The Nines

Unlimited The Nines - by Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson - The Nines, The Nines USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon team up to bring readers a new breed of antiheroes THE NINES Vengeance is mine not the Lord s It s what I breathe for It s what I m still

  • Title: The Nines
  • Author: Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited The Nines - by Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson, The Nines, Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson, The Nines USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon team up to bring readers a new breed of antiheroes THE NINES Vengeance is mine not the Lord s It s what I breathe for It s what I m still living for I live for the moment when I will literally have his eye for mine It s been two years Two long and difficult years but my plan is nearly complete When I m noUSA TODAY BESTSELLING Unlimited The Nines - by Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson - The Nines, The Nines USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon team up to bring readers a new breed of antiheroes THE NINES Vengeance is mine not the Lord s It s what I breathe for It s what I m still

  • Unlimited The Nines - by Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson
    319Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson
The Nines

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  1. Dakota Madison Sierra Avalon Karen Mueller Bryson

    USA TODAY Bestselling author Dakota Madison is known for writing new adult, love in midlife, and contemporary romance with a little spice and lots of heart Dakota is a winner of the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry When she s not at her computer creating spicy stories Dakota likes to spend time with her husband and their bloodhounds Dakota also writes under the pen names SAVANNAH YOUNG, SIERRA AVALON and REN MONTERREY.


  1. Book The NinesAuthor Dakota Madison Sierra AvalonPublication Date April 13, 2015Genre Thriller Suspense RomanceType Stand Alone Series Cliffhanger NoRating 3.75 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review My Thoughts Story This is the first book I have read from this author and I have to say that this book was so fast paced, I was able to complete it in no time So much was going on from the minute you read the first page until the last.I di [...]

  2. WOW another amazing written book that sucks readers in right from the beginning, but to be completely honest by now whenever I see the above authors names on any books they are an automatic read as I know that they will be amazing as the author never falters no matter what pen name she writes under she is amazing and all her titles should be read The Nines however was in a whole different category of it s own This book was truly amazing and heartbreaking at the same time , it made me sick to my [...]

  3. Wow This one was completely original Different from anything I ve read The fact that this happens in real life makes me sick to my stomach, but at the same time I had no idea What an eye opener I finished in just a few short hours It s gripping, heart breaking and just sucks you in The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 stars was because I felt the ending was a little bit rushed I wanted just a little bit The writing was incredible and I can t wait for from Dakota

  4. Let me start by saying this book is not for the faint of heart It touches on the issue of school violence but also gives great insight on how those who commit these acts also do great harm to their own loved ones.Roxie starts college with lots of secrets Secrets that have made her a recluse She s comfortable chatting with her online friends than socializing in person This is where she meets Alex Little did they know how entwined their lives have been When tragedy strikes and Roxie loses her roo [...]

  5. I like how this story is different from the others that I have read before I like how the author put in a little computer nerd hacker spin on Alex in the story Of course I like that since I am a little bit of a computer nerd myself This was a very different spin on the college life than most books out there A little bit of mystery and a little bit of love added in to make the story complete It will be interesting to read the other books that are part of this series and see how they will go along [...]

  6. njkinnysblog 2015 05 bRoxie is hiding a scarred soul and a haunting past Living under a new name in a new city, she is careful never to let anyone get close.Alexander had once been the golden boy Handsome, straight A scoring student and a great athlete, his future was set but one terrible bombing at his school left him horribly burnt and forced to live in seclusion His only aim now is to exact vengeance on the person responsible for the bombing but a series of events leave him a changed man with [...]

  7. A Story Full of Twists and TurnsAfter reading the blurb about The Nines I wasn t sure if I was going to like it or not but the premise was interesting, so I have it a go I m really glad that I did, it s not really like ant other story that I ve read up to this point In this story we meet Roxie, a girl from a small town that could be one of a million little small twins everywhere, until disaster strikes and a bomb goes off in her high school, a victim of the back to School Bomber the entire town [...]

  8. This was interesting I wasn t sure how I would like the book at first but as I delved further into it and saw the complexity and intertwining of events and peoples lives it got and intriguing I didn t expect the prologue to really come into play but amazingly it did Roxy held that huge secret and it kept her from allowing people into her life Alexander was injured in Roxy s secret So much so that he wanted revenge and lived away from the world Roxy changed that Or is slowly changing that Her r [...]

  9. I ve read quite a few books from this author and they are usually comfort reads for me since they have been contemporary new adult romances I love my romantic suspense and was looking forward to see how this book would measure up and let me say that The Nines did not disappoint, but the suspense aspect was really just the tip of the iceberg to the story There was so much going on in this book and everything seemed to just come together in just the right way to create a suspenseful romance with s [...]

  10. There s no such thing as perfect We re two damaged people, but when we re together I think we make each other a lot less flawed Somehow our broken pieces seem to be coming back together again RoxieSooooo, the premise of this book is amazing I read the blurb and a little excerpt and I was hooked It has everything I could ever want in a thriller, and the fact that it has that NA feeling didn t bother me at all, even though I don t like nor read NA.We are introduced to two main characters and the s [...]

  11. This book was interesting I m calling it a dark romance suspenseful NA novel Did I cover it maybe I m calling it dark romance, not because the romance itself is dark it s not, there s one legit sex scene in the book and it s the epitome of innocence but because the main character, our dearest Alexander, is pretty dark Roxie is fighting her own past which is also somewhat horrid and the book deals with fighting a, for lack of a better word, rape gang.The writing style of the book was ok I wasn t [...]

  12. Roxie Bailey is an 18 year old college student hiding a terrible secret a secret that makes it difficult for her to form relationships, other than her online chats with fellow psychology students, in particular ALEXANDERTHEGR8T She finds herself in a tricky situation when her Claire, her roommate, insists that she go along with her and her boyfriend, Julio to meet his roommate Hector Hector develops a liking for her, but she s reluctant to let it get beyond friendship Then, she convinces Hector [...]

  13. It s the first day back to school Roxie looked around for her pink sneakers but found his brother waiting for him in the car As late as she was, she couldn t help but feel excited to be back to school But her brother was a different story He took his time driving their car to high school, and parked at the farthest lot from the school grounds Then everything exploded Literally A couple of years after, Roxie became a different person, secluded, introverted, guarded When she became close to one pe [...]

  14. What happens when you are running from your past but it seems you can t run far enough Roxie has gone to extreme measures to distance herself from her past but even after everything it still finds a way to hunt her after everything All she wants to do is be a regular psychology college student but fate has something different in store for her.Alexander is a recluse and it isn t by choice he is hiding from the world, it is because of the work of a mad man What happens when your past seeks you out [...]

  15. Vengeance is mine not the Lord s It s what I breathe for It s what I m still living for I live for the moment when I will literally have his eye for mine Roxie lived a normal life until one day in the small town of Massachusetts her high school is bombed It was the first day of school, and the so called Back to school Bomber is her brother She had no other option but to leave her past behind Who wouldn t after the tragedy where many were killed, a lot injured and town is mourning in terror With [...]

  16. ARC provided by Obsessed By Books Wow what a entertaining book The Nines was This was the first time read for me by this author Dakota Madison I had no clue what this book was about until I started reading The Nines at first I was skeptical about the book I am glad that I read it and finished it was a great book to enjoy.Roxie is a small town girl with secrets of her own she lived in Massachusetts Her school was blown up by her brother known as the Back to School Bomber After the bombing she lef [...]

  17. I received an ARC for an honest review This was a a quick and very thrilling read I could not put it down, because I wanted to know how it played out and I was surprised by the way things came full circle for both Alexander and Roxie It is weird when fate steps into the picture and draws two people who are trying to hide from their pasts, together I shocked by some of the things that went on in this book and to learn from the front of the book that these things may in fact be going on around us [...]

  18. Roxie is a college freshman who spends time in online chat rooms that she done in the real world She has a secret so she doesn t want friends who get too close She meets Alexander in a chat room, he is a hacker and he has a secret also Roxie and Alexander find they have a common bond with their secrets Then they find out the D.O.G fraternity is raping girls on campus and Roxie s room mate is one of them Can they, along with Julio and Hector, get revenge for the raped girls Note rape is mentione [...]

  19. The Nines totally grabbed me from the first paragraph I had read the synopsis and the references in the beginning and quite honestly wasn t sure how I d like it Well, I loved it The tough subject matter school violence, sexual assault, crime, corruption, unconditional love, regret, forgiveness and shame were handled extremely well You d think that this would be a depressing, dour novel, quite the contrary It was fast paced,tender and at times sexy The characters were multi layered and I loved ho [...]

  20. Entertaining read about a reclusive burn school bombing victim and the younger sister of the bomber For the subject, the story is too short to have the depth and angst needed considering the events and psychological aftermath that would follow this type of setup We get a little insight background of the pair but the story is in the present events that bring them together to deal with an underground fraternity preying on female college students This is a standalone series with no cliffhanger and [...]

  21. I have never read a book like this A young girl s brother is a school bomber in a quest to get away from the circus that is her life she changes her name and goes to college While in school she is studies and stays out of sight until she learns about a secret fraternity that allows it s members to rape girls with no fallout Again, I have never read anything like it before It had me on the edge of my seat I give this book a five There is nothing like it.5 stars Mariah Kingsley for Eye Candy Books [...]

  22. I received this book in exchange for my honest review It was fast paced and interesting My typically my kind of story but once I got started it drew me in Emotional, exciting and the characters are great I will definitely be reading

  23. 1st day of class Claire college roommate, epilepsy introduces Roxie Bailey Rovzan Baiev, roommate to Julio Claire s BF , Hector Julio s BMF.Lots of back to school parties to go to Fast forward What did Roxie Julio go see Heather RA, grad psychology about What was found at Make Out Ridge What did Roxie Alexander Grant CS, Alexander firebombing victim, hacker figure out As a former undergrad grad student, this happens on every town USA college on off campus In 2017, I thought maybe things were cha [...]

  24. This was my first Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon novel and I can t believe I ve never picked them up, even though I ve seen them around I m super happy though that I picked this up because, The cover can absolutely fool you And not just that but the blurb didn t say much about what it was either so I didn t know what I was getting myself into besides it being a suspense, which I totally enjoy, and that it referred to being a comic book and a romance mash up But once I got going with it, It was [...]

  25. I got the book from the author and Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock in exchange for an honest review.The NINES is the first book in a series full of romance, suspense and revenge This novel tells the story of Alexander and Rozvan, two people to people that are connected by such a twisted and bloody crime that marked them as broken or so they thought Alexander was Mr Popularity, future homecoming king, and had a beautiful girlfriend that would make anyone jealous He had the world at his feet [...]

  26. Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I received a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review.Roxie has a dark secret that she carries with her every day since she left Massachusetts Her High School was bombed on the first day of school by the Back to School Bomber where many were killed and even were hurt That bomber was her brother Since that very day, her life changed and people treated her like she was a criminal too She left town and changed her name to s [...]

  27. I generously received an Advanced Readers Copy for an honest review This book has been nothing like I ve ever read before and I ve been trying to put my thoughts in order to be able to write this for a while now The fact that the horrible occurrences in this story happen every day around the world is scary and left a sour taste, and yet, it also filled me with hope hope that one day people won t be judged by their appearance or by what other people did any One can hope, right Roxie has had a chi [...]

  28. 4.5 StarsWhat a great story I love a good thriller The Nines has a good mix of everything I like in a book a mystery, a budding love story, and the past and present coming together Roxie, the heroine, has a secret that keeps her from getting close to people She fears friends because they will ask questions about her history Her methodology to keep people at bay is to concentrate on her studies and to join online school chat rooms Alexander, the hero, is a computer hacker with secrets of his own [...]

  29. eBook kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I had mixed feelings while reading The Nines I m not gonna lie, I kind of hated the first third of the book Luckily, it s not very long so it didn t take much to get past the beginning I just couldn t deal with Roxie She was like a toddler in that the only contributions she made to conversations were in the form of questions this was exclusive to the beginning she eventually started having normal conversations [...]

  30. Roxie Bailey has a secret, and she does everything she possibly can to not bring it up When the age old question is asked, Where are you from she changes the subject, or acts as if the question was never even asked Dakota Madison, and Sierra Avalon did a wonderful job keeping the reader guessing as to what the secret she was hiding was Roxie is a general keep to herself, silent type that prefers studying to partying, and chatting in her online group of psychology friends than dating or hanging o [...]

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