What You Don't Know

[PDF] What You Don't Know | by ↠ JoAnn Chaney - What You Don't Know, What You Don t Know He didn t take their lives but he ruined them A series of murders brings Denver to its knees in this wonderfully voice driven dark wry and wholly original page turning debut The last victims of an

  • Title: What You Don't Know
  • Author: JoAnn Chaney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] What You Don't Know | by ↠ JoAnn Chaney, What You Don't Know, JoAnn Chaney, What You Don t Know He didn t take their lives but he ruined them A series of murders brings Denver to its knees in this wonderfully voice driven dark wry and wholly original page turning debut The last victims of an infamous serial killer on death row may be the ones he didn t kill Seven years ago Detective Paul Hoskins and his larger than life partner solved one of the biggest serialHe didn [PDF] What You Don't Know | by ↠ JoAnn Chaney - What You Don't Know, What You Don t Know He didn t take their lives but he ruined them A series of murders brings Denver to its knees in this wonderfully voice driven dark wry and wholly original page turning debut The last victims of an

  • [PDF] What You Don't Know | by ↠ JoAnn Chaney
    233JoAnn Chaney
What You Don't Know

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  1. JoAnn Chaney

    JoAnn Chaney is a Colorado based writer Her first novel, WHAT YOU DON T KNOW, will be released from Flatiron Books US Mantle Books UK in February 2017.


  1. Those are just a few, because a crime like this has a wide reach, and you can never know how many are actually affected That s how things like this are a drop in still water that starts a ripple, and it spreads in every direction, going on and on, probably into infinity, never flatlining but starting other ripples that head in completely new directions Sooner or later, the original ripple will slow, it will lose much of its urgency, but it s still there.It ll never be over.Jacky Seever murdered [...]

  2. This masterful debut novel focusing on the aftermath of a serial killers impact on a community and those affected by the horrors starts where most novels wrap up with the predator being caught, incarcerated and with thirteen months remaining until he winds up on death row In an original exploration of the ripple effects of one man s atrocities on those whose lives he touched, this highly atmospheric and intense character study evokes a visceral sensation of fear with its brooding narrative With [...]

  3. This debut novel begins in 2008, when Detective Ralph Loren and Detective Paul Hoskins, arrest a man named Jacky Seever Seever runs a string of restaurants, is a volunteer at the local hospital, a respected businessman and member of the community, a man who likes to dress up as a clown and amuse local children, a husband to wife Gloria and a man who has over thirty bodies buried below the crawl space of his house Of course, the murderer is based upon John Wayne Gacy, but this novel then moves on [...]

  4. What You Don t Know is a gorgeously atmospheric character driven tale about what happens to a small eclectic bunch of people in the aftermath of the capture of a serial killer and what happens when they get sucked back in.I loved it, a serial killer chiller with a real difference we come into it knowing who and what, then follow along with one of the detectives responsible for the capture of Jacky Seever, the reporter who was his lover and the wife who claims to have known nothing The fallout on [...]

  5. Download this to my kindle,and read in two sittings,I loved the characters,especially Hoskins,and Loren which have a great sense of humour under the circumstances of there investigation, which is so dark and definitely in need of actions not words are utterly,believable and brilliantly written Thanks a million everyone at NG,Joann Chaney and publishers would highly recommend this stunning novel to everyone.

  6. Crisp, dark, brutal and worth every nightmare it gave me Chaney s serial killer is chilling, her characters are humanly flawed, and her story is intense which creates the perfect recipe for a page turner The novel changes point of view at first between three characters a journalist willing to do anything to get back the career she s lost the oddest pairing of detectives and the serial killer s wife who can t escape her husband s crimes before later adding as the story unfolds with the convicted [...]

  7. themisstery What You Don t Know by JoAnn Chaney was an exceptionally well written novel that focused on what happens to those who are connected to a crime What a fascinating theme We re used to stories where we know all the details about murders although the story finishes when the bad guy is caught But what happens next In What You Don t Know, we have a creepy villain who has killed than thirty women and stored them in a crawl space So there s Seever, his wife Gloria, the journalist that becam [...]

  8. What a brilliant read I can hardly believe this is the first novel for writer Joannn Chaney WHAT YOU DON T KNOW pulled me in immediately When a team of detectives finally put away a particularly vicious serial killer, people the killer was in contact with suffer from serious emotional and psychological problems Years later a copy cat killer is on the scene I highly recommend this novel.

  9. 3,5 stars What you don t know starts at a point where other books are ending The killer is arrested and is in prison for 7 years now We learn in flashbacks how this happened.This book tells its crime story from a new perspective It s a character study of the people Seever left behind.Jacky Seever killed 31 people and buried them in his crawl space He seemed to be a nice and normal guy but he was capable of unbelievable cruelness.The two detectives who caught Seever and questioned him afterwards [...]

  10. 4 stars and a very unique read.This book opens with a house search and the finding of bodies in the basement I m not giving away any major reveal in the book because within the first ten pages of the book free sample size you know there is a serial killer and you know who the serial killer is That is not the storyline of the book.The storyline becomes the characters involved in the investigation Loren and Hoskins are the investigating detectives Gloria is the wife of the killer Sammie is the rep [...]

  11. The characters in this book are so real and some so thoroughly creepy that it had me looking over my shoulder for days after I finished reading They were characters whose darker impulses often got in the way of their valiant motivations, which made them very intriguing As one character notes Desperation is not a pretty thing It s the burlap sack of emotions no one looks good wearing it Each character is fighting in his or her own way, not just to outrun, but to confront the evil that has touche [...]

  12. Very unusual story a charismatic serial killer is caught, with the assistance of a female victim who escaped While awaiting execution in jail seven years later, the signature killings start anew Author Chaney does a good job of setting up candidates for the copycat the detectives, the wife, the newspaper reporter, the escaped victim, etc Sadly, the ending was meh.

  13. Just when I was becoming concerned about recent crime fiction, having read a few very average ones recently, Chaney has come up with something very refreshing, original and hugely enjoyable And it s a first novel The success of What You Don t Know centres around the reaction of the small town community to the capture of a major serial killer The immediate aftermath takes place in the first few pages, but the feeling lingers throughout the novel, and Chaney s descriptions of the reaction of the c [...]

  14. This novel is dark, vulgar and utterly creepy Written brilliantly The majority of the novel is spent 7 years after the discovery of 31 bodies on the property of Jacky The novel moves around 3 central characters and their journeys when a copycat killer stalks anyone with a connection to the original crime Hoskins is the burnout cop, struggling to hold his life together Sammie is the ruthless reporter, willing to do anything for a story.Gloria is the creepy wife of Jacky, as she stands by him we w [...]

  15. Thrilling psychological novel about a group of people affected by the conviction of a serial killer and they can t move on Meanwhile the murders resume even with the killer behind bars.

  16. This is probably the most disturbing and f d up book I ve ever read But the excellent writing, the depth of the character development, and the intensity of the story wowed me This author has no fear And I may never sleep again.

  17. 3.5 rounded downThis is a solid police procedural thriller, and a promising debut novel from the author It follows Detective Hoskins as he and his partner investigate a spate of what seem to be copycat killings, similar to those committed 7 years ago by serial killer Jacky Sheever.Having read a few similar ish thrillers recently I found this one to be a bit slow going in comparison It wasn t as if nothing was happening, as new characters and leads were gradually introduced, but it was like a sud [...]

  18. 4.5 stars Denver Detective Paul Hoskins and his partner Ralph Loren put serial killer Jacky Seever in prison seven years ago Reporter Sammie Peterson s career was made because she was sleeping with Hoskins and had inside scoop on all the stories Gloria is Jacky s wife, used to living the good life with plenty of money, and claimed she never suspected her husband of killing over 30 people and burying them in the crawl space in the basement My, how the mighty have fallen.Present day Hoskins is wor [...]

  19. This book begins 7 years after detective Paul Hoskins and his partner Detective Loren had discovered 33 bodies buried in a crawlspace under Jackie Seevers house Seever is now in jail and while Loren is still a detective Hoskins is checking out cold cases The aftermath still lingers with them it is very hard to put that amount of bodies behind them and they really must catch this killer before it gets out of hand The reporter on the Seevers case thinks this could be her way back on to the paper a [...]

  20. They found 31 bodies in the crawl space and back yard of serial killer Jacky Seever, who had savagely tortured and sexually abused his mainly female victims Now, several years later, Seever s in jail, a matter of months away from his long delayed execution, but it seems that his murders have started up again the new victims are people who were involved, if sometimes only tangentially, in the original case, and each corpse bears a Seever trademark that only the cops are supposed to know about.The [...]

  21. I gave up 75% of the way through I can take disgusting descriptions of murder if they re in the service of a good story But I suddenly realized I didn t like any of the characters, nor did I care what happened to any of them Life s too short.

  22. I found this novel very crass, the language and I understand the characters are cops killers, maybe they all speak this way, I don t know quite obscene in places I liked the overall story but found myself skipping certain parts, especially near the end, just to get past the descriptive paragraphs I m not a prude but some of the situations I found very disturbing.

  23. Weird, fascinating characters and a willingness to go to darker places make this a better than usual choice in the watered down psychological thriller genre.

  24. Difficult review to write The approach is unusual A serial killer is caught in the initial chapters The remaining story unfolds from the perspective of a detective, the main reporter, a victim who got away and the killer s wife It s nearly a page turner as gradually and about these people, their history, their character and the effect the killer and killings has had on their lives is revealed Then years later with the killer safely locked up the horror begins again with additional murders of p [...]

  25. This novel begins with the police discovering the remains of 31 people buried in the crawl space of local businessman, Jacky Seever s house Now, 7 years later, we see the impact that the case had on Detective Hoskins, now demoted to working cold cases having assaulted a woman who had killed her own child, Sammie Peterson, the journalist who had exclusive access to information on the Server case, has fallen victim to the decline in newspaper sales and is now working in the cosmetics department of [...]

  26. Rating purely on the subject matter and the reminder of the case of John Gacy and the fact there is a killer clown in the mixVisit the locations Welcome to Denver Colorado or not as the case may beThis is a story which could happen anywhere a monster living in the middle of a normal city, a pillar of the community, a man who seemed to generally love children and who even dressed as a clown to entertain them A man who is jailed for killing many of the young people he befriended, and is jailed How [...]

  27. 2 1 2 I marked this up to 3 because it is such a good debut effort This is a down and mostly dirty procedural type story with lots going on We have many lead characters and a very smarmy bad guy whose greasy presence is felt throughout the book Human frailty and evil take on many looks and this one shows lots of them Cops, reporters, lust and all that good stuff drive the engine here A pretty darn good read.

  28. This book has some gruesome elements , but the complex characters who do not always act as expected, a good plot with twists, and a writing style I enjoy make it a book I recommend.

  29. I received this has a giveaway.This is by far one of the best books I have read It is about a serial killer, Seever, who is caught and imprisoned Seven years later, murders begin happening that resemble his down to the missing fingers of the victims this was never released to the public The story takes the reader through the people who were most connected to Seever his wife, the victim that got away, the boy who worked for him a couple of times, the two detectives that worked the case, and the r [...]

  30. 3.5 stars Takes place in Denver where you know all about the serial killer right away s the people around him that the author introduces you to in grand fashion along with a wanna be One great movie this book would make.

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