The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery

The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery Best Read || [Elizabeth Edmondson] - The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery, The Villa in Italy A Vintage Mystery Four strangers An extraordinary Italian villa A will An enchanting tightly woven mystery as four troubled people find hope and redemption in the seductive sunlight of an Italian summer Italy No

  • Title: The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery
  • Author: Elizabeth Edmondson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery Best Read || [Elizabeth Edmondson], The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery, Elizabeth Edmondson, The Villa in Italy A Vintage Mystery Four strangers An extraordinary Italian villa A will An enchanting tightly woven mystery as four troubled people find hope and redemption in the seductive sunlight of an Italian summer Italy None of the four strangers summoned to the magical Villa Dante on the coast of Liguria knew Beatrice Malaspina Yet she named them in her will Delia an opera singer The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery Best Read || [Elizabeth Edmondson] - The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery, The Villa in Italy A Vintage Mystery Four strangers An extraordinary Italian villa A will An enchanting tightly woven mystery as four troubled people find hope and redemption in the seductive sunlight of an Italian summer Italy No

  • The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery Best Read || [Elizabeth Edmondson]
    294 Elizabeth Edmondson
The Villa in Italy: A Vintage Mystery

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    Born in Chile, and educated in Calcutta and London before going to Oxford University, Elizabeth Edmondson divided her time between the countryside north of Rome and the spires of Oxford She was married to an art historian and had two children.In Edmondson s words I write historical mysteries about love, marriage families and friendship, where the loyalties, feuds, secrets and betrayals of the past cast long shadows I m fascinated by characters who are quirky, mysterious, funny, unexpected and interesting and I want readers to share, as I do, in their joys and sorrows My books are set in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, at home and abroad With dramatic and glamorous settings from icy lakes to Italian villas, from wintry Budapest to fashionable France, the landscapes are as powerful as the stories are complex The tense realities of life mingle with supernatural elements ghosts, prophetic dreams and voices from the past, but fun and humour also dance in and out of the light and darkness of the stories My aim is to enthrall, delight and amuse readers as they are transported to a different era.


  1. I have to admit, I came into possession of this book mostly because I saw a copy for.99 and because the cover was pretty To say my expectations were neutral would not be a lie So it was a lovely surprise to find in this book far than a surface level romance or chick lit novel, but rather an elegantly woven story of a cast of well developed characters and a beguiling setting I wanted to jump into While the plot was, at times, predictable, there were a number of unexpected revelations towards the [...]

  2. To be perfectly candid, I originally downloaded this book because it was raining and the cover led me to believe it would be a light hearted rom com set in sunny Italy.However, what I ended up with was better than that This story started off confusingly, but soon the main characters were in place and a mystery began to be uncovered, relationships developed and histories revealed I found the whole thing enormously intriguing and couldn t put it down I even got to luxuriate in the promised Italian [...]

  3. Elizabeth Edmondson s A Villa in Italy owes a large debt to her namesake, Elizabeth von Arnim and her magical The Enchanted April As in van Arnim s book, four dissimilar people ladies in van Arnim s version descend on a villa in Italy, each vaguely dissatisfied with their lives, and their time on the continent changes them and their entire lives.Edmondson takes that premise and adds a mystery In her novel, set after World War II, the foursome an opera singer, a floundering mystery novelist, a Ne [...]

  4. mrs margot The Villa in Italy is a completely irresistible story, the perfect combination of romance, a trip and a mystery to unravel.Beatrice Malaspina was an extraordinary woman, with an impeccable sense of humor, sometimes a little sadistic, created a Villa full of art, culture, mystery, puzzles and various links and metaphors with the world of Dante writer We caught the first page to last, it was hard to put the book down because we are hungry for information and very curious to know what c [...]

  5. I did enjoy this book, and it re awakened my desire to visit Italy The descriptions of the landscape, culture and people are very good and evoke the slow, lazy summer days one dreams of in Italy I found the writing quite old fashioned but it was set in the 50s and I think the author was trying to make that authentic I didn t like the way the main character was always called by her full name Beatrice Malaspina , naturally one would call her Beatrice after using the name so many times, and it bec [...]

  6. Uma bela surpresa este livro Quatro pessoas que n o se conhecem entre si v em se nomeadas num testamento de uma mulher, da qual n o t m qualquer tipo de conhecimento.Beatrice Malaspina, a mulher que fez o testamento e dona da Villa Dante exige que os quatro desconhecidos compare am na sua Villa em It lia Estes acedem, curiosos com este enigma e descobrem na Villa Dante um lugar m gico e capaz de operar milagres nos seus estados de esp rito Mas medida que procuram resolver o mist rio acerca do po [...]

  7. I read thus book whilst on holiday in the sun, which was ideal It s a bit of pleasant escapism Well written, quite intriguing, and it feels warm.wqaIt s not a literary masterpiece, but so what It s worth going into for a few hours.

  8. Prior to picking up this book in an Oxfam Bookshop in the UK I had not even heard of this author I was attracted to the title because of the Italy in Books Reading Challenge 2011 that I had heard about early in December for which it seemed a perfect candidate.It certainly was and I thoroughly enjoyed this easy to read and very atmospheric novel set in a grand but neglected villa on the northern Italian coastline of Liguria in the nineteen fifties The protagonists are four complete strangers all [...]

  9. It was a fascinating read although clearly focused on a female target group, I really liked the plot and I have to admire the way Edmondson created an atmosphere and a plot that kept me captivated I know there were loads of clich s, a bit too much bragging with classic education and Delia s transformation from a lamb in love ready for slaughter by Theo to a self determined woman was a bit too fast but you can always find something to criticize.In the end what counted for me it was a great read a [...]

  10. What an enjoyable book this is Unusual, absorbing, puzzling, this will keep you turning the pages seeking answers Very well written with excellent main characters, there is a mystery to solve I almost wished I was there to help search for clues The reader will also fall in love with the villa and the surrounding countryside I enjoyed the whole experience of this read and am happy to recommend it.

  11. I only got as far as page 165, I very rarely abandon books but I could not be bothered with it any Predictable plot, clumsy writing, naff cliches, undeveloped characters, extremely formulaic and has put me off reading chick lit for a long time Maybe it s my fault for reading similar type of books in succession Anyway, complete change of genre for next book

  12. ste livro qualquer coisa de fascinante A hist ria e o enredo volta dela prende completamente o leitor Aquele mist rio todo com o cheiro a policial, mas sem o crime E no fundo, o que o livro nos quer transmitir que podemos sempre recome ar de novo

  13. As paisagens exuberantes da It lia, o romance e o mist rio fizeram deste livro uma mistura deliciosa, garantindo lhe assim a entrada no meu grupo dos favoritosOREI

  14. When I read the short biography of Elizabeth Edmondson on the website of the International Thriller Writers, I was intrigued enough to go online and download four of her books I expected from the titles they would be rather run of the mill romantic suspense set in exotic locales Far from it Edmondson writes retro books They are set in the 1930 s 40 s and 50 s They capture that period of recent history so authentically that, half way through The Villa in Italy, I looked back to see what the publi [...]

  15. It s a nice book lovely setting in Italy found it slightly hard to get into somehow, but it got better towards the end Possibly not one of her best but fine all the same.

  16. A good blend of mystery, romance and diverse and well drawn characters in a beautiful setting Easy enjoyable holiday read.

  17. Not an impressive read but still readable There was something that made me read to the end but the mystery was a bit of a damp squib in the end the thing they were looking for was found in a very obvious place The bequests were very straightforward and obvious Very disappointing.Also, the characters were a little undeveloped For some characters there wasn t enough background, for some they weren t as well rounded out as I d have liked I also didn t like the introduction of so many new characters [...]

  18. Both 2.5 stars for this and the Frozen Lake They re very similar in narrative and the way the stories are constructed The first book I read by her was A Man of Some Repute and then its sequel I think both are really good within their genre Not this one, and not the Frozen Lake so much, although it s good for a rainy afternoon The Villa starts out promising but by the second half, and especially by the end, everything gets so improbable that I felt like a 5 year old, reading a fairy tale I think [...]

  19. Four total stranger are summoned to Italy to the Villa Dante Beatrice Malaspina has named them in her will and each travel to see what fate will be bestowed upon them.Likable characters and enchanting descriptions of the villa and the gardens A gentle building of the plot and bringing together of the mystery of how they are all linked to Beatrice I enjoyed it enough but I was beginning to long for the conclusion A few twists in the end but tied up neatly.It almost had the taste of an Agatha Chri [...]

  20. Ein sch ner Schm ker um vier Personen, die sich laut dem Testament einer alten Dame in der Villa Dante in Italien einzufinden haben Als da w ren ein Atomphysiker, eine Operns ngerin, ein Banker und eine Krimiautorin Mir gefiel besonders gut, dass es nicht so vorhersehbar war, wie ich vermutete und die Charaktere interessante Wandlungen durchmachten.

  21. Not a murder, or a theft, but a question of connection Why have these four people been named in the will of a woman they have never even heard of The latest in a series of pleasant positive reads for me, as four people s problems are laid bare and then unknotted.

  22. N o consegui acabar este livro Por muito que saltasse p ginas, a hist ria n o se desenvolve Tanta, tanta palhan o gostei mesmo.

  23. Tiene de todo intriga, una historia rom ntica Qu m s se puede pedir El escenario es de esos en los que te dan ganas de perderte y los personajes son geniales.

  24. I adore this book It s my favourite Elizabeth Edmonton book by a long shot, and I ve enjoyed all her books.She has structured the book in such a way that she has time to let all of her characters breath and grow, and for us to get to know them with their foibles The villa is a perfect backdrop to some soul searching and sleuthing, and I really enjoyed the characters that she assembled They are a varied lot but she managed to give them all their own unique voice I found Marjerie intriguing, with [...]

  25. Four different people are named in a will Delia, an opera singer robbed of her voice by illness George, an idealistic scientist Marjorie, desperately poor unable to dislodge her writer s block Lucius, whose personal life is in chaos This is a tale of four strangers summoned to a grand but neglected villa on the Italian coast I started off thinking this book was clich d, stilted writing but stuck with it because the story was intriguing However, the I read the I enjoyed it I slipped into the wr [...]

  26. As the series titles states, this is a vintage mystery, set in 1958 with the aftermath of WWII still influencing people s lives The mystery is not typical either, there is no crime to solve, but rather 4 people are told that they have inherited something from a woman none of them have even heard of To claim their inheritance they have to go to her villa in Italy and find the codicil to her will which explains their legacies I found the development of the people s characters and the gradual under [...]

  27. I enjoyed this post war gathering of seemingly unrelated characters under the edict of legatees as each of four characters were notified to meet at the Italian villa where the deceased had lived a full life One opera singer, one nuclear scientist, one mystery writer and one banker congregate, receive mysterious instructions from the Trust Attorney and slowly untangle the puzzle that will lead to the codicil The process of getting to know each character during the discovery process could strain t [...]

  28. Gostei deste livro, uma est ria intrigante muito bem escrita.Quatro pessoas s o convidadas a comparecerem numa Villa em It lia pois o nome delas mencionado no testamento de Beatrice Malaspina, Mas quem Beatrice , nenhum dos quatro conheceu est mulher, nem nunca ouviu falar dela, ent o porque que eles foram mencionados no testamento de algu m que n o conhecem.Mas de uma maneira estranha eles tem as suas vidas interligadas sem saberem e para um deles a revela o ser inesperadaUm bom livro de f rias [...]

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