When We Were Kings

[PDF] Read Ï When We Were Kings : by Auryn Hadley - When We Were Kings, When We Were Kings Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereTossed into the gladiator arena everyone expected the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress to be the first to die Leyli had other plans Surviving was a

  • Title: When We Were Kings
  • Author: Auryn Hadley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read Ï When We Were Kings : by Auryn Hadley, When We Were Kings, Auryn Hadley, When We Were Kings Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereTossed into the gladiator arena everyone expected the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress to be the first to die Leyli had other plans Surviving was at the top of her list Revenge was a close second Having grown up behind the sheltered walls of the Oberhame Palace she knew what the crowd wanted Norihame had built theiAlternate c [PDF] Read Ï When We Were Kings : by Auryn Hadley - When We Were Kings, When We Were Kings Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereTossed into the gladiator arena everyone expected the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress to be the first to die Leyli had other plans Surviving was a

  • [PDF] Read Ï When We Were Kings : by Auryn Hadley
    334Auryn Hadley
When We Were Kings

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    Auryn Hadley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When We Were Kings book, this is one of the most wanted Auryn Hadley author readers around the world.


  1. This is a fantasy with a heavy thread of romance through it and I had a very hard time putting it down There are some elements you kind of have to get through, but I was only barely aware of them as I breezed past on my way to complete engagement and became aware of them mostly in after analysis This has two of my very favorite weaknesses all in one place the strong woman determined to do what needs to be done and the competent, strong man who cares deeply and does his best to protect the people [...]

  2. A weak beginning marred it a bit, but otherwise an interesting fantasy with a romantic thread.I simply could not really believe in the opening scene, had it been luck or such, maybe Still, good, going on book 2.

  3. 4 very solid This book was a total surprise in a best possible way While I would have loved to see of the world building I found the background a bit sketchy the action takes place in medieval type society and setting but it is like a hazy watercolour instead of a well defined drawing , the characters are well developed and extremely appealing, the story is exiting and moves at a good pace brisk but not hasty, and the writing style is very readable Is there a romance Yes, but not in a conventi [...]

  4. Loved Really loved The only thing that need it to me was to cut a few repititive parts Really slow romance even started to read the sequel but too slow for me Great anyway

  5. Another Amazing Book by Auryn HadleyThis is my seventh book by Hadley, but my first book outside of the Salrick Lux series I wasn t sure at first if this one could hold up against how amazing the Ilieri series is but this book is every bit as good These characters are so alive and you end up rooting for them throughout the story This is one of the best partnerships romance between two characters that I ve read in a while and I exclusively read romance so that s saying something I highly recommen [...]

  6. AMAZING BOOK Started with this book not knowing what to expect and full shock because this books is AMAZING So i m starting by saying that i love strong female roles, the type of woman that in face of danger, fight even if they dont know how, they try So Leylani is my new favorite female lead character.The book start s with Princess Leyli being sold to a Gladiator Arena, she is kidnapped from Oberhame Palace Instead of surrender and accepted death in the sand arena, she remembers all the fightin [...]

  7. Wowrprisingly could not put this book down I want I loved the Bad ass heroine Will definitively be reading Book 2

  8. 4,5 StarsWhat a great way to start the year this is an amazing book with a strong heroine and a worthy Hero.Loved the way the battles were described and my only thing would be to lower the number of opponents to make it believable, hard to think you have a shot at winning when you are facing so many strong guys.The heroine is the type of girl who is into how am I going to solve this situation than let s cry because life is unfair , which makes this book one of my favorite.Even the fact that is [...]

  9. OUTSTANDING I had book hangover for months after reading Auryn Hadley s Rise of the Iliri series books 1 thru 6, I finally decided to try When We Were Kings and was sucked in instantly I LOVED it There are no weak women in this author s books and the men are always than the cookie cutter he men If you want a book that steps out of the ordinary and holds your attention while your imagination travels to amazing me worlds, Auryn Hadley can give it to you with the Wolf of Oberhame.

  10. Great story I loved Leylei as she exhibited strong Bad Ass Girl PowerI was hooked from the first paragraph and really should have paid attention to the time while reading Unexpectedly, I found myself up way past my bedtime reading this book because it pulled me in so deeply I absolutely loved it The MC Leyli was a strong woman presence in a man s world and was determined to survive I would highly recommend this book to those who love fantasy.

  11. Great book I read the Rise of the Iliri series and it was good to But I really enjoyed this book I m looking forward to reading the next one I learned a little than I wanted to about fighting but it made the life of gladiators real,brutal and seemingly hopeless I really hope there s a love story too in this series not just star crossed lovers.

  12. Gladiators Rule I thoroughly enjoyed this book I love a strong female lead character but having an equally strong male lead character makes me ecstatic I love the way Leyli takes a horrible situation and triumphs

  13. Loved this story The main character was so kick a She held her own against horrendous odds I fell in love with the relationship between the lion and the wolf as fighters and the relationship between Leyli and Tristan as people I highly recommend this book.

  14. Simply amazing A perfectly told story From the first chapter, I was completely invested in what happened to Lion and Leyli I literally could not stop reading was THAT good of a story I d highly recommend

  15. Great storyFast paced and an interesting heroine I immediately bought the next one I love finding a new author and am looking forward to getting the rest of her books.

  16. FantasticThis story is amazing I loved everything about it and couldn t put it down She s brilliant and won t let anything stop her from surviving.

  17. An excellent book but, for me, just had a few areas where the story line fell a little flat Great characters and a well thought out world Easy and enjoyable reading.

  18. Something unexpected.I never read what this book was about before I got it I picked it by the cover and by the category it was under I am so happy that I did This is a story about a princess who is sold into the gladiator arena She is taken under the wings of a lion who helps her become than what is expected of her They work together to live for the freedom that seems so far out of reach This is a well written story that doesn t leave you wondering about the background I can t wait to read the [...]

  19. Read this book through Kindle Unlimited, but plan to buy it and the rest of the series because I WILL read them again This is a well written, well though out story of a young heroine who overcomes some impossible odds and comes out so much stronger in the end Imagine the daughter of the king being kidnapped and sold to the arena where you fight and either win or die Her kidnappers sure didn t expect her to survive and become a gladiator I have to keep reading the rest of the series to watch her [...]

  20. I ve actually re read this book about 5 times since I first stumbled on this author This was the first book I found of hers and it hooked me The characters are interesting and likable and probably not what you would expect If you pick it up to read, which I do recommend, don t try to lock it in to expectations It breaks some rules while delivering the entertainment.Expect to have to get the second book not because of a cliffhanger because this one has an ending, even if it doesn t resolve the ov [...]

  21. The characters were well fleshed out and had purpose in their actions It was also a nice change to see the girl working to save herself for once, and having a sensitive, strong hero that has a brain who wasn t just interested in the girl for sex was nice too.While the ending wasn t exactly a happily ever after moment, it wasn t a cliff hanger either Although, it does have me waiting impatiently for book two

  22. So Much Fun.Tried this on a whim and absolutely loved it The author manages to give us characters with depth and emotional honesty that are rare for the genre while still keeping the pace fast and fun I can t wait for

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