Alexandra Best Download || [Lauren Royal Devon Royal] - Alexandra, Alexandra Alexandra is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Lost In Temptation by Lauren RoyalAlexandra Chase has always liked being the perfect daughter thank you very much Why would she bother chafing against

  • Title: Alexandra
  • Author: Lauren Royal Devon Royal
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  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Alexandra Best Download || [Lauren Royal Devon Royal], Alexandra, Lauren Royal Devon Royal, Alexandra Alexandra is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Lost In Temptation by Lauren RoyalAlexandra Chase has always liked being the perfect daughter thank you very much Why would she bother chafing against society s restrictions when instead she could be basking in the warm glow of its approval But when her brother s best friend and secret obsession returns from a lo Alexandra is the SWEET CLE Alexandra Best Download || [Lauren Royal Devon Royal] - Alexandra, Alexandra Alexandra is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Lost In Temptation by Lauren RoyalAlexandra Chase has always liked being the perfect daughter thank you very much Why would she bother chafing against Alexandra Alexandra Hospital Alexandra Workwear Uniform for Healthcare, Hospitality, Alexandra information Travel Victoria accommodation Things to see and do in Alexandra, New Zealand Alexandra Daddario Alexandra Primary School Alexandra Technopark Alexandra Retail Centre Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand

  • Alexandra Best Download || [Lauren Royal Devon Royal]
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    I decided to become a writer in the third grade or, as my Canadian friends call it, grade three , after winning a Why My Mother is the Greatest essay contest and having my entry published in a major newspaper Seeing my words in print was a thrill But everyone told me it s too hard for novelists to get published, so after college I spent fourteen years as the CEO of my own jewelry store chain before writing my first book A mistake Maybebut my first heroine, Amethyst, was a jeweler, so at least I took advantage of that wise old saying, Write what you know And I learned a good lesson Don t let other people tell you what you can or can t do I write humorous historical romance mostly set in England and Scotland in the 17th and 19th centuries Restoration and Regency periods I ve been oh so lucky to see my books hit bestseller lists all over the world, including the New York Times and USA Today lists, making this second career a real dream come true I live in Southern California with my husband, our three young adult children, and one constantly shedding cat, and I still think my mother is the greatest Visit my website at LaurenRoyal, where you can see the real people and real places in my books, enter a contest, sign up for my newsletter, and find historical recipes for the foods in my books.Follow me onFacebook Profile facebook readLaurenRoyalFacebook Page facebook LaurenRoyalTwitter twitter readLaurenRoyal readLaurenRoyal Pinterest pinterest LaurenRoyal


  1. This is a clean version of the author s previously published novel Lost in Temptationwritten in collaboration with her daughter They claim it s PG and appropriate for young adults but it s sensual than Georgette Heyer while still being clean.Lady Alexandra Chase has always done what is proper and right She values the traditions of her late mother and ancestors and tries to set a good example for her sisters She is even going to marry the man her brother chooses for her until her childhood love [...]

  2. 4.25 starsI think this book could actually be split into part 1 and part 2 Part 1 focuses on Alexandra and Tristan Tris getting reacquainted They haven t seen each other in seven years and have a lot of catching up to do However, Alexandra s brother, Griffin, would really not have Alexandra renew her love for Tris and marry someone else, almost anyone else as Tris is suspected to be involved in his uncle s death years before Tris declares to never marry Alexandra to protect her and her family s [...]

  3. I liked the readough the plot devices were a bit elementary and the love between the main characters underdeveloped That being said I will not be reading any of this series I began reading The Chase family s stories from the beginning so even though this is generations later and it is practical to kill the grandparents and parentsI didn t like it.when I read a book with a HEA the characters are immortal in mindd I can sleep peacefully at night knowing nothing will ever happen to themt in this ca [...]

  4. This felt like a lighter read, with some touches of the heavy stuff, but it doesn t drag you down A good read and super great freebie I m going with 3 1 2 stars I really enjoyed this one Great characters, good story line that kept moving and a great HEA with the potential beginning for another great book I would like to see what happens with them I loved all the personalities and the self discovery angle, there was an underlying suspense that felt a little dormantuntil towards the ending I knew [...]

  5. A single kiss signifies nothing a single kiss can promise everything When Lady Alexandra Chase and Lord Tristan Nesbitt admitted to the feelings they had shared, for years toward each other, the kiss that followed seemed so innocent, it felt so right Although he admitted that their love was a forbidden one, they were both lost in its temptation Tristan was lowly born to a second son, upon the unexpected death of his uncle, he was suddenly heir apparent and Lord Hawkridge, with a terrible blemish [...]

  6. I really wish everyone who writes Regencies would get together and figure out what the rules really were and how strictly they were actually applied I ve read books where a couple being caught in a garden, fully clothed but without a chaperone, required marriage, and books where the same thing happens and nobody bats an eye I ve read books where a man suspected of Dark Deeds is sure to be on Society s A List, and now we have one where it s just the opposite just acknowledging the man as a friend [...]

  7. This was a nice book A bit predictable, but still fun to read A thing that irritated me where some grammar errors typo mistakes Sometimes I felt a word was missing and that because of that the story did not flow very well For example I am not going leave you, Tris Page 300 386 I think the word to is clearly missing here But overall it was nice.

  8. I had not read any of this author s books and, although my main interest for several years has been JAFF, the book description and the free offer led me to purchase this book As there are over 400 reviews and as the majority of them are 5 stars it is clear that this author and this book are both winners I did note that it is one of a long series on the Chase ancestors and on the other sisters to the main heroine in this tale The Sample goes into the 7th chapter so you can get a good taste of wha [...]

  9. LOVELY LOVE STORY WITH LIVELY CHARACTERS I loved Lost In Temptations The H H Marquess Lord Hawkridge Tristan and the beautiful Lady Alexandra Chase sister of Griffin The Marquess of Cainwood Alexandra has always been in love with her brothers best friend Tristan for most of her life 8 years prior Tristan was just the nephew of the Marquess of Hawkridge His uncle had made sure he was educated and then sent him to Jamaica to learn to run his plantations there Tristan has returned to England to fin [...]

  10. I read a lot of Historical Romances and this book frustrated me There was no charm, no lightness or real connection between characters and I found the thoughts vs behaviour of most of the characters inconsistent Some of the language and much of the plot was cliched and did not hold my attention By Chapter 5 phrases started to appear such as sweeping a renegade lock off his forehead and a languid shiver rippled through her , etc and I started to lose interest Based on societal norms in other Rege [...]

  11. A free nook book that sounded interesting I was quite fond of Alexandra and her siblings l of them Their interactions were wonderful to read and I esp liked her brother Griffin When he s warning Tris off or rebuking Alexandra he does it in such a familiar and brotherly way that I instantly liked and felt for him.I don t particularly like when a story sets in motion a love interest for a 2nd couple and was irritated that it happend here with Griffin and Rebecca However, once started it did tone d [...]

  12. Alexandra s brother wants her to properly marry well for her sake as well as for her younger sisters However, Tristan, her long time childhood friend, re enters the picture He is everything a young regency lady would want in a marriage handsome, rich, and charismatic However, rumors swirl around him that he murdered his late uncle in order to gain an inheritance To polite society and the ton, he is poison but the attraction between him and Alexandra is undeniable He also has an embarrassing and [...]

  13. This book was free on After a four book stretch of really Sh tty ebooks, I picked up Lost in temptation I was surprised once again by my love for historical fiction regency romance Alexandra is the eldest of three sisters, after the death of her parents her brother inherits their estate becoming the Marquees A friend of Alexandra s brother Tris, is surrounded by suspicion and scandal after the mysterious death of his uncle After his death Tris inherits his estate also becoming Marquees But there [...]

  14. What can I say I LOVED THIS BOOK The story is absolutely wonderful from the first chapter to the every last From the very beginning both the hero and heroine had a love a respect for each other that is so wonderful and refreshing They want desperately to be together but they cannot because of a dreadful scandal The way in the which the author brings to the two lovebirds together despite the horrible scandal is inventive and ties wonderfully into the mystery behind the hero s scandal.I laughed an [...]

  15. Well written regency romance without the blushes I really enjoyed Alexandra I found the story line original, the characters well rounded and I suspected the perpetrator behind the heroine s mishaps but not the motive, leaving the resolution of the mystery a surprise The pace was perfect and the plot held my attention I read the story in one sitting, and was grateful for the absence of graphic sexual scenes, that would have added nothing worthwhile and would have spoiled the book for me Thank you [...]

  16. 4.5 stars I really enjoyed Alexandra and Tristan s story It didn t go as I expected from the the book description And I while I had an idea of who dunnit I didn t know the motivation nice twist I thought both Alexandra and Tristan were very likable Tristan was a great hero the poor man has been dragged through the wringer I can t say I blame him for not wanting to fall in love Alexandra on the other hand has also had her share of pain She wants the best for her family and is willing to sacrifice [...]

  17. I d actually give this book 3.5 stars and was pleasantly surprised by this book It was sweet and predictable but there were a few twists I didn t see coming I also felt like the author was fairly historically accurate with the time period And I do love this regency time period I appreciated the fact that it was a clean read, but not So much so that you wanted Plenty of kissing and romantic scenes it was only 99 cents and a great read for the price And I would read from this author team.

  18. I was really in the mood for a good regency romance getting into the Valentine s mood so I settled down with this book I was not disappointed I loved how Alexandra was such a strong woman She made up her mind and carried it through She didn t settle for less than the man she loved and she was going to help him whether he liked it or not Adding the mystery to the plot just added that little extra that made the story even better I will definitely be looking for by this author.

  19. Alexandra s DilemmaThank you for this heartwarming love story about Alexandra and Tristan I enjoy reading about Regency times and the rules about courting and marriage I m glad that Alexandra was persistent in proving Tristan s innocence I look forward to reading of your work.

  20. I really enjoyed this one The characters were crafted well, the story flowed wonderfully and the happy ending was cleverly written to show the possibility of a sequel in the makings I do hope so, I would really like to find out what happens how Alexandra continues on.

  21. 3.5Clean romance free from kindle Alexandra and Tristan are fighting their attraction for each other, but luckily that doesn t last the whole book Alexandra eventually has to clear Tristan s name so they can be blissful and her sisters can marry men of title.

  22. What a wonderful story of young love One can only fight an attraction for so long I highly recommend it

  23. Easy read years old sparks re ignite between loyal heroine and guarded hero topped with a loving and plotting familyAlexandra has secretly loved Tristan for years from a distance, him being a friend of her older brother When he shows up at their home years later, sparks immediately fly than ever with all kinds of complications attached, not in the least the scandal Tristan had fallen victim to and the consequences a connection with him would have for Alexandra s family.This book is the first in [...]

  24. Hopefully I didn t pay any than 2.99 for this one Bored out of my gourd and going back looking for something to read and came across this in an anthology about good guys Uh, this hero was not a good guy I m not even sure why he would be considered a romantic hero either To make matters worse the plot in this is beyond ridiculous The ton rejects the hero because they believe he poisoned his uncle to inherit his title So, just to clarify, an old, sick man passes away peacefully in his sleep and th [...]

  25. There are two versions of this book The original is called, Lost in Temptation Alexandra is the sweet and clean version of that book I was interested in Lost in Temptation while browsing through the free books on I got many free books and working through reading them currently I was grateful that the author mentions there were steamy romance scenes in the description for those who wish to avoid them, but sad since I was interested in the book I quickly learn that she had a clean version called, [...]

  26. This a copy of my Review.A mystery within a romance within unfulfilled love within the destiny of two families at odds over a scandal Does this sound intriguing It did to me and I enjoyed reading almost every word Almost you ask Yes You may notice I am an older male and some of the spicy stuff, to me, need only be implied but at least the author left lots to the imagination.Here is my brief review 1 The historical settings were pretty spot on I checked via Google 2 The authors descriptive kept e [...]

  27. Alexandra has loved Tris since she was young Just when she needs to marry he returns to her life and no one else will do He is no longer simply a Mister, but a string of rather sad events have made him the Marquess of Hawksridge one that can never marry Suspected of killing his uncle for the title, he won t foist his circumstances on anyone, least of all Alexandra whom he has always been drawn to He ll do anything to keep them apart, too bad that his dreams wont comply.This novel really is a hoo [...]

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