One Boy's Shadow

Unlimited One Boy's Shadow - by Ross A. McCoubrey - One Boy's Shadow, One Boy s Shadow Fifteen year old Caleb Mackenzie doesn t put up a fight when his father announces the family is moving to Stapeton Nova Scotia In fact Caleb looks forward to a fresh start in the scenic little area

  • Title: One Boy's Shadow
  • Author: Ross A. McCoubrey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited One Boy's Shadow - by Ross A. McCoubrey, One Boy's Shadow, Ross A. McCoubrey, One Boy s Shadow Fifteen year old Caleb Mackenzie doesn t put up a fight when his father announces the family is moving to Stapeton Nova Scotia In fact Caleb looks forward to a fresh start in the scenic little area Their new home Wakefield House sports large rooms a big barn where Caleb can work on cars and acres of forested land for privacy But it also has a troubling past In Fifteen year Unlimited One Boy's Shadow - by Ross A. McCoubrey - One Boy's Shadow, One Boy s Shadow Fifteen year old Caleb Mackenzie doesn t put up a fight when his father announces the family is moving to Stapeton Nova Scotia In fact Caleb looks forward to a fresh start in the scenic little area

  • Unlimited One Boy's Shadow - by Ross A. McCoubrey
    300 Ross A. McCoubrey
One Boy's Shadow

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  1. Ross A. McCoubrey

    Ross A McCoubrey was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia After finishing college, and beginning his full time job, he bought a home on the Bay of Fundy shore where he continues to reside When not working he enjoys writing, camping, hiking, target shooting, and working on his truck One Boy s Shadow is his first novel.Ross is using the profits from sales of One Boy s Shadow to support LGBTQ youth organizations such as The Youth Project youthproject.ns in his home province of Nova Scotia Please visit Ross Facebook page for great links and information about his work facebook rossmccoubrey


  1. Sweet twink Hardy boys anyone So, I gave a teaser that I had found the Hardy Boys of M M romance Let s see if my analogy holds water Young, adorable, sweet natured, and well mannered boys CheckInvolved in a mystery CheckBudding romance and innocent, eh hm, exploration CheckOkay, so maybe the original Hardy Boys weren t big on romance but this is a new era and the timing is ripe Caleb and Shane could definitely show Frank and Joe a thing or two I ll cover your mouth with one hand to muffle any no [...]

  2. 3.5 stars, rounded up because it slowly builds in interest This was a book that got better, the further I read The young gay first love story within it is sweetly done, real and slow, with nice supporting characters The paranormal mystery is also fun, unfolding very slowly through the book The story is presented as the first person narrative of a fifteen year old boy Some of the narrative techniques were no doubt chosen to authenticate that voice, but especially at first, the longer passages of [...]

  3. Sales of One Boy s Shadow support an LGBT youth centre in the author s province A cause worth supporting, and you get to read a well written, charming book.A very sweet, charming, well written, contemporary coming of age story with a paranormal mystery theme as well Highly recommended for lovers of LGBTQ YA novels Full review at Greedy Bug Book Reviews greedybug 2013

  4. This is a wonderful mystery coming of age novel I know many people young and old, straight and gay who have read One Boy s Shadow and have praised both the well written story and its many positive messages Some of these readers have declared that this book should be in every school and public library across the country Since I am a close relative of the author his mother , my personal opinion may not count for much, but I am very proud of the courage of my son and his determination to help those [...]

  5. Very few books in my lifetime have had me racing home from school, work or hurrying up with chores to return to the world the author created SE Hinton s The Outsiders and Anne Rice s The Vampire Lestat are two novels that immediately come to mind Now I can add another novel to that list, Ross McCoubrey s One Boy s Shadow The author has written what may be close to the perfect novel.Whenever I had to put the novel aside because the real world got in the way I found myself thinking about the main [...]

  6. 4.65 stars I really liked this story I decided to give this one a go because I was looking for something different to read This story follows Caleb as he and his family moved to a new town because of a better work opportunity for his father While staying at a hotel in town, he meets Shane who tells him about the haunted history of the house He dismisses the stories initially until certain events started happening Caleb, his brother Blake, Shane and their friend Ryley set out to solve the mystery [...]

  7. 5 Stars Much than coming of age This was one of the most touching beautiful love stories I ve read in many years Highly recommended.

  8. What happens when we die It s a question which has been asked since antiquity, but the answer still eludes us It seems that everyone has a different idea of what awaits us on the other side of the veil In One Boy s Shadow by Ross McCoubrey, Caleb, his brother, boyfriend, and another good friend, are drawn into thinking about life after death The spirit of Toby, a boy who died over 60 years ago in Caleb s house, begins to communicate with him, leaving clues which become clearer, meaningful as he [...]

  9. Awww such a sweet story I just loved Caleb and Shane they were so cute together Wow Blake was the best big brother ever I loved all of their friends there s so much going on in the book that you just need to read it One thing that surprised me is how they loved American sports It s always interesting to learn new things about other countries I really did enjoy this book

  10. 4.5 StarsOne Boy s Shadow is a terribly tragic love story with a happy ending A mystery ghost story, the book also contains dual same sex romances, one set in the 1940s and one in the present day Fifteen year old Caleb and his family move to an old farm home in rural Canada and soon discover the home is rud to be haunted Intrigued, Caleb sets out to solve the mystery with the help of his older brother and two friends from the local community.One of Caleb s new friends is Shane, a boy Caleb s age [...]

  11. This book This book Oh, this book.How can I describe it A paranormal, coming of age tale in the tradition of Stand by Me Something about it the flavor, the youthfulness, the excitement and fun did very much remind me of the poignant film Yet, whereas the kids on the movie journey just find a dead body and therefore ends their adventure, the characters in One Boy s Shadow goes a step further to encounter the living, breathing, haunting yet beautiful spirit of the mysterious Toby who tragically di [...]

  12. Full review at madisonparklove.After experiencing several inexplicably creepy events on his family s new homestead complete with creepy barn and creepy woods , Caleb realizes there s something to the stories he s heard about the place being haunted I was on the edge of my seat and wrapped tightly under a blanket throughout most of the book as I pieced together what happened to Toby all those years ago It was a delicious mystery that turned out to be an achingly beautiful tale of love and loss.As [...]

  13. This was such a sweet book I loved it A nice mix of ghost story and sweet romance Caleb and Shane were just too cute together I loved their tentative exploration of each other.This story starts when 15 year old Caleb moves with his parents and his brother to the small town Stapeton They move in to an old house, which is supposedly haunted.After their first few days there, Caleb meets Shane, a boy who lives nearby They hit it off and become close friends After spending some weeks in their new hou [...]

  14. This is an astoundingly story, well written with a gentleness and understanding seldom offered by authors today Descriptions are beautiful of the countryside I could smell the woods and hear the crunch of leaves as I read about Caleb s and Shane s trips into the mysterious woods Caleb, age 15, is a very fortunate boy who has trusting, loving parents, and a great older brother, Blake, who has always been his staunch supporter and wise adviser Caleb is just discovering that he is gay, as well as h [...]

  15. There are so many good things to say about this book that I don t believe I have the right words for it Yes, it is a ghost story, but also a mystery, it s about friendship, love, standing up for what you believe, even if that means suspending what you previously believed to be true.I love Caleb, and his bond with Toby, the boy who lived in his house 60 years before, is so well written that Toby seems like a flesh and blood character, not a spirit at all Caleb and Shane, who start out as friends [...]

  16. I m giving this 4 out of 5 stars why, you ask So that people will stop and read the review and not pass over yet another 5 star review which this book really is I loved reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew as a child I loved the mystery of it all and how those books carried me away I noticed as soon as the Mackenzie family moved to Stapeton, Nova Scotia in this book that I had those same feelings I had as a child The writing pulls you in The characters are all likable so much so that it shows the d [...]

  17. I purchased his novel One Boy s Shadow and read it recently This novel was the first LGBTQ genre novel I have read I wondered if I would relate to a romance between two young men I did, attraction is universal, those first feelings of nervous butterflies no matter the object spoke to me I also, as I read the novel found myself mentally imagining myself as one of Caleb s parents I have a son, how would I handle the conversations Caleb had with his parents if he was my son The romance told in this [...]

  18. I don t know where to start with this This novel gave me something to really look forward to and be excited about when I got home, a feeling I haven t experienced for quite some time I had to physically force myself not to read the whole thing in one go so as to have it last longer.There s nothing I can write that will really say everything I want to say about One Boy s Shadow or even come close to describing its perfection You ll just have to read it and see for yourself.All I can say is that i [...]

  19. I loved this book I started reading it while on vacation in Scotland and fund myself sneaking out my kindle to read another screen or two when I really probably should have been looking at the beautiful scenery The story and the characters drew me in and would not let go I was completely engrossed and I enjoyed taking the journey with Caleb and Shane and Caleb s totally awesome brother, Blake, and their friend, Ryley The book totally worked for me as a contemporary coming of age story, as well a [...]

  20. A charming coming of age story that has love, friendship, mystery and ghosts How cool is that I really enjoyed reading this novel The romance was really innocent and sweet It was amazingly well done without being overdone If you get what I mean I also liked how most of the characters, even the supporting ones, had some semblance of life to them They were nicely drawn even if I do feel that all the characters were too perfect to be true Maybe a little flaws or shortcomings would have been better [...]

  21. 3.5 stars rounded up.Well written story that slowly unfolds into a well rounded supernatural mystery, supported by all those themes close to a teenagers heart.A key word here, would have to be slowly This is not a story to be rushed In fact, while I appreciate this book as a mum with soon to be teenagers of my own, I m hard pressed to imagine how an actual teen would like it It s all angel powers, time traveling secret agents, werewolves and vampires these days The everyday life of a teenage boy [...]

  22. I wasn t sure what to expect when reading McCoubrey s coming of age novel, but what a wonderful surprise it was for me It took me back to my own youth as his style reminded me of the great books I read at that age Only the books I read didn t allow for same sex relationships I very much enjoyed this book and can t recommend it enough to those who love romance, mystery and if you are older like mea little nostalgia as well.

  23. Wow what a fantastic gay YA coming of age tale with a ghost story setting spooky and yet so emotionally moving I sobbed in parts yes even in the couple of passages that were slightly OTT or overblown in the telling Loved this book the ghost character stayed in my mind for days.

  24. While this is a young adult oriented novel, it also is one of those rare books that can find a much wider audience One Boy s Story is a different kind of tale, with two stories of love separated by sixty odd years It is written with real style and feeling, with a maturity this is rarely found in this genre Lovingly and convincingly told, through the eyes of a fifteen year old boy living in a small town in Nova Scotia, it relates the two stories of four boys in love, two from the present and two [...]

  25. A lonely house at the edge of a forest local stories about a boy who vanished in 1943 a love story a ghost story a teen adventure This book, so far the author s only novel, is a long, slow, gentle burn Very much a YA LGBT story, it is written with a laconic, sauntering pace that should have irritated me, yet did not McCoubrey s attention to mundane details might make some readers impatient, but there was something about the constant descriptions that gave me an intense sense of place by the time [...]

  26. 3.5 stars Caleb is a typical 15 yr old boy with a cool older brother and loving parents They move to a house that s reputedly haunted, and almost immediately, strange things start to happen.This isn t your typical ghost story, and at times, I thought it was too sweet even as I was wiping a tear from my eye, but the story carries you right along When I first started reading, I thought the story was set in the 50s, everyone was so nice Gradually, I realized it was set in the present If the people [...]

  27. What a wonderful book this was I found that I did not want to put it down, and the further I got into the book the longer I was wanting it to last.Firstly Ross A McCoubrey knew his subjects which I would classify as Young adult, Gay coming of age, Coming out, Love Eternal and a ghost some 60 years old Just how all of these come together is far to difficult to explain but they just do and it is Charming, Engaging, Funny and touching The end of this book really got to me so I suggest having a hank [...]

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