Angel Dares

Angel Dares Best Download || [Joss Stirling] - Angel Dares, Angel Dares Angel is impulsive Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn t come easily to her Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they re both performing and finds

  • Title: Angel Dares
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780192743480
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

Angel Dares Best Download || [Joss Stirling], Angel Dares, Joss Stirling, Angel Dares Angel is impulsive Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn t come easily to her Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they re both performing and finds herself all at sea For when he sings her soul answers with its own music Like the tide their mutual attraction cannot be held back but Marcus s mistrust of Angel s giftAngel is impulsiv Angel Dares Best Download || [Joss Stirling] - Angel Dares, Angel Dares Angel is impulsive Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn t come easily to her Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they re both performing and finds

  • Angel Dares Best Download || [Joss Stirling]
    365Joss Stirling
Angel Dares

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    Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful, Finding Sky, which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers, seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series, Struck, Joss begins a new world of detective romance The first three parts are Struck 1 and Stung 2 , and Shaken 3 and Scorched 4 Joss introduces readers to four new heroes Kieran Storm, Nathan Hunter, Joe Masters and Damien Castle, who all attention the Young Detective Agency The first part, Struck, won the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 in the UK.Her new series, PERIL, a paranormal love story set in the near future, is out 13 July 2017.Joss lives in Oxford, England She is married with three children.Stirling also publishes under two pen names Julia Golding and Eve Edwards.


  1. SpoilersThe usual YA fluff, it would have actually been a fun read if the hero hadn t been such a horrible dim twit and if the heroine had some self respect and wasn t so desperate about someone who didn t give a damn about her The secondary characters and the friendships between characters were written well though Angel was nothing but a doormat, she was a fun character before, but she turned into a whiny, needy, pathetic mess as soon as she met Marcus He kept insulting her and walking all over [...]

  2. Mir hat Angel Dares gut gefallen Es war mal wieder eines dieser Hassliebe B cher, die Joss Stirling so gut schreiben kann Ein paar Kleinigkeiten haben mich gest rt, aber insgesamt hat es mir doch gut gefallen.Angel als Protagonistin war super, weil sie kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt Zusammen mit der Hassliebe war das eine tolle Kombination, die ich pers nlich am liebsten lese Die Missverst ndnisse waren teils etwas weit hergeholt, aber gest rt hat mich das eigentlich nicht.Auch mochte ich dieses [...]

  3. This series is a bit of a comfort read for me, the books are all cute, funny and incredibly easy to read and they re perfect palette cleansers when I m in the mood to read something light hearted I love the concept of the Savants, for anyone new to the series Savants are people born with some kind of psychic ability, they all have completely different powers so you never know quite what idea the author will come up with next so it s always interesting to see how each of the characters abilities [...]

  4. Tengo un amor eterno por mis queridos BenedictsSin lugar a dudas el libro sigue en la idea de los anteriores que he le do de la autora y eso me ha encantado Una lectura ligera y bella por donde se la mireMPLEMENTE HERMOSO

  5. Das Buch hat ein paar furchtbare Tage zumindest ein bisschen besser gemacht und daf r werde ich JS f r immer lieben

  6. Joss Stirling s SoulFinder series is one of my favourites I love the whole idea of the Savant community and the fact that all these couples are destined to be together but have to find each other first Angel Dares was another terrific addition to the series The main character Angel, meets Marcus, a fellow musician at a festival and is drawn to him through their music He is originally distrustful of her gift and refuses to believe in the savant community which makes their relationship extremely d [...]

  7. Esta es una de mis series favoritas porque la autora sabe muy bien c mo contar una historia Aunque los libros se pueden leer por separado, yo siempre soy muy quisquillosa al respecto y prefiero leer la serie en orden, sin embargo esta vez no fue as Hac a muchos meses m s de un a o, creo que Misty estaba en mi estanter a y no lograba animarme a leerla, as que cuando me lleg ngel me le ste primero Si quieren leer un breve comentario de Misty, lo encuentran en mi perfil de Misty ngel es una chica c [...]

  8. As soon as I finished Misty Falls I just knew that I had to start Angel Dares next because although Misty s story was over, I was excited to see what would come next the Savant world and of course I wanted to get to Angel and find out about her story If I m honest, I m not really a massive fan of stories because based around music so I tried not to judge this book too much before reading and give it the benefit of the doubt and I m surprised I enjoyed as much as I did I think it definitely help [...]

  9. Ahhhh I m so happy to see another one Totally luvin this series, it s so cliched and the romance is cheesy but its fab and super entertaining I like my protagonists to be witty sassmastas and Joss Stirling does it right, can t wait

  10. okay wow this is one of my favourites in the series It was just perfection oh marcus 3 sigh can not wait for another book in this series That really is all I can say loved angel so so much

  11. The fifth installment of the Benedicts series, Angel Dares take the readers on a romantic adventure of soulmates Angel is a musician with the band Seventh Edition, a violinist to be exact Her spunky personality is constantly getting her in trouble, but that doesn t stop her from trying to help one of the Benedict brothers find thier soul mate, or soulfinder as they call them in the world of Savants Savants are people with special abilities, like telekinesis, water bending and detecting lies Each [...]

  12. Omg This book Wow I absolutely adore this series, but I think this book is my fav hands down Like mixing rockstars, good music, couple of yummy Benedicts and soulmates Heck yeah sign me in, man I loved everything in this book, the characters, the action, the story line, the length of it, absolutely everything I love how even if this counts as romance we still have badass action in spades Loved the heroine soooo much, soo funny and loony, she is perfect The hero is my soulmate, I love him, yeah h [...]

  13. It should have been Will s book.Don t understand why the brothers are being turned into the side characters where we witness them finding their savants from some next person s point of view I can t feel my babies love and passion, there s just no substance to these books any, it frustrates the hell out of me This could easily been a novella instead of the full length book If the next book isn t Victor s but that little irrelevant girl, Summer, i ll legit be so mad and will DEFINITELY NOT BE READ [...]

  14. The fifth book in the Savant Series is something like a mirror image of the first one Finding Sky I don t know how to explain it clearly so as not to spill anything on the plot In trying not to fucked everything up, Angel creates difficult to fix messes Impulsive, energetic and friendly, she is the exact opposite of restrained, relative and far serious Marcus Who would have thought that fate for them redefines soulmates The novel is light and pleasant to read and I m used to know the work of J [...]

  15. 4.5 stars Under Construction My opinion about the story will follow soon Angel was a perfect heroine, I loved her positive nature and optimism Although she had to be rescued on than one occasion I never thought that Angel is the typical damsel in distress She made mistakes some of them where stupid but totally understandable for a girl her age but that made her human and likeable She wasn t perfect but who is Marcus was difficult to like as a perfect romance hero although I liked him in genera [...]

  16. Actual rating 2.5 starsI hate that I m giving this a low rating I like this series and the idea of savants, but this one just didn t cut it for me The first three books were great, the fourth was okay, but I just couldn t rate this one any higher than 2.5 stars without it being a lie.I m not saying that I hated the book It was fun and easy to read like the rest of the series, and it did have me laughing in places.But it also had me cringing a lot of the time It just felt juvenile than the other [...]

  17. The only reason why I can t give this second trilogy 5 stars is because I m not as in love with the guys as I was with the Benedict brothers But it was very fun and I really liked Angel and seeing another Benedict brother finding his soulfinder Only one book to go sadly

  18. Primero que nada agradezco que VR hayan continuado con la publicaci n de esta saga Benedict, en serio los libros anteriores son incre bles.La saga en s nos habla de los Savant, gente que posee un don especial que algunos usan para el bien, y nos introducen una forma de romance nico, Las Almas Gemelas Este libro nos cuenta la historia de Angel, una chica que hace muchas cosas sin pensar en lo que sus acciones pueden desencadenar Ella es cantante y violinista y por ayudar a Will Benedict viaja a u [...]

  19. This book is like one of those situations you dream up where those that have hurt you are riotously put in their place and you come out on top with everything going perfectly for you, and a smoking hot girl guy whatever your partner identifies as on your arm It s way too perfect to be true, yet still fun to imagine and makes you feel a little better And really, that s what fluff novels are for I have to admit, I m not the biggest fan of Marcus he s a bit of a jerk It s understandable that he wou [...]

  20. Meh One of my favourite literary families and that s all I can say What happened, Joss Stirling It seems like someone else wrote this book Someone who tried desperately to speak in a British accent but didn t quite get it right Someone who left out so many things about the Benedicts and character background I mean what do we really know about Marcus except he s gorgeous and blond Will had such a minor role in the book and I know least to nothing about his soulfinder Like please describe Margot J [...]

  21. Eigenlijk is dit boek helemaal niet episch, maar het is z verslavend Iedere keer dat ik aan een Soulfinders boek begin, kan ik het haast niet wegleggen voor ik het uit heb, en dit is n van de prettigste eigenschappen die een boek kan hebben Joss heeft zo n heerlijke schrijfstijl Alle dialogen verlopen vlot en bovendien net zo naturel en realistisch als de personages zijn Een fijne mix tussen luchtige chicklit, schattige romance en een goede vleug fantasy.

  22. I love Angel, she s such a fun and full of energy character I really really love this book, maybe because I m a fangirl and very into music myself But it s so good And well Marcus OMG Cohen is part of this book, so yeah, what else should I say he is kinda mean and stupid sometimes but you just have to love him I m also really happy Will is the main Benedict in this one, cause I love that guy And his relationship with Angel is the cutest.

  23. I m so pumped up for this book D I couldn t even believe it when I found out there was a forth book to the series, and now a fifth My soul feels content x D

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