Written in My Own Heart's Blood

[PDF] Written in My Own Heart's Blood | by ✓ Diana Gabaldon - Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Written in My Own Heart s Blood It is June and the world seems to be turning upside down The British Army is withdrawing from Philadelphia with George Washington in pursuit and for the first time it looks as if the rebels m

  • Title: Written in My Own Heart's Blood
  • Author: Diana Gabaldon
  • ISBN: 9780553386882
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Written in My Own Heart's Blood | by ✓ Diana Gabaldon, Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Diana Gabaldon, Written in My Own Heart s Blood It is June and the world seems to be turning upside down The British Army is withdrawing from Philadelphia with George Washington in pursuit and for the first time it looks as if the rebels might actually win But for Claire Fraser and her family there are even tumultuous revolutions that have to be accommodated Her former husband Jamie has returned fromI [PDF] Written in My Own Heart's Blood | by ✓ Diana Gabaldon - Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Written in My Own Heart s Blood It is June and the world seems to be turning upside down The British Army is withdrawing from Philadelphia with George Washington in pursuit and for the first time it looks as if the rebels m

  • [PDF] Written in My Own Heart's Blood | by ✓ Diana Gabaldon
    152 Diana Gabaldon
Written in My Own Heart's Blood

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    Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


  1. 5 stars After FOUR years EIGHT months and NINETEEN days.The Adventure continuesPlease Note This review contains NO SPOILERS for Written in My Own Heart s Blood but may for previous books in the seriesThe Standing Stones at Craigh na DunIt s 1778, Philadelphia and Jamie Fraser has just returned from the dead Only to find his beloved wife, Claire remarried to his friend, Lord John Grey In another time Scotland, 1980 Roger MacKenzie is desperate to find his son, Jem and is preparing to go back thro [...]

  2. Hmmmm All over the map Plot twists long and meandering, even unnecessary Character development and there are so many characters slow Unbalanced scenes with some being entirely too drawn out and tedious, and others too quick, too short, too unprecedented and not firmly enough tethered to the main plot if there even was a main plot.The last couple of books in the Outlander series have seemed unfocused to me, and this one is no exception Fun to read, but certainly not as gripping or as rewarding a [...]

  3. Spoiler free review I first want to say that the Outlander series has been in my heart and soul since around 1999 When I began the series, my children were toddlers I have crayon marks in my original Outlander paperback One is now in college and my younger is going to be a senior in high school They have watched me live and breathe these books, as well as celebrated with me when I actually met the author in person a few years ago I am beyond ecstatic over the STARZ television series beginning th [...]

  4. I finally finished them all until she puts out the next book, which I need right now There were a couple deaths that meant something to me One it was a normal mourning but the other was so horrible it broke my heart Don t worry, I m not going to tell anyone It took so long for Claire and Jamie to get back to each other I was going to scream And then Claire has to explain everything that happened with Lord Grey and it was so sad I felt sorry for them both Jamie ends up in another battle but lucki [...]

  5. Part of Audible s 5.95 sale until 3 6 16 Don t miss getting the audiobook for a steal audible pd Romance Wri Of course I loved it Did you have any doubt I mean, it s Diana mad skillz Gabaldon and it s an OUTLANDER book Could it be anything less than magical If you are on the 8th book in the series, it is already assumed that you are a rabid Outlander fan There is no other explanation as to why one would read over 8,000 pages So if you are a fan of the first 7 books, you will love this one It is [...]

  6. Please do not expect any work from me until I have finished this book I will be taking a break from all forms of human interaction from the time I get it until it is finished We have got to get little Timmy out of the welluh, I mean little Jemmy out of the tunnel.Update sigh I finished it This was a good one.

  7. An extra star out of loyalty.but this was a sprawling historical novel that sprawled too far a kitchen sink book, and not in a good way A huge number of plotlines that didn t seem to serve any narrative purpose, too much time spent with annoying characters, WAY too much surgical detail, and timelines that even for THIS series are totally confusing Clearly Diana Gabaldon loves her work and the research it entails which is part of the reason I find her books so enjoyable , but her editor should ha [...]

  8. I ve finished the book I must say, after almost 15 years of reading this books, Diana was just about to lose me I don t know exactly what it was that I started finding so annoying in book 4 to 7 Probably the amount of characters and their incredibly boring adventures Come on, Willie s in the Great Dismal s threatens Frodo and Sam s journey through Mordor, as the Boriest Shit Ever, rivalled only maybe by Roger search for life s meaning, which I can only understand as Diana Gabaldon s critique at [...]

  9. SpoilersThe worst Outlander book so far, which is saying a lot since the last few have been less than impressive If all the Claire Jamie William Ian Rachel John parts had been cut out and just Roger Bree Jem s chapters remained then I would have rated this four stars I never would have thought I d like Roger Bree over Jamie Claire, but they were my favourite characters in this one, probably because they had such an engaging plot especially when compared to the rest of the characters For most of [...]

  10. Here we go with the review, as I prepare to commit Outlander heresy as much as I loved this series well, Echo not so much , and as happy as I was to read about Jamie and Claire, et al the negatives far outweigh the pluses Written in my Own Heart s Blood picks up right where Echo in the Bone left off Those who have read that book know what events those are don t need a rehash, and those who haven t read it don t need to know what those events are There are two main storylines in this book, 1 Jam [...]

  11. Okay, I ll be honest It really is of a 5 star read, but I am getting a bit disappointed with the abrupt and incomplete endings most notably, the last book and this one Especially when I KNOW it will be freaking 5 years before the next one comes out What if I die before then Or Dianna Gabaldon dies before then I need to have a real ending Only semi gripe I have is that the time travel element in this one is very prevalent, and a little on the far fetched side.Otherwise, I loved being immersed b [...]

  12. 4.5 sWritten in My Own Heart s Blood is essentially broken up into two parts One dealing with Roger and Bree and the other with Jamie, Claire and the rest of the family.Wow Another fun filled adventure with all the characters we ve come to know and love I swear when I m reading it, it s almost as if I m one of their relatives, helping do the laundry or taking care of one of them but definitely NOT helping Claire with any of her surgeries The last book left us hangingterally and it was awful The [...]

  13. Probably one of the best books of the series the author has got her mojo back and has produced a book worthy of the ones she used to write at the beginning of the series This time she has not left us with huge cliffhangers but instead has given us a delightful ending It made me cry happy tears and I had to read it twice it was so nice I have to admit there is an inordinate amount of sexual activity and a surplus of information about bodily functions but I guess it fits with the way of life at th [...]

  14. IN THE LIGHT OF eternity, time casts no shadow Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions But what is it that the old women see We see necessity, and we do the things that must be done Young women don t see they are, and the spring of life runs through them Ours is the guarding of the spring, ours the shielding of the light we have lit, the flame that we are What have I seen You are the vision of my youth, the constant dream of all my ages Here I stand on the brink of war [...]

  15. The word that sums up this book for me is impatience I was impatient for the nearly 5 years it took between the last book and this one, with so many cliffhangers to fret over from that previous volume But then, when I got into WIMOHB, I found myself impatient with the story as a whole Instead of devouring it as quickly as possible, I found myself willingly putting it down and going to do mundane household chores, the kind you avoid and procrastinate over for months, just because I was too irrita [...]

  16. Update 8 July 2014 NO SPOILERS but may contain spoilers of earlier books in the series It s taken me some time to absorb this story You know how a story just sticks to you for days, like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth or dryer socks to your mind and you peel back the layers of characters and detail and you get sparks and snaps and you rabbit trail in your brain and off you go in thought and end up writing a review with the longest run on sentence on the planet this side of the Bulwer L [...]

  17. 5 Glorious Stars, then 5 and then another 5 Without question, the best book in this amazing series and I don t even know how that s possible, since the entire series as a whole is SUPERB Would I want to wait 4 years for the next installment ABSOLUTELY NOTbut this was worth every second that ticked on the clock until it was released Diana Gabaldon poured her heart along with some of her own blood into this book Spoiler free review There is heartache in this book, but it will also bring about tre [...]

  18. In this eighth instalment and penultimate book of the Outlander series, we are treated to the great rollicking, rip snorting ride we ve come to expect from Diana Gabaldon It s a step aboard and hang on to your hat experience that lifts you from the humdrum of normal life and takes you deep within the Fraser experience As well as all the normal cast of characters, we have George Washington, Benedict Arnold and Charles Lee as the battle of the US Revoltuionary War heats up Gabaldon has cleverly wr [...]

  19. I can not wait for this book to come out Diana Gabaldon is by far my favorite and her books are the best.

  20. Gabaldon does it again with the 8th book in the Outlander series She has managed to reduce a rational woman at least I think I am into a bumbling romantic sigh This book has it all history, intrigue, adventure, romance and a flavour of erotica I saved this one for the holidays so I could cozy up and take my time to escape back to the late 1700 s with Jamie and Claire Fraser and their latest escapades What I love about these novels is simple It feels like I ve come home 5 Stars for a novel I coul [...]

  21. EPIC I have loved others, and I do love many, Sassenach but you alone hold all my heart, whole in your hands, he said softly And you know that I have loved ye since I saw you, Sassenach, he said very quietly, holding my eyes with his own, bloodshot and lined with tiredness but very blue I will love ye forever It doesa matter if ye sleep with the whole English army well, no, he corrected himself, it would matter, but I wouldna stop me love you Diana Gabaldon does not disappoint with this book Lik [...]

  22. Where I got the book audiobook purchased on Audible SPOILERS Written in My Own Heart s Blood is the eighth of what Diana Gabaldon describes as the Big, Enormous Books of the Outlander series this page will show you both the chronology of that series and the fact that she views all the spinoffs as part of the series, thus complicating matters to stratospheric levels As she ended Big, Enormous Book 7 on a cliffhanger, I and apparently a large portion of the world s population were eagerly awaiting [...]

  23. SPOILERS BELOW I CANNA WRITE THIS WITHOUT SPOILERS I have too much to say I am so not worthy to write this review Diana Gabaldon s writing is just so beautifully descriptive, her characters are so compelling, her plotlines so interwoven, that anything I say is going to seem dumb in comparison I m just a reader who has loved every single one of the books in the Outlander series, until now I liked this and there were parts that I LOVED but I rarely got to those moments where I couldn t put this bo [...]

  24. Finished June 17, 2014I was torn about how I felt when I finished this book I read a few comments on facebook on how others were so happy in some parts and crying in others I didn t read spoilers nor will I put spoilers here either I didn t feel any of that I simply was not pulled into the story emotionally Which is a shame.I liked the book generally The content was there and I adore Gabaldon s writing style just enough to the imagination There was enough action to keep me not putting the book d [...]

  25. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I ve finished the book They are not supposed to end I savored this book, reading it super slow because it deserves it These books have so much information, so many sub plots, so many characters, event after event that it is easy to miss some small detail that could be important later if you aren t paying attention It deserved a slow, deliberate read and that is what I gave it I would read a few chapters, set the book down, review in my head what I read, think about it some , go [...]

  26. After a five year wait, it has finally come The next chapter in the Outlander series And with this chapter, I think it is time for me to hang up my Outlander hat and bid adieu to these characters.Jamie and Claire Fraser have been through a lot in the years that they have been together Falling in love soon after an arranged marriage, Jamie and Claire seem a perfect couple They love each other very much But fate the very thing that brought Claire from the future to the past stepped in and separate [...]

  27. After the dramatic conclusion in An Echo in the Bone and the five years it took for this installment to come out, I was expecting to swallow this whole as soon as I was afforded the opportunity Instead It took me upwards of almost THREE MONTHS to finish which is practically unheard of for me When I finally read the last page, I ran joyously through the house a la Liz Lemon style.But let s back up and discuss what actually goes down in this book There will be spoilers for previous installments.So [...]

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