[PDF] Download ☆ Firebird : by Annabel Joseph - Firebird, Firebird Prosper is thrilled to be plucked from the corps de ballet to dance the lead role in Firebird But Jackson the guest choreographer is as sexy as he is demanding Prosper soon finds herself flustered b

  • Title: Firebird
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ☆ Firebird : by Annabel Joseph, Firebird, Annabel Joseph, Firebird Prosper is thrilled to be plucked from the corps de ballet to dance the lead role in Firebird But Jackson the guest choreographer is as sexy as he is demanding Prosper soon finds herself flustered by his closeness and his unforgiving gaze She gets caught up in kinky fantasies that make it difficult for her to concentrate on his steps She imagines him as her Dominant Prosper is thrilled [PDF] Download ☆ Firebird : by Annabel Joseph - Firebird, Firebird Prosper is thrilled to be plucked from the corps de ballet to dance the lead role in Firebird But Jackson the guest choreographer is as sexy as he is demanding Prosper soon finds herself flustered b

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Firebird : by Annabel Joseph
    334 Annabel Joseph

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    Annabel Joseph is a NYT and USA Today bestselling BDSM erotic romance author She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras She is recognized for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real even flawed so readers are better able to relate to them Annabel publishes with Ellora s Cave and Loose Id in addition to her own imprint, Scarlet Rose Press She also writes non BDSM erotic romance under the name Molly Joseph You can sign up to receive Annabel s newsletter here wordpress7st manage Some of Annabel s favorite authors are Laura Kinsale, Judith McNaught, Jo Beverley, Flannery O Connor, Molly Weatherfield, and Anneke Jacob.Annabel Joseph loves to hear from her readers at annabeljosephnovels gmail.


  1. 4 girl burns boy STARS My first read from Annabel s was Mercy and it contains some heavy BDSM elements Like Mercy, Firebird still has the same theme around ballet which I m not familiar of I m surprised with how tame this book and I loved it.Prosper Ware wouldn t dare to dream for the main lead of Firebird She s also lusting after Jackson Spencer, the new choreographer He haunted every of her kinky dream include Jackson as a Dominant who disciplined her It turns out the feeling is mutual Because [...]

  2. 1st read August 31, 2014Love Annabel s books 2nd read June 25 26, 20153rd read 3 4 September 2016

  3. This is a 4.5 star from me Since I truncate, it s a 4 star This is by far my favourite book by Ms Joseph I loved this ballet bdsm story I liked how both Prosper and Jackson weren t mentally ill people Sometimes, Ms Joseph writes stories of people who are just f ed up F ed and medicating with BDSM is a pet peeve of mine.In this one, instead, the two come together in sexy synergy The mating dance they do together is breathtaking and very arousing I enjoyed every D s scene This story reminded me of [...]

  4. Really liked this This was a little softer than some of her other books but I loved how it was set in the ballet world I ve been in and out of ballet since I was preschool and I ve known several choreographers Most of the male ones have been as gay as the day is long So it was a little bit of a stretch to envision his supreme masculinity Even the straight ones have an effeminate appeal I have never once in my life envisioned Balanchine watching me dance with a riding crop in his hand After all t [...]

  5. The perfect blend of pain, pleasure and romanceOh baby This is what happens when extreme talent writes a beautifully, erotic romance A story of a ballerina and her choreographer, Firebird read like a ballet in itself sweet and graceful at times, but mysterious and tension filled at others Jackson has come to NYC to choreograph an edgier version of the ballet Firebird He begins ruffling feathers by casting Prosper Ware, a corps dancer, as the lead role While the choreographer side of Jackson push [...]

  6. It s weird I wavered between giving this a 2 or 4 star rating At one point, I was about to say eff it and just give it 4 stars since I was wavering so badly, and everyone seemed to rate it high, but as you can see, I gave it 2 stars instead After some thinking, I thought the writing was good, but the relationship between the Heroine and all other characters fell flat for me Her only friend in the dance troupe was annoying at best and the secondary love interest Blake was too flaky for my tastes [...]

  7. I have heard several people say that reading FIREBIRD is like reading Joseph s MERCY i ll have to say that I disagreeunless of course you are considering that both books are about submissive dancers with tortured pasts and Dominant men who can t live without said dancer I quite enjoyed FIREBIRD I will say that the heroine s timid persona got a little old after a while, but I still like her character If you enjoyed MERCY, then you will definitely like this one too.________________________________ [...]

  8. An erotic romance with strong shades of BDSM, another well written story by this very talented author This is the story of Prosper, a talented ballerina whose self doubt holds her back from realising her potential Jackson is the Dominant who pulls her from the corps de ballet and propels her to centre stage as the principal dancer in his production of The Firebird.I don t think that this story in itself is as strong as others I have read by this author It s certainly not as intense or as angst r [...]

  9. Set amidst a revolutionary production of Stravinsky s Firebird we witness a corps dancer s struggle with her rise from obscurity to lead She is technically perfect, but as with most people who demonstrate such rigid control she s mentally a mess Prosper, love the name, under the tutelage of the choreographer, Jackson, struggles not with the mechanics, but rather the fear I won t divulge further details, rather allow the reader to experience it.This book contains moderate elements of bdsm, and fo [...]

  10. Really enjoyed this story I ve been meaning to read Mercy or any of the ballet themed books by this author for quite sometime and I m glad I started with Firebird When I think of ballet, I think it s all classical and serious, so I really loved reading where bdsm and ballet go hand in hand When Jackson was first describing how he wanted a darker version for the Firebird, what popped into mind was Black Swan and for some reason was thinking of Sonya Tayeh s routines even though there aren t reall [...]

  11. Firebird is the first AJ novel I read and I can t say I m thrilledIn theory, the story would have been a great one In paper, that was poorly achieved The idea of a fit ballet dancer in the BDSM lifestyle is quite unique and intriguing, especially when she is engaged in a BDSM relationship with the mysterious guest choreographer who chose her to be the leading ballerina for his revolutionary version of the Firebird A kind of Pygmalion and Galatea BDSM story in the settings of a refined show busi [...]

  12. Ballerina in Bondage Need I Say More The Plot Jackson is a choreographer from Chicago who is on temporary assignment with the Townsend Ballet in New York to produce Firebird Prosper is a corps ballerina at the Townsend with no chance of making principal Day in, day out, she lusts over Jackson as he scours the company to cast his Firebird She dreams of his dominating her, but knows that her dreams are only a fantasy But, when Jackson casts Prosper as Firebird over the company s prinipal ballerina [...]

  13. Jae s Dark Divas Review of this title I wasn t too sure how easy it would be to get into Firebird I know absolutely nothing about ballet or dance, and you start out thrown right into their world But within two pages, if even that long, you re inside this world like you ve belonged there all along There are no awkward moments where you don t understand what s going on there is no long exposition to explain anything either I m not sure how Annabel Joseph did it, but she made me understand and invo [...]

  14. I adore stories set in the ballet world, and Annabel Joseph doesn t disappoint when she captures all the nuances and realistic backdrop of a genuine ballet company Either she has been a ballerina, or she s researched well enough to make us believe she has Her ability to weave elements of BDSM into the world of ballet dancing is extraordinary.That said, let me get to the plot of the story Prosper is given the chance of a lifetime to dance the lead role in The Firebird by a demanding guest choreog [...]

  15. Read for the Gang Bang Challenge in the BDSM GroupA great HEA, BDSM, romance I enjoyed the story and I liked the characters The BDSM scenes were nice as well I m generally a fan of the heavier stuff but I still enjoyed this Their scenes are serious but sweet and romantic too Overall, I did enjoy this read However, I found a few to many similarities to Mercy I m glad that I didn t read them back to back If I had it would have been lucky to get two stars Both stories have ballet In both there s a [...]

  16. The first half of this book was a solid 4 star read for me I was totally captivated and caught up in the world building, which actually surprised me as I am not a fan a ballet Then around the 60% mark the story started to drag Nothing much seemed to evolve, I was tempted to start skimming pages Never a good sign But I resisted doing so and continued The sex scenes were smoking hot, but I didn t really get the amount of power exchange that occurred in such a short time, how needy the heroine beca [...]

  17. A sweet love story with whippings honestly, it doesn t get much better than that I was worried because I had read some of the authours other ballet stories, so how could it be new Actually, this was the pre cursor to any of them, so would it be too light It really ended up not being any type of concern, I mean, there is only so much to change about a troupe, but the story was original The troubles and tribulations were unique and I was drawn in right awayIt is a rather sweet love story, and the [...]

  18. What a wonderful book If you like steamy romances, great characters warning Jackson may become your new book boyfriend , and plenty of bdsm spice, then you will want to add Firebird to your reading shelf Annabel s writing in this book is so good that I was instantly drawn into the story and characters It may sound sappy, but I genuinely cared for the two main characters well being and wanted to see their relationship grow I thought the balance between the romantic aspects of the story and the ho [...]

  19. I honestly loved this book right up to about 60% of the way through It was captivating, and I really enjoyed the couple I thought they had an amazing amount of chemistry, and the scenes between them could set you on fire I think where things went wrong for me was with the big reveal of Prosperity s secret It seemed odd to me that she would hold that type of blame for so long when she was so young when it happened I would have liked it to be something else in all honesty even though I know that h [...]

  20. 3.5Spoilerish maybeThis is really hard to review It flowed really well and then it was like a switch was flicked and the H h feelings just changed The sex was hot The story was devent I just feel that the characters needed to develope alone and separately a bit in order for their relationship to change I don t even know it was just kind of like ummm what Still a good story just kind of iffy This was my first book from this author and I will probably read another one to see what happens

  21. I enjoyed this one from Annabel Joseph This is the third book I ve read by this author and her books are always hot I enjoyed the chemistry between Jackson and Prosper My heart went out to Prosper because of her tough past and the pressure to be perfect Overall I enjoyed this one Her books are quick reads that hold my attention.

  22. Love the author, love the heroes, love the stories, love the eroticism, love the heroines I read a lot of Erotica but I have only 4 authors I have to buy books from, Annabel Joseph is one The books are real and deep at the same time No wishy washy dialogue or Fabio hero, it s hard, it s tough and it s love.

  23. So, so good Just loved it It will definitely be a re read for me in the future Prosper and Jackson together were just so incredibly hotm.I loved what Annabel Joseph did with this story the way she weaved it and drew the reader it with the beauty and parallels on what was happening on the ballet stage and between the two main characters.

  24. This was an awesome book I m kicking myself for waiting so long to try out Annabel Joseph, because she is very talented I enjoyed the dancer choreographer plot line, and I liked the way the D s was portrayed Very sexy I will definitely be checking out by this author

  25. I really love Annabel s books, Read this one in one sitting, couldn t put it down, but I had to break in my new Kindle excuses, excuses The spanking series are next

  26. Another find from Annabel Joseph Having had a dance major as a roommate in college, some of the dance things were familiar Loved this unique story.

  27. I have liked Annabel Joseph s writing and this ballet novel just proves that she is one amazing writer and story teller Prosper Ware, ballerina in the Corps de Ballet at the Townsend Ballet in New York as always been quiet, meek and in the back dancing in the rafters Until, Jackson Spencer comes to NY to direct a new choreographed Firebird Ballet He chooses Prosper over the top 2 lead Principals, which makes a commotion, but that doesn t stop Prosper from being a perfectionist for Jackson What o [...]

  28. As usual Annabel Joseph delivers a story with a good dose of both dramatic and sexual tension, as Jackson and Prosper develop a relationship that moves quickly from the rehearsal studio to his bedroom, when the demanding choreographer puts Prosper through her paces.

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