Covering Home

å Covering Home ô Heidi McCahan - Covering Home, Covering Home On assignment in Japan television personality turned sportscaster Britt Bowen is determined to land an interview with the most reclusive pitcher in baseball and prove she can succeed in a demanding p

  • Title: Covering Home
  • Author: Heidi McCahan
  • ISBN: 9780692364826
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

å Covering Home ô Heidi McCahan, Covering Home, Heidi McCahan, Covering Home On assignment in Japan television personality turned sportscaster Britt Bowen is determined to land an interview with the most reclusive pitcher in baseball and prove she can succeed in a demanding profession A relationship with a self absorbed professional athlete is the last thing Britt needs Shunning all media attention former All Star pitcher Caleb Scott is focusedOn assignment å Covering Home ô Heidi McCahan - Covering Home, Covering Home On assignment in Japan television personality turned sportscaster Britt Bowen is determined to land an interview with the most reclusive pitcher in baseball and prove she can succeed in a demanding p

  • å Covering Home ô Heidi McCahan
    357Heidi McCahan
Covering Home

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  1. Heidi McCahan

    A Pacific Northwest girl at heart, Heidi was blessed to spend her formative years in Alaska Her unique upbringing, coupled with Alaska s breathtaking scenery, fueled her active imagination and loosely inspired her debut novel, Unraveled Heidi graduated with a Bachelor s degree in Sports Medicine from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington and earned a Master s Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga After a brief career as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Heidi married her husband, Steve They live in North Carolina with their three boys When Heidi isn t stepping over the laundry pile or chauffeuring the boys around suburbia, she loves to read and write heartwarming romance.Heidi is represented by Jessica Kirkland of Kirkland Media Management.


  1. I don t play sports, but I sure do enjoy watching them and especially reading about them My family is into basketball, but I love stories that involve baseball and was very intrigued by this one because a lot of it takes place in Japan Is baseball really big in Japan It seems like it, according to this story, but I never thought about that before.Caleb is a star pro pitcher who had a setback in his career and is working on building back up to where he was by playing a season in Japan It was int [...]

  2. I am such a sucker for baseball stories Especially baseball and romance.I m so glad baseball season is upon us once Yay This book took baseball to Japan of all places Honestly, my brain has never really given much thought to baseball in Japan It was kind of cool I loved the change from the norm in baseball settings.Both Britt and Caleb are full of life and energy You can feel their emotions and struggles I enjoyed getting to know them both through this book There is obvious chemistry between th [...]

  3. This author has done an amazing Christian romance with a plot based around baseball She is interweaving the characters in such a way that your attention is held from the beginning Our sports newscaster working under pressure from her boss wants to succeed in this job without her rich father s influence while under false impressions about her dad The baseball star joined a team outside the United States under mystery What is this big mystery How does it change his life Will he come back to the st [...]

  4. This is the first book I have read by this author and it was one that I really enjoyed I was pulled into the story line and the lives of the characters from the first pages and the interaction between Britt, a sportscaster trying to obtain the elusive interview, and Caleb, the ballplayer who wanted to stay out of the lime light, made for a fun and enjoyable read I was given an e copy of this book in return for an honest review, and this is a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a goo [...]

  5. Very good story I definitely recommend this and will watch for by this author She has a way of building her characters that made my reading time very enjoyable.

  6. Fans of Sports Romance or Baseball will want to read this one Covering Home by Heidi McCahan is perfect for teens and adults as two people come together under the most interesting of circumstances The plot and dialogue is enjoyable, and I loved the setting in Japan and the culture there Also the way baseball is shown there was well done.Caleb was a big hotshot pitcher for MLB in America His life and career spun out of control when his actress fiance dies from a car accident he was blamed for He [...]

  7. Covering Home by Heidi McCahan Book Description Britt Bowen is frustrated but determined to get an interview with one of the hardest men to interview in the sports world Caleb Scott Knowing she needs to do this for her boss, and her career,Britt does her best to break through the walls Caleb has put up Will she ever break through Is the reason she wants to just for her job Will she ever show the world that she is then just her famous father s daughter When Britt Bowen showed up in Caleb s life [...]

  8. A HOME ROOM FOR HEIDIA baseball player Caleb with a sad past who has gone to Japan to play his favorite professional sport He is also dealing with health issues He has sworn off interviews, especially ones with beautiful women.Enter a lady sportscaster Britt who needs a live interview wit said player in order to please her boss Britt is struggling under the pressure being the daughter of a famous man and wanting to make it on her own in the sportscaster world.The two experience instant sparks be [...]

  9. First of all, you do not have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this book I know virtually nothing about the game, and the read was still enjoyable for me In fact, while baseball is the theme, virtually nothing happens on the field.This romance is exactly what one would expect from a sweet, simple, clean romance Nothing offensive is included, and the end is never in question There are a few bumps along the way, but nothing too terrible While reading this book, the reader is able to escape present re [...]

  10. I like it when a story takes me to a place I ve never been, and this one certainly did that to Japan to watch baseball, of all things This unexpected combination is central to the story, as are the wily ways of two people who don t want to admit they re falling in love I enjoyed this novel s breezy tone and found that all of its elements voice, plotting, pacing, and characters were spot on as part of a clean, winsome romance I particularly liked the way the author didn t over spiritualize, which [...]

  11. Covering Home is a whirlwind love story that crosses the globe Caleb and Britt are quickly off again on again while sharing passionate kisses and debating if what they have can even last Now mix in careers that are pulling them different directions and you have a full blown drama on your hands.This book took me a while to finish because I was uncomfortable with the level of intimacy shown so early on in the relationship After knowing each other a couple days they are locking lips in what s descr [...]

  12. This book started off with a cute and unconventional concept Being anxious for baseball season to start, I was thrilled for a book to throw be into the depths of game day excitement, with some romance on the side However, the story tended to lose focus several times Pasts were unexplained a little too long, so actions and reactions were confusing The story had action that brought you from point a to b to c, but no real overarching arc that pulled it all together The romance was sweet, though I w [...]

  13. Technically I think this is a romance with a baseball subplot, but I m rating it as a baseball story with a romance subplot The baseball portions of this book were written so well, I could smell the peanuts and beer From that very first moment when Caleb is fighting to strike out the hometown hero, I was invested in the charming, handsome pitcher Admittedly, I had a harder time cheering for Britt, because her backstory came toward the end, so for the majority of the novel I simply wanted to know [...]

  14. This was another free kindle download by an author I ve never read heard of It was about baseball and romance Two great things, in my opinion I love stories about well known people falling in love I would definitely read from Heidi McCahan I liked her writing style and the clean, smut free content of the book Plus, as a novella, I actually finished reading it Bonus Britt Bowen is a sportscaster who is sent to Japan to land an interview with elusive pro baseball player Caleb Scott After a recent [...]

  15. This is a story of two people, who had experienced significant disruptions and losses in their lives They try to escape the emptiness by immersing themselves in their work Their work thrusts them together and sparks fly This is a very sweet, baseball romance Our main characters, Caleb and Britt, are wounded, but still trying to figure out how to be whole They are surrounded by supportive friends and family, who would do anything to help them find some closure and some happiness All the interacti [...]

  16. PGLanguage no swears, Violence no violence, Sex no sex, some kissing There s talk about drunk driving, drug use, but only in regards to a side character Totally clean recommend to anyone about 14 and older.

  17. Sweet storyThis is a sweet story line and not your average romance book This is definitely about developing the relationship and personal development story line Overall a good book.

  18. smoothly doneI enjoyed the book and although the baseball theme isn t my favorite I can honestly say it wasn t too much Nicely done Reading a book like this proves that a book can be clean and still be very good.

  19. A sweet, funny story about two people and their path to love and putting aside their selfish ways for what truly matters A reflection of all of us.

  20. I liked the characters, although I was irritated at Britt about half way through I can recommend this cute love story.

  21. Good story Good read enough action to keep the plot going happy ending I always like that I like the subtle spiritual aspect.

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