The Art & Craft of Murder

☆ The Art & Craft of Murder ↠ Cozy Cat Parker - The Art & Craft of Murder, The Art Craft of Murder Misty Williams has finally achieved her dream of opening a teahouse in Whistler s Cove a small town famous for its community of artists and crafters But when the local gallery owner Hilary Small is

  • Title: The Art & Craft of Murder
  • Author: Cozy Cat Parker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ The Art & Craft of Murder ↠ Cozy Cat Parker, The Art & Craft of Murder, Cozy Cat Parker, The Art Craft of Murder Misty Williams has finally achieved her dream of opening a teahouse in Whistler s Cove a small town famous for its community of artists and crafters But when the local gallery owner Hilary Small is poisoned in Misty s teahouse and it begins to look as if the man Misty is in love with committed the murder Misty must turn amateur sleuth in order to save the reputationM ☆ The Art & Craft of Murder ↠ Cozy Cat Parker - The Art & Craft of Murder, The Art Craft of Murder Misty Williams has finally achieved her dream of opening a teahouse in Whistler s Cove a small town famous for its community of artists and crafters But when the local gallery owner Hilary Small is

  • ☆ The Art & Craft of Murder ↠ Cozy Cat Parker
    445Cozy Cat Parker
The Art & Craft of Murder

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    Cozy Cat Parker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Art & Craft of Murder book, this is one of the most wanted Cozy Cat Parker author readers around the world.


  1. Misty Williams owns a tea caf in an artsy coastal town, many of whose residents make their living on sales of their paintings and sculptures There is only one gallery in town, and it s owned by a grouchy, demanding woman named Hilary Short, the sort of woman who makes Misty remake her tea three times before she s satisfied with its temperature She s already the least popular person in town now that she s increasing the gallery s percentage on art sales, there are many who wouldn t mind seeing he [...]

  2. I downloaded this free cozy mystery short called The Art Craft of Murder by Cozy Cat Parker This at time of publishing free cozy was a lovely artist tea shop themed cozy murder mystery that was good for a quick evening read I loved the setting for the story and the idea behind a community of artists, the mystery is not too complex and easy to deduce but a good story, I did enjoy To be totally honest I hate the cover, but the story was worth the second look The cover did not capture the essence o [...]

  3. Fun readShe and I are correct when l can stand alone When I can t stand alone, uses the word me instead of I Mary and I went to town but Sam said hi to Mary and me not Mary and I Sam wouldn t say hi to I That is what I am only giving this writer three stars It was an interesting mystery and, other than the use of the personal pronoun not a bad read at all

  4. I enjoyed it very muchThis was my first time reading a Whistler s cove cozy mystery I can assure you it will not be my last one I enjoyed meeting Misty and her cat Miss Mabel Both of them are very likable characters and seem to get along very well together Even though Miss Mabel did give Misty quite a nasty scratch But Miss Mabel also gave the murderer a similar scratch, which is how Misty was finally how she figured out who was the killer of Hillary Short The book is well written and should be [...]

  5. Misty owns a tea shop in a small artist community town The owner of an art gallery is killed in her shop and there are too many suspects because the woman wasn t very nice This read almost as if it happened to someone else rather than the main character, Misty The writing was good, just needed to feel of a connection This was a novella so perhaps the next book will be able to bring in the connection.

  6. Novella Interesting concept of barista turned detective, a scared cat, a best friend, a live interest, a busybody, grouchy old men and of course, a mean spirited gal who might even deserve what happens to her Writing is adequate seems like a missed opportunity to flesh out the characters and expand on the stories.

  7. I absolutely love Cosy Mysteries and I m glad I came across this book I read it in one setting and it was a quick and cute read I would definitely recommend this book if you like this genre Can t wait to read the rest of the series.

  8. Well written and well edited When one of her customers dies after having her daily afternoon snack in her tea shop, Misty is determined to find out who offed one of the most despised people in Whistler s Cove.

  9. FunLoved it all Great for a cold weekend reading Twists and turns along with well written descriptions Love the characters.

  10. Adorable CozyYou open a little coffee shop for artist and get pulled into a murder and the art world Even gallery owners have enemies.

  11. BrilliantAbsolutely brilliant book read it in one sitting Will definitely be reading from this author Love the shy cat.

  12. What Happens at the TeahouseIn a small fishing village known as Whistler s Cove, Misty owns and operates her dream come true, a successful teahouse that caters to an artistic community Every small village has that one popular hangout, a place for locals to mingle and gossip Or commit murder Unfortunately for the town meanie, Hillary Short, poison is today s teahouse special The only question being asked is WHO served the deadly dish Or in this case, tainted tomato juice.This is a short introduct [...]

  13. Cozy Mysteries pack a lot of book into novella space Art Craft is no exception It is the first installment in the series The characters conflict were well done It just seemed to be missing a spark It s a decent read without any obvious flaws I suppose it was just that it didn t capture my attention hold on I was looking for a wow factor that simply wasn t there.As for the mystery aspect, it made sense being that every resident was a potential suspect, readers may have to think a bit before solvi [...]

  14. Short little tale and tried hard but in the end failed to create a mystery of substance Scene setting was nice but too many characters for such a small novel and despite some reasonable character development left me underwhelmed Maybe things will improve but not really racing to see what happens next.

  15. This was a very short book its cute straight to the point etc well written e only reason i gave this book 2 stars is that the main character in the story leaves her pet cat in her place of employment it seems all the time even when closed that is the main reason for 2 stars instead of 4

  16. An adventure in Whistler s cove.A quaint cove town with lots of quirky people A group of old men viaing for privilege to become one particular lady s beau Unbeknownst to Misty and her tea shop friends the victim of a crime I enjoyed this easy fast read story Will be waiting for the next book.

  17. An easy reading mystery set in a small town chuck full of artists and crafters A woman gallery owner who not liked by everyone, is poisoned and so suspicions arise among the townspeople Misty, the owner of the popular tea house is than curious as to who could have committed the crime, especially since it took place right in her tea house Enjoy this book

  18. NiceEnjoyed reading this small cozy murder mystery It was a very fast and easy read but the storyline has real potential as well as the characters Think I m going to enjoy reading the seriesI only hope the next book isn t so short.

  19. MISTY DOES IT AGAINThis is a lighthearted series, even tho people get murdered Misty is a sweet character It seems the crimes are connected to her in some way So of course, she has to find the bad guy herself This is good, clean fun and is suitable for all ages.

  20. SophmoricI had a hard time reading this uneventful book iIt picked up a little momentum toward the end I found it boring and childish The characters were not very developed and everything was short and choppy I m sorry, I didn t like this undeveloped story.

  21. It was short and I didn t know what to think of it at first but I m a sucker for mysteries and I just had to find out what happened It s like a short Criminal Minds episode except a little less violent.

  22. Fun cozyThis was a fun cozy with a nice twist It seemed to go by quickly and end rapidly but I think that was just because it was a page turner Wanted art and crafting from the title.

  23. Quick read.The story was cute The twist was rather unexpected Disappointed in the hint of romance but then no follow through, why added the hint in if its not going to be part of the story.

  24. This quick read solved a mystery that made lots of sense but I did not see coming This was my first read by this author and I enjoyed it Worth giving it a shot It s an easy read and clean fun.

  25. UnknownLooks like a good book but it keeps closing itself Definitely needs format repair Will try again later to see if it works.

  26. It was a typical cozy mystery A light read and that s what I was looking for I liked the characters and the story was good.

  27. Very fun A little underdeveloped at moments, but still fun If you like small town settings and baking, this one is enjoyable and a quick read.

  28. The book was ok.The story just seemed to get going and then it was finished It felt rushed.Not a book I would re read or recommend I m afraid.

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