Near Enemy

[PDF] Read Þ Near Enemy : by Adam Sternbergh - Near Enemy, Near Enemy Spademan the kill for hire antihero from Shovel Ready returns in another riveting twisted genre busting novel from Adam SternberghIt s a year after Shovel Ready Persephone is ensconced with her newb

  • Title: Near Enemy
  • Author: Adam Sternbergh
  • ISBN: 9780385349024
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read Þ Near Enemy : by Adam Sternbergh, Near Enemy, Adam Sternbergh, Near Enemy Spademan the kill for hire antihero from Shovel Ready returns in another riveting twisted genre busting novel from Adam SternberghIt s a year after Shovel Ready Persephone is ensconced with her newborn upstate Simon the Magician is struggling to keep control of Harrow s evangelical empire and Spademan has accepted a seemingly routine job to snuff out a no good bed Spademan the kill fo [PDF] Read Þ Near Enemy : by Adam Sternbergh - Near Enemy, Near Enemy Spademan the kill for hire antihero from Shovel Ready returns in another riveting twisted genre busting novel from Adam SternberghIt s a year after Shovel Ready Persephone is ensconced with her newb

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  • [PDF] Read Þ Near Enemy : by Adam Sternbergh
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Near Enemy

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    Adam Sternbergh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Near Enemy book, this is one of the most wanted Adam Sternbergh author readers around the world.


  1. Spademan is back and things are dicey now than ever before I loved Sternberg s debut Shovel Ready It was a unique and entertaining take on a noir thriller that was set in a dystopian world where dirty bombs have ruined New York In Near Enemy Sternberg not only reaches the heights of his debut, but arguably raises the stakes even Set a year after the events in Shovel Ready, Spademan now faces even dire circumstances Terrorists have somehow managed to hijack the limnosphere, and they re doing i [...]

  2. What can I say about Spademan He s odd for a killer, or assassin, or hit man or whatever Maybe now he s an ex hit man Maybe but he does still leave a body count then again he seems to sometimes decide when he gets there whether or not to go through with his contract He seems occasionally to change sides and become the protector of the one he s supposed to kill.Well, whatever you call him and whether or not you can fit him into a pigeon hole the novels seem to be readable and pretty interesting.I [...]

  3. It s better to kill someone who wants to shake your hand than it is to shake someone s hand who wants to kill you Important lesson Twisted, sarcastic, sassy, disturbed, and different, just like the first novel in the Spademan series Link to my Shovel Ready Review.Spademan used to be a garbage man, but now he s a hit man in a New York where people are tapped into virtual reality beds, ignoring the corrupt city around them When Spademan sets out to take down a mark, what he discovers instead is th [...]

  4. I loved the first Spademan book Shovel Ready review here lizlovesbooks lizlovesbook and if anything this one was even better Now I adore Spademan with the fiery passion known only to avid readers Not QUITE so fond of the author however after that ending which was brilliant in its simplicity.Anyway, back to the point In this instalment, Spademan is hired to kill a bed hopper named Lesser, but when he gets there Lesser has a story to tell that gives Spademan pause for thought and plunges him into [...]

  5. Rezi chrissies kleine welt p 2166ACHTUNG Es folgt eine Besprechung zu einem Buch, das den zweiten Teil einer Reihe darstellt Spoiler zu Band 1 Spademan sind daher durchaus m glich und jedwedes Weiterlesen erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr.Alles beginnt mit einem Anruf und einem Namen Spademan geht wieder seinen Gesch ften nach und entsorgt den M ll, f r den er bezahlt wird Doch etwas hat sich ver ndert Spademan hadert mit sich selbst, da er nicht mehr nur die Kugel ist, die sich ihren Weg bahnt und Lebe [...]

  6. In Near Enemy Sternbergh has delivered another taut thriller and a solid follow up to Shovel Ready Spademan is dark, brooding, and has no time for bullshit and when an otherwise normal hit results in his intended victim witnessing the first ever death to occur in the Limn, he is drawn into something much bigger than a simple job It is structurally very similar to his first book and I enjoy the less is writing style Adam uses to keep the pace up and the frills to a minimum.The specifics of the r [...]

  7. I didn t enjoy this quite as much as the first Spademan novel The world was as gritty as ever, amplified by the short, choppy sentences understated first person narrative, but the author went a bit too far this time Details would be scarce then suddenly a flock of them would land, usually with one or two that were a bit off The plot twisted a bit too much the author spent a long time explaining it at the end which was a cliff hanger I hate cliff hangers Still, it was a pretty good ride The reade [...]

  8. In the first one, I never really could get past the idea of a New York basically given up for dead A lot of the story, tightly wrapped into the narrator s story, was dedicated to how that came about, but I just couldn t buy in to it because those who live in the City are so proud and stubborn that I just don t think they d let a little thing like radiation scare them away.I also had trouble buying an assassin that only used a box cutter I mean, have some pride in your work.What a could buy was a [...]

  9. Book came in the mail White package Black letters Had my name on it, so yeah, I opened it Not that I wasn t careful Near Enemy was the title Name on the cover said Sternbergh Rang a bell like I was sitting ringside at the big fight Turns out I d seen this guy before Him and his character Spademan Now they re back Can t say I m surprised.Not that there weren t any surprises waiting Like that rich guy getting offed in the limn The offings not the surprise though Guys getting killed all days all wa [...]

  10. Another pleasant encounter with Spademan His voice remains unique, as in the first book, which you should read before reading this one The world was set up in the first book, starting with the second book will lead to confusion.If you read and enjoyed the first book, this one will please you, although it is not as exciting as the first part of the story I think I am used to Spademan by now, and he s mellowed out quite a bit since Shovel Ready.This one ends on a glorious cliffhanger not so much t [...]

  11. Near Enemy is the gripping and darkly hilarious second book in the Spademan series The book picks up a year after the first one ended, but the reader is caught up to speed almost immediately, learning what has become of most of the other major characters from the last book With everything seemingly back to normal, Spademan takes on what should be a routine job to take out a guy named Lesser who has been a huge pain for everyone in the limnosphere Although Lesser has been making enemies everywher [...]

  12. My full review can be found on thebooksbuzzI m stepping out of my comfort zone to try some hard hitting literary fiction Near Enemy is a book that packs a punch and takes place in a reality that doesn t seem so far off into the future For fans of Ready Player One, Near Enemy is one heck of a novel that will have you seriously messed up by the end The reason I compare this book with Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is due to the fact that it deals with the virtual reality concept Reality sucks so [...]

  13. Spademan is a hit man for hire.He used to be a garbage man Had a family.Then someone set off a dirty bomb in Times Square.New York The City, Died.His family They died too.Only those with nothing left to live for walk the street.Everyone else They left town All 8 million of them.Headed upstate Outstate New Jersey.They also escaped by jacking themselves into the limn.Actually, it s the limnosphere, or limn for short.It s a virtual cyberspace utopia where you can live out your fantasies as an avata [...]

  14. I m still really enjoying the world and the characters but some reason or another the story didn t stick as well with me Spademan is still Spademan ex garbage collector turned hitman in the wake of a devastating terrorist attack on New York City and the writing is still so rhythmic and engaging that I found myself reading most of it in one sitting despite myself.Much like the last book Shovel Ready Spademan takes a job but the job goes pear shaped really quickly In this case the man he s about t [...]

  15. I loved Shovel Ready so was looking forward to the second book about Spademan I m not a big fan of crime thrillers, so was surprised to be swept away by this series and by the noir style It s not something I would normally choose to read, but the apocalyptic setting hooked me in and I m glad it did.It s a year since the events of Shovel Ready, and Spademan has taken responsibility for Persephone and her daughter He s also still taking on jobs, and as the book opens he s hunting down his next tar [...]

  16. When I read a debut novel and really like it, I m both eager and hesitant for the next Will the elements I liked in the initial book carry through With Near Enemy, I owe Adam Sternberg a huge thank you and maybe a drink if he ever comes to town Spademan is back, and the novel is good Again there s crisp, fragments of dialog which I understand drove some readers nuts, but I enjoyed , characters who have depth, darkness, and light The New York City and surrounds of a post dirty bomb in Times Squar [...]

  17. I loved this book I was not prepared to The protagonist is a murderer for hire in the contaminated and increasingly deserted New York City of the near future Life is so dismal that the only thing allowing people to exist here is the limnosphere, an immersive web where anything can happen including murder most foulSpademan is terse, almost inchoate and then he lets loose with a reference to pointillism You get to have a deep affection for Spademan, a garbageman, turned hitman.The stacatto prose i [...]

  18. Wow Adam Sternbergh is becoming one of my favorite authors I received Near Enemy, book two in the Spademan novels, from bloggingforbooks in exchange for a review and I am not disappointed in it I loved the first book, Shovel Ready, and when I saw that this book was available I had to have it Adam Sternbergh has created a series that I feel will become a classic and if it doesn t than there is something wrong with the world I loved this book so much that after having JUST finished it I want to pi [...]

  19. Sternbergh displays a nice set of skills in writing an exciting thriller set in a dystopian world The first pages draw the reader in quickly and set the stage for an amazing read through the entire book The characters are well fleshed out, especially the main voice in the book Although this is the second novel with the same main character, I didn t feel lost having not read the first novel I would however, recommend you pick up the first one as I m sure you ll enjoy it as much as this one This h [...]

  20. Mit der Spademan Reihe hat Autor Adam Sternbergh eine moderne und abgefahrene Saga erschaffen Die B cher um den M llmann sind nicht nur rasend schnell und griffig gschrieben, sie verf gen auch ber eine tolle Satire und interessante Darstellung einer dunklen Zukunft Near Enemy weiss den Leser wunderbar zu unterhalten und pr sentiert tolle Einf lle Verweise auf aktuelle geopolitische Themen und deren Auswirkungen regen zum denken an, die brutalen Geschehnisse zum verwundert sein Wie ein Actionfilm [...]

  21. A very terrifying postapocaliptic thriller, the sequel to the great Shovel Ready Adam Sternbergh outcame himself by writing an even better second book in the series, with Spademan now pursuying what it looks like terrorists atacking and killing people in limnosphere, the virtual world where everybody can escape from the real world Only not all time the so called terrorists grow thick beards on their faces.

  22. Not the thrill ride that Shovel Ready was for me, but still an exciting story in cyberpunk dystopian NYC The author makes you work for the narrative since there s little traditional punctuation, but so what.

  23. How often do you meet a contract killer that you like Important question.How about a contract killer who found his conscience Not too hard to imagine It s New York Destroyed from the inside out and the good citizens have left In droves The ones who stuck around hide in the limn.Don t blame them.It s a good book.

  24. Why is this slowly becoming the month of books I really want to like but are laid low by really stupid ideas for endings That s a terrible theme for a book blog, and in this case, where the ending ramps up to nowhere, it s especially egregious Near Enemy enraged me when I read it, not because of its amazing depiction of a paranoid post terror New York where anyone with money plugs themselves into a virtual world and forgets about the outside, but because the final sentences lead off into nowhere [...]

  25. This book is what I think is an interesting book for me and anyone who reads this book Near Enemy Since there are no series in this book, but if there was, I would read of it so i know what will happen next Let s find out, I tap in pg 306 Like know what s going to happen next I feel like this is a great book when it comes to action going on, like an attack in New York Strengths are the action taking on while the weaknesses are how the chapters are so little like the first one is only 1 page bu [...]

  26. Sternbergh s second Spademan novel offers another fun, pulpy, breezy read While Near Enemy seems to set the table for a third instalment a little than it offers a fully satisfying conclusion, it s a very solid followup to Shovel Ready and feels successful for many of the same reasons Sternbergh continues to expand the limnosphere concept although arguably it may be less plausible with this book s additions , and both the limnosphere and his toxic, battered New York City still feel fresh and rea [...]

  27. This was a great sequel to the author s debut Shovel Ready , tho I thought too much was spent re capping events and characters Our garbage man turned hitman for hire after a dirty bomb taints NYC s Times Square continues with conflicted allegiances, but seems morally grounded I really like the author s many characterizations whether they be in Spademan s life or avatars in the network based limnosphere Several of these players could be Spademan s partner or antagonist in the sequel to this seque [...]

  28. Spademan is still the same old contract killer with a heart of gold, in this follow up to the novel Shovel Ready It is pretty much Dashiell Hammett meets William Gibson, but Mr Sternbergh is a much approachable writer than the the latter I have never read books by the former It didn t make the same splash as the first book, but I think it is just as good The prose style is very approachable and Mr Sternbergh keeps the plot moving, something a lot of authors fail to do.

  29. Loved this mix of sci fi, mystery and thriller Set in the future, the main character is a hit man with a conscience He also has to contend with his enemies in cyberspace as well as in real life making it double the job I enjoyed the plot twists and surprises through the whole book Looking forward to the next in the series.I received this book as part of a good reads giveaway but the opinions expressed are solely my own.

  30. Not as thrilling as Spademan , the first in the series, but that could be because Spademan , being the first, was incredibly fresh Still, after a run of unenjoyable books, Near Enemy was a quick and welcome pleasure.

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