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[PDF] Ronin Games | by Æ Marion G. Harmon - Ronin Games, Ronin Games Astra has returned to Chicago and the everyday life of a cape getting kittens out of trees training aiding the city s emergency first responders training doing public relations events training a

  • Title: Ronin Games
  • Author: Marion G. Harmon
  • ISBN: 9781517503093
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Ronin Games | by Æ Marion G. Harmon, Ronin Games, Marion G. Harmon, Ronin Games Astra has returned to Chicago and the everyday life of a cape getting kittens out of trees training aiding the city s emergency first responders training doing public relations events training and the occasional superhero v supervillain fight that threatens to level neighborhoods or at least set them on fire Then Astra takes a hard hit during a fight and very brieAstra has return [PDF] Ronin Games | by Æ Marion G. Harmon - Ronin Games, Ronin Games Astra has returned to Chicago and the everyday life of a cape getting kittens out of trees training aiding the city s emergency first responders training doing public relations events training a

  • [PDF] Ronin Games | by Æ Marion G. Harmon
    259Marion G. Harmon
Ronin Games

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    Marion G Harmon picked up a Masters of History degree because he likes stories He currently resides in Las Vegas, where he dabbles in various aspects of financial planning while trying to get the people in his head onto the page so they ll stop pestering him.Addendum M.G.Harmon still lives in Las Vegas, but has ceased telling other people how to invest their money to become a professional author, whatever that is He has written four books, all about Astra and Company They still won t leave him alone.


  1. The continuing adventures of Hope Corrigan, the superheroine known as Astra.It opens with a fairly routine bust True, it has the Young Sentinels working with the Sentinels and a Russian cape to shut down Russian mob activities in Chicago, but routine except that knocked unconscious, Astra is shot to the cherry tree she dreamed of when Kitsune talked with her No Kitsune but this is than dreaming, which she had done of and talked with Ozma and Chakra about Blackstone puts her on the bench, of co [...]

  2. A good story, but pretty standalone It would help to have read the 2nd book, but enough is explained to get what is going on Again, like the other books the only character progression is with Astra, Shelly, and Artemis Despite being the leader of her own team, we still don t have a grasp on Astra s relationship friendship with them At least nothing new since the 3rd book Also, I believe the author glossed over ignored a huge detail about Japan s superhuman breakthroughs None seemed to be manga a [...]

  3. The books in this superhero fantasy series seem to get a little wackier with each installment, and yet somehow managed to retain a sense of weird fun without going out right silly So in this novel, some of the gang are off to Japan where the series unique take on creating superpowers has some fun with Japanese tropes like Kaiju, Giant Robots, and superhero teams that are also singing idols Because, why not

  4. Now this was just fun Superheroes forced by a series of events to masquerade as the stereotypical magical girls I found myself chuckling quite frequently through this one.Happily, we are back to single perspective, and I loved it Pretty much adored this book I love the direction this series is going and can t wait for .

  5. Saint HopeExciting adventures, exotic travels, and international learning, this volume has a lot of excellent girl time with the immortal trio of Astra, Artemis, and Ozma And new legends to inspire a better world.Recommended for fans of the series, manga, or spiritual mysteries.

  6. Everything happens for a reason Sometimes the reason is you re stupid and make bad decisions Marion G Harmon

  7. Quick and nice read, enjoyable, especially the latter half We don t really see too much character development, but some world building.

  8. The Wearing the Cape franchise is one of my favorite superhero novel franchises out there It, along with Ex Heroes and Confessions of a D List Supervillain, helped inspire me to write The Supervillainy Saga As a result, I ve always been a first day buyer of the books whenever they come out I appreciate that this is becoming a lengthy well detailed world with as much complex history and physics as any other science fiction fantasy franchise in the genre The premise of the series is Hope Corrigan, [...]

  9. In this, the latest installment of the adventures of Astra, our hero must go undercover toop a terrible cursert of Hard to say definitive info wthout giving spoilers What I can say is that this volume clearly shows animie manga style breakthroughs and the implications of the event on Japanese culture Our heroes act as a sort of guide as the enter and explore this new area of the wearing the cape universe It definetly wets the appetite for the hopefully upcoming wearing the cape roleplaying game [...]

  10. This is a superhero story about Americans in Japan In this case, the POV is Hope, an American teenager who has been given responsibility beyond her years, and she ends up having to go to Japan to figure out how to stop a potentially very dangerous person, who happens to have diplomatic immunity and there are several levels of deniability that need to be established.This can be read as a set of four stories first is straight up superhero story which has a spy story as a prologue Second is a ghost [...]

  11. A good focus on Astra and new setting to spice things up.After a routine bust things go a bit wonky when Astra seems to slip from this reality into another After some investing it turns out kitsune a sort of villain from book 2 and 4 may know or might even be the cause Problem is however that kitsune is in Japan A country that severely restricts foreign capes Now left with only one choice Go rogue or its Japanese equivalent Go Ronin and sneak in, kidnap Kitsune and solve Astra s problem.The sto [...]

  12. Marion G Harmon has a new Wearing the Cape tale Ronin Games sends Astra, Artemis, and Ozma to Japan Hope Astra has been dreaming of a tree, she had seen with Kitsune To avoid getting pulled into this dream world is to find Kitsune in Japan, which involves getting into Japan illegally and crossing real barriers Then, while pretending to be Ronin unsanctioned supers they have to face the Yakuza, deal with a ghost, face a being so powerful it might merit the name god, and help defend Japan from God [...]

  13. The Wearing the Cape series has consistently been the best series in the superhero genre, and Ronin Games continues that trend The writing is well done, the characters are interesting and behave in a believable manner, and the action is fun I especially liked the narrative device where at the beginning of the chapters there would be a few lines that show how the actions of the protagonists are recounted in the future, without knowing who the protagonists really were and what their actual mission [...]

  14. Well, I knew that Kitsune would make an appearance but who could have guessed at the way that we meet up with him her again confuses me as well, Hope Loved the whole story and seeing a different country and how they handeled post Event We heard about the fractured Chinese states but we never really understood what was going on there This book really showed the events surrounding Japan and the Chinese states.LOVED the Pacific Rim reference, bloody Awesome Great job done by the authorPeace out

  15. I would have given it a 5 if Hope wouldn t keep leaving the team to go off on pretty much solo adventures Yes Artemis, Ozma and Shell are there but they don t get anytime for any real character development they were exactly who they were the last time they featured in a major story At least Artemis has one book all to herself, although I have yet to read it.I really think the way forward is to give other characters around Hope a little time the Young Sentinels Her family the city of Chicago at [...]

  16. Girls night out in Tokyo Another great adventure for Astra and crew I ve always found the female heroes in this series intriguing than the guys and this all This time in an quest to save Hope, her friends try not to get in trouble in Japane they aren t supposed to be there.

  17. This series has proven it s self to be the best in superhero prose.The continuation of Hope s journey as a Cape, remains true to the simple optimism of a true altruist in a way that keeps the reader thoroughly engaged.

  18. Really good for 5Another good entry in this series Really isn t a stand alone, you should have some back story to fill in the gaps Pretty well done.

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