leer este libro hay que tener muy, muy claro, pero muy muy mucho, el contexto hist rico en que transcurre y tambi n el a o en que fue escr [...]

  9. This one was the biggest emotional rollercoaster so far, for me Lots of highs and lows for our beloved Ross and Demelza, as well as some dear friends Though there were things here that made me furious at least view spoiler Ross has finally found that he cares nothing for Elizabeth I thought all along that he loved the idea of her hide spoiler , so I would be happy for that if nothing else.This family has me completely ensnared in their lives I ll be soon picking up The Black Moon, because I nee [...]

  10. Ahora mismo estoy en la mierda m s absoluta C mo han podido llegar a esto C mo han podido hacerme esto Estoy en shock.

  11. It s nearly twelve, he said Let us sit up awhile and call it Christmas tonight Five stars once again Winston Graham s writing just never gets old I truly believe I could read these novels until I ve memorized every word and still find them just as raw and emotional as if reading them for the first time.

  12. Este libro ha sido una monta a rusa de emociones He sufrido y lo he pasado fatal fatal como nicamente lo he pasado con El jard n de verano Aqu he acabado odiando a personajes que adoraba y queriendo m s a n a otros, Demelza y Dwight sobre todo Este es escritor no tiene consideraci n alguna con el sufrido lector.Una fucking maravilla de libro.

  13. The fourth book in the Poldark series is a runaway train It takes all the impetus of motion created in the first three volumes and pushes it headlong down the track at a screaming pace Fortunes change on a whim and evil prospers and ebbs and prospers again I spent much of this volume holding my breath.After losing Francis, the triangle of Ross, Elizabeth and Demelza reaches a fever pitch and Ross finds himself caught between his inability to give up his old, unfulfilled affections and his now to [...]

  14. This has been the best one so far for me I was completely caught up in this book and had a hard time putting it down To say I was disappointed in Mr Ross Poldark s behavior would be the understatement of the year Wondered if I could really keep reading but I did and loved the ending.I am becoming dangerously obsessed with these people and their lives Winston Graham, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting my through the dreadful winter of 2015 You absolutely made it bearable and actu [...]

  15. Even better for re reading Ross Poldark s last gamble He risks his happiness with Demelza as he tangles with the powerful Warleggan.A very moving book with twists and turns over love.I would recommend reading as the Poldark books have so much social history and are beautifully written.A powerful moving book I loved it

  16. A short review to say this is another amazingly well written Poldark series book Even though I have kept up with the BBC series and essentially knew the plot, I still very much enjoyed the book For series fans, my rating wasn t influenced by a specific event that occurs in the book At least I tried to be keep it in perspective as a writing decision by Graham and an action taken by a fictional character, even if it wasn t to my liking view spoiler However, I was quite appalled during the tv serie [...]

  17. The Poldark saga continues, spanning the years 1792 94 Ross and his cousin Francis are trying to keep afloat a mine that they have maintained for some time But Ross is hard put to get the necessary additional financing and finds himself falling deeper in debt George Warleggan firmly establishes himself in Cornish society and as an economic powerholder in Cornwall The growing power and influence of Warleggan throughout the novel is highlighted, as are the lives of Ross Demelza, Francis Elizabeth [...]

  18. Ugggghh This book was a roller coaster From Ross, you idiot to My poor Demelza, to Oh no, Ross and back again I was so cared for the ending, but it was beautiful I cried a few times reading this, and again at the end I don t want to spoil this one for anyone, because it s such a huge plot twist in the series but I think this may be my favorite Poldark novel so far So anxious for Aidan and Eleanor to return to it in Series 2 this September Gaaaahh

  19. SPOILER ALERT ROSS, YOU COMPLETE, TOTAL IDIOT I just can t believe what a jerk you were in this book.Of course, not nearly as much of a jerk as the title character s , especially George Talk about a twisted man He pursues and marries his rival s first love and still inamorata, dammit before her husband is cold in the grave He then proceeds to abandon a fabulous new mansion to go live in the Poldark homestead, Trenwith, right next door to Ross, in order to twist the knife still further Then he ba [...]

  20. When you bring an idealised relationship down to the level of an ordinary one it isn t necessarily the ordinary one that suffers With every new part I m and in love with this series Can t wait to read the next part I need Dwight Caroline.

  21. Lots of things start to pay off here, but also some huge disappointments Francis, Ross, and well, Elizabeth was always a bitch, wasn t she But Verity s life is mostly on track we have yet to see the new stepdaughter get over herself , and then there s the mine For good measure, George gets knocked on his arse a couple of times I m really hoping there s a good heart attack or stroke in his future Brief because I have two books to go and the new series starts this weekend Whee

  22. So far the most intriguing The series builds It is wonderful Of the characters sometimes you want to hit Ross over the head even though he s enchanting, and sometimes you want to do the same to Elizabeth because she is not Not a fan of Elizabeth

  23. intento que un libro no me afecte, en este caso ha sido inevitable, si tuviera delante a m s de un personaje no se como reaccionar a Demelza es una hero na ah lo dejo.

  24. After reading a particular incident within this book especially, my opinion of Ross Poldark has darkened greatly Listening to people brush it off as a folly of poor character is sickening.

  25. Finding my stride with the writing style I enjoyed this book the most so far of the series It was tragic and the ups and downs for these people were intense Every other chapter my heart was in my throat or broken respectively I m eager to continue on with the series.

  26. In this, the fourth installment of the Poldark series, George Warleggan intersects further into the Poldark circle Fortunately, the book still centers around Ross and Demelza, with Dr Dwight Enys continuing as a very important secondary storyline If one were to judge Ross and Dwight on their merits I think Dwight comes out as the honorable Because of the superb writing, the characters act in ways that are completely within the boundaries of plausibility The events and actions may occasionally s [...]

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