Here's to Tomorrow

[PDF] Download ☆ Here's to Tomorrow : by Teagan Hunter - Here's to Tomorrow, Here s to Tomorrow SEXY SINGLE DAD ROMANCE HUDSONWhen I became a single father at seventeen I knew my path wasn t going to be easy Hell sometimes it sucked Year after year I tirelessly busted my ass until my business

  • Title: Here's to Tomorrow
  • Author: Teagan Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781507836026
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Download ☆ Here's to Tomorrow : by Teagan Hunter, Here's to Tomorrow, Teagan Hunter, Here s to Tomorrow SEXY SINGLE DAD ROMANCE HUDSONWhen I became a single father at seventeen I knew my path wasn t going to be easy Hell sometimes it sucked Year after year I tirelessly busted my ass until my business was booming Until my daughter was happy Until life It was good Settled But sometimes being settled is overrated Boring Especially when a little excitement walks throuSEXY SINGLE DA [PDF] Download ☆ Here's to Tomorrow : by Teagan Hunter - Here's to Tomorrow, Here s to Tomorrow SEXY SINGLE DAD ROMANCE HUDSONWhen I became a single father at seventeen I knew my path wasn t going to be easy Hell sometimes it sucked Year after year I tirelessly busted my ass until my business

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Here's to Tomorrow : by Teagan Hunter
    252Teagan Hunter
Here's to Tomorrow

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    I m a Missouri raised gal, but currently live in North Carolina with my US Marine husband and 8 year old Miniature Pinscher I spend my days begging him for a cat, and I survive off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm When I m not writing, you can find me binge watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill I like cold weather, buy paperbacks than I ll ever read, and I never say no to browniesLLOW MY PAGE author teaganhunterFOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE facebook teaganhunterwritesJOIN MY READER GROUP Teagan s Tidbits on FacebookFOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM teaganhunterwritesSIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER Teagan s Newsletter________________I do not regularly check this account Please visit me on Facebook or my website to get in touch with me.


  1. Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series 1st in the seriesLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 4 stars Review I truly enjoyed this I liked how the characters met and how the attraction, to getting to know each other, to relationship played out.Hudson was a great hero Funny, like [...]

  2. I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review Let me start off by saying that, I frickin loved this book Such a great story about finding the love you re always meant to have I don t want to give anything away but this is truly a great read Hudson Rae are 100% real The way they talk and act are so real Nothing seems made up or forced and I believed in their connection from page one Joey has got to be one of my fave child characters in awhile So cute The references to Supernatural, Will C [...]

  3. Wanna read a sweet story filled with real people Wanna experience all the feels of a romance that s slow and steady, and not insta love throw them on the bed right now Well then, this is the story for you Rae is trying to find her place in this world She s not real sure what she s going to do, but she thinks she has to leave to do it She is a straightforward, speak her mind kinda girl She says it like it is No sugar coating whatsoever And when she stumbles upon Hudson, leaving town doesn t look [...]

  4. Extremely SlowVery slow, with not much happening The leads were your ordinary people, that live ordinary lives 80% of the story was their courtship that amounted to them really liking each other, but having plenty of she likes me, he likes me not heavy on the she he likes me Secondary characters were all good as well, and just as ordinary If I had one word to describe it, that would be boring Anything that could give it some added umph was quickly taken care of or dismissedeven the twist at the [...]

  5. DNF Ok, I deserve a reward for getting to 30% OMG I fill like I ve been held down and had love and feelings poured down my throat SERIOUSLY GAG Way too much, way too soon Sure a few thoughts of how perfect it could be or how he she is but not like this OVERBOARD And I m trying to be nice here A teaspoon full of perfect is doable Don t drown me When I read the first chapter I thought this was going to be a great book The banter between Hudson and Rae were the best, easy conversations The beginnin [...]

  6. I received an advanced ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review This one unfortunately didn t quite work to my tastes It had all the potential, but something about the writing style just didn t work for me It felt really slow to start, taking me almost 40% before I finally got hooked The beginning just felt like a lot of detail in each character s minds, and to me felt a bit telling instead of showing And there was some repetitiveness that probably didn t help me.This [...]

  7. I freakin LOVE this book There s no doubt about that.I had the most amazing opportunity to read this book while it was being written and I completely fell completely in love with Hudson and Rae s story I was dying for each time it ended I found out how others felt when they ve had friends or family writing their debut self published novel and how they always wanted each time they reached the end of what was written I ve had the opportunity to get to know the author online over the past year or [...]

  8. ARC given in exchange for an honest reviewWow Where do I begin I LOVED this story To read about love and tomorrows makes you feel so part of the book For being the authors first book, I would never have known by reading this but I knew before hand so watch out because I believe this author is good.Everything happens for a reason Rae Hudson s story will have you hooked A heartfelt story that makes you feel part of the book You will have all kinds of emotions while reading and the chemistry betwee [...]

  9. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I think it is always delicate to review an ARC or a gifted copy from authors And when the author is your friend I find it even chalenging But with this book No.Problem.At.All Everything happens for a reason.This book is Teagan Hunter s debut novel and if I hadn t known I wouldn t have thought it was It is very well written and sincere.It s positive, fun, it makes you smile most of the ride It s real, honest and so heartwarming.If you n [...]

  10. Heres to tomorrow and after that you will want I absolutely loved this book As a debut book for this author I can t wait to see where Rae and Hudson will go These are 100% real characters with an instant connection that you feel from page one I love how spunky Rae is so straightforward and if she s thinking it your going to know it Its a great story about love and finding and what will be will be Theres some secrets, some complications and emotions a must read for 2015I received this ARC for an [...]

  11. I hardly ever write a review, but this book Ah, this book is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION I would give a million wonderful, amazing stars if I could.

  12. 4 StarsRead full review here 5171milesbookblog.wordpress Here s To Tomorrow is your typical New Adult book, except that both main characters are out of college already I like reading books with slightly older protagonists since I am not in my early twenties any myself The storyline of this novel was simple and easy Not the bad simple and easy , it was the good simple and easy , if that does make any sense at all Of course Hudson and Rae s relationship was not sunshine and rainbows all the time, [...]

  13. Not a fan Does Rae ever get a job Does she even care about a career any longer Does she forgive cough cough people Does Joey s mom ever come back What happens I was just left with too many loose threads There was also waaay too much use of the word dude I couldn t connect with any of the characters Sadly, this one wasn t for me.

  14. Review by Natasha Gentile Shouldn t you at least buy me dinner before you screw me When a book starts with a sassy comment like this I just know that this is my kind of heroine Meet Rae Kamden, she has no idea what she wants to do She just knows that she needs to move to the city of Boston I mean she wants the hustle and bustle of the big town, so she does what she thinks is going to get her there She s a waitress, which is weird since she graduated with a degree in marketing, but I guess this w [...]

  15. Here s to Tomorrow will make you believe in love for real.Rae and Hudson s story is truly beautiful And fun if I might add Rae is a bit weird but that s what makes her special and honestly, freaking hilarious Shouldn t you at least buy me dinner before you screw me See what I mean First line of the book and I was laughing to death She is amazing and one of my favorite female characters of all time Meeting someone that you like right away, someone you click with instantly, is a very unusual event [...]

  16. Fantastic debut novel I loved this book so much and can t wait for These characters are so relatable You can see yourself hanging with these people It s very refreshing to read real people The banter between Rae Hudson is perfection I loved them soooo much Actually, the banter between everyone was perfect I need an older sister like Haley in my life, EVERYONE needs a Joey in their life, and best friends like Maura, Perry and Gaige Tucker well he s than BFF material I can t wait to get of all [...]

  17. I absolutely loved this book The characters totally made the book for me They were all so real, it was almost like I was reading about my own friends I loved Rae and her lack of filter, and the dialogue between Rae and Hudson was so funny Tucker, Gaige, Tanner, Perry, Maura, Haley and Joey enhance the story and add to the crazy cast of characters I can hardly wait for Teagan s next book to see what happens next

  18. Hudson and Rae are two characters you instantly love.Rae s past threatens her futured she doesn t even know it yet.Hudson s past has defined his future, and there isn t much room in his life for anyone else.These characters are funny, snarky, sweet and angsty There are twists in the story that you never see coming It was tough to put this book down.

  19. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I really loved this book It was sweet, full of tons of laughs and sarcasm I loved that it was a slow romance and that Rae and Hudson didn t just jump in full steam ahead This book has one of my favorite opening lines ever.

  20. good story, Im a sucker for singl dads stories Rae and Hudson are so funny Joey is Well i have no words best kids ever.

  21. Rae is a recent college graduate who s kind of stuck in limbo She s working at a bar while filling out numerous applications for jobs in the city She wants to strike out on her own and prove to herself or maybe it s her dad that she can make it on her own Except she s not really sure if she wants to leave the town she grew up in Her car breaking down on the side of the road was just one thing to add to her growing list of frustrations, or was it A fateful trip to an automotive repair shop chang [...]

  22. 1.5 starsHudson and Rae have a meet cute when her car breaks down and it s brought into his auto shop From there it s like BAM, insta love For me, the story had some very sweet potential, but not a whole lot happens and there s a few specific things that turned me off So yes, we have insta love upon first meet Hudson is a hard working auto shop owner and is a single father which PS, I LOVE single dad storylines Rae is a recent college grad stressed about that next chapter in her life Both have a [...]

  23. NO SPOILERS Here s To Tomorrow by Teagan Hunter was amazing and I absolutely loved Rae and Hudson s story The storyline and characters were extremely interesting and entertaining, and I loved the abundance of humor and sarcasm throughout I know that Ms Hunter re edited and revised Here s To Tomorrow from it s original version, which I didn t read, but I never would have guessed this had been her first novel I really enjoyed her writing style and I thought she did an excellent job with every aspe [...]

  24. Single father stories are always a good read This one follows Hudson, who became a dad at seventeen, and he has built his life around his daughter His relationship with his daughter really got to me I loved the dynamic of these two He really puts his daughter first, ignoring his own grown up life, until one day a broken down care changes all of that Rae is trying to make her life a life She feels like she is a dead end She s working in a bar instead of doing marketing, which is her degree She is [...]

  25. Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review I can t believe I haven t read this book by Teagan Hunter until now Here s To Tomorrow is a wonderfully heart felt contemporary romance with a smidgen of humor, characters that have real depth and passion, and the story is a slow incline to love There is so much sweetness and heart in this story that really appeals to me I love all sorts or romances, but this one felt realistic It has SO MANY FEELS and will make your heart sing I really liked how Miss Hunter wro [...]

  26. A beautiful story about dedication, family, and love, Here s to Tomorrow was a joy to read Hudson and Rae match each other wonderfully Here s to Tomorrow was paced perfectly, the characters were complex, and I m in love with this little world Ms Hunter has created The relationships felt real and relatable The story went a bit dark at times but was overpowered by the light shining through each moment Rae was a real woman, she had flaws that needed to be addressed Hudson was a dad, first and forem [...]

  27. Rae s car breaks down and she takes it to Hudson s shop Instalove Except Hudson has a 7 yr old daughter Rae has ongoing nightmares which aren t thoroughly addressed AT ALL and feels lost with no explanation or information, it s hard to connect with her character.Character development here was shallow there s issues surrounding mental illness which is given such short shrift And the end I was mad for her There are some really significant issues here that are just not addressed Ugh.

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