A Chorus of Innocents

[PDF] A Chorus of Innocents | by ✓ P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney - A Chorus of Innocents, A Chorus of Innocents Thursday October Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey s surly larcenous and loyal henchman Henry Dodd land sergeant of Gilsland

  • Title: A Chorus of Innocents
  • Author: P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney
  • ISBN: 9781464204609
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] A Chorus of Innocents | by ✓ P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney, A Chorus of Innocents, P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney, A Chorus of Innocents Thursday October Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey s surly larcenous and loyal henchman Henry Dodd land sergeant of Gilsland are back in Carlisle and the Debateable Lands the Border country the wild North the land of the hot trod where the thieving feuding reiver clans are English when itThursday [PDF] A Chorus of Innocents | by ✓ P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney - A Chorus of Innocents, A Chorus of Innocents Thursday October Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey s surly larcenous and loyal henchman Henry Dodd land sergeant of Gilsland

  • [PDF] A Chorus of Innocents | by ✓ P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney
    266P.F. Chisholm Patricia Finney
A Chorus of Innocents

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  1. Please Ms Chisholm I hope you are currently engaged in writing book 8 You cannot possibly leave us where this book finished So near yet so far I have really enjoyed reading this series and I am going to miss all of the characters so much I do have great hopes for another book though because the author had every opportunity in this one to tie up the loose ends and yet she did not As with all the others in the series this story was full of historical details and had plenty of action More unusual w [...]

  2. O frabjous day Here we are on horseback again, galloping ventre a terre over the Debateable Lands between England and Scotland circa 1592 Yes, Sir Robert Carey returns for a seventh glorious outing, and I am delighted to report that this time we get to spend some quality time with Elizabeth Widdrington, Sir Robert s love The book begins on the Scottish side of the border with the murder of a minister and the rape of his wife, heavily pregnant with their first child She finds her way to her frien [...]

  3. A Chorus of InnocentsBy P.F ChisolmISBN 978146420460A 2015 release fromPoisoned Pen PressThis reviewer is not a big fan of historical crime novels There are, however, a few authors working in the genre who have deep understanding of the requirements of the genre, and who honor the strictures of whatever time period they choose to write about That always includes being keenly aware of the technical, scientific and cultural circumstances and limitations of the period This author is one such.This n [...]

  4. Very much enjoyed this book, I like P F Chisholm s characters I m a bit disappointed in the way things have gone with Sergeant Dobbs at the moment, I m hoping that improves, but as always a great swashbuckling story.

  5. ELIZABETH.I could say things like hurrah to be back in the North but this one really is just ELIZABETH.

  6. A Chorus of Innocents courtesy of NetgalleyThis is the seventh in a series of books The six previous novels probably had going on in them First a few nitpickings there were some words phrases that lent authenticity but were not explained or defined For instance blackrent blackmail , they had gone out half an hour later with the trod , carried the lance with the burning turf on it These phrases might have come up in previous books of this series and been defined there or not This can be annoying [...]

  7. I discovered this fictional series about the real Sir Robert Carey thanks to NetGalley and have read An Air of Treason and A Famine of Horses so far Here is some information about the real Sir Robert Carey that I lifted from my review of A Famine of Horses Background on Sir Robert Carey The real Robert Carey was the son of Lord Hunsdon, Henry VIII s illegitimate son by Mary Boleyn Lord Hunsdon was also Queen Elizabeth s Lord Chamberlain and half brother and patron to Shakespeare Obviously, Rober [...]

  8. When it comes to books, I am a shallow person I am swayed by titles, covers and blurbs A Chorus of Innocents has a nice thistle on the cover, a good collective noun in the title and the blurb promised me an Elizabethan mystery sold Only when I started reading all the preamble to my Kindle review copy why do covers matter when you read on a Kindle did I realise that A Chorus of Innocents is the seventh in a series featuring the real life Sir Robert Carey and a collection of real and imagined coho [...]

  9. I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.This story begins with the murder of a small village s minister and the rape of his pregnant wife The wife rushes off on a horse to her friend, Elizabeth, and tells her the tale Elizabeth then travels north back to the town where she begins an investigation into why the minister was murdered and who did it I really didn t get into this book I don t really like historical fiction, but I thought this sounded int [...]

  10. This is an historical mystery that takes place during the Elizabethan Era This book is the seventh book of A Sir Robert Carey mystery series Yes, the seventh I always start with the first book in the series, but I love historical fiction and this one sounded exceptionally good And it is However, I know I missed out on some of the backstories of the characters, and therefore feel like I am missing part of this story But they are such interesting characters The good news is that I purchased book o [...]

  11. As I mentioned in my review of volume 6 of this series, I m not fond of whodunits But this one is set where I feel the Robert Carey books ought to be set in the Borders and therefore I can forgive it being a whodunit and award it a resounding 5 stars Interestingly, it focusses not on Sir Robert Carey but on the love of his life, Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, who is investigating the death of the husband of a friend Elizabeth is a strong character with a dry sense of humour and I was immediately en [...]

  12. This is my first Chisholm book and I was delighted to learn after finishing there were six previous books I could get stuck into while waiting for the next to come out The Tudor period is one of my favourites and I am always pleasantly surprised when I read something that does not revolve around one of the big main personages of the time Chisholm does this with Robert Carey and Elizabeth Widdrington, bringing them to life with the skill of a great storey teller Each of the characters has their o [...]

  13. This superbly written historical novel set in the borderlands between Scotland and England during the year 1592 is so much than just a mystery to be solved The author s words took me back in time, allowed me to experience with all of my senses what life might have been like in the late 1590 s and made me thankful that I live in the present In this book Lady Elizabeth Widdrington has time on center stage than Robert Carey and in some ways it is her story than his, although, it is really a stor [...]

  14. Robert Carey the historical man had such an interesting life and this series about him is everything I might wish to read It is important to know that I put aside all my other ARCs to finish this book.From the Publisher Thursday, 12th October, 1592 Eighteen days after the action closes in An Air of Treason, courtier Sir Robert Carey and Carey s surly, larcenous, and loyal henchman Henry Dodd, Land Sergeant of Gilsland, are back in Carlisle and the Debateable Lands, the Border country, the Wild N [...]

  15. 3.5 stars This series should perhaps be renamed, as there is relatively little of Carey in this book, but he s often in the thoughts of the two POV characters Sergeant Dodd and Elizabeth Widdrington I am glad to see everyone back in the north, away from London and the Court.Carey has a bad tooth and is making everyone miserable While searching for a tooth drawer Dodd runs smack into a murder mystery which Lady Widdrington was trying to solve just before she was kidnapped for ransom The author do [...]

  16. It s clear to most of the people on the English Scottish border that King James will eventually succeed his elderly cousin Queen Elizabeth But in the meantime, they have their own concerns stealing, feuding to consider Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, free in her loathed husband s temporary absence, travels into Scotland to organize a funeral for the murdered minister Jamie Burn, only to be kidnapped Sergeant Henry Dodd, who works for the man Elizabeth really loves, is looking for a traveling tooth d [...]

  17. I was worried that this series was running of out fresh possibilities, but by telling much of this from the perspective of Elizabeth Widdrington, this installment finds a raft of new things to explore Elizabeth herself is wonderfully evoked, with a keen mind and a deep understanding of the dynamics of gender and class relationships in a way that is unrealistic for the men around her Actually, I would struggle to think of such a respectful and understanding portrait of a woman in a violent relati [...]

  18. I loved this book I waited a while to read it so that it wasn t so expensive to buy on my Kindle and I was surprised and delighted to read this from Elizabeth Widdrington s point of view It s a good plot as we expect from PF Chisholm with some great nuances and accuracy from a church history point of view Most of all, I appreciated something of the mindset of an Elizabethan huswife , all the practicalities that she had to think about slaughtering pigs and making sausages etc as well as the bitte [...]

  19. What a great read Like all the Sir Robert Carey Mysteries I have read it has been thoroughly research so it agrees with all known history of the period This particular novel centers around the murder of a clergyman in the Scots village of Wendron in his own home His pregnant wife rides to Widdrington to pour out her troubles grief to Elizabeth Sir Robert has a toothache and Sgt Dodd is off searching for a tooth puller Lord Widdrington is spending time with Lord Spynie with whom he is in cahoots [...]

  20. One of a series of mysteries set in Scotland in the 1500 s This one s plot revolves around the murder of a minister whose pregnant wife is raped during the encounter He is nearly decapitated and not only do we eventually find the culprit but we learn a lot about the language and culture of Scotland in that period The book takes a little work understanding the Scottish brogue used There is a tiny unsatisfying historical note that the characters and story is real based on memoirs with some artisti [...]

  21. It s always a good week when I get to read another in the Sir Robert Carey series This one s a bit short on Sir Robin, focusing on his lady love Elizabeth Widdrington in a complicated and interesting mystery with just the right amount of murder and mayhem Elizabeth s sleuthing skills aren t quite up to Sir Robin, but this is a great, great addition to the series This one did leave some loose ends which means 8 is likely in the works But woe is me, will we never ever be rid of Sir Henry

  22. This is the seventh Sir Robert Carey mystery, and unlike other series, this one still entertains me Brilliantly researched, mostly based on Carey s own journals, and impeccable writing I love all the main characters so much, especially Carey I swear if I lived back in Elizabethan England, and had met the man, I would have fallen head over heals I can t say enough good things about this series, except to say READ IT

  23. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Firstly I need to say that this is my first book by P.F Chisholm, and thank goodness there are a lot Superb historical fiction with great characterization and solid plot development This book puts you squarely in the Elizabethan era, obviously well researched Sir Robert Carey had an exceptional life, and his appearances here in fiction are fascinating An exceptional book.

  24. This latest entry in the Sir Rob Carey series is from Lady Elizabeth Widdrington s viewpoint Elegantly contrived, as always, with moments of hilarity I was pleased with the author s note that the closing action was based entirely on Carey s memoirs very gratifying to see how tightly she weaves history and fiction And James VI has a moment of redemption.

  25. This is the 7th book in the series and my favorite so far A really great read My favorite line in the book is English when it suited, and Scots at their pleasure The last line of the book is a real cliffhanger

  26. This is well written and really takes you into the era I found the acceptance of women and children as chattels very horrific I am so glad we don t live in those times The story of murder and rape is shocking and creates its own momentum to read on

  27. Seventh in this outstanding series featuring Sir Robert Carey set in the contentious borderlands between Scotland and England in 1592, Patricia Finney writing as P.F Chisholm brilliantly explores daily life in the 16th century Highly recommended.

  28. The final book so farI was hoping for something Elizabeth to be freed of sir Henry or something like thatA very exciting book to be sureBut the struggle like life goes onI will be anxious to read the sequel.

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