The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1

[PDF] The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 | by ☆ Quil Carter - The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1, The Ghost and the Darkness Volume I would say that my life changed as soon as those gunshots went off but in reality everything changed the moment Leo and Greyson loaded that decapitated body into the truck back in Donnely Now I am i

  • Title: The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1
  • Author: Quil Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 | by ☆ Quil Carter, The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1, Quil Carter, The Ghost and the Darkness Volume I would say that my life changed as soon as those gunshots went off but in reality everything changed the moment Leo and Greyson loaded that decapitated body into the truck back in Donnely Now I am in a place I don t recognize with people I had once seen as my enemies They are telling me that all of this is up to me and here I am just wishing I was in my basem [PDF] The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 | by ☆ Quil Carter - The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1, The Ghost and the Darkness Volume I would say that my life changed as soon as those gunshots went off but in reality everything changed the moment Leo and Greyson loaded that decapitated body into the truck back in Donnely Now I am i

  • [PDF] The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 | by ☆ Quil Carter
    139 Quil Carter
The Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1

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  1. Once again I am given the sadistic power of being able to review my own book This book is the best thing since Fois Ras, and as addicting as blue embered cigarettes.Though I m still unsure of that author, shifty little fucker that one.

  2. This book series deserves 10 starsAwardsAccoladesMillions of reader reviewsQuil Carter builds a world that for some crazy reason you want to be a part of You want to walk within the greywastes.You want to be with the Reaper apparently I have the wrong parts for him tho If you asked me in the beginning of 2014 if I would fall in love with a series where people EAT people I would have laughed in your face The jokes on me tho cause this series is hands down one of the best series out there.I have g [...]

  3. Pre ordered the book from I can t wait to read this book and I get withdrawal symptoms before the book are published in October head desk I want it now, please

  4. And it beginsMost characters get a POV in this instalment of the Fallocaust series It works well as there are people spread out in different locations for a good part of the book and there are major story arcs going on Without using these personal perspectives it would have been stilted with potentially unsympathetic characters Except Elish, who is already well known through Breaking Jade I love Reno Totally loyal, always honest, easy going, capable but self deprecating Funny, even if that s to [...]

  5. I thought this was fan fucking tactic, and not an easy thing to do either The merging of the two previous books, with completely different characters that are both amazing stories, Fallocaust and Breaking Jade, that also are running simultaneously in time, then have them both come smashing together in The Ghost and the Darkness was just brilliant I nearly didn t read Breaking Jade but I m SO glad I did because it s all about the bigger picture of WHY Reaver and Killian are SO important and the s [...]

  6. Until his dying day I d protect him I would make another Fallocaust and kill everyone all over again if it meant he was safe.This series is becoming my new addiction, the plot is getting twisted if that s even possible and I love the uniqueness of it This book HAS to be read after Breaking Jade which clears up a lot of things There are parts that made my heart leap into my throat, but I couldn t stop reading This is dark and gritty at its best and Chapter 29 was everything I dreaded, it broke m [...]

  7. I really only have a few things to say because I m still in a whole lot of hurt, a whole lot of shock, and a whole lot of pissed off Firstly, this book rocks It s brutal So much brutal than book one and Breaking Jade put together x s 1,000 There are parts so horrific, I had to stop, write to Quil and shake my fists at him before I could go back to reading But for all the horrid things that happen to the people I love in these hundreds of pages, there were some pretty fucking fantastic scenes Ti [...]

  8. OMFG I have so many thoughts and feelings, my mind is a jumble.The only things I know for certain, right now This is a fantastic book, I loved itThere is no torture sadistic enough for Perish and NeroReaver s birthday treat and aftermath, one of the hottest things I have ever read I can t wait to see of Sanguine.Thankfully, there s not too long to wait for vol 2 Need it NOW

  9. So I finished this Book in just one Day That says something I just totally love this Books okay Every single Character is totally fucked up crazy in one way or the other but still I am amazed by them There is some really really mindblowing stuff in this Book, I nearly screamed after finding it out Just wown t wait for Vol 2

  10. I laughed I cried I threw up in my mouth Loved it.2nd readStill rate it 5 scoops of ratmeal I highlighted the hell out of it this time through Theories are brewing my mind.

  11. 3.5 stars No matter what happens, I will come back I will find my way to you Never forget that never forget that, no matter what I belong to you and I love you So, obviously, I liked the first book much better than book 2 part 1 I finished this a few hours ago and til now I still don t know where to start this review of mine I d say, even if someone builds a bridge for me, I think I will never get over my dislike for Elish and Jade These two just irk me whatever they do Or sometimes, I just real [...]

  12. I NEED IT I NEED IT NOWWWWWW CANNOT wait until Halloween I CANNOT.Update 11 3 2014 So I read it And Jesus Christ, I am just as floored as I was after reading both Fallocaust and Breaking Jade LikeHoly shit.Okay, so I was expecting a certain situation to happen hereI had thought I was prepared mentally to experience itI was wrong It ruined me I didn t know that would be the extent of itIt felt like years had gone by when this happened, page after page of grueling detail and considering it was my [...]

  13. Ok so after i read this i couldn t even take the time to write a review before i started the next one I wish i could elaborate but i am not quite sure where volume one ended and two started As we all know This is a hard book to review without giving up secrets and there are lots of secrets There is so much going on at one time So many secrets being kept So many people you cannot trust Ugh this has got to be the most frustrating thing to try to fit words to my feelings for this book For those who [...]

  14. I have been waiting for this book since finishing Fallocaust Vol 1 and I have to say it was totally worth the wait I loved jumping right back into the dark and awesomely disturbing world that Quil Carter has created.Everything that attracted me to Fallocaust is here, the dystopian darkness and the looming hope, the characters evolution through the story, each of them growing but still at the core who I fell in love with in the first book was amazing This is a perfect follow up to Vol 1 You will [...]

  15. Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too They live inside us, and sometimes, they win Stephen King.I Just Got Back From Hell and again I am left emotionally drained and even addicted to this extremely f cked up world Hell, Gimme Some More

  16. Are you kidding me with this book I honestly didn t know how it was going to be better than the other two, but it so fucking was I cannot wait for vol 2 because Reaver seriously needs to get his revenge.

  17. Oh My God.It was one hell of a ride.Total mindfuck, if you ask me.I m not sure if this poor excuse of a review is suitable, but I m going to post it anyway.I loved every single word of this book.Now give me vol.2.

  18. 3.5 Stars Don t let them take you, I know I keep saying it but you re mine, no one else s I know, Killi Cat I won t Promise I don t need to promise, it s a fact Okay, I love you I love you too So after staying up all night to read this, it left me speechless I didn t know how to react probably because I was sleep deprived I was staring aimlessly and asked myself, What the heck just happened Now with sufficient amount of sleep, I could finally reflect on things properly view spoiler The remnants [...]

  19. Book 2, Vol.1 of FallocaustSo This is all about the warning tags There are many disturbing themes in the series To name a few cannibalism, rape, rape, extreme forms of physical and mental torture,drug use, and scenes written to elicit debilitating fear Amidst all of that, crazy as it seems, are a number of characters who love fiercely, who are devoted to their partners to the death, and sweet, tender moments that are a drop in the bucket of the grim reality depicted in this story And of course [...]

  20. Quil Carter You are a rat bastard It s finals week and I should be studying, but no.ead I am caught up in your crazy Ugh But seriously, dudeThis book justHalf of the characters make me want toAnd the other half I m just likeI did a lot ofThe next time Silas or Nero touch my babies I am just gonnaOff to read the next one This series is ruining my lifebut in the best possible way Oh and, Reno, baby

  21. I can t believe I actually read this the past 2 hours My depraved mindThis series will basically make you go WTF the entire time It s like the author just wanted to throw as much disturbing shit in here as possible rape, torture, cannibalism, violence, rinse, and repeat It bordered on ludicrous, so it wasn t really disturbing The writing really isn t so great There s lots of typos All the characters are still running around acting like freakin psychos and or budding serial killers But Reaver sti [...]

  22. Brilliant as UsualQuill, you are going to literally kill me I barely breathed throughout the entire book SPOILER How dare you leave me with poor little Killian looking at Perish just so the kid sees a damn slave collar Jade Oh poor Jade He can t be dead, right Right At least Reaver was saved END SPOILERIt is so funny when you read a really fantastic book it seems like it took no time at all to read I flew through this one faster than the first one.Brilliant Must read series.

  23. Amaze balls I LOVE THIS SERIES Every character has taken on a life They are real This isn t really fiction is it Reaver.Killian.JadeOh My I have run through a maze of emotions and I m in a state of awe of this author s creative genius I mean, where in the F %K did he come up this SH T I am so worn out from the trip that I need to rest before I can even start to think about reading volume 2 There is no way 5 stars is high enough to rate this series No Way.

  24. It s possibly 4.5 5 stars but I m so bloody mad I ll leave it at 4 I swear everyone in this series is horribly tortured or butchered Why am I reading this Don t frigging know except the writing is brilliant and the story compelling with a strong cast of characters You constantly want to know what happens next but then wished you didn t find out I don t think I can take any while I download the next volume

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