Private Citizens

Private Citizens Best Read || [Tony Tulathimutte] - Private Citizens, Private Citizens From a brilliant new literary talent comes a sweeping comic portrait of privilege ambition and friendship in millennial San Francisco With the social acuity of Adelle Waldman and the murderous wit o

  • Title: Private Citizens
  • Author: Tony Tulathimutte
  • ISBN: 9780062399106
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback

Private Citizens Best Read || [Tony Tulathimutte], Private Citizens, Tony Tulathimutte, Private Citizens From a brilliant new literary talent comes a sweeping comic portrait of privilege ambition and friendship in millennial San Francisco With the social acuity of Adelle Waldman and the murderous wit of Martin Amis Tony Tulathimutte s Private Citizens is a brainy irreverent debut This Side of Paradise for a new era Capturing the anxious self aware mood of young collegeFrom a bri Private Citizens Best Read || [Tony Tulathimutte] - Private Citizens, Private Citizens From a brilliant new literary talent comes a sweeping comic portrait of privilege ambition and friendship in millennial San Francisco With the social acuity of Adelle Waldman and the murderous wit o

  • Private Citizens Best Read || [Tony Tulathimutte]
    277Tony Tulathimutte
Private Citizens

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  1. Tony Tulathimutte

    Tony Tulathimutte s debut novel Private Citizens was called the first great millennial novel by New York Magazine A graduate of Stanford University and the Iowa Writers Workshop, he has written for The New York Times, VICE, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New Republic, N 1, Playboy, The Paris Review, and others He has received an O Henry Award and a MacDowell Fellowship, and appeared as a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers.


  1. I loved reading this hopelessly self aware, wonderfully erudite, and viciously satirical novel about a quartet of earnest, screw up millennials This book is wall to wall observations, asides and digressions on the nature of personal identity in a digital age It s almost too clever by half and I had to re read it immediately after finishing it to figure out how I d been fooled into thinking it clever It s like an MFA class ate a thesaurus and shit out this book Tulathimutte admits to being clever [...]

  2. Tony Tulathimutte knows what you re going to think about his debut novel He knows you re going to read the premise four over privileged, over indulged Stanford grads fuck up their lives in quintessentially millennial ways and roll your eyes He also knows that after nearly every chapter you re going to keep rolling your eyes More than any author I ve read since sure enough David Foster Wallace, Tulathimutte has, like a seasoned chess player, anticipated your criticisms far in advance and set up b [...]

  3. I ll admit that the premise of this book didn t immediately hook me Reading self conscious accounts about how ridiculous my generation is generally grates on me I don t need to be reminded of how hypocritical and narcissistic millennials can be When I first dove in, my initial fears were confirmed the book opens with four college friends, all failing at adulting in some specific way, complete with jaded scenes of drug use, meaningless sex, internet speak, and references to the mile wide inch thi [...]

  4. I really wanted to like this book Set in San Francisco it had me interested in advance Unfortunately, I had a number of issues with the book, and at this point let me say I am not sure to what extent it is because I am an old fogey and too far removed from the millennial generation that are the characters in this novel To discern the extent to which that is the case, I am sending my copy to my 30 year old son for his feeling about it I found the characters to be solipsistic, and consequently not [...]

  5. Private Citizens was amazing At first, it was like reading an infinite scroll of UC Berkeley confessions even though the characters are post grads of another Cali school, Stanford vapid at some points, keenly millennial in voice, then other points verging into sublime solipsisms of genius Also, have you ever read a book, and every so often you came across a passage or idea that just struck you as something that you ve felt in a past life, but could never put into words Yes Reading Private Citize [...]

  6. The writing was very good, brilliant even But the characters and their constant, unceasing self indulgent whining and self pity was pretty unbearable And they are my age, so I can t blame generational gaps for ahting them None of them evoked empathy, I just wanted to tell them to shut up and stop blaming everyone and everything for their own self manufactured misery The worst part is that every one of them admitted and supposedly owned their shortcomings, but they only did this so they wouldn t [...]

  7. So of the many book clubs I ve involved myself with, one stands out as the oldest and perhaps best We rotate hosts, and to avoid a tragedy of the commons situation, whoever hosts supplies all the food and wine occasionally beer and liquor, as well , and gets to select three books that the group may vote on I selected this book, in addition to Beartown by Fredrik Backman and The Master Butchers Singing Club by Louise Erdrich Private Citizens squeaked out the win, and I took to reading it without [...]

  8. First appeared at thenewdorkreviewofbooks I could nominate an alternate title for this incredibly well written, smart debut novel, it d be Hot Mess Millennials Make Increasingly Bad Decisions I really dug this book because to me the only thing better than reading about one character who can t get out of his her own way is FOUR characters for which that s true And that s what we have here Four recent Stanford grads try to navigate their treacherous 20s in San Francisco, to vastly varying degrees [...]

  9. Remember that feeling when you first read Infinite Jest A Visit from the Goon Squad The Corrections I have that feeling right now Tony Tulathimutte is the real deal and I am so excited Private Citizens is satirical and skewering and clever and heartfelt Some of the best writing about feminism from a guy that I ve ever read Tulathimutte is definitely a voice of his generation and I m all ears This book is not perfect but holy moly it s ambitious and I ll take that over perfection any day.

  10. r the jugular vein.Souls are cheap in Hell, at a premium in Heaven and what lies in between is lived average This novel is cheap and its author is made out cheaper in his thesaurus suit.This is an overly indulgent, literary fueled storyline I don t particularly, utterly care what these deadbeat, nobody characters are doing I think most chimney sweeps have a profound, cosmic view Does the ego quite control the twenty four hours of the writer A hint not everything you write needs reading, because [...]

  11. It s always a pleasant surprise when you end up liking a book that initially pissed you off I didn t know what to think for the first fifty pages A hundred pages in, I was shocked, appalled and scandalized by the astonishingly unlikeable characters Around page 200, I started feeling helplessly entertained by their gleeful awfulness The final pages left me impressed, which, after all that self pity, narcissism, white girl dreadlocks and awkward sex is quite a feat Actually, the four main characte [...]

  12. My favourite book of 2016 so far Reads a bit like Jonathan Franzen, if only Franzen a weren t the obnoxious Wonder Bread of the literary world, b had a sense of word by word, sentence by sentence style, and c could resist pat moralizing and holier than thou platitudes.

  13. A major work destined to be dismissed by minor minds like what are skinny jeans but the millennial beret

  14. People complaining about how terrible the characters behaved in this novel was actually what made me want to pick it up Yes, I like fckd up fictional characters When there s a point, which there certainly was This isn t people just being crappy to be crappy, the author was making a point observing our society sometimes representing it absurdly which led to moments of me laughing while thinking I should not be laughing at this You have four main characters living in San Fransisco whose lives inte [...]

  15. It drifts a bit at times and the panoramic scope is just too wide for the novel to sustain but Tony Tulathimutte has a keen ear for dialogue, a gift for making the ridiculousness of our present culture seem utterly plausible, and the ability to write four characters who you end up loving despite all their totally ridiculous flaws Because you know them, or somebody quite like them And when he writes dialogues about the truthfulness or not of being an author, of trying to grapple with the world th [...]

  16. Amazing for a first book The sentences were sharp and sparkled There were occasional characters who had angst millennial privileged driven tirades that got a little easy to skim though What do the kids say now TLDR Also It sort of feels like Tony hates these characters than he loves them Which is fine, but this book feels in a lot of ways like he s just reaping revenge in distilled versions of each of these people who he has met in varying forms throughout his life I felt worse for Cory than I [...]

  17. Kind of like a messed up millennial version of The Interestings or a less tragic version of A Little Life but with all the characters being troubled af still But it s in that FX s You re the Worst Netflix s Love whatever tv show does that s similar, kind of way where you still feel for the characters and you keep reading even though you know they re maybe horrible human beings I think the writing is brilliant at times like if people who wrote Talk of The Town s for the New Yorker wrote about me [...]

  18. I wanted to read about the generation that has colonized San Francisco from their point of view Each of the four central figures in this original novel would be blessed with what from the outside appears to be a privileged life hack via a Stanford diploma, which by most accounts opens many doors However, their divergent backstories have laden them down with baggage carried forward Some shocking choices are made, resulting in untoward outcomes I probably would have given of a thumbs up if I were [...]

  19. This book is really interestingly written, and even occasionally beautiful, but my god, are the characters despicable It s like an episode of HBO s Girls, in literary format Except it takes way energy and time to hate read than it does to hate watch, so it was kind of a painful slog Maybe, at the ripe old age of 30, I m just too old for stories of terrible 20 somethings without a shred of their shit together, satirical or otherwise.

  20. made it a little over halfway through, and just can t any.i m by no means a franzen apologist, so it says something that this book reads like franzen lite it wants so badly to be an updated version of the corrections an expansive, tragicomic Social Novel about a group of masochistic characters damaged by their own entitlement but nothing really happens these characters don t do anything they move from physical space to physical space, all the while complaining about all the ways the world has fu [...]

  21. NO Nope nope nope I really wanted to like it NYMag even touted it as the First Great Millenial Novel which, for as terrible a reputation that we as millenials have, I thought was still worthy of excitement Maybe it would offer insight into why millenials seem worthy of antagonization, or importantly, prove that we are really a lot like every generation that came before us.The good part is that the four so called millenials in this novel are not the reason to dislike it They are, in general, sel [...]

  22. As a ex Douglas Coupland fan, I will say that this is like a modern day Coupland, but WAY better for e.g, incisive, less white dude bro Tulathimutte accurately nails millennial existentialism in his cast of characters all blindly feeling their way through their miserable lives, as they navigate relationships, addiction, mental health issues, fledgling careers and college memories separately and together So many great lines that could have been social media statuses they probably were the writer [...]

  23. I couldn t put this book down Tulathimutte is savage in the portrayal and treatment of his characters, but somehow I was deeply invested in what happened to these highly unlikable individuals Or rather, I liked them despite their being unlikable The writing is brutally funny and smart this is one of those books where I had to pause to write down random passages or sentences Tulathimutte just has a way of putting things that strike me as obvious but true, expressed in a way I d not seen before I [...]

  24. Beautifully written but ugh, these characters Can t recall last time I read a novel with not one but four thoroughly unlikable protagonists Oh wait, yes I can The year was 1985 and the book was Less than Zero Private Citizens is totally Less than Zero, except with smartphones and kale.

  25. If these are the only kinds of female characters that live in your head, please stick to the men.It s a shame because he s a really talented writer stylistically, but this book was painful to me as a female reader And I m not usually that sensitive to this kind of thing.

  26. This book was recommended to me immediately after I expressed my distaste for San Francisco, which basically obliged me to read it It definitely upholds its label as a vicious satire I may have physically rolled my eyes at every mention of seed funding and career planning, balked at the solipsism and indulgence of privileged millennials, and Tulathimutte conspicuously played his part in echoing my disdain But what begins as caustic ridicule slowly develops into an existentialist discourse on mod [...]

  27. I m not sure what to think Tulathinmutte does a great job at world building, and the San Francisco here is very lived in, and the hypocrisy within progressive activist culture is dead on and very much my life at the moment.However, I don t really know what to make of the characters and their arcs or not as there isn t growth but rather a regression for everyone I don t feel that characters necessarily need to be likable, but the quartet s lack of redeemable qualities and tendency to make terribl [...]

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