Infected: Prey

Unlimited Infected: Prey - by Andrea Speed - Infected: Prey, Infected Prey In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The murder of a former co

  • Title: Infected: Prey
  • Author: Andrea Speed
  • ISBN: 9781632163264
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Infected: Prey - by Andrea Speed, Infected: Prey, Andrea Speed, Infected Prey In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The murder of a former cop draws Roan into an odd case where an unidentifiable species of cat appears to be showing an unusual level of intelligence He juggles that with trying to find a missing teenIn a world Unlimited Infected: Prey - by Andrea Speed - Infected: Prey, Infected Prey In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The murder of a former co

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  • Unlimited Infected: Prey - by Andrea Speed
    130 Andrea Speed
Infected: Prey

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  1. Welcome to another chapter of my life whereSeriously, people Pants What s the point Okay So Infected Prey Review I really like it and I want to read Further details First we have Roan said like lone Well, like that but minus 15 years and with a punk rock t shirt.Roan s a PI He s cynical and jaded character traits every PI must have I for one will never grow tired of it If there s a PI in anything I always imagine this Don t judge me Humphrey Bogart is awesome and I m still pissed he died 20 yea [...]

  2. This is made up of two novellas Book 1 Infected 3 stars Book 2 Prey 4 stars Overall 3.5 stars.This is an Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Crime Thriller, really focused on the mystery element than the romance However, it was the complexities and the great characterization that was the driving force behind the story.This book is a very different, unique and a intelligent interpretation of how humans become shape shifters and as this is an m m novel, I found it interesting that the author u [...]

  3. 3.5 starsI think this might be the beginning of a serious hook up for me Roan and Paris have started worming their way into my heart and I know I am heading towards serious feels Hope my heart is up to it.This was a slow read, I did not manage to gobble it up in a day or two like I gorp up other books But I didn t mind this at all I loved the world building, Ms Speed s brilliant take on shape shifting Just a totally believable exploration of this world she created and the pulls and pushes that m [...]

  4. First, I have to admit that I ve just finished reading the 8th and final book of the Infected series and I decided that I just had to step back and write a review of the first book Why To encourage everyone to invest the time and read the series.The were cat virus appeared out of no where For three or four days every four weeks, the infected transform into a big cat If you re infected young enough and you re strong enough your body might be able to endure the stress of the transformation but you [...]

  5. First, a couple clarifications This is actually two novellas, Infected and Prey, rather than one long novel Also, there is no sex in this book though it s very much M M , but that didn t actually bother me at all.I spent most of my reading time with Infected Prey thinking about how great it almost was but wasn t quite I actually put it down for a couple weeks in the middle of the first novella and felt no particular compulsion to return to it, though in the end I m glad I did Andrea crafts a fas [...]

  6. In Andrea Speed s world of the Infected series a part of the population is infected by a virus, similar to AIDS, which has turned people in to various types of cat strains The cats have viral cycles which can t be influenced and the transformation is accompanied by pain and loss of the conscious human mind Being infected with the cat virus is nothing romantic or fancy it s scary, hurts like hell, eats away a great deal of your body weight and depending on the type of strain you have costs you yo [...]

  7. This was really good and I want to devour the entire series but I m so scared to read book two I know what s going to happen and I don t know if my heart can take it Gah

  8. 3.5 Stars rounded up For those looking for something a bit different from the typical were shifter canon, this is your book In this reality, if you re not human, you re either born with a cat affliction or infected with one of the various cat viruses Regardless, this change to animal form occurs monthly without conscious effort or retaining one s humanity This series focuses on Roan, an ex cop turned private detective, who along with his lover Paris, somehow finds himself smack dab in the middle [...]

  9. Roan is an ex cop turned PI He s cynical and snarky is there any other kind and the only person whom he s let get close to him is his current boyfriend and business partner, Paris This book is divided into two novellas and each has a case that Roan is hired to solve In the first he s hired to find a missing teen and in the second he s hired to look into the murders of werecats Of course the deeper he digs the complicated everything gets.Roan and Paris are werecats also known as infecteds Paris [...]

  10. 4.5 starsThis book has an intelligent urban fantasy world build up a world where instead of AIDS people can be infected with cat virus Depending on the virus strain, those people will be transformed into the respective cat there were five separate strains cougar, lion, leopard, panther, and tiger Roan McKichan read McKee Cann is an ex cop turns private detective is a virus child he was born with the virus integrated to his DNA his strain is Lion and he is a lion for five days out of every month [...]

  11. DING, DING, DING WE HAVE A WINNER This be me right now I m a very happy kitty lover I absofuckinglutely loved this book I ve kind of been putting off reading this for a while There is one very big reason and lots of little ones but now all I keep thinking is that I m a total moron and should start putting on my big girl pants and read the things I know are going to hurt but are probably going to be awesome I say this every time I read something that I love that I have been putting off because o [...]

  12. 3.5 Stars This was a very good start to the series The book is made up of two novellas stories I gave Infected 3 stars and Prey 4 stars This is a world where people can get infected by a virus, which depending on the strain, will transform them into a certain type of cat species Basically, it s the paranormal version of AIDS The stigma is there, the pain and isolation both physically and mentally, and a shortened life span The world building is excellent It s fascinating and you get immersed imm [...]

  13. 3.5 starsOkay so I ve had this book for a long time Thank Bingo for calling the Urban Fantasy shelf I knew a little bit about the series from other friends I knew it heartbreak expected in book two, but urban fantasy isn t my go to genre I like romance and even paranormal mixed together So I was very hesitant about reading this I know book one in alot of fantasy series deals with the world building and some times that can overwhelm a reader It can be difficult to follow along with the story, the [...]

  14. Review I m not sure why I used to think this series was about zombies, but I m glad I finally got over it and read this anyway Roan and his boyfriend Paris are wonderful characters, and I immediately became a fan of how they obviously loved each other no matter what The mystery private detective aspects of the book were very well done, and kept my interest going I don t know if I ll continue with the series though since view spoiler Paris apparently dies which totally sucks fat ugly donkey balls [...]

  15. Infected Prey is a masterful urban fantasy that effortlessly weaves in flawless world building with mystery and an affecting relationship between the two leads, lovers Roan and Paris From the first page I was drawn into the story and were it not for a couple of flaws, this would have been a beyond excellent read.The novel is split into two stories, linked by the setting and the characters of Roan and Paris Roan is a virus child , born with the cat virus which means that for 5 days out of each mo [...]

  16. Infected Prey is a very entertaining Urban fantasy story featuring Paris and Roan, two cat shifters While Paris has been infected during young adulthood, Roan is a so called virus child he has been born with the virus in his genes Roan is a former cop, now working as a private investigator Paris is his assistant in different cases Still connected to many people on the force, Roany is often asked to help them out in kitty crimes Compared to many other shifter stories, the whole concept felt quite [...]

  17. This is now one of my favorite shifter universes because it s relatively unique in its treatment Werecat viruses are transmittable in several different strains depends on the type of cat that bites you, of course and for a week a month, at the peak of the individual s strain of the virus, each shifter is plagued by the shifts, completely losing their human side to the exceptionally painful process.The werecat viruses infect a good sized chunk of the population enough to the point that the popula [...]

  18. Love this take on werecat shifter cat as a virulent and carrier One hot ex cop and his superhot lover wending through gruesome murders during a missing person s case Too many things to love two hot guys, nice body count, subversive take on a repressive society, lions, and tigers and no just a lion and tiger Favorite quotes Roan had an almost unquenchable urge to sucker punch anyone who had a racist tattoo he just wanted to smash their heads into walls until they left dents There were so many goo [...]

  19. 4.5 stars The author s skill at world building is awesome It reminds me of the premise for Hemovore except with werecats The characters are wonderfully complex and the storyline keeps you reading for .

  20. Sexy Sleuths Crazy cats Powerful love.RoanBorn into the shifting world, he is a fierce and stubborn lion thru and thru Though he only transforms into a fearless predator once a month, the lion bleeds into the man he can t turn the cat off When walking on 2 legs he s a bold and brass ex cop working as a PI He stumbles into couple of puzzling investigations as he discreetly helps old friends from the force, and fears a possible serial kitty killer is on the loose Working a runaway case, he finds h [...]

  21. Infected Prey by Andrea Speed has been a great book, so far I ve actually just finished the 1st book, there are two that make up the novel I liked it so much that I ll give it a gold star just on part one alone The story telling was excellent with a nice scooby mystery, and the romance between Roan and Paris very much underpinning it rather than being sole focus What surprised me I guess is the lack of sex in the book Sex is usually pretty high on my list of must haves and yet the story itself w [...]

  22. Hmmm.I felt like I was dropped into book three of a series, I kept having to check to make sure that this was the first and that I hadn t started with the wrong one Couldn t really connect with any of the characters or the storyline Not a book for me.

  23. DNF Pg 279 of 376I TRIED Goodness gracious, for two weeks I tried so hard I m so upset This story felt so different when I started it I was drawn in by the world building, the whole concept and the characters The interactions between Roan and Paris were so good I didn t even miss the sex But unfortunately, once I notice something it starts nagging in a very irritating way and I couldn t overcome it view spoiler The excessive us of parenthesis I ll give an example She lived in a trailer park in a [...]

  24. This is Paris LehaneAnd he is Roan s Tiger I m sorry Paris gasped I fell asleep upstairs, and woke upI tried to get downstairs butThose are the first words from Paris and he stole my heart swiftlyThe Book Roan, is one tough cookie, I loved him too Wow Lions, TigersMysteryWorld buildingToaster naming good stuffd, gosh, I love this couple, they have such an endearing sweetness.Book 1 I like it , a lot its a about 4 Solid Stars, starts off a wee bit slow, but ends spectacular but, I did miss the ro [...]

  25. 4.25 StarsMay post a longer review later, but I m not sure so many books in this series I may not have time Well constructed hard boiled detective novel with a paranormal subplot and a happily coupled gay werelion as the MC In tone I basically got the slightly odd but somehow attractive love child of Jordan Castillo Price s PsyCop series and Michael Nava s 80s 90s classics, the Henry Rios mysteries really people should have know those books I like that Roan and Paris, the two leads, are in a be [...]

  26. This was a 5 star read for me until near the end I have to take off a star for the endless droning on inside Murphy s head at the most crucial part of the book It was so frustrating For the first time I had to start skimming Why am I suddenly reading all of her thoughts at this pinnacle when she had been a minor character to this point And I have to agree with other reviewers that we get a very thorough description of every character that shows up including random pizza delivery boys and bank te [...]

  27. 3.5Interesting, likeable characters and good plot Highly recommended But there were three things that rubbed me off in the wrong way It could be that I m just too sensitive as other reviewers didn t mention it or maybe they did I didn t read every review Paris jokes about his slutty past that borders with self deprecation How were they going to ugly Paris up Without prosthetics, that was going to be difficult.An albeist slur No comments.But what I m going to do is wonder why there should be a ne [...]

  28. You may find that the stories take a little time to settle but I advise you not to give up and get over the few lengths here and there You will be immensely rewarded because there is so much to like in these books.Andrea Speed s vision of shape shifting and our reality are so well intermingled that I got sucked into her world without questioning it.The mysteries are very well developed and kept me on edge until the end.I could only grow attached to her characters while discovering them, layer af [...]

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