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↠ Probodena Srca ☆ Alyxandra Harvey - Probodena Srca, Probodena Srca Solan Drejk je oduvek znala da joj je su eno da postane kraljica vampira A po to je jedina devojka koja je ro ena kao vampir a ne preobra ena opasnost vreba sa svih strana od vampirskih udvara a koj

  • Title: Probodena Srca
  • Author: Alyxandra Harvey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Book

↠ Probodena Srca ☆ Alyxandra Harvey, Probodena Srca, Alyxandra Harvey, Probodena Srca Solan Drejk je oduvek znala da joj je su eno da postane kraljica vampira A po to je jedina devojka koja je ro ena kao vampir a ne preobra ena opasnost vreba sa svih strana od vampirskih udvara a koji ele da se orode s njenom porodicom do lovaca na ucenjene glave odlu nih da satru nju i njenu porodicu Kad Solan kidnapuju njen stariji brat Nikolas i najbolja drugarSolan Drejk je od ↠ Probodena Srca ☆ Alyxandra Harvey - Probodena Srca, Probodena Srca Solan Drejk je oduvek znala da joj je su eno da postane kraljica vampira A po to je jedina devojka koja je ro ena kao vampir a ne preobra ena opasnost vreba sa svih strana od vampirskih udvara a koj

  • ↠ Probodena Srca ☆ Alyxandra Harvey
    482Alyxandra Harvey
Probodena Srca

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  1. Alyxandra Harvey

    alyxandraharveyAlyxandra Harvey lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long they keep company manners She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, than once, of being born in the wrong century She believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women s rights, and ice cream Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with three dogs and her husband She likes chai lattes, tattoos, and books.Author of The Drake Chronicles, Green Jack,Haunting Violet, Stolen Away and The Lovegrove Legacy A Breath of Frost and Whisper the Dead.Sometimes fueled by literary rage.


  1. SPOILER ALERT Now this was absolutely a kick ass Vampire novel I devoured in one sitting Love, Love, Love, Loved It Solange Drake is just about to turn 16 and endure the Bloodchange that will make her a Vampire, that s if she can survive it But that s only one of her problems She s also a rare female Vampire, born not turned, so it makes her a kind of Princess, or so the prophecy saysThere is a bounty on Solange and between the Vampire Hunters who want her for the money and A wish she was Queen [...]

  2. There s this thing called the White Pine award Every year, ten young adult books written by Canadian authors are chosen, and then we can vote through our highschools and the winning author gets the award Normally the books are pretty good The only reason that I read Hearts at Stake is because of White Pine you re supposed to read all of the books in order to vote First of all, shall we discuss the title Hearts at Stake really Did they think that it was a clever play on words, because of the whol [...]

  3. Another half star rating3.5 starsI was looking for a nice and fluffy YA vampire story with likeable characters, some good laughs, a swoon worthy male character, an interesting plot but nothing too complicated, basically just a quick read to take my mind off things and that s exactly what I got Is the story deep and meaningful No, definitely not Is it original Nope Is it fun Hell yes Really, there s nothing extraordinary about this book and the plot is pretty predictable but still, I enjoyed it a [...]

  4. So good It was action packed, fast paced, and funny I read this book within 24 hours it was just too good to put down I liked Alyxandra Harvey s take on vampires The history was interesting and unique although at the beginning it was a little bit confusing to remember what was what with The Host, Hounds and Hel Bar.This story is told from both Solange s and Lucy s points of view I found myself enjoying Lucy s story She was funny, brave, outspoken, loyal and I loved her moments with Nicholas The [...]

  5. This book is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Princess Diaries got married and had a beautiful, beautiful baby Need to love How about a fresh new vampire mythology, lush writing I wanted to eat all the food and wear all the clothes , and totally engaging characters I loved that, instead of being about a hot vampire princess and her stereotypical BFF sidekick you know the type, slightly less pretty, kinda slutty, a staple of YA lit , it was a dual narrative between two best friends, one a v [...]

  6. A great book for vampire fans looking for a fun, fast and entertaining read I d even recommend this for non vampire fans This was just a feel good, make you laugh, can t stop turning the pages awesome book Hearts as Stake is told in alternating perspectives Solange, the vampire, and Lucy, her best friend Lucy is not a vampire, but her parents are aware of and close friends with the vampire family, which is something different then the norm Usually in vampire literature, it s all about secrecy I [...]

  7. I got this book but didn t expect to like it, the cover isn t so breathtaking but I LOVED it The vampire twist and the Drake family clan is so funny, surprising and exciting I remember finishing the book in one sitting, though I was so sleepy, but the book was demanding my attention, I loved that the story was told through different perspectives Lucy and Nicholas s relationship was so romantic, I loved how much he longed for her, how he teased her and how protective he was of her They are my fav [...]

  8. Es ist mittlerweile fast zwei Jahre her, dass ich diesen ersten Band zum ersten Mal gelesen habe Damals habe ich dem Buch vier Sterne gegeben, aber nach diesem Reread finde ich, dass er mehr verdient hat, weshalb er jetzt 4,5 bekommt.Das Buch ist einfach Genialit t pur Diese unglaublichen Charaktere, die man so sehr liebt und die LIEBESGESCHICHTEN Ja, Plural Es knistert so sehr, dass man gar nichts mehr mitbekommt und nur noch mit offenem Mund jedes weitere Wort in sich aufsaugt Das Buch ist ein [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to pick up the other books in the series The characters were a lot of fun and it was a really quick, fun read I think that this would be great for anyone who likes YA literature, likes vampires though don t expect them all to be scary , and just likes a good laugh from a book they re reading This is perfect for that

  10. 3.5 stars I don t think it quite deserved 4 It was good just notthatgood At first everything was fine but then the story was over too quick The author should ve took their time and expanded on it And I wanted Nicholas and Lucies relationship clarified What I did enjoy however was having the story written in both Lucy s and Solange s POV s Their both so different it s awesome and I love their friendship Solange is 15 years of age and is the first female vampire born to the Drake family Which are [...]

  11. Reviewed by Samantha Clanton aka Harlequin Twilight for TeensReadTooThe prophecy stated that the vampire tribes would be united under the rule of a daughter born to an ancient family The Drakes are that family, and Solange is that daughter Solange will change from being mortal to being vampire in a matter of days, on her sixteenth birthday In the meantime, she s fighting off the suitors who are attracted by her lineage and pheromones, and the vampire hunters who are after her family As if her si [...]

  12. The Drakes are an old family of vampires so no tea parties or picnic s on the agenda with them unless you re Solange The last remaining child who hasn t turned into a vampire yet but with her fast approaching sweet sixteenth that s about to change Lucy is Solange s best friend who also happens to be human but she knows all about the Drakes having grown up with them As Solange s upcoming change starts looming the prophecy about her existence comes into play Attacked by vampires wanting to love on [...]

  13. Summary Solange Drake always knew she was destined to become a vampire queen And as the only female vampire ever born, not made, she is surrounded by danger on all sides from vampire suitors who want to join with her lineage to bounty hunters who are set on destroying her and her family When she is kidnapped, it s up to her older brother Nicolas and her human best friend, Lucy, to save her But can Lucy save herself from Nicholas, who tempts her with his every look And what will be Solange s own [...]

  14. This book is the first in a series, and is told by Solange and Lucy Solange is the first daughter born to the Drake family in hundreds of years, which puts her in a delicate situation You see, there is a prophecy among vampires that a daughter born to an ancient family will be the next vampire queen Of course, the reigning queen is not happy at all with Solange s birth and exiles her family Being the only girl among her siblings, Solange feels quite smothered at times by her overprotective broth [...]

  15. Hearts at Stake aka My Love Lies Bleeding is the first book in The Drake Chronicles It was an enjoyable read Definitely had a G rating, good for YA and cute for adults The love interests are girlfriend boyfriend Of course, that all makes sense when you consider that, even though the Drake family is one of the ancient families of vampires, the heroine, Solange, is just coming up on her sixteenth birthday She has seven older brothers who are all extremely protective of her Her mom is a kick ass, t [...]

  16. If I put Hearts at Stake in just a few words,it s one of the best take in vampires.After encountering different types of vampires deadly beautiful ones,weak ones needing protection,strong ones giving protection,out typical knights in shining armor and even sparkling ones,I ve nearly been fed up with vampires.Reading this book was like taking a fresh take in themUnlike many other stories this one had two heroines.And don t worry,they have their own separate matches.It s a relief that it didn t ha [...]

  17. HEARTS AT STAKE is a chick lit, fluff, candy read There s nothing special about it and there s nothing memorable It s just a book that provides a brief distraction from the real life.The two narrators were different from each other so I could tell whose chapter it was Their voices were different and realistic I liked Lucy s sassyness and that she would do anything for her best friend, Solange And I liked that Solange, in turn, would do anything for Lucy The plot was unfortunately not that good I [...]

  18. this cover almost put me off, but i m glad i didn t because this book was really good having low expectations helped, but the characters were great and humour was on point i love solange and lucy s friendship and lucy and nick together 3 view spoiler i can t believe she got him through the bloodchange, just fuck me up less sure about kieran, it felt a bit instalove to me, but i guess we ll see how that goes in the next books hide spoiler

  19. Why am I trash for these types of books This was so surprisingly addicting that I couldn t put it down It s light and fluffy and full of angsty romance I don t care how old I am, I m a sucker for these types of books.Happy reading P.S potential binge alert.

  20. This is a fun read The protagonists are a blast Yes, protagonists, plural.I started out reading Hearts at Stake and became confused If you read back cover, it s about Solange, would be vampire princess But the prologue is titled Lucy and is in first person from her point of view.Hmmm.I like Lucy, she s feisty and fun But then the first chapter, six pages later, is titled Solange and is first person from her point of view.Whoa, whoa, whoa What is going on So then I start flipping through the book [...]

  21. Being a teenager is hard enough, but Solange Drake has a whole other set of problems With her sixteenth birthday fast approaching, Solange and her family have way on their mind than her Sweet Sixteen like planning for her transformation into a vampire All of the Drake sons survived the transformation in one piece, but being the first female born vampire in 800 years and the future vampire queen according to a mysterious prophecy no one is really sure how Solange will fair Of course, that might [...]

  22. Hearts at Stake is full of exciting characters with romance, wicked humor, and non stop action packed into a spellbinding world of danger at every turn.When I first read the synopsis for Hearts at Stake, I couldn t wait to read it and I m so thrilled that it lived up to my expectations and then some This book is one of those page turners that had me captivated with the world that Harvey created I love the mythology of the different species of vampires that Harvey introduced in Hearts of Stake No [...]

  23. Solange is the only vampire girl in over nine hundred years Vampires swarm the Drake estate looking to either court her, kill her or if you believe in the prophecy, kidnap her Solange is tired of being stuck at her house, not being able to go out ever single moment without one of her annoying brothers tagging along.She then meet Kieran A handsome vampire hunter who is out to kill The Drake Family on the bounty.Kieran is told that is was The Darke Family who killed his father What he doesn t know [...]

  24. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm Solange Drake is soon going to become a vampire on her 16th birthday and this causes problems as she has been prophesied to become the next queen With help from her best friend Lucy her Brother Nick and her potential enemy Kieran Black, they have to help fight against those who want to either harm or use her.I really love this book as it has a great mix of romance, humour, suspense and while it is a light and fluffy read, it is a perfect [...]

  25. My Love Lies Bleeding Hearts At Stake in the U.S was a quick, fun read Quirky characters, a close friendship, action aplenty, a smattering of romance, original vampire lore, hilarious banter and sarcastic comebacks made for a clean, entertaining YA read.Solange is prophesied to take the throne of the vampire queen much to her disgust but first she must go through the bloodchange, the life threatening transition from human to vampire With seven over protective brothers, a kick ass mother and a fi [...]

  26. Edgy, funny, romantic, Hearts at Stake was a refreshing new look into the vampire world Told in alternating persepectives from the main character Solange, and her hilarious best friend Lucy, Hearts at Stake is a fun, romantic, and action packed read that all vamp lovers will enjoy having in their collections.Solange, the main character is the first female vampire made born in over 600 years Now 15, like the rest of her brothers, she is to start her transition from human to vampire on her 16th bi [...]

  27. Die Drake Chronicles habe ich jetzt ja schon l nger auf meiner Wunschliste, eigentlich seit dem Moment, in dem ich gesehen habe das Tanja so begeistert von der Reihe ist Allerdings habe ich mich nie getraut den ersten Band auch wirklich zu kaufen weil ich mir einfach SO unsicher war was den Inhalt anging Als Tanja mich dann neulich darauf hingewiesen hat, das es einen Sammelband mit den ersten drei B nden gibt, habe ich nat rlich sofort zugeschlagen Da konnte ich einfach nicht widerstehen Und da [...]

  28. So, I m kind of in love with this book It s my NEW FAVORITE THING Hearts at Stake is fun, romantic, action packed and downright addictive I can t wait for the next book This is the start to a must read new series I enjoyed it SO much, and I really hope that everyone gets themselves a copy immediately Solange Drake seemingly has it all She s got parents who love her, seven older brothers who will do anything to protect her, a best friend named Lucy who is practically her sister and she s about to [...]

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