The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1)

The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1) Best Download || [Nikolai Tolstoy] - The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1), The Coming of the King Books of Merlin The legend of Merlin is one of the greatest and most mysterious of all literature This novel is a reimagining of his life and impact on Celtic Britain bringing to life the world of the Celts in all i

  • Title: The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1)
  • Author: Nikolai Tolstoy
  • ISBN: 9780553283952
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Ebook

The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1) Best Download || [Nikolai Tolstoy], The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1), Nikolai Tolstoy, The Coming of the King Books of Merlin The legend of Merlin is one of the greatest and most mysterious of all literature This novel is a reimagining of his life and impact on Celtic Britain bringing to life the world of the Celts in all its valor and violence love and lust poetry and profanity The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1) Best Download || [Nikolai Tolstoy] - The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1), The Coming of the King Books of Merlin The legend of Merlin is one of the greatest and most mysterious of all literature This novel is a reimagining of his life and impact on Celtic Britain bringing to life the world of the Celts in all i

  • The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1) Best Download || [Nikolai Tolstoy]
    388Nikolai Tolstoy
The Coming of the King (Books of Merlin, #1)

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    Count Nikolai Dmitrievich Tolstoy Miloslavsky Russian born 23 June 1935 is an Anglo Russian author who writes under the name Nikolai Tolstoy A member of the Tolstoy family, he is a former parliamentary candidate of the UK Independence Party.Source The photograph by Justin K Prim.


  1. Originally published on my blog here in December 2001.This novel, the first of a projected trilogy which hasn t yet appeared and probably never will , made quite a stir among my literary friends when I was a student As Arthurian fantasy goes, it is unique in several ways, and, while tedious in places, it is generally engrossing.The title leads the reader to expect a Sword in the Stone scenario, with Merlin tutoring the boy Arthur, but in fact Tolstoy has completely separated the two characters, [...]

  2. The medieval French interpreters of the Matter of Britain drew heavily upon the Celtic myths and folktales of Brittany and Great Britain when they wrote their own chivalric stories The heroes of those earlier tales were seen by the French as uncouth and unchristian and they generally cast the native heroes as boorish and unmannered when compared with the new cultured French heroes.Tolstoy has taken back the original traditions and shows these characters, warts and all, as people set within their [...]

  3. This book had huge amounts of potential that it didn t quite live up to Tolstoy has wrote some great non fiction on British Dark Ages history and pre Christian European religion do your self a favor and read his book Quest for Merlin but as far as fiction his writing style just didn t flow well It took some determination for me to get through it and I have a huge interest in the type of subject matter covered in this book I m not at all saying this book is bad, its just a disappointment compared [...]

  4. A very weird book I don t think it would appeal to all that many people, as it is very dense and confusing The parts I liked were really only appealing because they were all obscure references that only someone, like me, who has read a considerable amount of medieval literature is likely to understand There is a scene quoting the Saga of Grettir the Strong almost word for word, for example It draws from numerous, disparate medieval sources SPOILERS are recommended, because you are going to need [...]

  5. This book introduces the unfortunate phrase trouserful of wantonness in perhaps one of the worst descriptive paragraphs I ve ever read The entire book is yet of the same If English was the author s second language I might understand oh wait, he s from England There is no excuse If you do read this book and come across the paragraph I mentioned, read it aloud to your best friend See if they don t smack you.

  6. This version of the traditional Celtic mythology adds a new twist to the Arthurian tales by adding in hints, bits and suggestions from Scandinavian and Russian mythologies as well as the original Celtic tales This combination makes for a unique series of stories that follows the king of the title not the one you think as he begins his quest to achieve power and rule his peoples well In doing so he arrives at Merlin s grave where he speaks to his ghost rather than the man himself This is a hard r [...]

  7. Excellent vision of the post Arthurian Briton and the way and magic of the druid Myrddin Highly reccomended for those interested in this area of fantasy or historical fiction Explore everything Arthurian and ancient British from druidic shape changing to Roman military science to Celtic lifestyles.

  8. This is a masterpiece, Nikolai Tolstoy did a tremendous amount of research to write this, the amount of imagination and detail that went into this book is astounding I really liked Michael s review.

  9. It took me forever it read this freaking book So dense and chewy Oh, its about Merlin not God, deceptive title.

  10. Extremely difficult to follow the names of places and people that the reader is bombarded with, but an overall terrific Arthurian tale told by one of the best storytellers

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  12. This novel is rather an acquired taste Partly fantasy, partly a historical novel, partly a fanciful reflection upon the defunct pagan religions of Britain and its Germanic invaders, to best appreciate The Coming of the King, one should first read and probably study and get the general feel of the tales, legends, and genealogies in Nennius Historia Brittonum and the Welsh Annals, the sermon of St Gildas on the downfall of Britain, the Mabinogion, the Welsh triads, the bardic poems in the Four Anc [...]

  13. Impressive read, and has taken me a long time I m not sure how he managed it, but Tolstoy s succeeded in writing a book you ll only get if you ve studied enough welsh literature It actually reads like an old legend, albeit a painfully nationalistic one Three quotes painful Welsh bard vs Saxon pig mentality Prince Einion turned aside for a moment and wept, for it grieved him sorely to think of his noble grandfather s treatment at the hands of the barbarians That the heir of Cynfelyn the Conquerer [...]

  14. This book was written in the style of the Norse sagas I think Tolstoy often got carried away with this style and didn t pay enough attention to the subject matter and the plot It seems as if about 200 pages or so of style could have been cut out and it would have made the book far interesting and readable Merlin as a baby and the final battle were very interesting sections but there was much of the book that I felt as if I was slogging through I rarely quit reading a book but I almost gave up [...]

  15. When I was little, this type of novel was almost all I would read This is an excellent example of the genre, sweeping me back into the mode in which I would always read novels however, I am not inclined to adore it, since the two follow up novels in the trilogy have yet to be created, and it seems they will never be created.I noticed the review that pointed out the weird part when I was very late in the book, hence I had not noticed anything amiss.So, I am thankful for the chance to return to th [...]

  16. A bit of a struggle to get through the preamble but once I was in it started to deliver Still too early to say if it ll make it into the all time favourites list or, indeed, if I ll pick up another Tolstoy novel.Now two months in and still struggling I m not going to let it beat me but I have to confess this is the first book in years that I have considered giving up on Maybe its just all the Welsh names getting to me Finally got to the end and can t say that it was worth the struggle but at lea [...]

  17. I think I might need to give this book another go because, in it s basic form, this is the sort of book that I would usually love However I just found it too much hard work There were too many characters and places with too similar names that were introduced so quickly and I just found that it was almost trying to be a difficult read in order to seem intellectual Maybe when I have time to sit down and truly be absorbed by a book I will give this one another go, until then it will be left on my [...]

  18. Professor of Arthurian Mythology has a crack at writing the historical fiction version of Arthur The telling point of how well this was received is that the book calls itself The First Book of Merlin There was never a second If The Sword in the Stone or Excalibur is your taste for Arthurian fiction then this is not the book for you It s heavy on Celtic imagery, and the real world explanations of various Arthurian myths and elements may leave the unfamiliar scratching their heads.

  19. Descent book It was like reading a mythology book Very creative story and very in depth history of Merlin the magician Some of the chapters were right out of a bad acid trip but very entertaining none the less It took so long to finish this book because I kept going what the f k Just read it for what it s worth and just ride the snake Too detailed for me but some might disagree.

  20. This is the third book, that I can recall, that I was unable to finish Boring, long winded, and never ending naming of names that had no meaning to me A death in the family, a regional natural disaster or the total prolapse of my innards would have been a welcome interruption Too many good reads out there then to bother with this.

  21. I could have sworn I had recorded my opinion of this earlier It drew me down memory lane, as I had often read books much like it when I was younger I didn t see that there was anything amiss, but I may not have been reading carefully, either.

  22. I can t rate this book low enough I never finished it the writing was so bad I passed it off on a friend who said she could read anything and she never finished it Famous family bad writer I d never even pick up a book of his again in my life.

  23. It took two attempts to get through this tome, and the second try only succeeded because I had nothing else to read on a holiday trip to Italy.

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