More Than One Night

☆ More Than One Night ✓ Nicole Leiren - More Than One Night, More Than One Night The Few The Strong The Brave Melodie Alexander a children s librarian prefers to live life between the pages of a book But when the death of her best friend prompts her to step out of her comfort zo

  • Title: More Than One Night
  • Author: Nicole Leiren
  • ISBN: 9781943587056
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook

☆ More Than One Night ✓ Nicole Leiren, More Than One Night, Nicole Leiren, More Than One Night The Few The Strong The Brave Melodie Alexander a children s librarian prefers to live life between the pages of a book But when the death of her best friend prompts her to step out of her comfort zone she finds herself directly in the path of self proclaimed bad boy Daniel Bresland Daniel knew how to be a solider Life after war Not as easy He served his country iThe Few The ☆ More Than One Night ✓ Nicole Leiren - More Than One Night, More Than One Night The Few The Strong The Brave Melodie Alexander a children s librarian prefers to live life between the pages of a book But when the death of her best friend prompts her to step out of her comfort zo

  • ☆ More Than One Night ✓ Nicole Leiren
    250 Nicole Leiren
More Than One Night

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    USA Today Best Selling Author, Nicole Leiren, is a fun loving and sometimes sassy contemporary romance author She has been an avid reader and lover of books from a very young age Starting with mysteries, her love for reading expanded to include romance and suspense A Midwest girl, born and raised, she resides in the Western Suburbs of Chicago with her real world hero and hubby of almost 28 years Her stories capture the love and laughter in her real world heroes and heroines.


  1. Military families will understand the pull of Daniel s attraction for Melodie that special damaged boy appeal that makes every female want to take care of him Likewise, females will identify with the heroine s flaws that are painfully illuminated in her mother s lectures Never measuring up is a fear every child has had at some point When these two flawed characters meet, it s spontaneous combustion She thinks he s a playboy with great charm, killer pick up lines, but little depth He sees her as [...]

  2. Simply wonderful That is how I would describe More than One Night by Nicole Leiren It was a lovely contemporary romance that had my attention from beginning to end I fell in love with the heroine, Melodie and felt I could relate to her on so many levels When a character makes me want to be a better version of myself, I always call that a win The heroine, Daniel, wasn t too shabby himself, but he did do some very male things in the book.Melodie and Daniel meet on a plane It s definitely fate that [...]

  3. I don t really care for insta love books and I m happy to say this is not one of them Maybe insta attraction, yes, but you really do have that happen in real life Daniel and Melodie meet on a plane Melodie trying to escape her nagging family and her sorrow from losing her best friend and fiance Daniel trying to escape survivors guilt and a guilty conscience There were parts in More Than One Night that were just so romantic and done just right it will make you swoon and make you wish for your own [...]

  4. More Than One Night is a contemporary romance where Melodie an introverted children s librarian finds herself in the arms of Daniel, who is the type of man she never pictured herself with He is not comfortable, and finally deciding to break out of her shell, she dares to pursue a relationship with him The opening of this book grabbed my attention immediately I never saw it coming I thoroughly enjoyed the tension that the characters created, especially when Daniel s daughter and Melodie s sister [...]

  5. Great Book This is a great book this is the first book in the Heroes of the Night series by Nicole Leiren Melodie Alexander is a children s librarian, when her best friend dies she has to step out of her comfort zone Daniel Bresland was a soldier and served in Afghanistan in the military and as a private contractor Melodie and Daniel meet on a flight to Dallas, they time they spend together they can t deny the attraction If you are looking for a great romance that you will not want to put down, [...]

  6. I enjoyed this book It quickly grabbed my attention and kept me reading until I finished The thing I most enjoyed about the book was how both of the main charcters helped the other to lose some of their excess baggage Both of the characters wanted to be better because of the other person This was a quick and easy read that is very enjoyable, would definitely recommend I received an advanced reader s copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  7. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review More Than One Night was an incredible debut novel I could relate very well to Melodie as I love books and they are a great escape More Than One Night was a beautifully written romance in which neither character felt they deserved love Will it take losing each other for good to realize what they had Read to find out.

  8. Several weeks ago I read this first in a series book by debut author Nicole Leiren, so hopefully my memory will serve me well because, you know LIFE Sorry Nicole I enjoyed this book immensely because the characters were totally relatable, and I could easily imagine myself in the heroine s place for the most part sans the extremely uptight and overachieving older sister The first meeting between Melodie and Daniel heretofore to be known as Mel and Dan was very fun to read, and it set a pleasurabl [...]

  9. SNSBAH Rating 5.0 Dee s Review A chance encounter on a flight to Dallas places the lives of two troubled souls on a collision course on a journey to peace Loaded down with guilt, Daniel has convinced himself he is undeserving of happiness Melodie struggles under the misperception that she is less than perfect, not enough and destined to a life of loneliness Chemistry flares between them and while they explore the puzzling but exciting feelings, they each begin to let down their defenses and allo [...]

  10. What a great book If you want a gipping tell of love this is the book for you People can relate to both characters Melodie loves books, and Daniel had issues opposites that they are come together.They meet on a plane poor Melodie getting away from her family and the loss of her finance Daniel has survivor guilt from the war They are attracted to each other and they each pull away when things get a little hot or uncomfortable for them They start to realize they need each other and slowly start a [...]

  11. Nicole Leiren s debut novel, More Than One Night, is fantastic I love a military hero, and Daniel did not disappoint Totally male with all the rough around the edges qualities that entails, Daniel is also a devoted father I loved him all the for that.Melodie is having a crisis of sorts when the book starts and desperately needs someone to appreciate her for who she is It takes her a while to figure out that Daniel is that someone, but she eventually gets there and becomes a stronger person beca [...]

  12. This was a cute story I liked main characters Daniel and Melody from the start Their emotional scars added a deeper, meaningful twist to the classic boy meets girl love story I also liked the inclusion of Annie, Daniel s daughter, and of Daniel s problems with his ex wife With an interesting turn to the resolution of Melodie s problems with her mother and sister added into the mix, this was a fun, satisfying contemporary romance.VeronicaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance and MoreOfficial Review C [...]

  13. Loved itReading this book took me back in time Good memories Melody needed to step outside the box and she was on her way Only bad boy Daniel stepped in to the box I loved the whole play on fairy tales The back and forth The slaying of dragons I loved it and can t wait to read .

  14. Get this book, Read this book, Love this book I love it An excellent and emotional story, that I recommend to all developed characters.good story line Characters you cheer for , Characters you wanna slap.Mentions of Princesses and Knights and Dragons to slay.HEA5 stars

  15. 4.5 5.0Ms Leiren has created one of the most realistic, and moving, personal growth arcs ever Read full review in the 2016 February issue of InD tale Magazine.

  16. Seeing where this thing goes.This was, is, one of the most realistic love stories that I have read Thank you Nicole for writing it My lets see what happens with this feeling a marriage, still going strong after 17 years and counting I definitely recommend this book.

  17. This book hooked me in from the very start It was well written and evocative, satisfying, and wonderful all around Nicole Leiren is wickedly talented and I can t wait to read

  18. This was suggested in a Gemma Halliday email and the premise sounded good For light reading, I started enjoying cozies but thought this might work Apparently the genre is romance and apparently I don t care for romance It seemed as if half the scenes were descriptions of a sexual nature and that became difficult for me to wade through Ultimately, I skipped those parts and got through the book pretty quickly.The basics of the book, I liked, such as the military person who was dealing with the pas [...]

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