Murder on the Flying Scotsman

[PDF] Murder on the Flying Scotsman | by ☆ Carola Dunn - Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Murder on the Flying Scotsman It is the spring of and the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple is on her way to a stately home in Scotland to research her next article for Town and Country On board the Flying Scotsman the famous Londo

  • Title: Murder on the Flying Scotsman
  • Author: Carola Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781575667539
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Murder on the Flying Scotsman | by ☆ Carola Dunn, Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Carola Dunn, Murder on the Flying Scotsman It is the spring of and the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple is on her way to a stately home in Scotland to research her next article for Town and Country On board the Flying Scotsman the famous London to Edinburgh train Daisy meets an old schoolfellow Anne Breton Anne along with all of her relatives is en route to visit the deathbed of the family scion and notori [PDF] Murder on the Flying Scotsman | by ☆ Carola Dunn - Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Murder on the Flying Scotsman It is the spring of and the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple is on her way to a stately home in Scotland to research her next article for Town and Country On board the Flying Scotsman the famous Londo

  • [PDF] Murder on the Flying Scotsman | by ☆ Carola Dunn
    382 Carola Dunn
Murder on the Flying Scotsman

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    Carola Dunn is the author of than 30 Regency romances, as well as 16 mysteries the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series is set in England in the 1920s Ms Dunn was born and grew up in England, where she got a B.A in Russian and French from Manchester University She travelled as far as Fiji before returning to settle in California After 30 years in the US, she says she still sounds as if she arrived a month ago.Prior to writing, Ms Dunn s various jobs included market research, child care, construction from foundation trenches to roofing and writing definitions for a dictionary of science and technology She wrote her first novel in 1979, a Regency which she sold to Warner Books.Now living in Eugene, Oregon, Ms Dunn has a son in California who has just made her a grandmother, and a large black dog named Willow who takes her for a walk by the Willamette River each morning belgravehouse


  1. Ended up blasting through this book in the wee hours of the morning because I couldn t stop reading and and lost much sleep in the process, which is enough to earn 4 stars from me It is, however, a weaker entry than the first two books with a less likeable or interesting cast of potential culprits than book three, in hindsight Daisy seems to have grown quite a lot since Wentwater Court a definite point for character development I liked that she seems less of an inquisitive young thing and of a [...]

  2. Fun book to read Also fun to continue following the characters The mystery was a surprise, the descriptions of the characters, the language and words used brought the flapper era to life It is truly a book to read to distract one from everyday life.

  3. The novel is fast and intelligent, as I expected from one of my favorite series Daisy, a young journalist in the post WWI England, gets on the Flying Scotsman, an express train to Edinburgh, and of course, there is a murder on the train, in a compartment next to hers The situation is further complicated by a The victim was a rich old man, and all his relatives are traveling on the same train, trying to make him change his will in their favor Did any of them kill him b Daisy s special friend, Det [...]

  4. This is the fourth in the series of the between the world wars mystery novels featuring the Honorable Daisy Dalyrmple Too curvy for flapper fashions and too independent to live the indolent life of a woman of the peerage Daisy is on her way to Scortland to write an article on stately houses She was able to spring for a first class train ticket and looking forward to staring at the scenery.However, things are far from uneventful The young daughter of her friend who makes her blush Detective Chief [...]

  5. This one is my favourite of the series so far.DI Fletcher s daughter Belinda runs away from her grandmother since her grandmother won t let her go to her friend s house to play , and stows away on Daisy s train, which turns out to be an express to Scotland Where Belinda makes the acquaintance of an elderly gentleman, and then stumbles on his body after he s murdered en route much to DI Fletcher s later exasperation because now two women in his life do this.The plot sounds like it should be contr [...]

  6. Great little cozy mystery series that is well narrated on audio.Daisy is The Honourable , but is also a working woman for a magazine and so can communicate across classes in 1920s England Nothing mind blowing about the series, but nothing irritating either Entirely suitable for a night in with a blanket and a cup of tea

  7. Litsy has been one of the best, and the most expensive, thing that has happened to me in years So many great books series recommended, books I never would have found without it This series is one of them Daisy is starting to really grow on me, she s slowly climbing to the same heights as Phryne Fisher Miss Marple She s fun, smart, bubbly has a huge amount of gumption Definitely give these a read if you re into authors like Dame Agatha, Kerry Greenwood Jacqueline Winspear.

  8. In Murder on the Flying Scotsman, the fourth book in the Daisy Dalrymple series by Carola Dunn, Daisy is on her way to Edinburgh to write another article about an estate when she discovers Belinda, the 9 year old daughter of Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher looking for her on the train Belinda has run away from home because her grandmother won t allow her to play with her friend Deva because Deva is from India In the mistaken belief that Daisy would be meeting her father, Belinda has stow [...]

  9. When you re not feeling well what better than a murder mystery to take you away This is 4 in the Daisy Dalrymple series and despite feelings to the contrary, I have not read any of them before This is a period piece, set in 1923 More than half of the plot takes place on that iconic train the express train from London to Edinburgh Daisy is traveling to Edinburgh to do research for a magazine article she s writing and finds herself amidst an argumentative family traveling to be at a relative s dea [...]

  10. As I continue to do a catch up with Daisy Dalrymple, it s interesting to see how the series evolved Daisy, in this book, is going to Scotland to write a story about a stately home It s post WWI England Women are much liberated than they were, but it s still rather shocking for a woman who comes from the upper classes to work for a living Daisy is shocked when DI Alec Fletcher s daughter, Belinda, he is a widower who lost his wife during the flu epidemic stows away on the train She is upset beca [...]

  11. I find it a bit hard to review these books, mainly because I m just judging them against others in the series So I liked Murder on the Flying Scotsman better than Requiem for a Mezzo but less than The Winter Garden Mystery I m mostly just reading these now though for the sweet, almost but not quite relationship between Daisy and Alec Their interaction is the best part of the story for me The murder s good, although it trails off a little at the end somewhat, but I didn t guess who it was so the [...]

  12. Cute mystery in the Agatha Christie style restricted environment a train and a mystery solved through sitting down chatting to the suspects I enjoyed this one than I have some of the earlier books either I m getting used to them, or the writing is getting a little smoother The interactions between Daisy, Alex, et al also make this interesting, as I m getting increasingly emotionally involved Probably not 4 stars, but a solid 3.5 for me.

  13. The plot was tedious, the characters cardboard cutouts, the use of language unimaginative.Why did I read all of this book when I have a shelf full of others just waiting to be picked up A good question to which I have no sensible or logical response.Would I recommend it to anybody Perhaps to eight year olds, but even then with caution.

  14. This is my second book written by Carola Dunn Her books are light and easy reads when you just want to fill an afternoon One of the things she does particularly well is her character descriptions They are well drawn I also like the main female MC She is strong and capable, but still manages to stay polite These are books I would recommend to my daughters.

  15. Aaand I think I m now done with this series This book was so trite and boring The tiresome characters lost my interest from the beginning but I kept listening for the sake of finding out whodunit and having a light reads commuting book.

  16. A spiffing read I do love the quaint language of that time Murders on express trains can be quite fun to solve More Daisy and her beau moments I look forward to their developing relationship.

  17. Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance during Golden Summer May September 2013 Daisy has indulged herself with a first class ticket to Edinburgh on the Flying Scotsman to write her next article for Town and Country magazine Little does she know as she debates to face towards or away from the engine in the stifling train compartment that the daughter of the object of her affection, Belinda Fletcher, has run away from home and decided to follow Daisy on her journey Belind [...]

  18. I actually picked this up randomly at the library before realizing it was a series Since I generally like to read at least the first in a series before the rest, I requested Death at Wentwater Court and read that first It was such a disaster of a book, I was going to return this immediately to the library and move on with my life But of course I picked it up to read a few pages first, and Dunn seemed to have toned down her egregious descriptions and period item name dropping, and it s often inte [...]

  19. Another Daisy Dalrymple story I pretty much knew what I was getting here unrealistic but light and fun cosy mystery and I enjoyed it I guessed whodunit early on and there were slightly too many characters to easily keep track of, but still enjoyed the classic mystery setting of a train.I also liked that they sympathetically handled the portrayal of someone with PTSD and their partner s care for them during anxiety Mental ill health is still not often something I come across handled well in books [...]

  20. They say in the acting business Never work with dogs or children I feel like the same can often be said about writing about dogs or children I was a little concerned when this installment started with Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher s daughter, Belinda, running away from her grandmother and finding Daisy on an express train to Scotland But Belinda is the rarest of unicorns a well written child character Overall, I really enjoyed watching Daisy interact with Belinda and the [...]

  21. Here s a nice variation on the classic train squabbling families with rich uncles locked room puzzles, with a number of very nicely drawn characters There s the shell shocked Raymond, treated as a slacker by his family, and the charming Dr Jagai, adopted by one of the rich uncles during a sojourn in India, but spurned by most of the kinfolk There are drunks and wastrels and the daughter who ran away to France, all impeccably deployed It s all complicated by the presence of Detective Inspector Al [...]

  22. Love this 4th mystery in the Daisy Dalrymple series This time Daisy is on a train when a murder takes place Unfortunately, Alex s daughter has stowed away on the train and is the one who discovers the body I enjoyed this because we get to see of Alex s personality and the relationship between him and Daisy grows as they both try to protect Belinda The narrator of the audiobook was fantastic I look forward to listening to of these mysteries

  23. The Daisy Dalrymple series features appealing characters with an engaging on going story In this volume, a death occurs during Daisy s trip, and she has reason to suspect murder Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher s young daughter Belinda becomes involved, and Alec himself is called in to solve the crime While easy to solve, this was an enjoyable mystery, and the continuation of the slow building romance was a pleasure as well.

  24. Murder on the Flying Scotsman by Carola Dunn is an enjoyable cozy mystery Daisy is very likable and Belinda Fletcher is a cute little girl with a lot of courage The mystery is set on a train and there was a large cast of characters as the plot twisted and turned Daisy and the others main characters, Alex Fletcher, Tom Tring and Ernie Piper are developing nicely as this series progresses I m looking forward to reading listening to the next one in the series.

  25. Daisy Dalrymple is infamous She can t even get on a train without stumbling on a dead body Just like Hercule Poirot dead bodies just happen to fall in her path This time her Detective Chief Inspector s daughter is in the center of the murder investigation Poor child 1920 s is a great setting for Who Dunnit mysteries I need to get the next book soon.

  26. Perhaps my favorite of the Daisy series so far Liked the train setting and interaction with Belinda The cast of family characters was confusing at times, but I did end up figuring out the whodunnit even with the confusion.

  27. Another entertaining Daisy Dalrymple adventure with her Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Nice depiction of that social era.

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