Infected: Bloodlines

[PDF] Read ✓ Infected: Bloodlines : by Andrea Speed - Infected: Bloodlines, Infected Bloodlines In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The newly married Roan is

  • Title: Infected: Bloodlines
  • Author: Andrea Speed
  • ISBN: 9781632163288
  • Page: 386
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read ✓ Infected: Bloodlines : by Andrea Speed, Infected: Bloodlines, Andrea Speed, Infected Bloodlines In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The newly married Roan is struggling to balance his work with his home life as he grows increasingly distracted by his husband Paris s declining health One case with strong emotions attached takes upIn a [PDF] Read ✓ Infected: Bloodlines : by Andrea Speed - Infected: Bloodlines, Infected Bloodlines In a world where a werecat virus has changed society Roan McKichan a born infected and ex cop works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds The newly married Roan is

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Infected: Bloodlines : by Andrea Speed
    386 Andrea Speed
Infected: Bloodlines

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  1. Well, that fucking sucked In an awesome way.I don t really want to review this book Reviewing it means letting it go and I want to hold onto the hurt a little longer But it s time to suck it up.Because I love spoiling things for myself I read the blurbs for this entire series, so I knew exactly what was coming in this book That s right, people, ugly crying Snotty crying.I can t even talk about it I don t know what to say It s horrible It s beautiful I want I never want to read this shit again.I [...]

  2. Brilliant meticulous torture Emotionally epic Ultimate loss First of all It is imperative you have the background of the first book before boarding this heart twisting ride It s crucial to properly understand the continuation of this series Second Muster courage, for you will need it.Having read and adored Prey, I was aware of the emotional demon drop I was surrendering myself to It was no surprise that there would be grief, heartache and sorrow.It was a surprise however, how genuine the pain, h [...]

  3. This book is tighter than the first one in which Speed gave us the background and backstory Now she immediately went down to the nitty gritty and made me walk with Roan, the book made me feel like he did Like him, my focus was on Paris and their life togetherLike him, I ve been expecting what happened and yes you do prepare yourself but the knock is still hard.Like him, I was scared to go forwards.Like him, I m feeling the loneliness now that the book is finished, bereft view spoiler Going in mo [...]

  4. The story was great, the end was heartbreaking.I know this series goes on, for several books, but in this moment, I cant imagine how I know Roan is the real lead to the story, and that the next book will probably blow me away I just can t imagine not having Paris by his side think the author had guts, to put out a character that we would fall in love with, knowing that they would be killed off That s good, authors should be fearless, and tell their story their way, and not how people expect the [...]

  5. WARNING VERY SPOILERY ON HOW THIS BOOK ENDSThe story starts with Roan taking a case from Matt the puppy boy who has huge crush on him from book 1 , who wants Roan to look for his missing friend But as the investigation goes along, the missing friend turns up dead, and the witness of her disappearance is also stabbed Roan must sort through a whole bunch of suspected friends and who might wants the girl killed However, while doing the investigation, Roan must also struggle to keep his heart in che [...]

  6. This was such sad and emotional read and it was worth it Sure, I knew what was coming If you ve read book 1 you know too but I thought it was really well done The ending was perfect It was sad but it left me with a sense of peace.The mystery really took a back seat to what was going on with Paris It was fine and it moved the story along but it was mostly used to show just how well Roan has adapted to the virus.I m really liking this series and I m looking forward to book 3.Thanks to my BR buddie [...]

  7. Bloodlines is the follow up to Infected Prey which brought us into the world of Roan McKichan, a private detective infected with the lion strain In Roan s world, a cat virus very similar to AIDS is on the loose, with the tiger strain being the most dangerous and, ultimately fatal And Paris, Roan s husband, is infected by itBloodlines was another solid story by Andrea Speed The author knows how to tell a good urban fantasy tale, in where she weaves an interesting plot with great characters This t [...]

  8. 3.5 stars I was taking my time before picking up this book, because I knew what was coming In Bloodlines I was able to get to know Roan and Paris better and I loved their interaction and their relationship their ability to function without a lot of words is fascinating Once again, the mystery was well written and very catchy I won t say much else, because I can t write an elaborate review after reading this heartbreaking story But it was one of those things that was so huge, so impossible to fat [...]

  9. You know, I wish Andrea Speed was a crappy writer, because then I wouldn t give a crap about these characters, but this is not the case at all This is technically the 3rd book in her Infected Series, which started off as an online free story The first commercially released book Infected Prey contains the first two books of the series In all of these books we are introduces to a society where the cat virus is spread much like AIDS There are virus children and people that get infected There are fo [...]

  10. This sucks I hate and love this story The new details we learn about Roan as he deals with Paris is astounding and heartbreaking The case while good is ancillary to what is happening with them and their marriage The rest of the review contains major spoilers so I ve marked it as such view spoiler Jesus, my eyes are like hot coals in my face Paris s death while we knew it was coming was incredibly painful Roan is right, being the witness to events is actually harder than enduring them yourself An [...]

  11. Oh my goodness I haven t cried this hard in a while I will be walking into work with puffy eyes and a heavy heart I mean, I knew what was going to happen because certain tossers can t put a spoiler tag on their review But knowing and reading it in that moment was two completely different things It was so heartbreaking From the beginning to the end just reading about it left a dull ache in my chest I mean Roan and Paris get married and instead of spending their time in married bliss, it s a ticki [...]

  12. There s still an occasional clunkiness and the book gets heavy but the emotional impact is immense I think this book is smoother than the first, there s less information to get across, though we re still learning about this world that s both familiar and different.The book could be a trigger for people, from the beginning there s the theme of impending death with both a powerlessness and beauty to it There s no long speeches, we re carried along close to Roan s heels solving his puzzle and yet t [...]

  13. This is not a proper review, because it s impossible to write a review for a book which strikes all the naked emotions of loss This story stripped me raw and made me cry buckets of tears and not because it deals with loss in a sappy way, but because it deals with it with honesty The writing style is terse and it s perfect to describe the desperate emptiness Roan s feels, to convey Paris dignity in his choice of what to do with his life.Love flows throughout the book, in Roan s contained grief, i [...]

  14. This was how the world ended Not with a bang, but with a whimper I m always going to be with you, you know As long as you remember me, I will exist Memory is a form of existence, life after death If you read this and want to destroy yourself afterward then listen to M83 Before The Dawn Heals Us For reasons I m crying again.

  15. This was the second book in the Infected series and a worthy continuation of Prey I wasn t all that impressed with the detective story but the relationship bit was done very well and it was very movie despite the foretold ending I m looking forward to reading Book 3 Thanks to my reading buddies Sofia, R A Reader Obsessed, Otila and Rosa for the fun experience

  16. The second installment in this paranormal series definitely pulls no punches when it comes to emotional impact and pain In this world, shifters are either born with a certain cat virus or infected with it each with their own complicated consequences Our MC Roan is the rare born shifter who is actually not encumbered with the oft sickly side effects of the virus he is slowly evolving into a stronger human cat mix, able to shift at will and maximize his powers for any and all situations His husban [...]

  17. You should charge admission into your life It s a trip There is no possible way to explain the gut punch this book threw at me Tears stinging and threatening Stomach and heart knotted Trying to hold on Then all of a sudden, I m just an all out hand over my mouth, tears streaming down, big ole ball of sobs and snot Cried myself to sleep actually And.I would do it all over again Andrea Speed s characters, world, and writing pulled me in with emotion, humor, mystery, and love A writing style full o [...]

  18. view spoiler Couldn t read my kindle for snot tears at the end of this book M83 s Before the Dawn Heals Us is named as Paris s final soundtrack to die to youtube watch v WAkFPN If there s an afterlife after all, I ll see you there I ll save you a good seat view spoiler hide spoiler hide spoiler

  19. It s been a while since I actually cried at the end of a book, but this one did it Damn Well written, with a real plot, a deep love story, and the honesty not to dodge the bullet that was coming with a miracle of some kind I will reread this one often, but I am deeply grateful that the sequel is already published so I can open it immediately.

  20. A normal work of fiction should not affect someone as deeply as this book affected me Obviously it s not a normal story, but one that grabbed hold of my heart in the first book Infected Prey and clutched and strangled it even in this one This was like two different books for me one involving the mystery that needed to be solved and the other only about Paris I confess I had read a couple of spoilers before I started I confess I had to set my e reader aside a few times and read something else to [...]

  21. As some of you know, I do not give out many 5 star ratings But I had to for this book for the bottom line here I have not stopped crying for some time now That suggests to me that the characters were so well written to evoke such an expression of emotion from me, that even though I knew what was coming, I was still so torn up at the end that it actually happened I also have never hated an author hee not really Andrea, but right now if you were in front of me, I might actually slap you I kept wa [...]

  22. I now feel completely numb and have just cried for the last twenty minutes or so but what a perfect final day for Paris and Roan I love that Paris did all he could to prepare Roan and plan for when he s not going to be around, making sure he ll be surrounded by friends and not left to wallow in his grief I think the only way forward for me is to dive headfirst into the next book Life After Death.

  23. I ve loved the world building and the characters in Andrea Speed s Infected series, so much so that even though I knew this was going to be a sad book without any hope of a HEA, I still got my box of tissues ready and sat down to read.The book follows on from Infected Prey Roan and Paris have just recently been married in Canada and since then Paris health has been deteriorating at a fast rate, as each time the virus forces him to change into a tiger, he grows closer to death Ironically, as Roan [...]

  24. Warning spoilers ahead I didn t even bother with tags on this one.Oh, and my other warning stock up on the Kleenex, folks, because this one is a tear jerker Me, right now This will be short and to the point, because what can I really say about this book I knew what was coming from page 1, and even though it broke my heart like I knew it would, it was totally worth the heart ache Roan and Paris s love is pretty epic, and their tragedy completely overshadows the mystery plot of this book I mean, t [...]

  25. I d been spoiled already and so I knew Paris s death was coming, and yet I still bawled my eyes out It started around 94%, that sort of tearing up, quick breathing thing, and then I was just crying and crying some I think I used something like 20 tissues After I finished, I just put my phone down and cried for a while, then got myself under control, only to get all weepy again when I started writing this well, it isn t even a review Whatever this is One thing I am glad about I was worried Paris [...]

  26. 4 STARSBE STILL MY HEARTDOOH MY GAAAAWDTHIS WAS SOOOOO, SADIT WAS ALSOPowerful.BeautifulTearfulHeart WrenchingLovingAndSo Gut Wrenching Sad.I have no words as my mind is mush right now.ooh Paris

  27. 4.5 starsBloodlines was much better than the first one It still had some of the same writing issues, but it was less irritating in this book I m sure this was because Roan and Paris stole the show and now I m able to ignore most of it There seemed to be less parenthesis, however the long ass descriptions still drove me nuts I was not expecting this type of heart ache You could feel the love between Roan and Paris on every page Even though I was warned, I was still hoping for miracle I haven t cr [...]

  28. I had a slow day at work and decided to finish reading this in my office, which turned out to be a big mistake Had to close the door and have a quiet cry.

  29. Wow, amazing and so much better than the first book.I m still disappointed that there are no on the page sex scenes but the great character development makes up for it Roan is still a little too focused on work but that s what makes him such a great investigator Paris is simply wonderful and Canadian DMake sure to have some tissuesis one is a doosey

  30. I ve never cried like this over a book It s just so heartbreaking and if I re read this I m going to cry like a baby again.Can I give it 10 1 for beautiful writing.1 for a good plot.1 for solid characters I love all the characters here including the bad guys 1 for Paris and his lovable traits.1 for Roan and his strength to love Paris after he was betrayed by his former lover.1 for Roan and his strength to love Paris even though he knows the ending of their relationship.1 for Paris and his love f [...]

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