Never Sweeter

↠ Never Sweeter ↠ Charlotte Stein - Never Sweeter, Never Sweeter Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein s steamy Dark Obsession series perfect for fans of Katy Evans as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who s desperate to make

  • Title: Never Sweeter
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: 9781101882788
  • Page: 241
  • Format: ebook

↠ Never Sweeter ↠ Charlotte Stein, Never Sweeter, Charlotte Stein, Never Sweeter Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein s steamy Dark Obsession series perfect for fans of Katy Evans as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who s desperate to make up for lost time Letty Carmichael can t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter wrestling champ Tate Sullivan on campus College was supposeSecond chanc ↠ Never Sweeter ↠ Charlotte Stein - Never Sweeter, Never Sweeter Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein s steamy Dark Obsession series perfect for fans of Katy Evans as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who s desperate to make

  • ↠ Never Sweeter ↠ Charlotte Stein
    241Charlotte Stein
Never Sweeter

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  1. 4,5 The bully and his victim stars Wow I loved this story in every aspectIt wasn t too impressive and with very fast pace, but it kept me captivated from the first page to the lastIt was an emotional ride, a unique story about a girl who was victimazed in her high school years and about her tormentorIt was a unique, intense, emotionally and humanly storyI liked very much the way that the story line was movingThe things weren t moving fast and we didn t have insta love There was a natural buildin [...]

  2. I found the story absolutely captivating At first you are appalled and disgusted by the hero and think that there s no way he s going to be able to redeem himself Tate is a bully Not in a small way but in a way that tortures a person for the rest of their lives Letty goes to college two years after a really big incident and finds that Tate is there too She s far from home so she feels like he s there to continue his bullying and is very afraid Tate has grown a lot since they last interacted but [...]

  3. 4.25 Emotional Stars And what was yours How did you think of the shit between us I don t know I think you want me to say a game, but that wasn t true It never felt like a game to me It felt like I was trapped behind glass watching a really shitty version of myself operating my body Letty Carmichael and Tate Sullivan have a history In high school, and I do mean all of high school, Tate and his friends tormented Letty The taunts were constant and things got so bad that at one point, Letty ended up [...]

  4. Usually when I read books with covers like this one, I surreptitiously add them to my read list in a way that the updates wouldn t show up on the homepage and quietly move on But after reading this one, I feel the stirrings of a change within me I no longer have that urge to hide the fact that I read romance novels, as if it s a shameful, shallow activity and worthy of someone s contempt or ridicule I don t think it is, any longer Not any when there are authors like Charlotte Stein, Sarina Bowen [...]

  5. 3 Are You Scared Of It Stars Let me just say that I loved the first half of this book Enemies to lovers is my thing and this started off so good So the 3 star rating is for that part because I didn t care for the last 40% Letty is being bullied in high school by Tate and his friends She not skinny and she s a nerd and they never let her forget it One night they go too far and run her over leaving her to fear everyone She doesn t trust other people Two years later while at college Letty freaks ou [...]

  6. Letty was bullied throughout high school which made her feel hurt, scared, lonely, sick, embarrassed and sad Tate was one of the boys who bullied her Now, in college, Tate is her teammate in a film project He had never realized the trauma he had inflicted by bullying her Now, he only wants to help her, become her friend and make her like him Letty is cautious, reluctant to trust him and she s very afraid of him.They say there is a fine line between love and hate Both involve passion and the line [...]

  7. e metal grille hit the middle of her body hard Then there was just air underneath her feet Followed by jagged rocks And finally, bloody silence So apparently I m supposed to believe that the Hero and his friends commit attempted murder against the Heroine and she forgives and falls in love with him two years later No seriously, he and his friends literally try to kill her They run her down with their truck, slamming into her and pushing her off a cliff where she then suffers a fractured skull Th [...]

  8. This is a seriously complicated plot line to pull off and I think if it doesn t work for you if you don t buy Tate s regret or think Letty should forgive him this is a no go BUT IT TOTALLY WORKED FOR ME Within five pages I was crying.

  9. I know because when I offered to help you move in you looked at me like you were just waiting for the punch line to a joke I wasn t telling And that s what bullies do to people They don t just hurt you or make you feel bad for five minutes in high school They create the backbone of every friendship you try to have from then on They change your life forever.I find bully romances problematic in that they tend to excuse the bully by revealing that he was acting out from some sort of unrequited love [...]

  10. OUT NOWARC received by NetgalleyNever Sweeter is a NA romance with a hint of erotica and a bunch of angst It s slow, character driven and witty I m a huge fan of Stein, so this is totally biased Well, not totally, I do rate honestly The problem is, is that I love Steins books Overall, she doesn t get the best ratings and I can t help but think that s because her style doesn t appeal to the majority, but just to the minority who adore it So, if you haven t read her works before, I would recommend [...]

  11. Hmmm, I m struggling with this review I loved the sound of the blurb, and the prologue starts the story off with one hella bang and this is or less where the book lost me, it was just all too vague ambiguous.Letty was horrifically bullied through high school by a bunch of abusive little shits, bullied to the point of attempted murder Yet they all got away with it Where were her parents, the school, the law enforcement when all this was going on Letty is left with PTSD, shit scared of her own sh [...]

  12. I snatched up this bully romance yesterday based on a Facebook post I came across that called it heart wrenching and painful I m an absolute GLUTTON for that kind of storyline, for a romance that s edged in heartache and this book DELIVERED It is absolutely heart wrenching and it is brutally painful But it s also sweet and sexy and satisfying in its romanticism I had never heard of this book or the author until I saw that post but as soon as I started reading, I knew this book was for me.The hea [...]

  13. 3 stars This book is about a girl who goes to college, and one day sees her high school tormenter This is a love story between the bullied girl, and who used to be her tormenter Tate Sullivan, the guy who d once made her attempt to cut off her love handles with a pair of scissors I fell for this book deeply in the beginning, the way she was bullied as well as the effects it had on her were devastating Even friendship wise, she would be so surprised when someone was nice to her, waiting for the o [...]

  14. ARC from NetgalleyI don t think I ve ever read any of this authors books but I recognise her name I liked the synopsis Tate bullied Letty in High School although we don t get any details other than him calling her fat and then something bad happening in the prologue.Two years later Letty is shocked to see Tate at her Colllege but it seems he s a different person and wants to make amends and be her friend but can Letty trust him Tate may be a 6ft 5 Wrestler but he comes across very vulnerable and [...]

  15. Letty was badly bullied in high school, but the past two years away from all that at college have helped her heal Till her nemesis Tate suddenly turns up one day in her class She s terrified he s going to start with her again and frantic as to what should she do When the class professor assigns her and Tate to work on a project together she fully intends to request another partner but Tate begs her to give him a chance.The prologue to this sets out the worst thing that Tate and his friends did, [...]

  16. The fun thing about this book is that it s one giant grovel And I am a grovel addict Tate bullied Letty in high school There are references to it but we see only one example first hand Now they re in college and Tate is a new man Letty, however, feels that he s pulling the long con And who can blame her Some of her stories from high school are horrifying For me this was a high steam, low angst, grovel fest My catnip for sure Excited to check out something else from this author.

  17. Why Because 1 I need a protagonist not to be perpetual douchebags Here, the douchebag grows up, realizes his shitty decisions and actually does something about it It endearing to read this bad boy teenager working on his redemption Tate gets that 2 I want the primary female protagonist to actually get a break for once in the course of the book I am looking at you Madame Bovary Juliet finds closure with her high school bully and discovers a redeemed guy in the process.3 Having the conflict resolv [...]

  18. Free copy received in exchange for a review.The blurb had me intrigued A girl would re meet the guy in college who bullied her in high school and they would fall in love I was extremely curious how an author would develop the relationship I m even a little surprised by how much I hated this Like really hated it I can t even count the number of times I said no out loud while reading, but it was a lot Lettie wasn t just bullied She was almost killed, aka attempted murder While Tate the book s hero [...]

  19. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This is book two in the Dark Obsession series This was a nice modern romance that is just right.Letty Carmichael was tormented by Tate Sullivan through most of High School and now she finds him at her College Letty had thought to be free of him here at least but no such luck Tate is changed and regrets how he treated Letty and would like to make it up to her They end up having to work on a assignment together [...]

  20. I have to say this book had me laughing one minute, crying the next, and mixed in with all of that the dirty talk was so HOT I had to keep filling up my water bottle with ice to cool me off While I enjoyed Never Loved the first book in the series I LOVED Never Sweeter Tate was one of Letty s tormentors in High School and she had hoped that college would be different but when Letty sees Tate in one of her classes she doesn t understand what is going on Why is Tate there It s been two years since [...]

  21. This book has been on my TBR forever and it s just sat on my Kindle so I finally read it and just no Stein has an interesting writing style pretty distinctive She didn t really get the American college vibe she was going for isn t she English but that was the least of the problems The sex is pretty hot The dialogue was funny at times But holy crap, the concept behind this book is so problematic I m just not willing to buy into the hero being redeemed as a bully one who was party to the heroine b [...]

  22. 4 Emotional StarsWell damn I m not entirely sure how I feel about this book Because on one hand I loved the Letty and Tate together and on the other hand I couldn t stand Tate for what he did and allowed to happen to Letty This story was intensely emotional from the backstory to the in the moment your heart breaks and soars for these characters The flaws and insecurities of humanity uniqly and beautifully portaryed No matter who you are I feel that you will be able to relate in some aspect to bo [...]

  23. Finished it Okay, so I took the book out the freezer Friends and I finished it That emotional roller coaster was just so intense Anyway, now I m over my tantrum I ll give this book it s four stars as opposed to my previously annoyed three This was rich DNF at 91% Yeah, I know I m just too annoyed at Letty I mean, I get residual trauma and all but there s the employ of common sense, too This book lost me at 86% There was no need for this stupid misunderstanding Now I m upset I have to go read som [...]

  24. This is a bullies to lovers story and it does not start or go where you would expect, and that was the best part s Both the bully and the bullied get honest, messy redemptions in this work Stein will keep you guessing, shaking your head, and clutching your pearls I swear, in ever single one of her books, this woman goes there sexually to places I can t even dream up Do men actually do that Read the book and you ll know exactly what I m clutching my pearls for PS If you re reading this Ms Stein, [...]

  25. Stein never fails to serve up an interesting story and Never Sweeter is certainly no exception I ll have to say closer to releasepy for review provided by publisher

  26. 4.5 stars Cause lord I love Charlotte Stein You have to approach her books with the intention of suspending reality a wee bit cause her characters are over the top lots of times But god they re so lovable I loved Letty so friggin much and and a sweet Tate was swoony Was he an asshole at the start Yes he was Was there backstory and character development left out Sure Did I care Not one bit Cause these two were awesome together Sexy as fuck and yowza HOT HOT HOT Her books always just do it for me [...]

  27. Never Sweeter is the story of Letty She has been bullied all through high school Her bullies, 3 popular guys, even harmed her physically in the end So when she finally has the opportunity to go to a college far away from them, she feels good for the first time But only until she looks into the eyes of Tate, one of her bullies in her lecture hall The plot sounded so appealing to me, that s why I requested the book on Netgalley I loved a similar sounding one and thought that I would probably like [...]

  28. This is my first book by Stein and the reason I decided to read it because it had to do with finding a second chance The first thing that really jumped out at me was the plot It was definitely different but I wasn t so sure if it would be executed like Stein was hoping for The story starts off with Letty in high school and being bullied by a bunch of boys but one boy is the ring leader, Tate Now the prologue didn t go into many details of why and how Letty was actually bullied but I really would [...]

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