The Comeback

[PDF] The Comeback | by é Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden - The Comeback, The Comeback Three years passed Long and brutal Lonely and sometimes scary But he swore he d find me that d he d do everything to get me back Well his word was final His word was true He s back Ace Crow Ruthless

  • Title: The Comeback
  • Author: Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden
  • ISBN: 9781511500043
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Comeback | by é Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden, The Comeback, Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden, The Comeback Three years passed Long and brutal Lonely and sometimes scary But he swore he d find me that d he d do everything to get me back Well his word was final His word was true He s back Ace Crow Ruthless Deadly Risky An extremely bad man I m everything he s not I m the missing piece to his disturbing puzzle But he s mistaken about one thing No one said getting me bThree years passed Long [PDF] The Comeback | by é Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden - The Comeback, The Comeback Three years passed Long and brutal Lonely and sometimes scary But he swore he d find me that d he d do everything to get me back Well his word was final His word was true He s back Ace Crow Ruthless

  • [PDF] The Comeback | by é Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden
    153 Shanora Williams Shirl Rae Sean Crisden
The Comeback

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    Shanora Williams is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who loves writing about flawed heroes and resilient heroines She is a believer that love outweighs all, but doesn t have a problem making her characters fight for their happily ever after.She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the mother of two amazing boys, has a fiercely devoted and supportive man, and is a sister to eleven.When she isn t writing, she s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down chocolate chip cookies.Follow me Facebook Facebook ShanoraWilliamsAuthorFacebook Fan Group Facebook groups ShanorasSweetheartsInstagram Instagram reallyshanoraTwitter Twitter shanorawilliams


  1. Hmmmm Ace Crow is back baby I m so so so delighted we got of Mr Crow an the gorgeous London I did know how this was goin 2 go after the end in of the last book an I have 2 say the book stuck with me 4 ages it was just great an Ace is just totally hot I luv him London is getting on with her life well tryin 2 it s hard 2 try an get over Ace but with Aden an Grey she seems 2 b doin ok but it as been 3 yrs so its been a while since she s seen him the only thing she as that is another 2 do with Ace [...]

  2. 6 PURE GOLD STARS Wow, I FLOVED this book It was beyond what I expected, so RAW, INTENSE, and pure EXPLOSION of emotions The story just grabbed me right from the very first page and I could not put it down until the very end and even then, I wished I hadn t finished it because I just wanted and of this amazing alpha hero and his extraordinary story I m who you want I m who you need I m impossible for you to forget Everything began in Beware, a book that was as thrilling as it was uniquely epic [...]

  3. Pues lo mismo que el primero,3 estrellas la verdad q este libro se lo podr a haber ahorrado.Y hacer el primero un poco m s largo.Ya se ve a venir todo,pero bueno no esta mal

  4. Solid 4 crime drama starsSo, this will be short, I hope, cause I got what I wanted in the end.The story was kinda messed up, confused, it continues three years after the last shit down in book 1, so the emotions were a little bit watered down So London continued with her without Ace She moved on BUT not completely cause she still loves Ace, she always will and she still hopes he ll come back even if all the clues and the proof shows differently , and there i was confused again with this female a [...]

  5. MAI cambiare le cose.Ci ho provato, sul serio, ma il mio risentimento era troppo grande Ho pianto tantissimo, nella lettera finale che Ace scrive a London in Beware, ma venuto fuori che ogni mia singola lacrima non era altro che per una farsa Nope, odio profondamente essere presa per i fondelli.La perfezione non va mai alterata ACQUISTA ORA CON 1 CLICK Facebook Twitter Pinterest

  6. Thank you Ms Williams for giving us a second book to this story So good I don t think I will ever forget London and Ace He came back with a vengeance after being gone for 3 years I HATE LONG SEPARATIONS I think he was surprised by what he found when he came back, which made him that much determined to get what he wanted.d that was London London had basically moved on with her life, so when Ace reappears after so long, she is thrown for a loop What a strong connection between these characters I [...]

  7. 4 Crow Stars Now that is how you write a sequel You take no prisoners and you top yourself because you know that this is the one that s going to leave its mark and I think that Ms.Williams without a doubt truly outdid herself with this one.As you are well aware of the ending in the first beware book,you know that it ended horrific.That was one of the most gutwrenching endings I ve ever read and I cried like a baby.What did I do after that I recomended it to my friend so she could be in misery as [...]

  8. The Comeback es el segundo libro de la serie Beware, de Shanora Williams y el ultimo en tener como protagonistas a London y Ace.El libro se me hizo interminable, la historia se podia haber desarrollado en menos paginas y hubiera quedado mucho mejor, ya que la trama me parecio bastante densa, no se si porque hace poco lei Raw y las historias se parecen mucho o porque simplemente la trama de este segundo libro me parecio muy aburrida.Los protagonistas no me gustaron, ya en el primer libro sus pers [...]

  9. I have really tried to read several books by Shanora Williams but I don t seem to connect with the characters or the writing voice So parked for now.

  10. You think you know, but you have no idea Ace Crow is back and better than ever in The Comeback Beware needs to be read prior to Beware 2 Shanora Williams at her finest She will take you and bring you into a world of darkness, chaos, and undeniable lust that will leave you at the end of your seat begging for .We all hated Shanora at the end of Beware well hate is a strong word, but I had some very harsh words for that woman who made me fall in love and than left me devastated at the end She heard [...]

  11. I was given a ARC in exchange for my honest review.I LOVED Beware I loved Ace and London The first installment gutted me It ripped my heart and soul into pieces and I loved every second So when I heard that Shanora was writing another story and Ace would be back, I was ecstatic I was overjoyed and I could not wait I needed Ace More of these two So we start off and London has moved on She has her perfect little family, but her heart still longs for Ace.Then Ace comes back into the picture and we [...]

  12. So I just re read my review for BEWARE and I am horrified because it was a fab review and I thought it wouldn t do the book justice , well hello I am freakin now because how the heck can I do this book justice and top that other review Once again BEWARE of ACE , he is back and he is claiming what is his Get in his way and you will be taken care of.Ace is a force to be reckon with even after what he has endured for the past 3 years We only get a small glimpse of the horror but remember he has bee [...]

  13. I could take you on the back seat of this car and you wouldn t stop me You want me I want you Let s not play these petty games We re past that shit, London Let s be adults Well hello there Ace we have missed you I loved Beware I think it is Shanora s best work to date I was seriously blown away in the best way I even loved the end Yes I know I LOVED it I don t think every book needs to be a HEA gift wrapped with a pretty red bow These books that frustrate and shock us are the reason we are able [...]

  14. 4 Red Ace Sexy Stars Okay, so I enjoyed this story and its characters and absolutely LOVED Ace in this book The chemistry and sex between Ace and London was off the charts HOT I loved that their feelings for each other was undeniable and I was happy that Ace was excited to meet his son and try to change for the better for his family.The reason this isn t a 5 star read for me is that I couldn t get pass London cheating on Greg and the way she went behind his back constantly I understand her being [...]

  15. Que maravillosa experiencia viv con este libro, y no fue solo felicidad, sino que primero me hizo llorar, sufrir, desear, tener esperanza, luchar con los sentimiento, aceptar el destino, de nuevo luchar, de nuevo llorar y al final me hizo sentir paz y felicidad En si todo el libro es una monta a rusa de emociones porque hay que luchar por lo que se quiere y por los que queremos, me encanto al final a pesar que los personajes quedaron con marcas en su alma, siempre habr un poco de tristeza en med [...]

  16. Don t call it a comebackI been here for yearsRockin my peers and puttin suckas in fearMakin the tears rain down like a MON soonListen to the bass go BOOMExplosion, overpowerinOver the competition, I m towerinWreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that ll make you call the copsDon t you dare stare, you betta moveDon t ever compareMe to the rest that ll all get sliced and dicedCompetition s payin the price From Mama Said Knock You Out LL Cool JThese are the lyrics that resonated with me when I beg [...]

  17. DON T CALL IT A COMEBACK ACE CROW IS BACK He may be changed but in my opinion only for the better Shanora has done it again Ace owns a piece of my heart and that piece just got bigger after finishing this book This book had me hooked form the first paragraph and I was ready to take the journey with Ace, London and Bianca, and a few other characters new and old Shanora has a way of gripping the reader and not letting go until the very last word She knows how to make a world so a live that you for [...]

  18. If you have read Beware book one, you were probably gutted to pieces at the end like I was What, no happy ending Well think again Three years have passed and London has finally moved on and tried to make peace with losing Ace But for Ace, Yep, that s right kids , all he has thought about was getting back to the woman he loves.This book was raw, emotional, and mysterious and all of those words can also be used to describe the main character Ace Crow London and Ace had raw love for each other and [...]

  19. Gahhhhhhhh, it is hard to come to terms that this story is over Ace Crow is back and badder than before He is just as awesome as before but a changed man London is definitely a lot stronger and you realize she s a badass and I can honestly say I love her in this book.The twists and turns had me constantly freaking out I was on the edge of a cliff during the whole book and I am still reeling This book is than words can ever describe but one thing that kept me going is knowing that London and Ac [...]

  20. Ace Crow is back badder, sexier, a bigger bada attitude, and jealousy something I don t think he s ever experienced, London, Ace s voice is gravelly Irritated I m here for you and the child I just found out is mine Does it look like I give a one eff about Greg He s also naughtier and insatiable I mean it s been three years after all since he s had his woman, It was a good, quick eff We ll soon make love Don t worry I fell in love with him all over again, That s one persistent man of yours, the n [...]

  21. 5 Monster In Love StarsI loved everything about my reunion with Ace London I was so curious as to how Shanora was going to continue their story she wrapped everything up in a beautiful way There was a ton of drama, mystery, suspense of course some HOT sex pearls with our man Ace Crow I wish I would have gotten a little bit of Ace Aden bonding time, just because they were so damn cute, but this was about Ace London so I get it Thank you so much Shanora for the ARC And thank you for taking me on [...]

  22. London and Ace are a couple that I wont forget for a long time What a great follow up to a story that ended so emotionally traumatizing Years have passed since the end of Beware, London has tried to move onbut daily thinking of Ace This book shows that you keep your friends close but your enemies closer Your friends are not who you think they are What a twist and turn plot Kept me turning the pages Cant wait to read Bianca s story Keep doing what you are doing Shanora Williams


  24. Horrible Predictable I loved the 1st book and that s how much I disliked this one Not interesting Did not like London in this on Just stop at the 1st book and don t bother with this one Sorry

  25. She did it againAbsolutely brilliant I loved every single bit of this awesome storyWith second instalment, you sometimes fell short changed by some author s I m pleased to say, you won t be disappointed with this one.Well done girlfriend.You rock, you rule.

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