[PDF] Read ↠ Halloween : by Curtis Richards - Halloween, Halloween Based on the screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill Tricked by his cunning Treated to his savagery Annie Linda and Laurie fresh pretty ready to be taken stalked by a sadistic power who has ret

  • Title: Halloween
  • Author: Curtis Richards
  • ISBN: 9780553132267
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Halloween : by Curtis Richards, Halloween, Curtis Richards, Halloween Based on the screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill Tricked by his cunning Treated to his savagery Annie Linda and Laurie fresh pretty ready to be taken stalked by a sadistic power who has returned to claim new victims on this the most frightening night of the year [PDF] Read ↠ Halloween : by Curtis Richards - Halloween, Halloween Based on the screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill Tricked by his cunning Treated to his savagery Annie Linda and Laurie fresh pretty ready to be taken stalked by a sadistic power who has ret

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Halloween : by Curtis Richards
    416 Curtis Richards

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  1. I have had this book a million and one years and I love it so much I love the old Halloween movies like you wouldn t believe Watched them over and over as a kid and still to this day I enjoyed the book a great deal, there are a few little tidbits added to the book that are not in the movie I loved how you get the thoughts of Laurie and some other characters in the book that s not JUST in the movie The gory little figure turned and stepped over the fallen furniture and scattered clothing and walk [...]

  2. As good as the movie This is the novelization by Curtis Richards based on the original screenplay done for the film by John Carpenter Debra Hill.IF YOU KNEW BY HEART THE FILMIS IT WORTHY TO READ THE NOVEL Quick answer YES but those are movies You can always turn the television off if you get too scared You can t turn off real life.I had already watched the film several times in the past, but since I was able to get a copy of it like four years ago, I set a tradition to watch the film Halloween e [...]

  3. Halloween is almost upon us This, my dear friends, is the ultimate Halloween book It s literally called Halloween I m sure you ve all heard of the movie if not, shame on you Curtis Richards story gives us insight into Michael s psyche This novelization is far graphic than its on screen version It s detailed I enjoyed the book, just not to the extent that I enjoyed the movie Here are my Top 5 favorite scary books of all time.1 Ghost Story by Peter Straub2 The Crow by James O Barr almost as good [...]

  4. TRICKOR TREATOR DIE It s 1963.Take a trip to Haddonfield, Illinois for a spook filled time of goblins and witches, scary Jack o lanterns and the real bogeyman if you dare as 6 year old Michael Myers answers the demanding wicked voices in his head with a violent attack on HALLOWEEN night.Dressed as a clown, and later referred to as IT sound familiar Stephen King fans even after 15 years in exile at the Warren County Sanitarium, Michael returns and the evil is still not gone, only darker and vici [...]

  5. My Description Halloween The time of year for the giving of candy and fear of ghosts Halloween 1963 Young Michael Myers brutally stabs his older sister with a large kitchen knife He is sent to an insane asylum where he sits for 15 years till one night, Halloween 1978 Michael returns to Haddonfield He s come home for unfinished business He s come home to kill My Review For anyone who has watched and loved the movie, Halloween, you ll love this book It gives deeper insight to the background of Sam [...]

  6. Movie novelizations tie ins usually suck, but this was very good Almost as good as John Carpenter s cult movie Almost.

  7. Cover of the first Bantam mass market printing from 1979 I don t normally read novelizations, but this one supposedly adds a lot of depth and backstory to Michael Myers Too bad it s nearly impossible to find in decent condition for less than 100, which is crazy.

  8. I think the 1970 s film was better, but this book was really amazing, too It was well written and descriptive and very gripping and suspenseful.

  9. No form of the written word is maligned than the movie tie in paperback novel those hastily written adaptations of film scripts released to coincide with a movie opening to stir up attention and hopefully rake in extra cash Some of these actually became quite collectible, depending on the cult nature of the film, and scarcity of the first pressing.Halloween, based on the now iconic horror movie, was one of a number of film related horror titles Bantam books was doing at the time, most with emb [...]

  10. I m a big fan of the John Carpenter film so I was expecting a fairly straightforward movie tie in, given that this book was written after the film I was pleasantly surprised this gives the characters so much depth, and we find out so much about Michael Myers and what makes him tick We see how a curse in ancient Northern Ireland led to an evil soul doomed to walk the earth, repeating evil deeds over and over and how it eventually ended up affecting Michael s Grandfather and then himself We also [...]

  11. berraschend solide geschriebenes Buch zum Film, bei dem ich sogar etwas lernen konnte Die Taktik, bei den Slasher Szenen die Augen zuzuhalten oder mal eben etwas aus der K che zu holen, funktionieren anders als beim Film beim Buch nicht.Wenn vom B sen besessene Kinder gro werden Anders als March in BAD SEED l sst Richards keinen Zweifel daran, warum Michael Myers b se ist und mit Psychologie hat das nichts zu tun Gibt es eigentlich das Genre Kinderhorror Mir fielen auf Schlag etliche Titel ein.F [...]

  12. This is far different from the film, which is why I didn t like it.It delves into the reasoning of Michael Myers, the reason he is so creepy is because he s just there for no apparent cause It s much creepier to some random guy just kill 3 people As an adult, in THIS movie, snyway with no remorse or feeling Loomis was a nice element in this, he was the only one actually trying to stop Michael.The end, having Michael shot 6 times over the balcony of the Doyle house An error Halloween II failed t [...]

  13. More like 3 1 2 Fun read, especially for the origins of the curse of Samhain and Michael Myers life in Smith s Grove Sanitarium Just wish the characters could have been fleshed out.

  14. PUB INFO Bantam, 10 1979GENRE HorrorSETTING Illinois, USA 1978NOVEL linkMOVIE TRAILER LinkMY GRADE A THINGS NOT IN THE FLIM This book was actually released a year after the film Not sure why I love the film but the book s so much better It s only 166 pages but boy is it packed with extras It s graphic sexually and the murders are gory, especially the murder of his sister The best part is that we get to learn a little about Michael Audrey Myers life before and during the fifteen years he was aw [...]

  15. I was given a copy of this book, as it has been out of print since the 1980s Listings for the book on are not cheap, and that makes me sad that many fans of the film will never read this novelization.Here s my review.What a ride As a fan of the 1978 film, when I found out there was a novelization, I was already hooked Halloween delves into the world of killer, Michael Myers who began his killing pursuit at the age of 6 The book goes where the film did not It delves into Michael s childhood, incl [...]

  16. Halloween is about little Michael Myers who kills his elder sister after repeatedly hearing a mysterious voice Years later when he escapes from the sanitarium, he stalks three teenage babysitters while his psychiatrist and the police attempt to track him down The background behind the voice was given at the beginning of the book It was interesting, dark and sad all at the same time but most importantly, it helped explain the existence and owner of the voice The part where Michael killed his sist [...]

  17. This book was just discovered by me yesterday and I flipped when I found out someone wrote a novel based off the movie Despite the fact that I saw the movies a million times, I had to read this The book s always better than the movie, right Even though it was based off the movie, the book does not follow the movie scene for scene There are moments in this book that werent in the movie, which gave a little depth to the characters and story overall Like the beginning, for example The druid festiv [...]

  18. This is a great book, and probably one of the better movie novelizations I ve ever read It does differ from the movie in some ways that seem unnecessary, such as changing some lines or adding drama to some of the mundane earlier parts of the film before the climax Speaking of climaxes, some of the sex scenes in this book are extremely graphic, which makes me wonder if Richard Curtis the real name of Curtis Richards didn t secretly want to be a romance novelist before deciding to go into the ho [...]

  19. Well, biased because of the film, and this version has several typos and occasionally suspect formatting but it s Halloween There s also an interesting back storyto Michae Myers which the 1978 movie still the best, duh really didn t get a chance to touch on Not sure if explaining the evil would have worked anyway, in the movie avoid the sequels after 2 when it really gets pagan child of Myers blah blah blah This is the pulpy horror classic with a few interesting extras, well worth checking out, [...]

  20. Movie tie ins are usually considered hack work, even when written by good writers under pseudonyms, but there are a few that rise above the cliche and stand as good novels in their own right I m thinking of Dennis Etchison s fine novelizations of The Fog and Videodrome particularly This novelization of John Carpenter and Debra Hill s Halloween can be added to that list Curtis Richards actually literary agent Richard Curtis does a fine job here His additions to the screenplay actually enhance the [...]

  21. Not bad for a movie tie in I would have given it a higher rating, but I really didn t like the author s choice to try and explain why Michael Myers did what he did The author also basically made him a sexual sadist which is so far from what Myers represented in the movies He took away the thing that made Myers scary and that was no one knew why, not the characters and not us Lovecraft put it best The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fe [...]

  22. The novelization of Halloween was quite a quick read I didn t expect literary genius, but the book was fairly well crafted and kept me involved While I did enjoy some of the fleshing out of the characters, I truly didn t enjoy the characterization of Michael Myers The Celtic angle was a nice touch, but I think that the lack of motive in the Carpenter film actually made the character intriguing Either way, this was a lovely addition to my spooky bookshelf courtesy of my lovely girlfriend.

  23. It s a rare thing when the novelization of a movie actually becomes an essential read, but the novels of the early Halloween films manage to pull it off, fleshing out the stories with the Samhain mythology that was cut from the final films, only briefly hinted at in Halloween II Why is Michael Myers slowly metamorphosed from an insane youth to a nearly invincible figure, growing in size as time passes The movies won t address it, but the book does.

  24. Loved the film Loved the novel at least as much Was interesting to hear Michael Myers thoughts and the odd memory of him as a child I wasn t so keen on the little explanation at the beginning about the curse in ancient times and so on, it felt a bit unnecessary and I would ve preferred the author to have left it out completely Very good, which is probably not something that s said too often about novelisations.

  25. It was very good,similar to the movie, yet different, it s kind of hard to explain, but I liked the book better than the original movie I read this book when I was about 11 or 12 I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Halloween series I really liked how it grasped the idea of true horror No movie or book scares me, but this one somehow did I think John Carpenter did an amazing job on the movie, but I do have to admit, I like the book better I totally recommend it

  26. If you like the movie Halloween, then you will like the book just as much With background information about the happenings on the eve of Samhain, we come to understand why Michael did what he did and became the monster we have grown to love to hate This book also takes you along the screenplay of the movie Great book I can t emphasize it enough.

  27. This book is an excellent tie in with the movie adaptation If you are a fan of the Halloween movies you should enjoy this book as well The book goes deeper into the backstory of why Michael Myers is the way he is There were parts of the book where I felt like I was reading the screenplay, however Curtis Richards succeeded at expanding on the mythology and creating a suspenseful read.

  28. My first novelization It is hard for me to judge as a stand alone book but as an accompaniment to the film I think it s well done The motivation for Michael Myers to kill is expanded upon and specifically why frolicking teenagers suffer the most I found it credible anyway than Friday the 13th s sexy times kill babies in the water back story.

  29. This movie tie in was remarkably faithful to the John Carpenter screenplay It added some background on the Druid curse that is hinted at throughout the film franchise While most slasher flicks contain a strong dose of sexuality, the author really dwells on this part of the story Creepily, we often look at the world through Michael Myers eyes.

  30. No suelo leer adaptaciones de pel culas pero esta me llam mucho la atenci n Muy buena adaptaci n de la pel cula original, con el aliciente de que algunas partes est n narradas desde el punto de vista de Michael.Adem s, introduce algo de folklore original que ayuda a dar transfondo a la historia.

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