Wicked Nights

[PDF] Download ê Wicked Nights : by Anne Marsh - Wicked Nights, Wicked Nights Winner takes it all off Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately if she doesn t land this lucrative contract her diving business will fail Worse still it will be at the hands of

  • Title: Wicked Nights
  • Author: Anne Marsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ê Wicked Nights : by Anne Marsh, Wicked Nights, Anne Marsh, Wicked Nights Winner takes it all off Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately if she doesn t land this lucrative contract her diving business will fail Worse still it will be at the hands of her childhood nemesis Cal Brennan six feet of hard rugged former Navy SEAL So Piper proposes a wager whoever loses the diving contract must take orders from the winner Winner takes it [PDF] Download ê Wicked Nights : by Anne Marsh - Wicked Nights, Wicked Nights Winner takes it all off Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately if she doesn t land this lucrative contract her diving business will fail Worse still it will be at the hands of

  • [PDF] Download ê Wicked Nights : by Anne Marsh
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Wicked Nights

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    After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, Anne Marsh escaped to become a technical writer When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, Anne enjoys gardening, running even if it s just to the 7 11 for slurpees , and reading books curled up with her kids The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question So what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures She lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids and four cats You can visit her online at anne marsh.


  1. She looked sweet and sexy, both of which were misleading He had no idea what game Piper was playing with him, but she d never shown the slightest awareness of him as a man Or sweetness Stubborn, fierce, competitive Piper was all of those Sweet, however, was not part of her vocabulary.He didn t even like sweet.Finally A romance where I like both of the characters, the characters are well developed and fleshed out, and the story is cute and sweet Thank heaven I was getting tired of awarding so man [...]

  2. This book was a pleasant surprise I hadn t read anything by Anne Marsh before, so I wasn t sure what to expect It s actually the second book in the series, but the characters from the first one are mentioned peripherally I don t think it s necessary to read the first book in order to understand or enjoy this one I m always a sucker for friends to lovers storylines, but this is different in that Cal and Piper are frenemies at the start They first met as kids Now, as adults, they find themselves [...]

  3. Piper and Cal are like oil and water, but you know what they say about opposites, right I had a little bit of a hard time with Piper She s very cocky Its not that strong female thing, that she s got going on, even though she is a strong female It took awhile to warm up to her As I said, she s kind of pushy.Cal and Piper have been sort of friends for a long time, but I m not sure friends is the right word for them They egg each other on I guess they are frenemies, but I hate that word, and truth [...]

  4. What a super hot and sexy frenemies to lovers story.I loved the bickering, betting and competitive nature between Piper and Cal and the sexual tension was radiating from the page full force However, I equally loved the way they looked out for each other with Cal still worrying about Piper s knee and Piper attempting to help him through his fear of drowning Their backstories are a great counterpoint to the generally fun and flirty banter and I loved how Piper especially accepted that her dream of [...]

  5. Book InfoPaperback, 224 pagesExpected publication September 16th 2014 by HarlequinISBN 0373798199 ISBN13 9780373798193 other editions 1 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksBNBOOK SYNOPSISWinner takes it alloff Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately, if she doesn t land this lucrative contract, her diving business will fail Worse still, it will be at the hands of her childhood nemesis, Cal Brennan six feet of hard, rugged former Navy SEAL So Piper proposes a wager whoever los [...]

  6. Some friendly and not always friendly banter and competition form the basis for this story Piper and Cal are cleverly drawn, both with their own issues and things to prove They had met one another as children, and now, years later they are renewing their friendship as adults, but it still carries that boys vs girls tension that is familiar from elementary school playgrounds Now all grown up, they have both started to build their lives and careers, Cal after his hitch with the Navy, and Piper s m [...]

  7. Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh may be the second in a series for Harlequin Blaze but it is a stand alone I had no problems or confusion while reading this one.This is a frenemies to love story and that is one of my favorite tropes in romance.Piper is so independent, strong and snarky She s been a competitor her whole life and even when her first goal a gold medal in the summer olympics was squashed due to an injury, she moved onto a new goal.Cal is an alpha male, a former SEAL rescue swimmer with a [...]

  8. 4.5 Sexy Stars This is a quick and sexy read that was awesome This book is about two closed off people who start out as friends enemies and turn into so much as they spend time together This book had all the elements for a spicy read with enough detail to make you want This book has me hanging on to every word until the last page.Sexual tension Check Love Hate relationship Check.One friendly competition Check.Winner takes all DOUBLE check.This is Piper and Cal s story When a bet is formed and [...]

  9. This book was an enjoyable read I am a fan of Anne Marsh and previously read her first book in the series Wicked Sexy and while it isn t necessary to do so I would recommend it anyways In this book we have Cal Brennan and Piper Clark who have been frenemies since childhood with a competitive streak that hasn t ever gone away Both are after a local dive shop contract that each feel will help them in life Along the way of their battle, they continue to try and beat out the other building the sexua [...]

  10. Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh This story tells the tale of Cal and Piper two childhood friends that antagonize each other constantly Now, as adults, while competing for a business contract, they find a sexual chemistry brewing Piper is an extremely independent and daring woman I have to say, at first I didn t think I would care for her While I like my heroines to be strong, I don t always care for them to be alpha, which, to me, Piper is However, Piper is funny and caring and emotionally strong Sh [...]

  11. Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh is a steamy hot romance that encapsulates everything I love about a Harlequin Blaze, an intriguing story, a sexy hero a SEAL none the less and a heroine that will risk it all for what she really wants.Piper needs to win the contract with the cruise line to save her business Cal also needs this contract, but for a personal reason Once a sexy wager is added to the mix, these two find it and difficult to pretend they really don t like each other Sparks fly and as the [...]

  12. I LOVED this book Wicked sexy Cal Brennan, former US Navy SEAL rescue swimmer, now runs the command center that handles all search and rescue ops for their sector Piper Clark, former dive champion, runs a local dive shop They re competing for a dive contract that a cruise line is offering This contract will allow Cal to expand and hire former SEALs and will allow Piper to buy out her current partner Only one gets the contract.The healthy, flirting competition between these two is great They are [...]

  13. This one was sadly a 2 to 3 star book for me I just couldn t get into Piper She and I did not hit it off and so much of the book is her, her thoughts, her fears, her ridiculous antics and her avoidance coping mechanisms She did not appeal to me and from the way Cal describes their relationship and their history, she never really appealed to him either He seemed to be of her cleanup crew than her friend Even through the book, they each kept the other at bay much longer than I would have liked I [...]

  14. It s rare to read a story that s centred on diving whether platform or scuba and I dove straight into it pun fully intended with such anticipation because the frenemies dynamic is one of the tropes that never fails to get me moist I enjoyed the mock antagonistic and sometimes exasperatingly funny relationship between Piper and Cal even than I did Daeg and Dani, and every antic they had on the oneupmanship kept me amused and interested The only issue I m going to take with the Navy Rescue Swimme [...]

  15. Book SummaryPublished by HarlequinRelease Date 16th September 2014Pages 224My Rating 3 StarsReviewI wanted so badly to give this book a higher rating The premise is awesome, who doesn t like a little competition or a sexy bet But the problem I had was that it just dragged so much There was too much focus on the diving business and not enough on the couple for me to enjoy it fully It is written and edited well, I just wish there had ve been a little substance to the characters.

  16. Ok, so first off, this is one of my fave ever authors I love love love her books This story was great I couldn t put it down I loved me some Cal and Piper was awesome as well There s so much witty banter in this book, and the ending was straight out of the movies I m telling you I don t want to ruin the story, otherwise I d totally post my fave quote here, but OMG The end was the sweetest thing ever Oh man, this is one of those books you read and start casting people into roles in your head If y [...]

  17. What can I say I am a sucker for the enemies to lovers theme Piper was a riot She was amazingly independent, fierce, strong and never gives up Cal was an alpha male who loved being in control Their chemistry was explosive to say the least and their banter was hilarious I so love sarcastic wit and they had it in spades This book was delightful to read with the humor and sexiness Great story that I couldn t put down I liked how both characters were very mature, never snippy or bratty Only negative [...]

  18. Piper is an strong, never back down, independent woman Cal was an alpha male that always wanted control of everything around him They grew up not liking each other but as adults they have a chemistry between them that is explosive The bickering between the two was hilarious and I loved it This was an enjoyable quick read with just the right amount of laughs and sexiness Great characters and even better storyline I was given a copy by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  19. Piper is a strong almost alpha like woman who is very independent and competitive Cal is totally alpha all the way.They strike up a bet Loser must take orders from the winner in bed The time they spend together trying to get the contract the drawn to each other they are Who is going to win the bet and really by the time there is a winner will it still matter who is the winner with all the steamy chemistry flying around Piper at times rubbed me the wrong way But by the end of the story she grew [...]

  20. I received an ARC of Wicked Nights from the author Cal and Piper are competing for a lucrative contract to provide diving excursions to a cruise line Of course, there s an irresistible attraction between them I liked the character of caring Cal Brennan a lot but I wasn t quite as fond of prickly Piper Clark until she proved she could be just as caring as Cal Anne Marsh does a great job of painting pictures in my mind and I could really visualize Discovery Island All in all, a good book.

  21. I enjoyed the competition between Piper and Cal, it was lighthearted and fun The heat level is typical for Harlequin Blaze Sexy, but not erotica I loved the location, it was fun to read about diving in the ocean something I ve never done and never will do But the author made it sound like fun The hero is a Navy SEAL, and has PTSD and can t dive he lost a fellow SEAL on his last mission I have read other romances where the hero has PTSD and a very dark and dramatic mind set This hero is not dark [...]

  22. Loved it Cal and Piper have some sizzling chemistry to go along with their competitiveness No matter how much they say they don t like each other, they can t deny the attraction that now exists between them The time they spend together, the their friendship grows Cal and Piper are perfect together and their bickering had me laughing Fun and sexy read, look forward to from Anne Marsh and this seriesC received in exchange for an honest review.

  23. This is a fun, quick read about frenemies to lovers The relationship progresses quickly, so it helps the believabilty, that these characters have a history together I enjoyed the story, but would have liked it even if this were a longer novel with time to fully develop the characters and their relationship For the short length, though, this was a nice, hot read disclosure statement I won this book in a First Reads giveaway.

  24. Now I love a sweet story too but when I m expecting five alarm heat I expect the love scenes to burn up the pages Wicked Nights is sort of like a the great looking guy who s only so so in the bedroom department, but that could be because theres a fair amount of telling us about super hot, fantastic, slightly kinky sex, but not a whole lot of time showing us.

  25. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the banter between Cal and Piper It was a hate love relationship that was truly a red hot lust simmer underneath The ending was good I would have enjoyed closure on what deal was struck.

  26. I loved this book I love how the relationship was between Piper and Cal It was funny at times and hot at other times I would highly recommend this book to read Once I started it I couldn t put it down until I was finished.

  27. really enjoyed this hot read, read it in one night characters were well developed with interesting backstory and the plot was set up nicely with the rivals and the sexual tension.

  28. I liked the fighting attraction between the hero and heroine It made you laugh at the competitiveness they have The plot was good but wish the heroine got upset at the end at the big revel It also was a let down that he hero didn t explain the agreement he had to the heroine I think it was a miss opportunity I would recommend this book and series so far.

  29. A great story with lots of sexy time Former SEAL and rescue swimmer Cal Brennan and former medal winning platform diver Piper Clark have been sparring with each other since they were young Both are tough competitors and now they are competing for the same contract.Forced to work together to win the contract, and yet also still competing against each other for it, the sparks fly every time they get together.This is one hot and sexy book It had my emotions all over the place, which is just what I [...]

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