Sands of the Kalahari

[PDF] Read µ Sands of the Kalahari : by William Mulvihill - Sands of the Kalahari, Sands of the Kalahari None

  • Title: Sands of the Kalahari
  • Author: William Mulvihill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read µ Sands of the Kalahari : by William Mulvihill, Sands of the Kalahari, William Mulvihill, Sands of the Kalahari None [PDF] Read µ Sands of the Kalahari : by William Mulvihill - Sands of the Kalahari, Sands of the Kalahari None

  • [PDF] Read µ Sands of the Kalahari : by William Mulvihill
    294William Mulvihill
Sands of the Kalahari

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    William Mulvihill Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sands of the Kalahari book, this is one of the most wanted William Mulvihill author readers around the world.


  1. This is an easy read, and a page turner of a story, about a group of people trying to survive in the African Desert after a plane crash While i find the writing at times simplistic, this book has a permanent place on my bookshelf not for the story but for several beautifully written descriptive passages about the African landscape.

  2. I first read this when I was about fifteen I came across it again awhile ago and decided to give it another go A better than average survival story It was made into a film in 1965.

  3. How do they survive once their plane crashes in the desert If you love suspense, this story is for you

  4. The cover of my copy of Sands of the Kalahari is not yet on the internet Sadly, cause it says everything Broken plane Sand Mountains Shirtless Swooning Well, everything except the fact that the picture is totally wrong for the opening scene of the book no one s shirtless because who wants to burn, the token woman is most definitely not swooning or in a dress, the Ken doll ish man resembles none of other plane crash survivors the beefy big game hunter, the old German, the token black professor, t [...]

  5. Funny that doesn t yet have a cover pic of this book because that is what compelled me to read it.It was on my parent s shelf for some time when I was too young, but the cover was intriguing, the vast desert with mountainsabout, the small, crumpled airplane with the smoldering tire they set on fire as a rescue signal, the 6 little figures heading off, somewhere, their tracks in the sand That cover set the scene and you hadn t read a word yet A few years later I did read it, and still remember so [...]

  6. I gave this one 5 stars because it sparked my own interest in so many diverse topics bushmen, baboons, bees, German philosophy don t even ask how I ended up there , and much I was probably 10 or 12 when I first read it Sands of the Kalahari was perhaps the first adult themed fiction I read I was fascinated at how I could so readily be transported to the other side of the world and into a situation that was at once psychologically intimate, the first awareness of my own survival instinct, and an [...]

  7. A small plane crashes in a remote desert location There are survivors, but no one is looking for the plane The survivors need food, shelter and companionship Sands of the Kalahari is a simple exploration of our instinct to survive This book made me think about evil and how some people do not care who they hurt in order to prosper It also made me think about the prehistoric mentality of hunters who feel the need to kill in order to prove that they are powerful We are all animals, some bloodthirst [...]

  8. The author clearly loves the desert, and that came through enough to make this book really enjoyable for me I would have liked a deeper female character, but I found that shortcoming forgivable Otherwise for a 1960 release it holds up impressively well.

  9. One of my very favorite books and it s not a western A very gripping story of survival, love, hate, and human nature.

  10. This is a terrific survival story, with extraordinarily vivid descriptions of the southwestern African desert landscape I heartily recommend it

  11. Best survival story I ve read in years, and wonderfully evocative portraits of the Namibian landscape and people.

  12. This was on my parents bookshelf Must have read it in the late 60 s I remember it generated an interest in bushmen.

  13. Published in 1960, this is the tale of a small private plane that crashes in South West Africa the Kalahari or maybe the Namib, now Namibia The six survivors are marooned in the desert The story, by an authority on Africa, describes their hike to an island of rock with a water source, surrounded by dry sand, and how the individuals functioned in this limited oasis The author perhaps did not intended to show, in this Robinson Crusoe narrative, the incredible destruction people cause in an otherwi [...]

  14. This book was surprising good I cannot remember where or how I came to have this book but I m glad I have it The story is about a group of people crashing their plane in the middle of the Namib desert and they had to fight the elements and themselves to survive The book read like a movie and it was not surprising to know that there was a movie based on it in 1965 In addition to being entertaining, the book also contained a lot of observations about human nature and civilization.

  15. This book is the genesis of my interest in South Africa s storied history I read it only once, in 1992, but several elements still float in my subconscious I am not someone who enjoys traditional horror stories, finding instead that a simple look into the motives and examples of mankind provide enough of a thrill to chill my thoughts.

  16. A small plane carrying seven people heading to South Africa is downed in the middle of the Kalahari Desert One is D.O.A and the remaining six must figure out a way to survive since the chance of rescue is little to none Compelling details of desert life mixed with a thought provoking storyline involving survival of the fittest and sacrifice.

  17. Found this at a thrift store when I was looking to fill a shelf with old looking books I started browsing it and am engrossed now in the adventure.Okay, this book kept not being what one would expect It is as bare as the desert setting, with its tenuous grip on life in the extreme.

  18. The reason I joined a book club was that I would trad things I wouldn t normally choose This is a perfect example It is a great study of how various people might act when thrust into survivor mode And the exploration of our inner nature has me thinking.

  19. A plane crashes in the Kalahari desert and the survivors fight to stay alive in the harsh environment This was engrossing, sort of like Lord Of The Flies meets Flight Of The Phoenix.

  20. An interesting and slow paced story that would be enjoyable to those who have visited this stark and striking part of the world.

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