Americosis Vol. 2

Americosis Vol. 2 Best Download || [Haydn Wilks] - Americosis Vol. 2, Americosis Vol Texas California New York Hank is searching for the Savior Libby s looking for salvation And the Savior s looking to understand what the hell s going on in the America he came to save Erica s looking

  • Title: Americosis Vol. 2
  • Author: Haydn Wilks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook

Americosis Vol. 2 Best Download || [Haydn Wilks], Americosis Vol. 2, Haydn Wilks, Americosis Vol Texas California New York Hank is searching for the Savior Libby s looking for salvation And the Savior s looking to understand what the hell s going on in the America he came to save Erica s looking after the possible next President He s looking to change America And John Baldini s looking for his wife Everyone else is just looking for their next victim The madness contTexas Cal Americosis Vol. 2 Best Download || [Haydn Wilks] - Americosis Vol. 2, Americosis Vol Texas California New York Hank is searching for the Savior Libby s looking for salvation And the Savior s looking to understand what the hell s going on in the America he came to save Erica s looking

  • Americosis Vol. 2 Best Download || [Haydn Wilks]
    238Haydn Wilks
Americosis Vol. 2

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    Haydn Wilks was born in Caerphilly, Wales in 1987 After graduating from King s College London, he spent a year flitting between call centre firings before heading to Seoul, South Korea Four years later, he headed to Groningen in the Netherlands to do an MA, and is now residing in Tokyo His writing mixes the local and the global, throwing together a wide range of characters from across the inter connected modern world It features moments of comedy, often dark, alongside sudden violent outbursts.Influences include Tarantino movies, Twin Town, Chuck Palahiniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Murakami, Kerouac, Dostoevsky Joyce Music features heavily in his work, from Manic Street Preachers, Exit International the explosive Welsh underground scene, to northern indie like The Smiths, Joy Division Arctic Monkeys, along with hip hop, house, dubstep, 80s pop, K pop, etc etc The Death of Danny Daggers , his debut novel, throws these influences into a cocktail with a high alcohol content, a few spoonfuls of ketamine M kat, and a big dollop of good old fashioned ultraviolence Americosis is a genre blending mash up of sci fi, horror, thriller dark comedy It might all be madness It might be the apocalypse.


  1. This has got to be one of the most batshit crazy stories I ve read and I m enjoying it quite a bit so far Like volume 1, I m rating it as a 3 star because it isn t very long and I have no idea where it s going The author said it was originally going to be five volumes but now it looks like it ll be longer.This isn t going to be something I d recommend to just anyone You gotta love weird fiction fantasy I haven t the foggiest idea what genre you d classify this as Speculative insanity Yeah, we ll [...]

  2. Finished reading September 30th 2015 That s why movies suck so bad these days they re making them for people who don t even speak English Less character development, explosions and 3D dinosaurs and aliens and whatever A copy of this novella was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler I ve read Americosis Vol 1 back in July and I think I enjoyed this second part even better than the first introduction These novellas are not exactly your standard read and bec [...]

  3. In terms of writing, i enjoyed this volume significantly than the first I didn t get the trashy fiction feel at all Instead the writing is clever and genuinely funny The introduction chapter, especially, i loved for the way it lightheartedly made fun of certain things And then throughout the book, the representation of hollywood stars, religion and policemen were particularly well done without ever being too much.All the story lines from the original are picked up and continued We see where the [...]

  4. This was reviewed using a copy of the book provided by the author.The first Americosis novella was a bizarre, anarchic, and somewhat confusing beginning to this weird saga With the second volume, things have become clear The bigger picture is becoming obvious to the reader It s a well written, cohesive story than the first simply because the various plot threads a sex spirit taking over humanity in New York, a well endowed super human from the future who refers to himself as The Savior, a pre [...]

  5. I was given this for free by the author in exchange for a review I remain objective but take the above information as you wish then.These books are like extended chapters, what you imagine an online author would release in each batch of updates The total time to finish is a little over an hour, so the development and growth throughout is obviously limited But, once again, I enjoyed what I got to sample here The story has began to ramp up, the scale of the situation is beginning to become known, [...]

  6. Originally posted on citygirlscapes.When I read Hayden Wilks first volume of Americosis, it was this strange, refreshing novella that I didn t know what to do with, but knew I wanted Finally the second volume, Blood and Sand, was sent to me and I could continue this strange journey.What starts as an acid trip in the dessert that brings Jesus, ends with a bang, literally This darkness that is coming to take over has already started to spread from person to person, duplicating through sexual cont [...]

  7. I liked this book even better than the first I think this series has a little something to offer to quite a wide variety of audiences The writing is clever and at times laugh out loud funny I like the different styles the author uses in the book and that you never quite know where he is going to go next with this crazy cast of characters If you don t have time to read a long book, but are looking for some thrills and action, this would be a good way to go Haydn Wilks manages to pack quite a punc [...]

  8. This novella is quirky, witty and fun This isn t a novella that fits into any neat little categories and it defies being put into any single genre It is mostly sci fi with a bit of a twist, and while it reads quickly, you will want If you are into the offbeat, and most certainly not mundane, then this is right up your alley Much like the first one, this isn t for those with delicate sensibilities or those who are easily offended For the rest of us, this book was all sorts of fun It reminds me [...]

  9. Very entertaining read Nice timing with it s release too, what with all the Trumpmania going on in the US it makes this book feel all the possible.There is a lot going on here, lots of characters and mini plots, so make sure that you read volume 1 first The writing is good, very funny at times and it goes at one hell of a quick pace It feels like it is out of control and you do wander if maybe the author has been taken over by one of the body snatcher type beings in this book.I have no idea wha [...]

  10. Crazy Weird It s coming together and I liked it than the first Admittedly, this isn t something I would have picked up on my own It was given to me by the author I also like reading it in installments, like a chapter a day kind if thing For me the story lends itself to this as I don t know that I would want to spend an afternoon with it and with these characters personal taste there You know, so many books, so little time.

  11. I quite liked the first volume, even though it was a bit crazy, it was raw and entertaining I felt this one lost it s way, and I didn t know what the hell was going on Plus I got annoyed at the very shortness of the book I think perhaps if the ideas were realised fully and combined into one, decent length story this could be good, but unfortunately it s not there yet Honest review for a free copy.

  12. I found the second instalment of this story to be a compelling and interesting read It also had a lot going on than the first part which made for a enjoyable experience Like the first the sex is perhaps a little overwrought and it could do with better editing e.g the word Savior is frequently misspelt Savoir amongst other errors , but overall Americosis vol 2 was worth reading and I am interested to see where vol 3 will take the story.

  13. At a very short length, this is a nice thriller series to pick up I have a feeling the author won t disappoint and I like the simplistic lucid style of writing perfect for a travel read from cupandchaucer.wordpress 2

  14. I think Haydn Wilks is becoming one of my favorite authors The writing is entertaining, and the jumps between characters, times, etc are very well done.I wish these were longer stories, but I can appreciate novellas and look forward to the third volume

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