The Museum of Mary Child

Free Read The Museum of Mary Child - by Cassandra Golds - The Museum of Mary Child, The Museum of Mary Child Heloise lives with her godmother in an isolated cottage Next door is a sinister museum dedicated to the memory of Mary Child Visitors enter it with a smile and depart with fear in their eyes One day

  • Title: The Museum of Mary Child
  • Author: Cassandra Golds
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read The Museum of Mary Child - by Cassandra Golds, The Museum of Mary Child, Cassandra Golds, The Museum of Mary Child Heloise lives with her godmother in an isolated cottage Next door is a sinister museum dedicated to the memory of Mary Child Visitors enter it with a smile and depart with fear in their eyes One day Heloise finds a doll under the floorboards Against her godmother s wishes she keeps it And that s when the delicate truce between Heloise and her godmother begins to unrHeloi Free Read The Museum of Mary Child - by Cassandra Golds - The Museum of Mary Child, The Museum of Mary Child Heloise lives with her godmother in an isolated cottage Next door is a sinister museum dedicated to the memory of Mary Child Visitors enter it with a smile and depart with fear in their eyes One day

  • Free Read The Museum of Mary Child - by Cassandra Golds
    496 Cassandra Golds
The Museum of Mary Child

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    Cassandra Golds was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up reading Hans Christian Andersen, C.S Lewis and Nicholas Stuart Gray over and over again and writing her own stories as soon as she could hold a pen Her first book, Michael and the Secret War, was accepted for publication when she was nineteen years old and she is proud to have been discovered by the incomparable Jennifer Rowe also known as Emily Rodda who was her very first editor and mentor In collaboration with the artist Stephen Axelsen, she went on to write a string of flamboyantly themed graphic novels, all of which have been published as monthly serials in the venerable New South Wales School Magazine in Australia She wrote Clair de Lune after coming upon the fascinating fact that many people have difficulty in saying their own name without pulling back their voice The Museum of Mary Child, her latest novel, was inspired by a nightmare I dreamed a whole chapter of that book, she says It s the one where Heloise first sees inside the Museum But the rest of it I made up while I was awake Cassandra writes in a room with buttercup yellow walls and a poster sized map of Narnia hanging on the wall above her desk She has had this map since she was ten years old Her favourite book is Down in the Cellar by Nicholas Stuart Gray and if a genii gave her three wishes she would use one of them to bring it back into print for the readers of today If she wasn t a writer, she would like to be an actor but only if she could be in a production of Hair or Godspell.You can friend her on Facebook where she has started a Nicholas Stuart Gray Appreciation Society , or follow her on Twitter.


  1. This is one of those books that is impossible to categorize Although it at first seems meant for children, as Heloise is clearly a child, some of the almost spiritual or metaphysical themes of the story would fly way over a child s head and as Heloise grows older, so do these themes rise to the forefront of the story The Society of Caged Birds is a charming and fascinating idea that will appeal to children but the Christ like prisoner and the themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption require som [...]

  2. It s always fun to read something that s different from anything else you ve read The description the back cover calls it eerily atmospheric, in turns part fairy tale, part romance, part mystery And I would add it s the right kind of creepy to get delightfully wound up in your brain Heloise is raised by a cold godmother without love She longs for a doll and one day finds one hidden under the floor boards Her desire to keep the doll, her love for it, leads to her running away and she is taken in [...]

  3. A creepy, old fashioned tale, a mystery, a non romantic love story, a magical fable Something like that, at least As someone who reads heavily, I find it particularly refreshing when I have trouble categorizing or describing a book, when I can say it is fairly unique and different Not every book has a secret pet network formed to do good called the Society of the Caged Birds of the City, after all Particularly when it s a good book that I enjoyed If you want to be pleasingly intrigued, I suggest [...]

  4. This book has been around for a couple of years but I don t think it got the recognition that it deserved, beyond being on Honour Book in the 2010 CBCA Book of the Year Awards and being shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards So I thought I would review it again I think because this is a very strange and at times disturbing fantasy story the sort of story that some people find too threatening to even pick up many judge s and teachers didn t know what to do with it I think its strength is that Golds [...]

  5. Raised by a Godmother who doesn t believe in love, Heloise isn t allowed to play, waste time, ask questions, laugh, have friends, or even own a doll So Heloise spends her days reading the Bible and sewing clothes for orphans while her Godmother curates the mysterious Museum of Mary Child In spite of the fact that the museum is next door to their own cottage, Heloise has never been inside With such a strange and suspenseful beginning, I was surprised when the mystery of the museum was revealed on [...]

  6. I just absolutely loved this book It was so enchanting Heloise is a great heroine, and her story is gripping and real even as it is so much like a fairy tale Her search for answers, for love, for her history is very hard to put down I believe because it so closely mirrors what we re all searching for in this life.

  7. Odd, but kind of beautiful.There was one chapter, towards the end, where THINGS were revealed, that waswow I couldn t have put the book down then if I d tried It was slow to start though, and I didn t really get into it for a long time.

  8. Are you reading this for the cover Shame on you.I did the exact same thing.The Museum of Mary Child actually sort of reminds me of an old china doll Interesting, creepy, maybe a little sad You just have to get past the frills.First of all, there s this sort of aura of subtle, creepy magic A Society of Caged Birds that flies out at night to speak with caged people I m sure the author was going for tragic and beautiful I ll leave that up to you to decide whether that worked out Aside from the unca [...]

  9. Well, that was strange So Heloise was a doll in the end, brought to life by her godmother who was Mary Child after all what a trip I like how it all came together at the end, and loved the metaphor of Sebastian s prison being the royal castle and he the prince and loved his happy ending.What I didn t get though was how he d seen Mary Child Heloise s godmother only a year beforehand since it seems implied that Heloise had been living there for than just a year Unless she was born and aged really [...]

  10. I read this book when it first came out The doll and the book cover actually caught my attention and the back description made me want to read it The tone of the book is very dark, the girl is full of 15 year old angst, lost in a home life that is stagnant and I personally think depressing Heloise is being raised by her godmother who forbids any toys in the house and when Heloise finds a doll buried beneath the floorboards of the museum next door she keeps it against her godmother s wishes The d [...]

  11. 3.5 stars This is a very uncanny gothic ish orphan story Without telling too much it follows a girl who is never allowed anything frivolous, especially no dolls Eventually she must run away from her harsh Godmother and is taken in by some pretty darn great people However, before she runs away her Godmother takes her into the Museum of Mary Child a seriously f ed up place The Museum is the livelihood of the Godmother, and is shrouded in mystery This is a good tale, part fairy tale, part orphan ta [...]

  12. Awards Won Aurealis Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Novel 2009 Reading level Young AdultThis book was fairly different than anything that I have ever read The cover is misleading, and I thought that the book was a true story, or at least based on one I have since found that there is another addition of the story with a different cover, which I feel is far suited for the story Surprisingly, The Museum of Mary Child is a mix of both fantasy and realistic fiction The two genres almost seem like [...]

  13. This was a strange book for me to pick up libraries aren t quite the same as bookstores in terms of book fondling, but I still do it Sometimes I pick up a book that just feels like I should read it sometimes it works out well, and this one did.The story is very Dickensian only without the factories, though there is a Prison and Madhouse I felt the time and place of the story to be 1848 ish, and possibly that Scrooge might be hanging out in the next town over Even with this suggestion of a when a [...]

  14. A very creepy cool read I am now terrified of my daughter s dolls.Heloise has had a very quiet childhood She stays at home with her godmother and the housekeeper, keeping to her studies and her charitable sewing, all while avoiding anything deemed A Waste of Time But when the discovery of a hidden doll leads to a secret happiness, Heloise s world must change Her godmother shows her the museum that she has never been allowed to set foot inside, shows her the madness of Mary Child.And that s not r [...]

  15. The writing is beautiful and the prose flows like effortless poetry However, despite the very original plotline, I just couldn t stay focused on the story itself The characters never came to life for me Heloise remained a flat character even after her life changing discovery She was supposed to be a character discovering the world she never knew, but I never got any true sense of curiosity and urgency from her It wasn t until the very end of the book and the introduction of Sebastian, a prince l [...]

  16. It took me forever to finish this book I ve found over time that I really don t warm to the sort of didactic fairy tale voice that this type of story is written in However, it is a fairly tale about one girl s search for love Heloise grows up in a restrictive environment where she is allowed nothing frivolous, and is expected only to work and give to charity However, as Heloise follows her heart, it leads her to all kinds of forbidden pleasures, like dolls, singing, and even a magical society of [...]

  17. I picked up The Museum of Mary Child based on the cover which I thought indicated a YA horror novel, perhaps in the spirit of Shirley Jackson What I got was something completely different and almost impossible to classify, and all the rewarding and marvelous for being not what I expected Sometimes this feels like a Dickensian historical fantasy, and yet the actual time period remains elusive The intended audience could be middle grade, YA, or adult mirroring the strangely accelerated maturation [...]

  18. Rich writing from one of my favourite authors, I was enchanted by this book right from the very first page As usual, Cassandra Golds writing is pure and surreal, and I fell in love with this book as can be expected However, I don t believe that this was as intriguing as some of her other work, but I loved it none the less Cassandra s writing skates a thin line between adult concepts and childrens stories, something that I admire most because I haven t seen many authors capable of such a feat I h [...]

  19. This was a serendipitous find at my local used book store I d never heard of it, and because it s by an Australian author, it s likely I never would have unless doing one of my surfing searches.This was very different from what I ve been reading lately, which really made it stand out Haunting and atmospheric, it has a heroine Heloise who for long periods of time in the book reminds me a little of Jane Eyre who has become accustomed to living without love for so long that the manifestation of it [...]

  20. I picked up this book when I saw the cover yes, we DO judge books by their covers and I thought it would be really creepy, and good I was right I stayed up ALL night reading this book at home, and laid awake at night, wondering what was going to happen to Heloise next I love these gothic stories, because they are so full of deeper meaning and romantic imagery I soaked this up I then pushed it at my mom and told her to read it, and she loves it as much as I do The only flaw I wish there was a seq [...]

  21. This was a haunting story and very creative It was so different from the kinds of books I normally read, part psychological thriller, part fairy tale, part fable, and it also reminded me at times of a Dickenson tale such as Oliver Twist I also really enjoyed the bombshell at the end though it was hinted at very heavily and most people will probably figure it out pretty quickly I highly recommend it

  22. This story, like none I ve ever read before, was extremely unusual, suprisingly adventureous, quite magical and filled with some of the most interesting characters I ve ever encountered The story was mysterious to the point of, at times, not being sure what was real and what was character imagination I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite character however, I truly loved the idea of the Society of Caged Birds A great book

  23. I love children s books about creepy dolls, who doesn t and this book didn t disappoint A few reviewers said it was predictable but I thought there were enough twists and turns to keep it interesting and some truly beautiful moments I do think some parents might want to read it first and discuss certain aspects with their children, because there are some really deep concepts that some kids might not completely understand or may find frightening Well written and different.

  24. The Museum of Mary Child is a complex book Golds makes you work hard to keep track of what s happening, but there is a huge payoff at the end an open mouth, OMG, ending Heloise is, well, unusual as is her family There is something being hidden, something strange, something sort of creepy But the creepy feeling isn t apparent at the start of the book It s only as you read on that you become and unsettled.Recommended for readers who like to be challenged.

  25. An astounding book Reads like a classic fairy tale except you ve never read it before Full of unusual characters with very definite morals and routines, a continuous discovery of what makes each one the way they are, and revelations that surprised me the whole way through the book Even when I thought I could predict what was going to happen there was a twist to it I hadn t expected Touching, surprising, a very special read.

  26. This beautiful story by an outstanding Australian author is a dark fairy tale with a simple yet profound message This book is gentle and perfectly paced, harrowing yet also extremely uplifting,and makes for a perfect before bed read It is technically for children, but is definitely for everyone.I cannot wait to read of her Cassandra Gold s work, which includes The Three Loves of Persimmon and Clare de Lune.

  27. This is such a hard book to categorize I would love to get this in the hands of a middle schooler to find out what a younger reader thinks makes of the religious overtones and redemption in this book Similar in tone to Guardian of the Gate, it might be a good read alike for anyone into a darker, Gothic genre

  28. Beautiful writing, and moments of sheer perfection, but something was not quite right, not quite believable and the moral of the tale was handed to the reader in full, with no subtlety or chance to form one s own thoughts on the meaning I did not like the ending, it felt a bit preachy, rather disappointed after the joy that was Persimmon.

  29. I really enjoyed this book.It had me wondering up to the very last page it was going to end.It looks like it is set up for a sequel.I highly recommend it for any one who loves a bit of a fairy taleery and not too darkjust a bit.OH and I would be careful of the reviews.ey could contain spoilers Don t read too much about it

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