The Essential Marcus Aurelius

[PDF] The Essential Marcus Aurelius | by ↠ Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman - The Essential Marcus Aurelius, The Essential Marcus Aurelius The late antique world possessed no voice like that of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius AD His meditations on what constitutes a good life have withstood the centuries and reach us today with a f

  • Title: The Essential Marcus Aurelius
  • Author: Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman
  • ISBN: 9781585426171
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Essential Marcus Aurelius | by ↠ Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman, The Essential Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman, The Essential Marcus Aurelius The late antique world possessed no voice like that of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius AD His meditations on what constitutes a good life have withstood the centuries and reach us today with a force that has not diminished In this remarkable new translation philosopher Jacob Needleman and classics scholar John P Piazza reveal Marcus Aurelius not only in light o [PDF] The Essential Marcus Aurelius | by ↠ Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman - The Essential Marcus Aurelius, The Essential Marcus Aurelius The late antique world possessed no voice like that of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius AD His meditations on what constitutes a good life have withstood the centuries and reach us today with a f

  • [PDF] The Essential Marcus Aurelius | by ↠ Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman
    297Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman
The Essential Marcus Aurelius

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  1. Marcus Aurelius John Piazza Jacob Needleman

    Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus often referred to as the wise was Emperor of the Roman Empire from 161 to his death in 180 He was the last of the Five Good Emperors , and is also considered one of the important Stoic philosophers His two decades as emperor were marked by near continual warfare He was faced with a series of invasions from German tribes, and by conflicts with the Parthian Empire in the east His reign also had to deal with an internal revolt in the east, led by Avidius Cassius.Marcus Aurelius work Meditations, written in Greek while on campaign between 170 and 180, is still revered as a literary monument to a government of service and duty and has been praised for its exquisite accent and its infinite tenderness.


  1. Of all the words I thought I was going to choose to describe this book, I didn t think adorable would be one of them And really, it isn t But it does have sort of the aura, the fragrance the je ne sais quoi, if you will, of adorable I am absolutely reacting to this having just lived through fifteen years of the ironic jokes of the aughts and also the poses of the 90s that I was too young to really do, but absorbed by osmosis But if someone tried this today, it would be a sitcom episode he d be t [...]

  2. 12.4 I have often been amazed at how every person loves himself than he loves others yet places less value on his own judgment of himself than on the judgments of others concerning him 12.21 Consider that before long you will be nobody and nowhere nor will even one of the things you now see continue to exist Nor even one of those who now live For it is the nature of all things to change, to move, and to perish so that another may come to be in their place It was quite a beautiful and interestin [...]

  3. The four stars come from the content, which is Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius meditations on life in fact, the title of this book is usually Meditations But Jacob Needleman and John Piazza have, for some reason, decided to eliminate much of the content of the original work, apparently in an effort to make it clearer and easier for 21st century readers.That s a noble goal, I guess, but enough has been left out that it makes me wary of what s been left in In other words, is this really Marcus Aurel [...]

  4. Has your rule been plagued by war and disease Did you lose your parents at a young age Have you been the object of both adoration and hatred Spouse and kids die Ok, miss your train Whatever, Marcus will get you through the night A cornerstone of Stoicism, his meditations can help retrain your brain to reign in emotions and act or not with a clear eye Be like the jutting rock against which waves are constantly crashing, and all around it the frothing foam of the waters then settles back down Oh, [...]

  5. Not as stirring as my favorite translation that d be Hays from 2002 but very clear, very accessible, and true to author s intent The tone throughout is earnest and the writing is lean and compelling Bookending the main text is an impassioned, reverent introduction and an illuminating glossary of terms to refine your understanding of key concepts throughout The translators took great care to create a context for this version.Purists take note some sections have been omitted or excised where the t [...]

  6. A very readable new translation and excellent selection of Marcus Aurelius s writings It s a smooth and insightful read that also has a wonderful calming effect If many of these aphorisms were presented to the average person without telling who wrote them or from what historical culture it emerged, identifying it as the work of a Roman emperor would never be guessed The running theme of man s stewardship over his own psyche and the triviality of anything outside of it is something you see in Eas [...]

  7. Este um livro infinito Pela poca em que foi escrito, e pela grandiosidade do seu autor, Marco Aur lio, imperador do imp rio Romano O amplo cen rio hist rico em que compunha a hist ria de nosso autor, de um desenrolar cont nuo de guerras, intrigas, e negras decis es emoldura o universo simples ntimo e humilde do estoicismo, filosofia que teve Marco Aur lio como um de seus expoentes m ximos dif cil n o ver aqui a origem de muitos dos formatos para n s t o familiares da f e do vigor do car ter mora [...]

  8. Bought a hardcover version of this years ago and read it before I had experienced enough ups and downs to appreciate it Came across it again on iPad iBooks and dove back it If I were better with schedules and willpower and such, I d commit to reading it annually on my birthday the way better men than I claim to read Ulysses or Brothers Karamazov on theirs Anyway good lessons in here, some Oprah style short.

  9. Depressing and repetitive, but useful and practical I found myself doggy earing yes, I do that many pages This is the kind of book you can open up to any page and find advice on whatever problem you are having at the moment because it deals with one s perception of things rather than the actual events that are occurring.

  10. This is the kind of book that you ll want to read daily, then re read monthly or yearly There are so many morsels of wisdom and knowledge in here that it is just too much for one sitting It is like having access to the private thoughts of a Roman Emperor Except, he didn t know anybody would be reading it 2000 years later so its as honest, raw and rich as could possibly be.

  11. Marcus Aurelius wrote these thoughts for himself, but his meditations remain insightful and helpful centuries later There should be no doubt When you need a self help book, go for the dead authors first They ve stood the test of time.

  12. Marcus Aurelius among others , is quoted extensively in both The Sparrow and Children of God by Mary Doria Russell I decided I had better reread the philosopher emperor and I happened on this at the local library The introduction gives a history of the Stoic philosophy and a history of Marcus Aurelius I think in The Sparrow one gets a little of the life of trials and tribulations of the philosopher in a couple of the characters It must have been rough to have had all the advantages of being an e [...]

  13. This edition seems well executed in translation, readability, and introductory context As for the meditations themselves, I remembered them being thought provoking There were several ideas that made me stop and think, or that I made note of as worth coming back to There were a lot of others that weren t so inspiring Aurelius certainly was an interesting character truly a philosopher king His closing thought in book one is both interesting and humorous I am also thankful that, once I had an appe [...]

  14. I think I need to study this philosophy a lot to truly understand it Somethings are pretty straightforward and other things are a little complex This book is a good start.My main take away is that things that happen are only as important or upsetting or joyous as we place that value on them So if you are suffering you have the ability to take the value away from that occurrence and end the suffering.

  15. I loved the Meditations from penguin After reading and rereading that book so much I took the translations for granted There s something about this translation that I really don t like Can t put my finger on it It might be better for someone else but

  16. Strongly recommend this modern day translation of Meditations The content of the book itself is genuinely a font of ageless wisdom.

  17. Better words of wisdom could not be found anywhere, now nor ever, save in this book It is full of good advice for living a life of peace and harmony It took my worries away with every word and simplified my thoughts until I was a much calmer person I would recommend it to anyone, man or woman, but it does suit a man a bit better in some cases The age of the writing is old, so it can be a bit difficult to read in some instances, but not impossible and well worth it.

  18. This was a fantastic read I had it assigned for an Ethics and Rhetoric class It was by far the best reading of the quarter Accessible to anyone, and I mean absolutely anyone Marcus Aurelius vivacity, wisdom and wit is every bit as relevant today as when he wrote this nearly two millennium ago I rushed through this in two weeks, as it was required to be read in that time span for the course I was taking It could be finished in a day However, I suggest taking your time with this It is filled to th [...]

  19. A must read 95 pages of brilliance, calm brilliance Given recent personal family tragedies, this Stoic manual for self motivation was just what I needed to happen upon Also, that man Marcus can write.Here s a great little passage Nothing is so productive of greatness of mind as the ability to examine systematically and truthfully each thing we encoutner in life, and to see these things in such a way as to comprehend the nature of the Cosmos, and what sort of benefits such things possess for both [...]

  20. There are things that should be common sense to every human being But not once do we lose the true perspective of our lives and values that should be cherished.This often happens in the times of great stress as it is popular to say these days.In such moments it helps to remind oneself of these things and one could do that in lack of no better way by reading through this book I highly recommend reading this book no matter what I am sure reader will truly enjoy the experience Again, there is no gr [...]

  21. Fantastic A really great translation of a pagan philosopher king Easy to read with lots of simple ideas for living a better life Marcus Aurelius was the last of the five good emperors His meditations were journals he kept to help himself keep to his personal philosophy This wonderful because it means they are not preachy He is setting himself up as anyone s teacher He is just writing notes to himself That said, these are great notes He says a lot wonderful things about living in the moment and b [...]

  22. I felt there was much meaningful content, but there were large portions of Marcus Aurelius Meditations missing Of the portions that were included, I felt that there were useful and inspiring messages, but at times it felt he was beating a dead horse with this emphasis on the brevity of life and living in accordance with Reason.I couldn t help but wonder, as with any abridged work what was I missing

  23. Not horrible I certainly was not of the mind to wade through the whole of Meditations, so this did nicely But it is devoid of any stripe of commentary, leaving it to be little than the diary entries of a thoughtful man trying to confront his many fears and failings with a disciplined mind and way of living.

  24. A book essential for all human beings Near perfection with the exception of his statement that you only have your mind, not your body or soul, when actually you only have your soul, you do not have your mind is body is correct Hey, we all make mistakes Otherwise, with accepting his stoicism this is required knowledge and awareness for everyone Read it.

  25. I think everyone should give Marcus Aurelius a look He was one of the few known Roman emperors not to be corrupted by power He wrote these thoughts for himself, but I believe everyone can benefit from his insights, his humble and frank appraisal of honor, esteem, ego, and mortality Classic self help from Classical Rome.

  26. As a student of my favorite Greek philosopher, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius brings great insight and clarity to the long sought idea of arete I have made it only through the beginning of pages of the book, but it seems to speak to me in a very personal way It seems to clarify any confusion I may be having.

  27. 6.3 Always look to what is inside Never allow the true essence and worth of a thing to escape you 7.69 Fulfillment of one s character is the attainment of this to live each day as if it were the last to be neither agitated nor numb and never to act with pretense 10.29 For each thing you do, stop and ask yourself if death is to be feared because it deprives you of this.

  28. Interesting The original self help book Has some great quotes but also some tedious parts Pretty amazing stuff that seems to embrace every religion Reminded me a lot of Taoism Wished my dad had given me this book to read instead of St Augustine and Merton.

  29. Forget all the self help books I ve ever read thus far This translation was amazing, and poignant, and captured an essence that was conveyed so well Reading through this honestly makes me want to open my high school Latin books and translate Marcus Aurelius s original text.

  30. Fantastic excerpts from one of the greatest books ever written Provides a deeply profound and equally lacking perspective in today s world A great and accessible translation for people unfamiliar with this work Highly recommended.

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