Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler

Free Read Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler - by Ruby Shae - Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler, Bear Seeking Bride Tyler Bear shifter Tyler Mallory might be the youngest brother but he has always been the peacekeeper His people skills make him the obvious choice as the voice of Mallory Building but the trips into the

  • Title: Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler
  • Author: Ruby Shae
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler - by Ruby Shae, Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler, Ruby Shae, Bear Seeking Bride Tyler Bear shifter Tyler Mallory might be the youngest brother but he has always been the peacekeeper His people skills make him the obvious choice as the voice of Mallory Building but the trips into the city leave him agitated frustrated and lonely Dawn Wagner is happy for her best friend and her new husband but with another dating disaster behind her she knows she has tB Free Read Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler - by Ruby Shae - Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler, Bear Seeking Bride Tyler Bear shifter Tyler Mallory might be the youngest brother but he has always been the peacekeeper His people skills make him the obvious choice as the voice of Mallory Building but the trips into the

  • Free Read Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler - by Ruby Shae
    402 Ruby Shae
Bear Seeking Bride: Tyler

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  1. I liked the H here The reason why I gave this book a 3 star was because of the insecurities of the h.The story was about Tyler bear shifter , 32 and Dawn human , 29.Dawn s a web designer working from home She s shy and very self conscious She wanted to get married and start a family but she was so unlucky to find the right man She s also one of Sabrina s best friends book 1 h.Tyler and his two brothers own a construction company He s the youngest and the peacemaker Like his newly wed brother, Tr [...]

  2. Bear Seeking Bride Tyler Bear Canyon Brides 2 by author Ruby Shae.My Rating 4 Stars.In this second book of the Bear Canyon Brides series, we have the story of youngest brother, Tyler Mallory and sweet, shy, curvy Dawn Wagner.Tyler is personable, friendly and a genuine sweetheart But Tyler is also lonely He wants a mate, love and a few cubs Following in his older brother s footsteps, he decides he should place an add in the classifieds to find the mate of his dreams Tyler is sick and tired of bei [...]

  3. Dawns self esteem issues pretty much ruined this book She was nearly crippled with her insecurities At times I was frustrated and wanted to shake her A lot.

  4. I generally love every single book Ruby Shae writes, but this was the exception Her self esteem issues were too off the charts, and ended up greatly detracting from any romantic connection she made It felt like this book wasn t as much about a romance between two people, as it was about one woman s emotional issues and inability to accept herself except when she had a man that made a point to make her feel better about herself.

  5. This is a sweet no drama shifter story Nothing overly exciting, and nothing overly bad It s just a sweet shot story Nothing to exciting.

  6. Dawn is Sabrina s friend and has been repeatedly harassed and abused because of her weight Tyler is Travis s younger brother and he is desperate for the wife of his dreams So when he talks about putting out an ad, Sabrina suggests he meet Dawn first But first he ll have to overcome her issues I had a feeling going into this one that I wouldn t like it so much I m not a fan of women with major insecurities and Dawn was loaded with them I swear she was crying every five minutes with hurt feelings [...]

  7. A great coffee time quick enjoyable read You won t be sorry.Sometimes you just need a book that is sweet, uncomplicated and fun to read This book was it, just a little too much insta love but the time frame forces this to happen Tyler is tired of woman chasing him just for his money and looks When he meets Sabrina s best friend Dawn he knows he has meet his mate, even if she is going to be hard work Dawn works from home as a web designer which has exacerbated her innate shyness Dawn has also bee [...]

  8. I really loved this 2nd in the series I felt sooo bad for Dawn My heart broke for her There is a huge reason she is the way she is I really don t blame her at all Dogfights Really Disgusting Tyler was sweet and so nice They are perfect for each other He was good stuff for her and sexy as hell to boot He knew what she needed He wasn t sure he could deliver sometimes but once he realized what she had been through he knew what he had to do and it was rather sweet Trent was still kind of a jerk LOL [...]

  9. DestinyDawn and Tyler s story was good She is the chubby curvaceous girl who feels she is less than other women Circumstances have proven that people see her as less than Tyler wants to settle down He is the youngest of his two siblings He wants what his middle brother hashis mate and happiness Other women throw themselves at him day in and day out, but they only want his money Maybe he needs to place an adke his brother did Could that scenario happen twice.I wish Ruby Shae would write a full si [...]

  10. Another great romantic novella by this author.This author writes sizzling sexy romantic stories This story was much than just sex It delt with raw human emotions of feeling like feeling ugly, too heavy, alone unworthy of some of the finer things in life Tyler is handsome and has worked hard to get where he is at, but feels alone Dawn feels like I described above They meet through a mutual friend Tyler immediately takes to Dawn Is she able to except that possibly she deserves to be loved She has [...]

  11. Even though I gave it a low rating, it was not bad But since I rate books that I think are ok a 3 star and they have a lot substance, a short story like this needs to be really good to get 3 or stars Anyway the story is a super quick, here meet my friend and marry her on Sunday plot Heroines mega insecurities and the thing about the Hero not being able to go into town without being accosted by women annoyed me Hence 2 stars vs 3 Otherwise, the hero was really sweet Safety gang safe.

  12. Tyler was about to put an personal ad out himself like his brother Travis did, but his sister in law Sabrina convinced to meet her friend Dawn first She believes they are perfect for each other Dawn s confidence has taken a hit after hit from men who are jerks She is about to give up But her friend Sabrina has convinced her to meet her brother in law Tyler.They are perfect together, they just to help each other see that before they lose each other This was sweet and sexy.

  13. I am really enjoying this series This one is about Tyler, a shape shifter bear who wants a bride, after he saw how happy his brother was he wants the same thing Just a family to love and to love him Dawn is not very confident in her looks She is a plus size woman who was treated very badly in her relationships When they meet the fireworks begin I am so glad to see they get there happy ending.

  14. i really really love this book Dawn poor thing I understand where she is coming from wanting to hide inside then she thinks she has really connected with TYLER and miss understands the barking of people in town She thinks they are saying she is ugly and not worthy of him This book is not only a good read, it also talks a lot about what is going on out there in the word without being preachy This is a 5 star for me and boy oh boy would i like to meet Tyler myself.

  15. ExcellentTyler and Dawn s story was a great read Ms Shame captured the lack of self confidence BBW s often have to contend with due to the verbal beatings they take due to their appearance I love how these women find that one man who can appreciate and or require their curves It is definitely a fabulous spin for romance.

  16. Very very good I love it his series It is short but it is so engaging and so much fun to read Tyler and Dawn are precious together Dawn has to be my favorite character so far She is so sweet and just needed a strong man to believe in her and Tyler is the perfect man for her I can t wait for Trent s story next

  17. There really wasn t a story here Hot guy bear wants a curvy girl and his sister in law happens to have a friend Pretty, curvy girl with massive self esteem issues wants to find love sparks fly when they meet and they almost immediately fall into bed There is little no character development The story line is them having sex and a silly misunderstanding having her run for the hills.

  18. Standalone Shifter book.Kindle Unlimited Standalone book in series This book is about a brother from book 1 No cliffhanger She is a plus sized woman who had given up on finding a man He is a bear shifter who is thinking about placing an add for a bride But his brother s new woman has a friend she wants him to meet Will they be a match Cute and hot short read.

  19. Bear Seeking Bride Tyler BBW MAIL ORDER BRIDE PARANORMAL SHAPESHIFTER ROMANCE by RUBY SHAEA sweet little sexy romp with a BBW who s love life brings doubts about love and the SHAPESHIFTER Bear who shows his love for her I enjoyed the quick read as it continues with the brothers in this series.

  20. Bear Seeking Bride TylerTyler was desperate for a bride,after he saw how happy his brother was he wanted the same thing.Dawn was very shy and not very confident in her looks because she is a plus size woman.Tyler sees past all of that and wants her anyway.The story is like a fairy tale come true.Read the book,it is good.

  21. Good but not greatI had a bit of an issue with Dawn being ready to get married so quickly despite not having hashed out her self doubts and scarred last Of course this was all addressed later but it still seemed like quite a rushed courting period Nonetheless this was still a delightful read with a nice HEA.

  22. Similar to first bookI really wanted to like this book but it s very similar to the first book and it feels rushed I feel the story could been filled with details and interactions between characters I really hope next book is better

  23. Sweet and ShortI have ready many stories by this author I have enjoyed them all They are short stories The characters in this one feel an immediate chemistry but have to deal with insecurities in order for love to prevail.

  24. There wasn t much difference between this book and book 1 Bear Seeking Bride Travis I sincerely think the author could develop these books into excellent stories with a little effort Not enough character development and not much plot conflict.

  25. sweet bbw bear storyThis was a sweet romance Dawn is absolutely plus sized and the author doesn t just hint about it, which I like Tyler is a nice alpha which is a good change from jerks Will read from this author.

  26. TylerShe is shy and Tyler is not letting her get away As far as he sees it she is already his She can t see that he loves everything about her But it doesn t take long for her to figure it out.

  27. Loved it I loved this series, I can t wait to read the others Lonely handsome single shifter male seeks wife to family and HEA Well worth reading

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