A Little Too Far

☆ A Little Too Far ☆ Lisa Desrochers - A Little Too Far, A Little Too Far This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B K NE HOWie konnte das passieren Wie konnten sie so weit gehen Ihr Stiefbruder Trent war doch immer Lexis bester Freund und engster Vertrauter Fluchtartig

  • Title: A Little Too Far
  • Author: Lisa Desrochers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ A Little Too Far ☆ Lisa Desrochers, A Little Too Far, Lisa Desrochers, A Little Too Far This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B K NE HOWie konnte das passieren Wie konnten sie so weit gehen Ihr Stiefbruder Trent war doch immer Lexis bester Freund und engster Vertrauter Fluchtartig verl sst Lexi ihre Familie und bricht zu einem Auslandsjahr in Rom auf Aber auch Tausende von Kilometern entfernt und trotz des attraktiven Alessandro schafft sie es nicThis is an al ☆ A Little Too Far ☆ Lisa Desrochers - A Little Too Far, A Little Too Far This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B K NE HOWie konnte das passieren Wie konnten sie so weit gehen Ihr Stiefbruder Trent war doch immer Lexis bester Freund und engster Vertrauter Fluchtartig

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  • ☆ A Little Too Far ☆ Lisa Desrochers
    251 Lisa Desrochers
A Little Too Far

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    Lisa Desrochers is the USA Today bestselling author of the A LITTLE TOO FAR series, courtesy of HarperCollins Also in stores is her YA PERSONAL DEMONS trilogy Macmillan Look for her upcoming adult contemporary featuring hot Mafiosi, begining with OUTSIDE THE LINES, coming from Penguin in October 2015.She lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters There is never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise.For info, find her on line at facebook LisaDesroche, or visit lisadwrites


  1. 4 Forbidden Stars Lexie Banks hasn t had a lot of luck in love Lexie catches her long term boyfriend cheating on her on their college break She goes back to school, tries to forget about him Then, at the end of summer, she runs into him He wants her back Lexie can t deal with that, so she goes to the one person she can always count on Her very best friend in the world Her step brother Trent While Trent is comforting Lexie things escalate As in, they have sex Right before she is supposed to leave [...]

  2. One Year LaterNot kidding I first heard about this book back in August, and now over a year later, on November 18, 2014, I have FINALLY read this book.Thank you, Genie You know, this was one of those books where you actually stop and think to yourself, Can someone s life really be this screwed up Probably not as sexual angsty like Lexi Banks was which was, in essence, people wanting to have sex with each, like everywhere you look This whole book was everybody wanting to shag with everybody else [...]

  3. First, here s my casting of the two hotties Have you ever gone just a little too far A Little Too Far was a really cute double taboo New Adult romance with just the right amount of angst, two swoony guys, and exactly the ending I d hoped for Okay, I have to admit, the moment I read the blurb for this book, I knew I wanted to read it I mean seriously, a double taboo I m not usually a love triangle fan but this one had my attention just because it seemed so different We re talking a stepbrother an [...]

  4. Amazingly wild and insanely bittersweet ride with addictive storyline and sweeping of feet romance, A Little Too Far is definitely a novel that has to be read It s heartbreaking and mesmerizing in entirely new way, it made my heart race, my eyes teary and my girlie parts tingling This is a story beyond every romance I ve read it s captivating, beautiful journey of discovering what love really means and that in love there s never too far Yes, you can keep your toes on the invisible border and it [...]

  5. 3.5 Stars Not as intense or dark as expected, but still a fairly sweet and fun read A Little Too Far is an entertaining, emotional read that steadily skims the surface of darker issues Yes, there are forbidden elements that become morally questionable and boundary pushing, but the plot presents these controversial issues in a mostly lighthearted manner After I adjusted my expectations for the tone of this story, I was able to appreciate its tenderness I m going to skip a plot summation because t [...]

  6. 4 Sinfully Hot Stars After a bad re encounter with her asshole ex boyfriend, Lexie finds console in the same place of always with her best friend and step brother her step mother s son , Trent But things got a little out of hand and they end up having sex A little fact that will change everything between them Not because they don t feel anything for each other, but because they are supposed to be well, family Even not being biologically related And after that, things let a little awkward But the [...]

  7. 3.5 STARS My first reaction after reading the blurb of this story Not one, but two forbidden romances in one novel Yep, that definitely had me intrigued Let me clarify from the start though, that the story really wasn t as angsty or dark as the blurb made it out to be Sure, there were a few forbidden romance elements and morally questionable situations but the way the author wrote it, the story had a very lighthearted feeling to it So, even though it wasn t what I expected it to be, it was still [...]

  8. Some sexy scenes, but the story wasl over the place Also, if there are going to be a lot of sex scenes, it d be nice if the guys varied up their moves a little P

  9. Well, I ll start off by saying this was a good book It just fell short of my expectations I can t go into too much detail without giving away spoilers I ll break it down to how I felt while reading it and how I d rate it.At the beginning I was It was hottt Loved the friendship and sexual tension between view spoiler Trent hide spoiler and Lexie This part of the book 5 stars Then she went to Rome and I was kinda like The story started to lose me The beginning of the trip was boring view spoiler I [...]

  10. 3 StarsThis was a decent read but I found myself quite bored at times and skimming to get through it The Art History and extra info that I didn t need turned me off in this book Some people may love it, I did not.Lexie got on my nerves quite a few times She s so unsure of herself and wishy washy.Get it together Love Alessandro He is awesome SamAnd Trent view spoiler He doesn t tell her he loves her, he waits until she texts him and then shows up weeks later WTF hide spoiler Get it Brother HAHAHA [...]

  11. Disclaimer So this book boasts THE most unique love triangle I ve ever seen and so before starting it, I took a quick sneak peek at the end, just to lower my blood pressure Despite knowing the ending beforehand, my review will not be biased on the fact that I liked who Lexi ended up with Just wanted to clear that up.This was one of the books I HAD to buy when I read the blurb Here s part of it to refresh your memory Have you ever gone just a little too far Lexie Banks has.Yep She just had mind b [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars A love triangle between an almost priest and a step brother.what s not to love about that Oh wait, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen right Sounds pretty if you ask me Disclaimer So for those of you that aren t a fan of the love triangle, I will tell you that there wasn t a lot of back and forth And rest assured there was no cheating or anything like that The story begins with Lexi home for summer break She s a few days away from leaving for a year abroad in Rome She s out with h [...]

  13. Wow, I am so happy to give the book 5 , it was an awesome read I didn t have high expectations for the book, because last time everybody loved the story I hated it Though this story sounded good and I thought I will give it a try, and I am happy I did, because the book turned out to be really good I loved the story, it was really original and unexpected in a lot of ways Two days before leaving to Rome Lexie sleeps with her step brother best friend Being Catholic, she goes to church to confess he [...]

  14. A Little Too Far is sort of a love triangle and sort of forbidden romance Lexi is a girl torn between what she thinks is acceptable according to society and what she feels is right in her heart Cute story line My favorite quote is when Lexi tells Trent, You know damn well I have no virtue SERIES No cliffhangers Spinoff.

  15. 3.5 StarsI didn t read any spoilers in my friend s reviews I didn t even read the next book s description I was that good So when things didn t go my way in this story I was beyond disappointed.Nevertheless, it was an extremely angsty well paced story I even enjoyed the art history stuff, go figure I am a sinner and I am weak, he says I m looking forward to Book 2

  16. So I was originally going to give this 2 stars because, while it was bad, it wasn t like, terrible But then it got terrible and here we are I was really hoping this was going to fulfill my craving for some smutty cheesy gr8 new adult but it so just did not 1 star Do not pass go, do not collect 200.

  17. Here s a excerpt from A LITTLE TOO FAR Hope you love reading Lexie s story as much as I loved writing it

  18. A Little Too Far begins with Lexie Banks home on college break While at dinner with her best friends, she runs into her cheating ex boyfriend Rick who didn t just cheat on her, but cheated on her with three different girls He hurt her badly But seeing Rick again stirs up feelings in Lexie that confuse her, especially after he steals a kiss from her She leaves the restaurant quickly and goes home to confide in her best friend, who is also her step brother, Trent When one thing leads to another an [...]

  19. Tabooish themes are my absolute favorite and I can t turn down opportunity to read something with that kind of storyline When I saw that A Little Too Far, along with this oh so hot cover, is about pseudo incest, I was all Gimme now Did I get what I expected That and then some Did I like it Well, that is the problemStory Characters When I started reading this book, I was hooked Lexie is back home, avoiding her idiotic ex boyfriend, preparing for her trip to Italy and talking about her hot stepbr [...]

  20. I really did enjoy this one and it started out fast, funny, furious and a first forbidden love scene that was frenzied and freaking HOT I might be going a bit too far with my f s but I was so excited to read this and considering I read it in one sitting and am now a bit frazzled and slightly frustrated with the ending I liked Lexie, the heroine a lot Sure she had some dense moments but she is only 20 21 and in love with her soul mate step brother and was cheated on by her long time boyfriend and [...]

  21. A Little Too Far was one of my MOST ANTICIPATED books of the year After reading an excerpt I knew in my gut this book would be amazing I was right Easily my favorite book of the year A Little Too Far was filled with angst, love, lust, hot sex and deeply heartfelt romance So Lexie just had hot rebound sex with her brother Sounds creepy yeah, to some this might wig you out a little but to me the way it was handled was believable and realistic I understood where Lexie was at in her relationship wit [...]

  22. Really enjoyed this book Taboo subject matter but handled deftly Love the cover The characters are relatable Definitely recommend

  23. It s not even the sexy silhouette on the cover that grabbed my interest although that itself was attention grabbing enough This was one of those rare moments when I actually paid attention first to the summary It was intriguing, oozes something between sensual and forbidden I mean, she done some not so brotherly act with her stepbrother Even though they are not blood related we all know it is frowned upon by our society And when things didn t work out, she find herself getting close to a soon to [...]

  24. GAH I had such high hopes for this being my next 5 star read It was soo close, but not quite 4.5 stars Warning This review may contain minor spoilers, I will warn beforehand though.Before I go off on a rant, I want to start off talking about all the things I loved I loved Lexie s character, her humour and her incredible passion for art, and eventually for teaching children I loved Trent, the step brother, in the beginning, I should have been grossed out, disgusted maybe Trent and Lexie had lived [...]

  25. .Guys I m going to try my best to not make this an extremely rant filled review If anything, I just want this to be over with Ironically, that s exactly how I felt when I was reading this I typically don t read reviews prior to picking up a book, because I like going in blindWhen I read the synopsis for this book, I got excited, because of the element of forbidden romance I thought that as with most contemporary romance novels, there would be angst y moments, there would be times of conflict, an [...]

  26. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned It has beenwella whole lot of days since my last confession Probably a year or I accuse myself of the following sins OMG I cannot describe how much I loved this book I mean the whole taboo subject of falling for your step brother aaaannd a priest in the making just made this one of those books that I just couldn t say no too Lexie has recently dumped her boyfriend of three and a half years after finding out he is a lying cheating scum bag She runs into the [...]

  27. While reading A Little Too Far, I had the privilege of being a part of an online Reading Discussion Group with a bunch of spicy gals who share a passion for reading After 10% in, we were all chatting away and a little over eager to see were Lexie s emotional journey would take us.This addictive storyline transported us into the heroine s world of Lexie Banks A taboo tale where she battles her feelings between two leading men her step brother, Trent Sorenson and her confidant, the Reverend Alessa [...]

  28. HOLY AMAZEBALLS THIS BOOK WAS EXCELLENT Review coming soon for book tourWhen you are done reading A Little Too Far you might have to go to church and confess your sins because I can guarantee you that your thoughts while reading this book will be SINFUL Let me begin with saying that I knew when Lisa Desrochers would write a book that was outside the young adult level, it was going to be SAUCYLICIOUS to the max In Lisa s young adult Personal Demons series, she never went over the limit but even s [...]

  29. How do I love thee Let me count the ways That is what popped immediately into my head when I sat down to write the review for A LITTLE TOO FAR by until recently Lisa Desrochers, an unknown author to me What s really funny about this one, is I participated in the first cover reveal and I wasn t blown over by it In fact, I d seen the old cover on several other books The second cover this one not so much either If I m going to be honest neither cover does this book justice The book is simply that g [...]

  30. A Little Too Far has been one of my most highly anticipated books of the year I put a lot of pressure on this book, perhaps a little too much But rest assured, because A Little Too Far delivered in a huge way It was FAB U LOUS.I think stories are best left to be read, not summarized in a review And trust me, even a world class summarization could do justice to the characters OMG Trent , or just how beautifully Desrochers depicted this story of love and guilt and duty and fate Lexie s story, that [...]

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