The Rules of Love & Grammar

[PDF] Read ✓ The Rules of Love & Grammar : by Mary Simses - The Rules of Love & Grammar, The Rules of Love Grammar A woman finds love and closure when she returns to her roots in the newest novel from the author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe Newly jobless former technical writer Grace Hammond is unm

  • Title: The Rules of Love & Grammar
  • Author: Mary Simses
  • ISBN: 9780316382069
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ✓ The Rules of Love & Grammar : by Mary Simses, The Rules of Love & Grammar, Mary Simses, The Rules of Love Grammar A woman finds love and closure when she returns to her roots in the newest novel from the author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe Newly jobless former technical writer Grace Hammond is unmoored Desperate to escape the city and her problems Grace hits pause and returns to her Connecticut hometown where she discovers that the answers to what her futureA woma [PDF] Read ✓ The Rules of Love & Grammar : by Mary Simses - The Rules of Love & Grammar, The Rules of Love Grammar A woman finds love and closure when she returns to her roots in the newest novel from the author of The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe Newly jobless former technical writer Grace Hammond is unm

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Rules of Love & Grammar : by Mary Simses
    498Mary Simses
The Rules of Love & Grammar

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    I grew up in Darien, Connecticut and started writing stories when I was eight Although I always loved to write, I never imagined I could make a living as a fiction writer, so in college I majored in journalism After working in magazine publishing for a few years, I went back to school to become a lawyer While working as an attorney, I enrolled in an evening fiction writing class at a nearby university in Connecticut I wrote on the side, at night and on weekends, and several of my short stories were published in literary magazines Finally, I took the big leap and wrote my first novel, The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe, which was turned into a movie called The Irresistible Blueberry Farm for the Hallmark Movies Mysteries Channel I live with my husband in Palm Beach, Florida and we have a daughter who is quite a writer herself.


  1. I ve just finished my next literary venture, a novel called The Rules of Love and Grammar by Mary Simses My best friend, who works for a publishing company, gifted the book to me and I was intrigued by the title than anything The synopsis seemed enjoyable enough and I felt the story of a young woman returning to her picturesque hometown would suit the blooming springtime around me For all these reasons, I m sorry to say that I didn t love this novel I ve never read any of Simses work before, so [...]

  2. All in one go, Grace loses her job and her lover To top it off the ceiling of her apartments caves in after a water leak and she has to evacuate Grace retreats to her parents and the place where she grew up in Connecticut Grace is in her thirties, yet her behaviour is like that of a teenager She fantasizes about her teenage sweetheart and is still far from having come to terms with her sister s death, which happened when she was a young teenager It was a fairly sweet story but in many ways predi [...]

  3. I really did want to love this one, especially after feeling that The Irresistible Blueberry Cafe and Bake Shop was exceptional Unfortunately, I didn t feel the same about The Rules of Love Grammar.I can t remember when a main character has annoyed me as much as Grace did Her maturity level was not as great as that of most fifteen year olds, and she was well over twice that age She couldn t seem to make a single wise decision She didn t see things realistically, and I sure didn t buy the resolut [...]

  4. 3,5 SterneAm Anfang war ich ja noch sehr begeistert, aber sp ter f nd ich Grace ein wenig merkw rdig Sie war schon sehr ich bezogen.

  5. The Rules of Love and Grammar is the second novel by American journalist, corporate attorney and author, Mary Simses Bad luck comes in threes, they say It sure has for Grace Hammond she s lost her job as a technical writer, her boyfriend has gone off with his paralegal and the ceiling of her Manhattan apartment has collapsed Grace goes home to mom and dad in Dorset, Connecticut, ostensibly to help with her father s 65th birthday party, but also to await apartment repairs and work at getting a ne [...]

  6. The 95 pages I read were a waste of time Teenage angst in a 30 something woman Juvenile thinking and story It took nearly 100 pages to finally go somewhere with the story and I realized it was just insipid It s title and reviews seemed promising Not so.

  7. Hach, Mary Simses hat es mal wieder geschafft so ein richtiges Wohlf hlbuch zu schreiben Sommer, Kleinstadt, Witz und Romantik.Ich vermisse Dorset und seine Bewohner jetzt schon.

  8. I enjoyed this, but I felt like the main character was so stuck in high school I mean, I get that a tragic thing happened, but she s over 30 now and she s still expecting the world to cater to her, being weirdly childish and selfish and making everything that happens about her, her, her It was very difficult to like her, she came across as very spoiled, selfish, and kind of a brat She did grow up a little during the book, which helped, but then when the romance came to fruition it also felt a bi [...]

  9. I made it to page 92 Grace was at Peter s party and dressed inappropriately as well as tipsy and about to make a fool of herself and decided this one isn t for me I could not read 200 pages of this character reliving her high school years after a career in New York and pining over her high school crush It s a pretty forgone conclusion who she ends up with from the beginning of the book For a 33 year year old, Grace was awfully immature There are too many other books to read

  10. 3.5 starsGrace Hammond has been dumped, lost her job and had her ceiling destroyed by a leak in the upstairs apartment, all in one fell swoop She has come home from Manhattan to spend a few weeks with her parents while her apartment is fixed and to attend her father s sixty fifth birthday While home she is faced with strong memories of her sister, Renny, who died at 18, the return of her first love and time with her best friend, Cluny.I enjoyed this romance than normal for me It took a few chap [...]

  11. Once again Mary Simses has delivered us a heartfelt story of discovering ourselves, and the love of family You will instantly become friends with the characters in this book and feel like you to are following their journey through friendships and love A must read

  12. The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe was one of my favorite books a few years ago, so I was excited to see that Mary Simses had a new book out She once again worked her writing magic, and I found myself immersed in this sweet, and sometimes sad, story Grace was easily relatable I also find myself correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, or at least cringing when I see something really obvious I was reminded of a time when I fixed the grammar on a sign on my R.A s door in college He brought [...]

  13. Last year I read Mary Simses wonderful The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe I found it charming, relaxing and a thoroughly enjoyable read It was my favorite book I read in 2015 I looked forward to her next book which turned out to be The Rules of Love Grammar To use a food illustration, reading The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe was like eating and enjoying a hot, delicious home cooked meal Unfortunately, reading The Rules of Love Grammar was like a souffle that fell completely flat On [...]

  14. When I started reading this book, I had a fairly closed mind about what I would experience I couldn t remember why I chose to take it home perhaps because the cover is exceedingly pretty But when I picked it up to read, I noticed a promo blurb from James Patterson I m ashamed to admit it, but from the author bio I concluded that, because Mary Simses lives in south Florida, she somehow knows Patterson and thus he was obliged to say something good about a book clearly marketed to women I thought I [...]

  15. thank you to back bay books and all involved in this giveaway.i am not sorry to have picked up this title, but i m sorry it wasn t as endearing and touching as it had the capability of being don t think bridget jones instead, think of a granddaughter of hee haw s grandpa jones and you will be prepared for the corn fed humour that awaits as much as it could be considered cute, there were moments that also felt unnatural, laboured that disjointed moments which otherwise could have accented the sto [...]

  16. I m torn on my review I enjoyed reading this book, but I agree with others that it wasn t anything great, didn t have anything shocking The story was sweet and loving, but a bit predictable If you love a book with twists and turns in our, this is not the book for you.

  17. I won this book from I wish I could give it 3.5 stars because 3 seems a bit harsh.I admit that I expected a bit from the story.Having lost her job, and forced from her apartment, Grace is finds herself returning to stay with her parents Here she is faced with all of the memories of her sister s death in a car accident several years earlier.Meanwhile, an old beau from high school is back in town directing a new movie Grace dreams of picking up where they left off But there is a handsome actor wh [...]

  18. Overall, it took a lot to get through this novel The main character Grace has just lost her job, her boyfriend and her apartment s ceiling has collapsed So she finds herself back in her hometown, reliving memories of her past, including the death of her sister when she was a teenager It would all be touching except for the fact that Grace is 33 and acts like a thirteen year old, what s worse is that she regresses instead of progressing Then there s a epiphany moment that is unbelievable, and it [...]

  19. Ko es dom ju par o gr matu Gandr z neko Visas sievietes gr mat ir k ka ni, visi v rie i k l c ni un visi kop t lo pieaugu os Nesl pti romantiska, naiva gr mata To lasot, vari p rsniegt dienas ieteicamo cukura devu

  20. Schmaltzy I like a little schmaltz once in a while But the 33 year old protagonist had way too many juvenile moments I felt they got worse as the book went on Predictable.

  21. This book read almost exactly like a Sarah Dessen book, except the characters were all grown ups It s fluffy and romantic and picturesque dangit, if I don t suddenly have the urge to vacation in small town Connecticut for an entire summer , but the characters still kind of felt liketeenagers or young 20 somethings Especially the main character I didn t hate her but the way she behaved sometimes was a little.ture This is definitely of a beach read than a binge the entire thing in a day in the mi [...]

  22. I did not enjoy reading this book Grace came across as a star struck teenager, constantly fantasizing about a high school sweetheart and dwelling on her sister s death, and not as the adult that she is For this reason, I recommend this book to readers in their 20s and early 30s older readers might find it difficult to relate to sympatize with Grace.

  23. I could not finish this book I only got a few chapters in before I had to throw it away from me It was terrible I enjoyed Bridget Jones s Diary, and, apparently, so did Mary Simses Seemingly, she is writing the same story here but very poorly.

  24. This book was not good, the writing was not good, the characters were not developed, she didn t finish any of the storylines properly Don t read this.

  25. What do you do when your bright, shiny, fabulous life in New York City blows up spectacularly apartment uninhabitable, abruptly single, and jobless If you re Grace Hammond, you go back home to Connecticut for a few weeks Y0ur story is shared in Mary Simses The Rules of Love and Grammar.If you re Grace Hammond, you also find yourself delving into who you are and who you want to be, even as you sleep late and devour countless pints of ice cream As your father s big 65th birthday party approaches, [...]

  26. The Rules of Love and Grammar was readable and nice overall, but you see, that s the problem It was just nice, I m afraid there s nothing .I kept waiting for something special to happen in the book, especially since the writing is so graphic that I expected the novel to, you know, make me feel But honestly, the story was a bit bland It needs a reliable main character Grace did not sound like her age sometimes There were some petty behaviors, like the perfume fiasco and the outwitting her high s [...]

  27. 3.5 stars For me, 4 stars strongly recommends a book 3 is average and there are so many books that should be read that I will usually bypass a 3 3.5 says read it you might like a chick lit book that is not overly sappy, not R rated, a nice story of a character s growing maturity and replacing those teenage memories for reality Grace returns to her hometown after 3 losses job, boyfriend, and apartment needs repairs Back home she has a few things to figure out her next job, relationships with a fo [...]

  28. Grace, escaping from a run of bad luck in all aspects of her life in the big city, goes back to her small home town for two weeks She s actually been running away from home for about 17 years, only making brief visits to see her parents.On this trip, she is finally forced to confront the truth about what happened years ago Along the way she kindles some romantic sparks with not one, but three guys an old flame, a hometown boy she barely remembers, and a movie star.This book didn t work for me Th [...]

  29. At first, I was a little hesitant to write this review because I enjoyed The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe so much I really, truly did want to like this one just as much, unfortunately, that was not the case.This is a stand alone story, it is not connected to Simses first book, other than the fact it takes place in another New England state My main issue was the main character She comes back to her home town where a movie happens to be filming and she was high school friends with the [...]

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