Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1)

[PDF] Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1) | by ↠ Robert McKay - Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1), Wonderland Intergalactic Fairy Tales Teenage Alice didn t mean to end up on Wonderland but the living spaceship she commandeered had other plans and he was very late Abandoned on an unfamiliar planet Alice s first day as a space pirat

  • Title: Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1)
  • Author: Robert McKay
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  • Page: 479
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[PDF] Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1) | by ↠ Robert McKay, Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1), Robert McKay, Wonderland Intergalactic Fairy Tales Teenage Alice didn t mean to end up on Wonderland but the living spaceship she commandeered had other plans and he was very late Abandoned on an unfamiliar planet Alice s first day as a space pirate has fallen into madness Caterpillars Mad hatters A Jabberwock A queen known for chopping off heads Alice must face all Wonderland can throw at her if she s [PDF] Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1) | by ↠ Robert McKay - Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1), Wonderland Intergalactic Fairy Tales Teenage Alice didn t mean to end up on Wonderland but the living spaceship she commandeered had other plans and he was very late Abandoned on an unfamiliar planet Alice s first day as a space pirat

  • [PDF] Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1) | by ↠ Robert McKay
    479 Robert McKay
Wonderland (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #1)

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    Robert McKay is a clever nerd, who feels uncomfortable being called such He believes in the oxford comma, puns, and true love Stories that wrap all of these things together, along with some outer space adventure, make his heart go pitter patter and his days a whole lot brighter When he s not writing, he s probably reading, but if he s not doing either of those things, he may be found bowling, playing tabletop games, or researching how much it costs to rent a space shuttle.


  1. Who s to say that when Alice went to Wonderland, it wasn t via a talking spaceship Maybe the rabbit hole was the entrance ramp and just maybe Wonderland was an alien world In a world of fairytale remakes, Robert McKay s Wonderland takes us into outer space and out of this world completely Adventurous and imaginative Alice is thirteen, and has longed to be a pirate, swashbuckling, in command and in control Little did she know what she would find in this Wonderland From Dum and Dee to the mad quee [...]

  2. I received a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.This is the first book in the Intergalactic Fairy Tales series and is a retelling of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll This book was adventurous and so epic It s set mostly on a strange planet called Wonderland that is ruled by a controlling and ruthless queen Our heroine, Alice, has always wanted to be a pirate When she is presented with the op [...]

  3. 3.5 stars This review was originally posted on my blog Brandi Janee s Bookshelf.Wonderland is a new take on Alice in Wonderland and the first book in the Intergalactic Fairy Tales series I ve never actually read the original Alice in Wonderland I ve only ever watched different movie adaptations so I wasn t really sure what to expect from this When the author contacted me about review this book it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a chance.To be honest, at first I found this really hard [...]

  4. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or my review in any way.Loved it I ve read the original Alice in Wonderland, so I was interested in what this sci fi take on the story would be like it was amazing The author contacted me, having looked at my blog, and said it might be something I d like I m happy I agreed The story flows beautifully and is always consistent with the original story As far as world building goes, fant [...]

  5. Alice Wonderland Living Spaceships Um Yes, please.When I saw the cover for Wonderland, my first thought was Ooo pretty Then I read Intergalactic Fairy Tales and almost threw my Kindle with excitement I love a good retelling especially when it s set in space and is full of rich characters with science fiction re imagining s Hello a living ship shaped like a white rabbit Life just happens, Alice What makes us special is how we react to it Wonderland, Robert McKayWonderland is a whimsical tale of t [...]

  6. Originally posted at Tea Titles A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.I m not the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland, at least in book form I know to some people that would be mortal sin, but I grew up watching the Disney film and then the Tim Burton version a mix of those is how I imagined the book to be, but I was disappointed My point is, going into Wonderland I was a little nervous I absolutely love sci fi books, but the Alice side of things worrie [...]

  7. I m a big fan of fairy tale retellings, especially those which venture into a realm with completely different twists.This is the first in a series of Intergalactic tales There are many elements taken directly from the original fairy tale, but still, so many new aspects are added and switched in, making it a completely new tale of its own.Alice is a pirateor dreams of becoming one and acts this out in her games of pretend, much to her parents despair When she discovers a spaceship, who happens to [...]

  8. Alice is an extremely imaginative teenage girl who knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up a space pirate And despite her mother s attempts to make her grow up and put an end to her silliness, she s not about to let that dream go One night when she hears something out in the garden, her investigation leads her right into her fantasy there s a spaceship hers for the taking and she doesn t hesitate to claim it as her own But Alice quickly finds herself on an adventure she didn t antic [...]

  9. Review can also be found at My Midnight MusingI received a copy of the eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars I m a big fan of fairy tale retellings and Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favourites so naturally I was very excited about this book This is the first installment in the Intergalactic Fairy Tales series and I must say it is a solid debut This book takes the characters and the quirky components that we know and love in Alice in wonderland and places th [...]

  10. original review JC s Book Haven You are thirteen years old, Alice You are entirely too old to be playing silly games like this on the living room furniture Her mother shooed her off her forecastle chair so that she could put it back in its proper place Right, James Right, said Alice s father, sitting up straight in his seat and putting on his stern face Pickle, you re getting older now, it s time to put away childish games like playing pirate And no silly nicknames either, said her mother, step [...]

  11. When I started this book, I wasn t quite sure what to expect The first quarter or so is a little slow and awkward, where you aren t sure how old Alice is even later, she has a tendency to act like an 8 year old instead of 13 The minimal action feels rather predictable initially as well.However, after that little bit of a hump, then the story really starts rolling You aren t annoyed so much by Alice You follow her and hope she s going to get out of these cascading messes You start getting really [...]

  12. It is a different take on Alice in Wonderland You first get to meet the lovely Alice A young tween looking to be a pirate She enjoys everything about being pirate so when a ship looking like White Rabbit comes near her house, she decides to make it her own It is pirate law after all She believes she is becoming a space pirate when she lands on the planet Wonderland Everything is mad There is a beheading queen, a caterpillar, a mad hatter, and a Jabberwock I have always been a fan of Alice in Won [...]

  13. Disclaimer I requested the ebook from Xpresso Book Tours for review purpose.I picked up the book after i read Alice s Adventure In Wonderland To be honest, i didn t like the original one and i choose this book just to gave a chance one time The book was really slow for me at the beginning, and because of that i put it down so many times The story was definitely better than the original I love adventure story and this is definitely an adventure It was much darker than I expected, but it was good [...]

  14. Wonderland is futuristic re telling of Alice in Wonderland that use all the classical elements and characters from the original book to create a new story Unfortunately, the book isn t as original or fresh as I would have liked but still is an entertaining story.Alice is a teenage girl who wants to be a pirate but her parents are aginst all her crazy ideas One day she follows a strange rabbit and ends up in a new world It s a story full of adventures and action with funny characters and fast sce [...]

  15. This book had an interesting take on the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland I really liked most of the characters and the setting, but the plot was just not really that exciting I didn t really connect with Alice s character, mostly because she seemed a bit dumb and then way too good at being the hero I get that it s a coming of age story, but i would have liked it better with an adult Alice and some other form of a struggle I liked all of the other characters, even the Queen There wasn t that mu [...]

  16. I was hesitant to pick this up since the narrator is a 13 year old girl and usually I find them very annoying and whiny, but WOW was I wrong Alice was kick ass and fearless, someone I wish I had been when I was that young I almost wish McKay had made her a least 16 since she seemed so old and wise The writing was quick and simple, with breathtaking fighting scenes Those were probably my favorite parts of the story I loved Snicker Snack and how special it was The supporting characters were wonder [...]

  17. If this is your idea of a dream, I d hate to see your version of a bloody nightmare So starts the tale of Alice and her dream of wanting to be a pirate and not the demure young lady her folks like After an argument she off into the night and finds herself off on a grand adventure This retelling of Alice in Wonderland has echoes of the original scattered throughout which makes the story quite enjoyable i like the concept of Alice taking off into space in a ship rather then her tumbling down a hol [...]

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