Law's Empire

[PDF] Law's Empire | by ↠ Ronald Dworkin - Law's Empire, Law s Empire With the incisiveness and lucid style for which he is renowned Ronald Dworkin has written a masterful explanation of how the Anglo American legal system works and on what principles it is grounded La

  • Title: Law's Empire
  • Author: Ronald Dworkin
  • ISBN: 9780674518360
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Law's Empire | by ↠ Ronald Dworkin, Law's Empire, Ronald Dworkin, Law s Empire With the incisiveness and lucid style for which he is renowned Ronald Dworkin has written a masterful explanation of how the Anglo American legal system works and on what principles it is grounded Law s Empire is a full length presentation of his theory of law that will be studied and debated by scholars and theorists by lawyers and judges by students and political acWith the incis [PDF] Law's Empire | by ↠ Ronald Dworkin - Law's Empire, Law s Empire With the incisiveness and lucid style for which he is renowned Ronald Dworkin has written a masterful explanation of how the Anglo American legal system works and on what principles it is grounded La

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  • [PDF] Law's Empire | by ↠ Ronald Dworkin
    119 Ronald Dworkin
Law's Empire

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  1. Ronald Dworkin

    Ronald Dworkin, QC, FBA was an American philosopher of law He was a Jeremy Bentham Professor of Law and Philosophy at University College London, Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law at New York University, and has taught previously at Yale Law School and the University of Oxford An influential contributor to both philosophy of law and political philosophy, Dworkin received the 2007 Holberg International Memorial Prize in the Humanities for his pioneering scholarly work of worldwide impact His theory of law as integrity is amongst the most influential contemporary theories about the nature of law.


  1. Though undoubtedly a classic in contemporary jurisprudence, Dworkin s Law s Empire suffers from trying to make his argument superficially attractive than logically sound per se At many stages, he abuses the technique of taking a fundamentally controversial assumption and prefacing it with as shown or as we have seen when such showing or sight has been in the best interpretation obscure, and in the worst completely absent.With that said, there are many areas in which the book excels His criticism [...]

  2. Must read for all who want to be active citizens However, it represents an intellectual complexity that might be cumbersome for those who have little knowledge of law This is not because of terminology but of the pace and complexity of structuring both legal and logical arguments.

  3. As my professor Prof Claire Finkelstein said, Dworkin s writing is slippery Although elegant, Dworkin s interpretive conception of law leaves too much room for error, in my opinion.Nonetheless, I would certainly say that this is likely required reading for anyone who wishes to understand contemporary American jurisprudence.

  4. Upon initial reading I found it to be quite engaging, discussing the various disagreements about what law is and various jurisprudential theories The use of case studies at the beginning was really quite engaging Moreover, Dworkin is very good at summarising other opposing jurisprudential theories However, my initial enthusiasm wore down after entering the second chapter Dworkin seems to struggle immensely as to what he is trying to say about interpretive concepts and goes off on a tangent that [...]

  5. Well, I didn t understand this No, I sure did not.Law s Empire is repeatedly cited for a couple of key takeaways in secondary literature I actually am not sure that I would have divined those takeaways from the actual text One thing that kept happening Law s Empire was that Dworkin would finish a package and conclude that he had made a very large point If the point were made, I would agree it would be very large But it never quite seems to get there And yet Dworkin s argument is based on assumin [...]

  6. I have read the Chinese translated form of this book as well as the original edition In term of the language, this book is easier to understand compare to Hart s The Concept of Law This book challenge Hart s legal positivism, proves that the coexisting of legal rules and legal principles However, it s only answer conclusion is probably not understandable for most of lawyers Liu Xing, the professor of Chinese University of Political Science and Law, concluded in his What is Law Where Hart ends, D [...]

  7. Although I did doggedly read this book cover to cover, I was probably neither the right audience nor in the right time of my life to appreciate it Dworkin draws a long argument about the obligation of judges to base their reasoning on the thinking of past judges so as to avoid sudden aberrations and to show respect for the social governing concept of common law Whether he needed than 300 pages to do this, I leave this for others freshly read to decide.

  8. Quite readable, but the concepts are deep Dworkin is a philosopher, and to fully understand his theories of law requires a good bit of work, and a decent understanding of the law and of philosophy I enjoyed his style of writing deep but conversational, academic but accessible And I found myself and drawn to his theories the I studied him He certainly challenges the status quo theory of Positivism, which is much needed Too many accept legal positivism too readily.

  9. I really love the argument Dworkin establishes throughout this book Though I do have to say his argument gets weak in the end, overall he makes very important notes on the integrity of law What I enjoyed the most was how easy of a read this was I encourage all people interested in learning about integrity and interpretation in the law to pick up this book first

  10. Chapters 2 and 7 are worth reading, the main idea being that judges should interpret law in a way that creates the least contradictions in itself The resth A lot of economic talk from a guy who doesn t get economics.

  11. Dworkin s definitive book It s really good Forced me to realize that a fairly significant critique I had of him was unfounded.

  12. Awful stuff His presentation is totally incoherent While I found his chain novel idea interesting, I find most of his notions unreasonable.

  13. Back on the shelf without a complete dissection Dworkin is one dense dude Apparently there is a slimmer tome that explains this and other texts gonna check it out.

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