Simply Rouge

☆ Simply Rouge ↠ Sai Marie Johnson - Simply Rouge, Simply Rouge Camille de Clervaux s delving into her husband s tastes for BDSM gets even riskier in this second edition to the Scarlet Erotique Series When a new stranger comes into the scene Cami finds herself set

  • Title: Simply Rouge
  • Author: Sai Marie Johnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook

☆ Simply Rouge ↠ Sai Marie Johnson, Simply Rouge, Sai Marie Johnson, Simply Rouge Camille de Clervaux s delving into her husband s tastes for BDSM gets even riskier in this second edition to the Scarlet Erotique Series When a new stranger comes into the scene Cami finds herself set back and wondering if everything she presumed about Andre DuPointe was all she thought it to be and the chemistry between Camille and this new stranger isn t just obvious bCamille de Cle ☆ Simply Rouge ↠ Sai Marie Johnson - Simply Rouge, Simply Rouge Camille de Clervaux s delving into her husband s tastes for BDSM gets even riskier in this second edition to the Scarlet Erotique Series When a new stranger comes into the scene Cami finds herself set

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  • ☆ Simply Rouge ↠ Sai Marie Johnson
    420 Sai Marie Johnson
Simply Rouge

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  1. Sai Marie Johnson

    Sai Marie lives, works and writes from her majestic home State of Oregon A creative mind whose work can be found in a multitude of genres A Blushing Books Author


  1. EVERY BREATH YOU TAKEThe story is not a romance Instead, it is a tale of a dark and seamier existence A tale where money, power, control, and debauchery are a way of life for some people Not everything is safe, sane and consensual it is dark erotic horror, unequal power exchange, dominance, and control It has several men who are sadistic and thrive on inflicting pain Andre DuPointe took the things he wanted, made no apologies for doing so, and had no patience for anything getting in his way The [...]

  2. This book had me on edge from beginning to end The story is dark with a prevailing element of danger throughout Besides what we find in BDSM menage, this book rides the edge of physical and sexual abuse with the threat of violence always looming The plot was interesting and creative and included many characters that were interrelated If you want to enter a world of dark secrets controlled by depraved powerful men who take what they want, then this book is for you.

  3. I am not usually a huge fan of erotica other than every now and again This book however changed the erotica scene in my opinion I was blown away This is levels above Fifty Shades of Grey no disrespect to EL James and the Fifty Shades series intended I love that series as well What I loved about this most, is that it was true to the lifestyle it highlights and doesn t water it down with emotions What I mean is, the lifestyle isn t effected by the spurring of love, etc I am loving Jeremiah s chara [...]

  4. The Scarlet Erotique Series is a prime example of why Sai Marie Johnson is already getting a reputation for being a scorchingly hot erotica writer There is no question that Sai definitely knows how to write the detail that readers want to see in an erotica story I have to say that while on the surface people may assume this is Chick Lit, I don t agree Men could really enjoy this style of writing and this woman has an imagination unlike any I ve ever seen You can definitely deduce that Sai was in [...]

  5. Camille s life is changing , but who will win her heart in the end the Winner Is ___________________.I Guess you ll have to read it to find out , No spoilers here Lets just say she follows her heart , Suprises are Suprising But Camille s not the only Life that s about to change.He stands by his woman totally.But somebody gets their just deserts Alone just you and this book Anywhere anytime Please don t deny your self the Complete story to this Captivating Trilogy.

  6. Simply Scarlet is HOT I chose to read this book based off of other books of Sai Marie Johnsons I did not know what it was about just that I enjoyed other books by this author.I was so not disappointed I enjoy reading the dark romance genre and this book was right up my alley.Camille is a vanilla wife who is thrust into a dark journey of BDSM You can imagine that anyone who would have no experience in the lifestyle would be confused and lost, but Camille learns quickly on how to please her Master [...]

  7. Holy Smokes Batman This book is a dark and erotic tale with BDSM entwined This is book is truer to the lifestyle than any other book I ve ever read I m ranking this up there with the book The Story of O , regarding the lifestyle I m having a hard time writing this review without giving away a spoiler, but here is my attempt at it Camille is a trophy wife to a jerk named Julian She is basically forced into a Dom Sub relationship with her husband and his partner and friend Andre Trust me these two [...]

  8. Simply Scarlet is a book of contradictions and that isn t a bad thing Camille is a trophy wife who has believed her life is one thing and finds out there are hidden depths to just about everyone she knows Her husband Julian is an ass, though he s covered it well Once she sees past the fa ade, things escalate out of control.The interesting thing for me was that she was, at first intrigued by the BDSM aspect that her husband s partner, Andre, introduced She didn t have much choice but to learn she [...]

  9. Pretty dark readNot for the faint of heart This book has a pretty dark, but interesting storyline If you are into BDSM, then this is the book for you.

  10. Camille walks in on her husband What she doesn t know is that he is into the BDSM lifestyle She is pulled in but it s dark and there is truly no love just hardcore dark sex This is not a love story but any means but if you like a dark hot book with twists and turns this is your book.

  11. This story starts out with Camille walking in on her husband having sex with both Andre DuPointe, a French banker and another woman Andre ends up sending the other woman away and drugging Camille in order for her to agree to having sex with her husband, Julien and him This is just the start of the many times that they made her do things she didn t know if she wanted with these men but she was scared of how powerful both men were The characters are complex but I think the story line was slightly [...]

  12. I read this book about three weeks ago I was able to read it very easily within a matter of hours The book sucked me within the first page, the way she presents her characters makes them very intriguing and it makes you want to read about those characters At first you are like whoa, what the hell is going on, but then you like you see this whole new world open up to you that maybe you haven t seen before You start to feel sympathetic for Camille because the two men at the beginning of the book [...]

  13. Before you read Simply Rouge, May I sugest that you read Simply Crimson 1st Simply Rouge follows on perfectly from where Simply Crimsom Leaves Off Having Said thatI enjoyed reading Simply Rouge, I was constantly sucked into the story line Ms Johnson delivered a total roll a coaster of emotiions, provided many jaw dropping scenes in this BDSM story This is a 18 story and is not to be mistaken for any thing less Camille s story would not be complete with out these BDSM moments I didn t want this b [...]

  14. The writing was good, and if you are into hardcore bdsm, then this is the book for you Explicit sexual and punishment scenes, good vs evil theme Does have happy ending I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  15. Simply Crimson starts a new series by Sai Marie Johnson called The Scarlet Erotique Series It tells of the story of trophy wife, Camille de Clervaux who suspects her husband of infidelity and decides to, one night, investigate What she discovers goes way beyond anything she ever suspected and is suddenly thrust into a new and wonderfully dark world she never dreamed of being in.I will start by saying that I don t think I would recommend this to the squeamish reader or anyone looking for a sweet [...]

  16. The characters in this book become diverse you see evolution of characters, which you would like to see from any author, that Camille has learned that maybe she is worth something That maybe she has and what she was doing in the first book, Simply Crimson, she has kind of evolved and gotten a little into, which makes her character stronger Reading this book will make you want the next one immediately Mind you the third book was not available when I read this Definitely a beautiful middle book [...]

  17. Wow Started Simply Rouge and finished already I just could not put it down The ending really stood out to me the way the book ended and with the scene used at the ending, it feels like a double entendre, and I loved how a certain word played into this sorry if this doesn t quite make sense, but I do not want to give anything away to those who haven t read it I really liked getting some insight into the characters from Simply Crimson and the introduction of new characters I really wish I could g [...]

  18. Camille is a trophy wife to Julien unbeknownst to her, her husband has a erotic side that she didn t know She felt unloved and didnt know why her husband treated the he did She woke up one evening hearing moans and went towards the sounds To her surprise she saw her husband, a man and also a woman in a sex act.She was shocked but it made her curious about it throughout the story it shows her journey with other characters in the book plus a new character that fascinate Camille You need to read th [...]

  19. I was like a fly caught in a web being devoured by this book It made me giggle at times and shocked me too.I just could not put it down I was totally Captivated.Camille,She is a educated trophy wife Married to Julien suprise bisexual well to Camille anyway Please welcome Andre Du Point the man that changes every thing a self confessed dark son of a bitch,who is going to tempt Camille with the forbidden fruitThis is a 18 book

  20. Whoa, things really got heated quickly in this one Camille s already set a hook in me, and Jeremiah sounds like he s the only real man in the bunch Great premise and the evolution.e way you started the story and how you ended it.It was flawless, detailed, and amazing, Sai Amazing.

  21. All I can say is wow I had it read outloud to me the first time I rated it, but to read it myself.n wow.You ve got serious talent, Ms Sai Marie I m stunned by your descriptive scenery, the complexities of the characters involved All of it I hope Simply Rouge is just as great.

  22. I love this series I can only say, Wow Camille has definitely Blossomed in this installment I cannot wait for SS

  23. Quite interesting Definitely need to know of this extraordinary arrangement of a convenient marriage and extra curricular activities Anticipating what 2 will hold.

  24. It starts out with a bored,horny and rich housewife Imagine her surprise when she opens the door to another whole world.

  25. For readers that enjoy BDSM might be delighted with this novel by Sai Marie Johnson It will definitely push you to the extreme and some scenarios may even be too close for comfort, but heading in, I promise that at the end there is a tender love story Camille is searching for her identity as well as craving for affection As her husband Julien is cold and is only in this loveless marriage to keep up the appearance of what is expected from a power hungry male, Camille is just as strong, but when i [...]

  26. TABLET MELTING HOTNESS This book is like diving headfirst into a dark tunnel of lust, passion, frustration, and shock all while in complete sensory overdrive It had me gripped from the very beginning and on the edge of my seat throughout Fabulous work by Ms Johnson Thank you for taking me on an incredible ride with these fascinating characters A very hot five stars

  27. This book was non stop excitement I didn t put it down till i was completely done I loved how it captivated me Inticed me and kept my attention throughout the whole book Spectacular book Truly loved it 3

  28. While I enjoyed some aspects of the story, it seems that the author isn t completely sure what dark erotica might mean For example, I was taken aback by the phrase throbbing manhood early in the story Surely that belongs in something much milder I was also puzzled by all the semi French names The story is set in New York, so the names seemed out of place, or as if they were trying to evoke a different place I also haven t seen the word mulatto used except in historical fiction.Camille is a negle [...]

  29. I liked this idea of this story Camille is a naive, trophy wife in a loveless marriage to heartless Julien She walks into a sexual scene and her husband and another man pull her, really force her, into this sexual world of domination and submission She doesn t know how she feels or what she wants There is danger and mystery, non consent, and dubious consent The issues I have with the story are that it is difficult to follow the storyline at times, as it was not always fully developed There are m [...]

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