Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall

Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall Best Download || [William Allen] - Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall, Walking in the Rain Surviving the Fall Sixteen year old Luke was trapped in Chicago when the lights went out and civilization began to unravel Determined to get home to his family Luke begins a thousand mile odyssey that will show him the

  • Title: Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall
  • Author: William Allen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall Best Download || [William Allen], Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall, William Allen, Walking in the Rain Surviving the Fall Sixteen year old Luke was trapped in Chicago when the lights went out and civilization began to unravel Determined to get home to his family Luke begins a thousand mile odyssey that will show him the depths of human depravity while also giving him a chance at redemption In an abandoned house in Missouri Luke makes a discovery that changes the way he acts a Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall Best Download || [William Allen] - Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall, Walking in the Rain Surviving the Fall Sixteen year old Luke was trapped in Chicago when the lights went out and civilization began to unravel Determined to get home to his family Luke begins a thousand mile odyssey that will show him the

  • Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall Best Download || [William Allen]
    342 William Allen
Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall

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    William Allen was born and raised in the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas, a place of great natural beauty and a scarcity of decent paying jobs Growing up on a farm, he dreamed of one day finding one of those jobs involving working indoors and enjoying air conditioned comfort Most of the farm work was outdoors, rain or shine, and air conditioning was something he read about in books They even talked about something he d only dreamed of before, something to do with health insurance No, that was probably just science fiction.Books were a refuge for young William, and as he grew older, he decided to try his hand at creating his own fantasy worlds To his way of thinking, writing seemed to involve way brain sweat that the other kind So far, so good And at least the air conditioning still works Walking in the Rain started as a short story and over time developed into a series of novels exploring the changed world a young man who finds himself stranded far from home when the lights go out Everywhere.Luke is a capable survivor who quickly hardens his heart in order to live a day to day existence while making a seemingly hopeless trek home to his family Along the way, Luke meets someone special who helps him rediscover his lost humanity Make no mistake, though Luke learned to be a cold blooded killer to survive, and having something to lose merely makes him all the vicious when he is forced to act.To date, the first three books, Walking in the Rain Surviving the Fall , Home Fires Burning , and Hard Rain Falling have been published exclusively here on Book Four in the series, Dark Sky Thunder will be released in September, 2015 These first three titles are all now available in audiobook form from Audible The incomparable Pat Young provides the dramatic readings for these books and adds an extra dimension to these powerful stories.Also, the short story Hunger Driven will shortly be joined by a full length zombie novel currently in production, entitled A Feast for Crows The sixty plus page tale represents the author s own take on the Zombie Apocalypse in Southeast Texas and is a jumping off point for the forthcoming full length novel The scenery is still pretty except for all those nasty walking corpses littering the landscape.The author is proud to have contributed a short story, Ware, Goblins for the recently released zombie anthology Bite Sized Offerings This collection of stories represents a lineup of the best talent in the horror business, and I can only assume they included me by accident Oh, well, it was my gain, after all.Look for these and books from William Allen coming soon For any questions or comments, you can reach him on Facebook at William Allen author Or, e mail him at walkingintherain6 gmail He might not be able to give you the winning lottery numbers, but otherwise, feel free to ask questions.


  1. So much for well reviewed books This is a poorly written effort, and a poor excuse for a novel Just some of the problems I had with this book GUNS, GUNS, GUNS The author obviously loves guns, and spends much of the book talking about the different types, calibers, manufacturers and specifications of the dozens of weapons you ll need in the impending apocalypse The fetishism on display is somewhat disturbing, particularly given the target audience it s such an obvious attempt to cash in on the cu [...]

  2. Good but very short and semi uneventfulOk let s start out by saying i like this book It was a easy read that held my attention But, it was very short and events where the author could of went into details with he ended up being very bland with Basically he could of put a other 50 pages in, but didn t There is not a lot of action in this book and I think the attention grabber was the somewhat suspense There s so much I would of like added with out changing the story line at all and its sad that e [...]

  3. Another end of the world as we know it book told from the perspective of a 16 year old who should have his own survival and wilderness show.In fact, his vast knowledge of survival during the breakdown of the US, creates a belief in numerous people that he s much older than his years Plus, his expertise concerning weapons is impressive his dad s a marine who taught his little Padawan abundantly.We meet him the moment he rescues a young girl from rape, for in this world the majority of men are rap [...]

  4. Great story, exciting, characters you care aboutWhat else can you ask of a story except it be well told, exciting, with characters you care about This one has all that and It is fast paced and involves you A young man, almost too young to believe he is as smart and ready for the apocalypse as he is, finds a younger girl in trouble, about to be used by men doing what many will if there are no laws Why is that, I wonder But that is for another book If you have read as many stories of the apocalyp [...]

  5. Another End of the World as we know it , but better.I liked this story better than most of the others, and I ll be starting the next one in a few minutes I look forward to of the same Better story, and characters I could believe in, as well I will certainly let you know as soon as I m done I may buy this to read again.

  6. RainNot a bad yarn Lots of truths here Always looking for new ideas Characters would be a little believable if a couple years older.

  7. I loved this book And as I often do when I enjoy a book, I read the one star reviews out of curiosity I had to laugh because some of these reviews claim it is too filled with gun information Maybe I read too many books that involve detailed descriptions of guns, but I found the author s explanations of the weapons in the story refreshing just enough information without going overboard That s not the main reason I like this book, though It s not easy to write a book in first person POV and not ma [...]

  8. This first book is a really action packed and informative story From the very beginning the reader is thrown into a world of chaos where survival is not guaranteed The main character, Luke, is only sixteen years old, but is trying to survive while pulling everything he has ever learned from his Boy Scout training and his Marine father s advice The absolute unpredictability of his environment forces him to exist in the moment and attempt to protect himself tactically.As he encounters people, his [...]

  9. Walking in the Rain is a post apocalyptic novel about a 16 year old boy, Luke, who is clever, streetwise and knows everything about guns He knows thinks he s really cool, and ambles through the story making all the right decisions and casually taking down any bad guys who happen to be about He takes their guns and treats the reader to a technical description of each weapon, right down to the accuracy and ammo He has a 14 year old girl as a companion, and 14 is the upper end of the age range of g [...]

  10. I m giving this 4 stars but it s like 3.75 Great action, great villains and problems It s just a bit hard to believe the age of the main character Having said that I m currently on the 3rd book Because it is a bit ridiculous to say I can t believe the main character when the book is about the end of the world I have no problem believing that

  11. I typically rate books using some fairly broad guidelines Usually, 1 star reviews are reserved for books that are 1 poorly written prose 2 with bad dialogue 3 poorly thought out and executed plots 4 and obviously books that I simply do not like Yet, those guidelines are not why I am rating this book one star Don t get me wrong those statements do apply but, my real beef with this book is its underlying ideology As an aside, I love fiction of all type, I love action and have no qualms with violen [...]

  12. Jolly Green Giants employees book 1You guys know how to write a book and Amy is a good anyway when it s spelled right too You are good people spells it out in the book well I enjoyed this and will be reading the second one shortly

  13. I like this book It is interesting and has good characters that I care about and want to make it to their destination safely I look forward to reading in this series Recommended

  14. Excellent storyThis story has been in my wish list for a little while Now kicking myself for the wait Great story, narration is very good.

  15. Unputdownable What an excellent read, I can t wait to get the next books, I left my other reads when I read a few lines, and was transfixed

  16. This book was not for me I would say that at least 50% of it was descriptions of the various firearms used in the story What plot there was, was thin and predictable And if AmaZon doesn t doesn t do away with the word minimum on reviews, this will be.y final review Don t waste your money or time

  17. This is the story of Luke as he tries to make his way home after some kind of EMP event When the character is first introduced, he seems to be a man in his mid 30 s It turns out he is sixteen, but has had survival training from his father, who was in the armed services He was in Chicago when the power went out and is trying to get to Texas.Luke meets up with some good people and some bad people on his trip He meets Amy, a fourteen year old girl and potential love interest They save the life of a [...]

  18. The Walking in the Rain series, books 1 4, were quick reads and I apologize to the author, William Allen, for not reviewing them individually Luke is in Chicago on a fieldtrip from Texas to attend a science fair in hopes of earning a scholarship He is stranded there when the pulse hits Luke wants to get home, to what he perceives as a safe haven Northeast Texas is a long walk from Chicago, especially for a sixteen year old boy on his own in a world turned upside down There is no electricity, no [...]

  19. This is the second time I have tried to read this book I thought maybe I wasn t in the mood the first time, but still the same issues bothered me I felt that the characters could have been developed a little better They struck me as plain cardboard cutouts of already seasoned apocalypse survivors Little to the imagination is left here This book also reads like an impressive all about guns manual Perhaps if the author could have spent less time on the vivid description of his prized gun knowledg [...]

  20. It s pretty safe to say that I kept forgetting that Luke is only 16 Not entirely sure why both he and Amy needed to be so young though Wouldn t have made much difference to have him just a little bit older so a lot of the things he said and some of his actions actually made sense Other than the need for serious editing, I quite enjoyed the book I have bought the next two and will read them straight away I did however feel that the book was a little short and just dropped off took a grand total o [...]

  21. I m going to give this book 4 stars based on some of the geography Having lived and run around areas of Arkansas that the author describes, I have to take issue with his travel routes There are multiple ways to slip through the corridor he created with Springdale Fayetteville and Tontitown It just made me wonder a bit as to his familiarity with the area, particularly in bringing the group in from the Harrison area I m looking forward to the rest of the series and seeing if our young hero makes i [...]

  22. The rating is really between a 3 and a 4 say, 3.75 The story is great, and the plot pulls you along, but The main character is a 16 year old who acts 30 There are TONS of grammatical and punctuation errors that could have been fixed in many cases with spellcheck A copy editor would have been better The kid is many times the most competent person around Umokay The author is obviously reallyreallyreally into guns Fine I grew up shooting, but wow LOTS of gun info.That being said, I bought the other [...]

  23. A young sixteen year old survivor that is operating well beyond his means You almost forget that he is sixteen until another character bring it up again by asking How old are you He runs across other clueless survivors and it falls to him to educate them and save their lives It s rather backwards, but fairly interesting Within two weeks people are already into cannibalism, a bit early compared to other journals, but what the heck We must go into book two to get a better understanding of this plo [...]

  24. Okay, enjoyable, entertaining read Try not to think about how well it is written, etc and just enjoy the story I won t point out all that I found wrong a writer, I tend to pick up things others don t even notice The story itself is entertaining if you like this type of fiction, so turn off your thinking brain and just enjoy the story

  25. A post apocalyptic walk in the darkness William Allen doesn t shy away from taking his protagonist into some pretty awful situations and showing humanity at it s worst The story rolls along at a fast pace and the only reason s I ve rated this a 4 are is it s too short, and doesn t allow half stars.

  26. This book was very grim and dark with no bright spots to it, just a catalogue of attempted rapes and murder and a young vigilante dishing out what is deserved It felt like one of those revenge westerns where the guy saves an innocent but doesn t really want her holding him back I just didn t take to this one from the start and didn t connect to the characters.

  27. Exciting TaleThis is what I imagine would be an authentic story of trying to survive after the power goes out The narrator and primary character is young and incredibly knowledgeable about how to survive This is not YA reading I can t wait to find out what they will encounter next.

  28. Great start, to a great seriesI came across this series only recently Story is well told, and at a great pace I was a bit surprised at Luke s age, but makes perfect sense Any age older, I don t think the story would have worked You will find, suspense, nail biting fights, necessary murder and hope Looking forward to reading

  29. What are you expectingThis book had lots of action, compassion and truths But way to many gun specifics for me I have a very small knowledge of guns so I pretty much skimmed over these parts Most men would probably like it however A few typos and missing words but all in all a good read I am buying the next one, need to see if Luke and Amy make it to Texas.

  30. I liked that the author didn t need to go for the start of the collapse, but started from a point of view some months later I m not sure how believable the lad really is, all his survivalist skills, but he s a well drawn character, and I couldn t put the book down The author obviously likes guns.

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